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Monster from the Ocean Floor 1954 with English subtitles  


the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean


lady infilling news

for thousands of years

but whether white lands on you

for all its beauty little is

and the water's edge and less is known

about what lies between the water


the natives tell strange stories about

this see stories which to this day have

not been this point

the above water portions of this motion

picture were photographed along this


the underwater sequences were actually

filmed off its shores at the bottom of

the ocean

like it see my father he wasn't acting

slow to really kind of hope that they do

now he don't know nothing

he's dead

oh I'm sorry

how can you capture the sweep of the sea

with a pigna brush I do not mean you see

it makes much unhappiness it took my


was he drunk no dinging there's I got

him this thing

what was it

this devil you mean some kind of a

seaman's much worse

you must have let your imagination run

away with you I speak only the truth and

the code was a terrible thing it got my

father he is no longer here I'm sorry

about your father but we've got to be

realistic I've been swimming in that

Cove every day of my vacation and I've

yet to see anything any larger than a


you have your beef I have mine





well hello can I give you a lift very



look up I'm sorry sorry I just scared me

here let me help

hey that's good

I really love that don't you

you know I'm a marine biologist Steve

Dunning's my name what's yours

Julie bland do you uh do this kind of

painting for living Julie no I'm a

merchandise illustrator oh wow that's

where you fainted washing machine vacuum

cleaners clots and dead

thanks talent marine biologist mm-hmm

I'm on the staff of Stanford I signed

along with dr. Baldwin to do some

research down here along the coast

nice work you can get it did you know

that over 70% of the earth's surface is

covered with water

pacific alone here has an area of over

73 million square miles atlantic I'm

sorry there I go making noises like a

biologist again all right

I've enjoyed hearing you talk oh how

would you like to go out to see our boat

you could meet dr. Baldwin and see the

kind of work we do no I come on it'll be


do you think both of us could fit into


what do you call that thing anyway

that's my submarine come on

no engine I creates the power

didn't do anything an airplane can do

will it fly underwater

how about you ready what do I do

well you can help me get into the water

you hang on I'll stay on the surface

dr. Alden like you to meet miss Blair

welcome aboard thank you

watch it now it's slippery oh it is and

this is Tommy our one-man crew hello

would you like a towel yeah

well care to see some of the work we do

Julie I'd love to

here sit right down here I'll fix this

for you now take a look inside

you're looking at diatoms Julie

single-celled algae taste in mice like

boxes right they're stunning

yeah let me show you another


those tiny active particles are various

forms of protozoa for their size and

most deadly in the world its lucky for

us they never grew any larger than this

why it's unbelievable

you know the oceans unbelievable - why

the living matter in it is enough to

stagger the mind think of it

one female card alone lays over 8

million eggs high up in the North Sea we

have more than 67,000 easy Steve easy

everyone doesn't share our enthusiasm

dr. Baldwin and I are share some pretty

strong theories we feel that time is

running out on the human race in what

way well our population is growing too

fast our limited farmlands the soil is

beginning to lose its vigor we feel that

unless some new food sources are found

pretty soon mankind is headed for slow

extinction Steve and I both feel that

the future food supply will have to come

from the sea itself if we don't like

fish then what well we aren't talking

about seafood alone what would you think

for instance of

growing crops on the floor of the ocean

think of getting your celery already

salted it can be done Julie why are the

shallow waters along the coastal edge

they're these continental shelves now

they're covered by silt and sand which

is deposited here by the rivers which

pour into the ocean how long do you

think it will be before we can look to

the same spot

oh not through a few years

what's wrong you know keep rental tab

complete closer what's a TRO - ah Milani

- I'm choosing a 92.5 minute right stop

dodging in at the bottom fire because

I'm going over follow me







sign of Sanchez they must be down there

search the coast thoroughly not a sign

Waco tell he get out of suit no open it

so this no man get through that then

what happened


something bothering at Ewing given tell


I'm worried about what happening

well I don't blame you I was pretty


but abalone divers have drowned before

not like this there wasn't the slightest

trace of Sanchez what could have

happened to him

I don't know this morning I was talking

to one of the little Mexican boys and he

told me that his father has been taken

by some strange thing down on that same

cone don't think a sea serpent at me no

Steve these stories about some kind of a

devil in the cold I talked to some of

the other people here they believed you

know there might just be something to

well even if there is Julie I don't

think it's your problem

somebody's got to do something about it

Julie I don't want you taking any

chances I wouldn't want anything to

happen to you

you know what grown very fond of you in

the short time we've known each other

I like you

but I like this little town - I just

couldn't sit by and watch these people

terrorized by whatever it is I still

don't see why you have to stick your

pretty feet chin up

that's one of the reasons your worlds

and such a mess need everybody's afraid

to start something well I'm not no I

don't believe you are promise me one

thing help if you can but don't take any

needless chances the ocean can be

dangerous - very dangerous all right


shall we go


okay I'll do it do what whatever it is

you're building up - I wasn't building

up to anything you can't get me ugly

does it possibly concern more sea

monsters I was thinking about Julie

you've been reading too many science

fiction things lately take me out to the

cold we can't today I'm over all in my

sub maybe tomorrow

I don't want to wait that

you didn't mention Overhaulin yourself

before a lot wanna for you how far you

want it well not too far have you

actually started working on again in a

figurative sense yes in a literal sense

you mean you haven't begun yet as that

is whoa come on Superman into yourself

now you just follow me down below while

I've got the play happy monstering you

do think there's something down frankly

yes I think your life will run into a

good-sized shark we have them around

here you know Steve you're just trying

to scare me so I won't go down there but

it's not going to work I'm sure of that

seriously Julie we do have a maneater

that wanders in here every now and then

now if you meet one here's what you do

okay what do I do if I meet a shock

nothing absolutely nothing whatever you

do don't head for the surface you'll

snap off your legs like ripe bananas the

safest procedure would be just to stay

still the shark will size you up for a

minute then move on to greener fields

and whatever you do don't scratch

yourself they can smell blood a mile

away hi captain now follow me down below






the boat sharks hurry before attention

relax Julie an octopus is the biggest

cowardness 'i can't get the you're the

one who wanted to go monster honey how

big was this octopus anyway

oh that's more like it scared me half a


I thought it was a monster here we go


you start they are stubborn don't you

believe in anything not in witch hunts

come on what do you say we go back and

slip into a nice dry Marty ah


I'd like to talk to you about what

happened yesterday

I've heard that there's some kind of

devil down in the cove do you know

anything about

there is some truth do you know what

whatever it is looks like

I do not know but whatever it is it is

not like anything we have ever seen when

did the first stories about this thing


I remember my sister she was married

that summer but he 1946

soon after the end of the world

do you know anything else about this I

want every fact I can uncover I know

nothing more

the Pablo just live here all his life

drops he can help he causes his home

way to deal

it's again

no it's for you

you've lived here a long time si si

there are many stories about your coat

they say that a devil

these days one believes many things I'm


you do don't you

the Porsche

the ocean shows many forms of life there

may stain story some there is a reason

in my know and I ain't seen a shark well

over sixty feet well the scientifical

say that Dom no shark was more than 40

feet so they say of soldiers to leave on

dark nature signorina nature in her way

does many strange deed

sometime she knows not when to start and

sometimes he does not know what to stop

then you think there is a chance of one

Street have you ever seen anything

strange down in the cove

I see something once I see tracks not

from turtle not from SEAL

I've made from some strange shapeless

thing that come from water of coal pop

pop the sap collage with

bigger than wagon or pigeon and house

do you have any idea what could have

left to trade

I've never seen anything

yeah one night

imagine the surf where it is deep I see


at first I think it shipped with Lantern

and I see it there's nothing like that

nothing like

modern in Houston nothing like anything

I ever see the lantern was oh hey grid I

only one only one it's more nerd

it's Ted

Dennett it slowly went went down into

the sea of pain could you make out the

shape I talk like a bastard or who's

lived in the sea too long yeah

I believe you so legit

one more question

kind of a nightlife

ah la la ah she was up it was a fool

beautiful morning isn't it Asli

seniorita it is wasted on me my Goffredo

he's gone cook grater for 12 years we

have been together now he is no longer

with me

do you have any idea where he could have

gone now seniorita one night he was here

next morning

no sign

has he ever done this before nor so you


perhaps you better report my deeds

they said they would see I'm sure they

will maybe yes maybe no why should

anyone get excited over Goffredo he's

nothing but an old dog a dog I thought

that he was your never mind one gets

accustomed to a dog perhaps he just

wandered off on a little excursion of

his own no no I had him titled dog house

with collar and chain

the collar is still locked my girlfriend

is no longer in it but a track a strange

track from beach to go fresco

what did this track look

rough very rough like something very

very heavy dragged over sand would you

say that it was as large as a wagon

bigger bigger to even three wagons

my love is like a red rose that's new is

wrong in June

my love is like a mess we play


play something else d in a minute

well clouds are opening up

look at that fall and rounder and any

moon has a right to be the moon is cool

granted but why the big reaction

hey what is this Pablo told me that the

thing in the coat comes out on moonlight

night Julie if a man is enough tequila

he's liable to see a lot of things I

believe Oh tell me what he sank we did

this thing look like Pablo said that he

couldn't make out the shape but that it

was a huge mass with a red eye that

glows bright red brother I knew you

wouldn't believe me

listen Pablo isn't the only one who's

seen the monster I talked to Joe too and

he told me something

Joe you know the man whose partner

disappeared from his diving suit Joe

told me that the stories about this

thing all began back in the summer of


why do you suppose there were no reports

about this thing till 1940 see what

could have happened them to start the


19:46 while the bikini underwater

experiments were set off then maybe that

started something maybe it did stay

listen the radiations of that bomb could

have reached this far

they could've caused something in that

code to grow into a monster Julie look

you're a lovely girl but lovely girls

just don't run around worrying about

non-existence sea monsters

promise me you got this thing once and

for all I'm going to prove to you that

I'm right Steve Steve

good news oh it's dr. ball just receive

this wire from the university confirming

our buns for the experiment good now we

can move on down the coast I'm very glad

Oh it'll just be a few weeks Julie and

we'll be back

how soon you leave first thing in the

morning we've got a lot of things to do

tonight Steve uh I guess you better go

help dr. Boles with the packing look

come back the hotel with us no I just be

in the way I think I'll stay here

well alright we'll be getting our mail

at the pause you right to be there if

anything important turns up alright you

write to me a pony to tell me what

you've had for breakfast we'll be

looking forward to seeing you again


goodbye for now goodbye go see you later


goodbye Julie


I could pull them up with you too

only known


goodbye Jimmy











the moment

beautiful is she not step for other


sabe I not understand you you're not a

good deceiver you know what I think

superstition was it superstition that

took Sanjay

I don't know evil Gaza plagued our

people before only in one way can they

be appeased the fairest must be

sacrificed to the faith

Paris that would be the younger Marikana

who paints in the cold

which states cannot be

someone must make certain she fulfills

her destiny sorry

you-you-you have the blood of your

people in your veins you will do it

no I I cannot do such a thing

no one believes the sacrifices anymore

the new generation the people in cities

they do not believe but you and I we

have the belief of our fathers

our fathers along death true

who is your fault wet Cecotto or the no

one but the puddles you shall do as I


what is one life when it will save many

it is simple a shock was seen in the

cold early today tomorrow the girl shall

be taken to the cold and the shark will

do the rest and you will carry out my






exactly waiting to see this otter so by

the rocks I see it late last night the

water glows red trail now only one thing

Senor either do not take risk






wonder how a fine girl


bringing it with the head on the

shoulders too

among other things

only if it wasn't for that witch hunt of

hers Oh lots of people suffer that way

what sort of beasty disappear well she's

firmly convinced that some sort of

horrible monster is lurking in the cove

devouring every living thing that

crosses its path any basis for reviews

none don't be so smug Steve oh no you

two lots of intelligent people suffer

from things like that come on now doctor

you're a mouse science you know as well

as I that these things usually turn out

to be a overgrown sperm whale or

something similar I notice you said

usually you seem to be making exceptions

or I don't change my statement they

always turn out to be some simple form

of life I disagree lots of times nature

plays tricks on us like the one you're

playing now oh no let me tell you a

story of my own experience I was working

down in South America a few years ago

for an oil company we kept hearing

stories of people disappearing just like

in the comic books exactly only the

stories in natives told dealt with a

huge flying reptile I assure it wasn't a

flying red horse no it seems his monster

originated from the depths of the ocean

to soar landward in search of

warm-blooded victims the description led

me to believe it was a random

a winged reptile with a wingspan of 30


he was extinct after the Stone Age well

I found it hard to believe too until one

day a severe storm struck our area it

lasted about a week and when it was over

I was taking a stroll on the beach

that's when I found it found what a

large leathery object size of a

watermelon I took it to the lab and

second it and it turned out to be a

reptilian egg it had the erotic

structure of at random well that sort of

finding has happened before I know but

this egg wasn't fossilized the egg was

still alive

soon that egg would have hatched release

the monstrous form of life that

supposedly been extinct for hundreds of


I'll quickly send your

she live in San Vicente I am meeting

with her for supper

something is wrong I was gonna ask you

to Romeo

Oh manana perhaps cannot today besides

you think it wise after your meeting

with the shark I'm not afraid

why you not take marble kill it when

you're over as me but let me I put your

things in the book

would you please look at my back door to

see the block

Oh access again











well they ought to be here if you did

sorry some toxins New York's lets me

read you weren't gonna get here

do it never let it be said that

harvestmen dismay of completion how's

everything on the mainland

pretty go Seong

thanks for the great delivery Carlos

I'm longer that's the idea gonna join us

the better job Rose thousand thanks but

I must complete my other assignment this

is for like a girl

adios videos

crackers again I think it leaks like

Julie's fine I hope yes except for that

obsession she has about a sea monster

well I certainly give her credit she's

really persistent

cookies from home


conclusive evidence of Julie's sea

monster oh it seems she went prowling in

the code with a grappling hook snagged

on to the mysterious masts and a fierce

struggle ensued well after the titanic

struggle was over she managed to salvage

your grappling hook here affixed to the

end of it were a bits of the mysterious

monster you know it's a pretty good

sized fish stray into those coves my

guess is she snagged on to an irate


doesn't look like the flesh of a

stingray or any other fish I have ever


oh here take a look


very strange very strange I've got an

idea let's see what some of this can be

due to the stuff

why it's disintegrating intercellular


by its assimilating them me

organic life of some sort but but what

it could be an amoeba but I've only seen

it in the most minuttes eyes

what could cause it to grow out of

proportion this way it could be one of

many things some freak accident dietary

supplement it even could be caused by

the radiation bikini explosion

could absorb a man or a woman I cast off

on the devil let's go


get more speed out of this thing David



through these boards charts


worried about charts


stationary low thank you the role I'm

going down here an awesome yet even the

waters are dangerous





I I cannot do it do what our legends say

if the fair wanna sacrifice the monster

will leave in peace why that's


certainly you don't believe a thing like

that dear it here come too many teams

did you let the air out of the oxygen


said you read it even when I do it I I

know it will not work but but I must do


Oh forgive me Sameera taiga I would not

harm you

if you'll help me now








red account bet

repellers fall I'll have to go clear




let's get going






he's been under let me get this out of

the water











you all right


well I guess we'd better get underway


right all the time I'll and venture I'm



doesn't matter




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