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Matthew McConaughey & God - Who's The Real Hero? with English subtitles  

Matthew mcconnell hit one note for best actor in his role in Dallas buyers club

and during his speech he sparked a little controversy because he decided to

thank God

now conservatives are really really excited and happy about this other

people were just kinda pooh-poohing

on his a speech they thought there was little self-indulgence or get into those


but first let me give you a taste of what he said during his acceptance


he said no first off I want to thank God because that's how I look up to

His grace my life with opportunities that I know are not

my hand or any other human hand he has shown me that it's a scientific fact

that gratitude reciprocates

in the words of the late Charlie lawton up who said

what you've got got you've got a friend and not friend is you

I love man who got his acting I'm a big fan of it

and and I think he's turbine could take it was serving Dallas buyers club

it said right even the small role in wall to wall street was terrific

I'm and his character intrude a beer is so

anti-religious I'm friggin love it so it was a little disappointing to me to see

that that

he things that God secretly controls who wins Oscars in all that snow

right limit let me jump in I couldn't disagree with the more

I'm thinking God was the least offensive part

at no part in his speech was offensive but added everything that he said that

bothered me the least

okay so it's good he believes in God that is being that's totally fine with


Holt UK okay I'm not done with my opinion yet okay

but i wanna same no though whole a

opinion for after the second part we discuss now what he said about his

I'd okay so the talks about his hero is

and here's a recess now when I was 15 years old I had a very important person

in my life come to me and say

who is your hero when I said I don't know I gotta think about that give me a

couple weeks

I come back two weeks later this person comes up and says who's your hero I said

I thought about it you know who it is its me in 10 years

Marie so I turn 25 ten years later

that same person comes to me so are you a hero and I was like not even close no

no no she said why I said

because my heroes me at 35 so

you see every day every week every month at every year my life my heroes

always 10 years away good mashallah got in that direction

okay so my initial assessment the speech was disaster

world yes Leiper song we're watching here live on

a on the young turks and then you know we did our office watching party on what

the flick show

arm I was like that with terrible

right i'm happy bid over

reconsideration of that actually okay interesting 90 some conservatives were

in favor

a ride a lot yes so we have some commentary from Katie plot which

a was deplorable will get her comments like that and then also

one pack we have a video him but go ahead finisher bottom curious why you

have this change but so

look I'm I don't think I had any role in who voted how they voted on oscar's

okay and from but on the other hand like you say

so he believes in God me thank God yeah what's the big deal I don't care about

that yeah

all I'm perfectly happy with him thanking God it's not something I

believe in but if you believe that have added say what you wanna say

it's quite natural reaction in the moment like when and after an athlete


football game is a go though I've read through the day God because I got on

well what does God hate

Ohio State what I you paid what does does not not like Christian Bale

I don't know but okay but so

mean it seemed to me to me as a gut reaction but once I reread it I was like


so he believes that that's not that big a deal the only part of it that was a

little annoying was when he was talking about himself his own hero

and tooth I just thought that was it

humble but then again at the same time I'm not gonna have a double standard

like I

defended Connie West when he was constantly like boastful and talk about

how great he is

it back to work on a place is great and he's being honest about it

okay cool and I don't think it was his intention to brag

I think that was a humble brag but you don't hear in his eyes it's like hey you

know what I'm never gonna see myself as good enough and I think that we can


all agree that we feel like that time to time yet known it was bizarre

but you know what mcconnell Hayes bizarre Rania I mean he goes around half

naked all the time and if he could serve is now think he's a role model

wacho bit there might be some parts that we got a you don't particularly group

right and then what I remembered how strange a bird he is coverall

I thought god bless them he was trying to say it is only that he's trying to

make himself better

right but sure and it was his particular

corky texan wave sainted and I was like you know what

it was a ball z speech I it was off-putting in the beginning is

similarly egotistical the reports that run

rubbed me the wrong way but overall he's a character

and I like to give a speech that he believed in and that was quirky rather

than the same old speech or you think your agent and publicist and all that


reso might not merciful map economy a

by Paul W not guilty you so he was really waiting for that too

okay I don't think that now Glenn Beck absolutely loved Matthew McConaughey

speech because he thank God he was the first person

at the Academy Awards to thank God in the acceptance speech

so let's hear got back had to say you know it sounds like

he sounds like marcus luttrell yeah he's a i mean that

that every texan and every Navy SEAL I've ever

talk to from Texas now I saw wolf of Wall Street in which she wasn't as well

Anya was room a plug incredible actor

you say what ya tittle I would not have guessed that this guy was gonna make a

speech about God

this I saw scores after watching he's a good actor he's you're not gonna be

better or not but God watches the Oscar

lead him it didn't go up

hope soon so it complete Cape alright dude

and he was in the first though there was a and other acceptance speech where they

talk about God well really India oh that's okay because service they didn't

watch the rest of us cuz I got as a budget gay people stop

you know how I learned a generous a Dallas buyers club with all that HIV

real ones that got home I gotta love those buyers but I love the guy who

time and I keep out which is a promise to her quote let me go and tell you what

she said

up the conservative commentator Katie publish waitin on Town Hall dot com

applauding week on a hay for putting God above its family

in the speech and contrast thing him with blowjobs and Cate Blanchett

who quote think pervert woody allen for his Oscar


and what does that have to do with anything maybe godless liberal they're


who has a limit normally love the Big Dipper golden

Jackson mad the Americana at least bank

pmid: our way for finally you're forgetting is Oscar

as he should

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