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MGS V Quiet NUDE MOD! - Inside Gaming Daily with English subtitles  

this episode of inside gaming is brought to you by halo mega bloks collector

construction sets

hello and welcome to be inside gaming daily I'm it was only a matter of time I

suppose for as long as there have been beautiful ladies and video games which

is the whole time they're video games trip

there's been people wanting to see them naked

also trip yeah Custer's last stand we go across the arrows into that actually as

long as there have been men and women

we've always wanted to see naked this nude miss be able o gently bits and

finally today we get to see more because there is now a nude mod for quiet the

phantom pain

d wow you remembered his first encounter with news and video games it was with

mortal kombat some kid on the playground had told him that Sonia would get naked

you know he didn't believe him but deep down he wanted it to be true and he

really wanted to see you Elizabeth

maleki naked so you know yeah I mean duh

later on it would be lora craft her Zoe from left four dead pretty much anybody

that could have a new model now enters the dekhi who then posted a quiet mod on

the Nexus mod back in October 17 but didn't get traction until an update

recently you know where we're really learning a lot about Phil's video game



because he looks a little backstory

Phil Phil divulged all this because he's out of jury duty right now so he's

telling us all is freaky

yeah it's kind of he doesn't have to be here for the obvious of I saying it out

loud sound

we tip our hats to user and and Cringer browse a little bit

so there she is looking all her glory

quiet is played by and modeled after Dutch actor

Stephanie joosten who you might remember from the TV mini-series do s dekhe i

certainly remember

oh yeah who could forget all the the highest below

it's a but it's okay if you didn't see it but you know you check it out on on

netflix hulu maybe I don't know the model is quiet and pretty much her

birthday suit except for see-through top boots and her gear to hold her equipment

because you know you you need that stuff

mhm oh did she also have a motorcycle leadership because hurt she has clothes

and boots and

motorcycle just all three of them no it's turning air

yeah give you a close your things done i don't need them anymore

I mutations she doesn't need any of that kind of his naked the naked as a

disclaimer if you're not a fan of boots you can get the mind with or without

boots so you know either one

yeah you got it you got a foot fetish thing going on

you can do that hey did the world is your perverted oyster

mmm yeah monitors and I can even provide some details to ensure the model works

as not to frustrate anxious gamers who are just dying to see some pix elated

breasts or cool

yeah haha he said if quiet is not shown with the new texture start a mission and

change from female soldier to snake and the body

- D dog or any other non quiet model and then change back

now you should play with the new texture you should have to do this only if you

change something if it does not work either

read again you made something wrong no I you messed that up so you'll need to use

the quiet player model swap mod v 1.6 if you want nude quiet

and you want to play as her which is also kind of funny because she doesn't

really show up too much in the game place you kind of just sort of those

bubbles and then you're like up but in your mind you know she's naked so I

guess that screen is hot

very mysterious she's already making well she's basically naked but hey there

are other variations of the nude mod like a Mort and quiet for a song only

quite out

it's really up to your personal taste personally they could do that to her

naked covered in blood

why no one is good now more naked silver covered in blood or just just for distal

puddle of blood on the ground

yeah depends on what you're into

I actually have to return some videotapes oh ok

naturally Kaname is against mods being used in metal gear solid 5 the phantom

pain and is dropping the banhammer like rocks started with mods GTA 5 Kaname is

taking a similar path by updating the game and hopes to stop the mods all

together in their game but 40 monitors can't be stopped just so easily and

simply can't stop me

yeah and if you just have to have this mind do you sell your own risk because

Kaname is working really hard to stop the mind well it's because they got all

that like microtransaction he stuff in there so they're worried that it'll mess

up their online experience unity and marry you

no microtransactions messing it up yeah that's melting it

but I mean what do you guys think do you think mods like this are bad for gaming

I mean you had the whole the kind of lousy moment where that lady was on the

news talking about her being assaulted in like a in like a video game

I mean does this this is making the bad name for gamers can we just enjoy things

as they are I mean either way someone's gonna paint yourself as someone is so i

mean it's it's really hard to say what one person perceives as offensive

another might welcome it or even encourage it or might get their jollies

from it

mmm yeah yeah I get my jollies from jolly ranchers watermelon now the best

speaking of jollys you may have noticed that this episode is sponsored by mega

bloks and if you like making mega bloks stuff and he like halo

well then you're in luck because they have been making halo based mega bloks

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do that so let me get your hair

a little blocks thanks for watching


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