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MEGA Mashem Fashem Surprise Eggs Opening TMNT MLP Doc McStuffins Paw Patrol Disney Sofia #2 with English subtitles  

are you in the club

hey guys welcome back today I'm going to be opening 8 fashions and passions are

you ready to get started let's start with the my little pony series 3

you guys seem to really love these videos so

Oh looky looky

it's sweet eval look at her pretty green eyes

ah and she has a pink and lavender mane and tail adorable

let's see who comes in the doc McStuffins fashions there's three

different versions of doc McStuffins Lambie Hallie and a stuffy

I wonder who we will get i can get it open

okay here we go making some progress

ah it's lamby lamby is so cute

ah she has a little pink bow in her hair and he has on her little too - look how

sweet he is

she's so little there's not much to squish on her haha

whoa file a me

who do you think will find in the series one paw patrol mash'ems

oh I have such a hard time opening these

ah it's Zuma

hello Zuma zuma has green eyes just like me bow

look not exactly the same shade what they're definitely both green

I hope we get Sophia or amber

oh but instead we got clover

I'm not disappointed but I did do a fashions and mash'ems opening a few

videos ago and I got clover in that one too

I was hoping for someone new do you have a favorite ninja turtle

I don't really have a favorite whoa haha

I don't know who that is who he is very squishy and very stretchy


I have no idea who is it who is it

it's not shredder as a no I think he is like a rat

no no somebody will have to leave me a comment and tell me who this guy is he's

kind of creepy looking with this public eye

I just had to take a quick look to try to figure out

I didn't even think he was on the wrapper but he just kind of blends in so

I don't know who that is but that is the one that we got right on end

three more to go so that means we've done five

ok so this is paw Patrol

huh and we got more so Oh Marshall is a Dalmatian

he has a little fire hat on he is really adorable with his little polka dots or I

guess they're not polka dots i guess they're just spots

well marshal is not very squishy wouldn't be so great if we got the

special exclusive crystal Rainbow Dash and I hope for

Shh nope it's Apple Bloom

you know I know I said apple blossom in the video that i did when i did a lot of

the ponies

I just got mixed up I was opening them so quickly and it was just a little

mistake I know that this is Apple Bloom I don't know why I said apple blossom

I love her I love that big hot pink bow and I love her mane

I think she's really cute and here's a closer look

okay and our last one for this video

another paw patrol and who will it be

I'd like to get rubble instead I got another Zuma are only duplicate of the


ok one last look at our to Zuma's a quick look at our ponies

Lambie and Marshall and clover and this creepy fella

I'm thinking it's a fellow I don't know it might be a girl because sticky

and that brings our video to a close thank you guys so much for watching if

you enjoy these videos you can click on the like button to let me know and i

love it when you guys leave me comments and tell me what you like about the

video so leave me a comment okay this is Amy Joey DCTC thanks for watching

now the video that's the end

come back to release you from DC

we did already

ap and we play with play-doh - good thanks

eggs and toys we make videos for girls and boys oh that's right

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