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Love Bird Ep 29 with English subtitles  

Episode 29 "Whether you have this unfinished"

Mummy. Mummy.

Again, I hope you get better soon.

You rest here, and I'll tell your assistant

to warm up some milk. It'll calm you.

Kamran Bey, I'm scared.

Don't be afraid.

What you experienced wasn't easy, but they won't come here again.

You can't leave me alone.

At least stay here for the night.

I wouldn't make such a demand if I wasn't really scared.

I feel that they're going to pop up somewhere at any moment.

In that case, I'll wait for you in the living room.


I'll have the room next door made ready.

Your presence will make me feel safe.

She is not letting you go. Is she?

In truth, I couldn't leave her.

I've troubled you to come all this way. Thank you.

Actually, I want to thank you for finding my daughter.

She misses her mother.

I'm aware of it.

Should I apologize on Gülce's behalf?

For her mumbling in her sleep?


Gülce is a sad child.

But I'm certain it's not because of you.

Good night.

And to you, too.

What happened to you, sister?

Didn't you get any sleep?

I slept. I woke up. I'm leaving.

Where are you going?

Cover for me during breakfast. I'll be back by lesson time.

See you.

It's obvious she won't make it back for the first lesson.

The first class is health with Kamran Bey. That's what she's running from.

Good morning.

What are you doing?

It's a really beautiful morning. I woke up full of energy.

I thought I'd prepare a surprise to thank you.

I'm glad you are well.

I have to go.

I'll walk you out, then.

Kamran didn't come home last night, right?

He either went to the hospital or he stayed there.

I hope the girl is all right.

We would have found out by now if something had happened to her.

I have never met a mother and father like that.

I swear I'm just stunned.

They just keep leaving the girl on her own, and going on vacations.

She will be the target of bad people, all alone in that house.

Aunt, I don't think Azelya Hanım is a fragile type of a girl.

No way. She just looks that way.

Poor girl must have been scared last night.

You ever think she may just be acting?

Why did you say that, my girl? Do you know something?

No. It's not because I know anything, but...

Besides, it's not my place. I'm just a guest, after all.


But she is your friend, neighbor, and now your landlord.

But something about her makes me really uncomfortable.

The woman just came and entered everyone's lives.

Feride likes her a lot.

And you as well.

It seems you're the only one who doesn't like her.

I doubt that will ever trouble Azelya Hanım.

Thank you for being by my side last night.

No problem.

Get well soon.

Let's see what I'll do tonight.

If you want, call one of your relatives to stay with you.

I thought the same thing.

Are you leaving?


How is Neriman Hanım? Will she be able to walk?


What do you mean, "Will she be able to walk"?

She is paralyzed on the right side of her body.


I thought you knew!

You're saying this now? Idiot!

My lady, when I saw you like that, I didn't get a chance.

I have to leave.

Get my outdoor clothing.

Come on, Gülce. I'm tired. Come and sit here.

Look! It's snowing, Daddy!

Sit down there and eat your food. Or you won't be able to grow up.

I don't want to grow up.

Look, Gülce! I'm getting real angry!

It doesn't taste good at all. You eat it yourself.

The olives are all green.

Little Lovebird!

Little Lovebird. Let's go to my secret place. Come on!


God damn it!

This incident took place yesterday, but I'm just hearing about it now.

Calm down, Kamran Bey.

You can't always be beside Neriman Hanım, right?

That's not right! She is carrying my child.

It's because of my treatment that she's like that now.

I implore you. Don't blame yourself.

You are not insensitive towards Neriman Hanım.

In fact, you are very attentive.

Also, no matter what she experienced, she's very lucky to have someone like you.

You gave up Feride for her.


I'll never give up on Feride.

Let go!

I'm going to do it.

-Hold on tight. -I'm holding!

I said to hold it tight!

I'm holding, my lady. It wasn't me who just let go.

Hold it.

-I'm holding. -Let go!

Get the hell out! I said I would do it!

-My lady. -Get the hell out!

-Get the hell out! Don't touch me! -My lady...

Don't touch me!

Kill me, Kamran!

I don't want to live anymore. Kill me.

All right, all right. Calm down, it's over.

Kill me, Kamran! Please take my life, Kamran.

All right, calm down.

-Calm down. It's over. -It's not going to be over.

I don't want to live this way.

I can't live this way. Please take my life, Kamran.


Her body's response to the treatment will determine if it's temporary or not.

It's too early to say anything now.

Well, how is her baby?

Good for now.

You said Kamran Bey is inside, right?

Get well soon.

It's not getting well.

It's all because of Kamran Bey.

How so?

It's the injections he's been making.

Doctor Fettah warned him. He told him not to do it.

But he didn't listen.

My lady is now left crippled, with me to look after.

What am I supposed to do with her?

This shot will calm you down.

Will you hold my hand?

I have to report the situation to the Ministry of Health.

I'm certain I've implemented the right treatment.

Do as you wish.

Come on, now.

Yummy, yummy.

Open up your mouth.

-You have to finish all this. All right? -All right.

I'll even eat what's in the pan.

I'll make myself useful. I'll go put on some tea.

You guys enjoy it.

I have to run off to my lessons.

But at least eat with us.

But I have school.

Not even one bite?

-Be a good girl, all right? -All right.

Again you came and put us back together.

Not at all.


Perhaps you have friends at school who are looking for work.

Gülce must continue with her lessons.

I'd be very happy if you could recommend someone.

If you would permit it, I would like to continue with the lessons.

Listen. You are a great person.

And Gülce really likes you.

But I don't want there to be any problems between me and your fiancé.

There won't be.

Look, even though I don't approve of your fiancé's manner,

as a man I understand him very well.

I wouldn't push it too much, if I were you.

Relationships can only survive through mutual sacrifices.

We've separated, Murat Bey.

Is that right?

All right, then.

Good luck with your job again.

What did you do?

Have you thought about that issue?

Which issue?

The issue about Necmiye and Yusuf?

I've thought about it.

I think it could work.

But I don't think we should make the decision by ourselves.

Why don't you try to get some information from Cumali Effendi?

Try to find out if his son loves someone.

Let's ask him in a subtle way.

And then we'll think about this whole thing again.

All right. I agree. I'll talk to him today.


Take a little break.

You made it for me?

I was dehydrated.

Enjoy it.

Why don't you stay with me for a while?

No, I should go.

Look at them. They're watching us.

In that case, tidy up those rose bushes, so I can watch you.

Give it.

The garden is an excuse. Being young is marvelous.

Look at them.

But they suit each other so well.

Your son is flying from the nest, Cumali Effendi.

I pity whoever is your topic of conversation!

Always chatting. Always fooling around.

They are in the garden.

And Müjgan doesn't miss an opportunity to be by your son's side.

Don't say such things and mess with his mind.

Don't give him false hopes.

What false hopes! My God!

Whatever it is has happened already, don't you see?

Besides, why are you getting angry?

No. It's not because I'm angry.

They say, "To each his own."

Look at Müjgan Hanım, and then look at my son.

As if Ayşe Hanım could ever find a better suitor for her daughter than your son.

If she could have, she would have done it 10 times by now.

I swear, that's true, girl.

My good boy.

My lion-faced Yusuf.

-Did the lesson begin? -The bell rang.

The teacher has obviously not arrived yet.

See, you are both avoiding each other.

And we, who thirst for science, have to suffer, through an empty lesson.

Well? Isn't he coming, then?

Sister Mathilde came just a while ago and told us he couldn't make it.

I wonder if he's not coming because of me.

No, no. He rescheduled class to Tuesday. It's just for this week.

Does he have some kind of a problem?

This isn't the only job he has.

He must have patients to attend to at the hospital.

That's true.

He has a patient.

Really? Are you jealous?

Absolutely not.

-Not at all! -Come on, come on.

You still think about him even though you're broken up.

You are all evil. Don't give my Lovebird a hard time.

The first days of separation are always the hardest.

But it'll pass, right?

-We have to be accustomed to many things. -It'll pass. It'll pass.

Okay. Whatever.

Since there is no class, let's enjoy the spring.

Let's talk about boys!

What is this?

Gülce, don't touch anything.

-Okay? -Okay.

Come here.

Look! Give your father a kiss.

You will sit here.

And you won't touch anything. Okay?


Look. This chair can turn around.

Murat Bey. I am Dr. Gülerzade Fettah from the Central Hospital.

I am here to report an unpleasant event that took place in our hospital.

Who are you?

Who are you?

You may continue, Fettah Bey.

I'm sorry.

You may continue. I'm listening.

One of our doctors...


Dr. Kamran. His malpractice has caused severe damage to a patient.

Kamran. Kamran.

Where do I know this name from?

He has done a blood transfusion before.

That doctor.

We never had the chance to meet.

I suppose our meeting will be because of you.

You are a very good doctor.

I am sure that the Ministry of Health will take this into consideration.

You're worrying for no reason.

I am sure that you will shine even more in your profession

and that Neriman Hanım will be as healthy as she used to be.

I suppose you don't want to talk.

You need some time alone.

I need Feride.

Hit them, Michelle.

Come, come.

Come on!

Okay, now!

-I can't turn around. -What happened, Feride?

If you make a doll out of your pillow, this is what will happen.

-Michelle, can you rub it a little? -Okay, come. Come.

Does it hurt?

A lot.

Fresh bagels.

It's from the garden. Here you go, sir. Here you go.

Which one should I give?

-Hello. -Hello.

-Welcome. -Sir.

I'll leave if you don't need me.

Sit, Cumali. We'll have tea.

-I'll get it right away. -Come here.

You know Azelya Hanım from the Çıracızade's, who bought our mansion?

I want you to do some research on her.

Is there something wrong, sir?

We will find out if there is.

You will research first.

But no one must hear about it. Especially Kamran.



Good heavens.

Cumali, how are you?

We are fine, sir. Fortunately, everything is fine.

A long time has passed since the last time we had a good talk.

You have a lot going on, sir.

Remember how we used to have long talks?

Now that the children have grown up, our problems have also grown.

May there not be any more problems.


How is Yusuf?

Yusuf? He is fine.

Speak of the devil...

-Seyfettin Bey. -What's going on, Yusuf?

I took Besime Hanım to the hospital.

-Is everything fine? -Besime Hanım is fine.

Neriman Hanım, she had a stroke on the right side.

She wanted me to let you know.

Kamran said he could fix me.

He is my only hope.

If not, I don't want to live, Besime.

Don't say that. God give you a long life.

If my son has said that you will heal, it means you will.

If Allah wills it.

Don't talk so much. Give me water.

Neriman Hanım?


I come from the Ministry of Health.

I've talked to the inspector. I've told him about your condition.

If you complain, they will examine your file.


Will you make a complaint about Kamran?

Whatever. I have done my duty.

The rest is up to you.


Fettah Bey believes that what Kamran has done is malpractice on me.

If you make a complaint, he will lose his job.

Kamran owes money to the pawnbroker to get back the mansion.

He needs his job, Neriman.

You will ruin him if you make a complaint.

You will get him in trouble.

You will get all of us in trouble.

Kamran saved my life.

Why would I make a complaint?

Neither my baby nor I would be alive if he hadn't done those injections.

Who has put this pillow here?



You have started to mumble while you're awake, too.

History book.


Your bed?

It looks like you have a guardian angel.

Does the school girl know?

I went there to tell her.

She was fooling around with her friends.

She was having fun. I didn't want to spoil her happiness.

We've already troubled her a lot with our problems.

Neriman said that she wouldn't make a complaint,

but Besime Hanım still has doubts.

She says you cannot be sure of what she might do.

The truth is, I'm also nervous.

Don't be nervous, Dad.

Neriman won't make a complaint about me.

At least she knows that I don't want to cause her harm.

Or she can complain if she wants. I have nothing to hide.

I'm sure of it, son,

but you are in a lot of debt.

Should we give back the money we took from those men?

We can pay the interest of a few days.

-We'll pay somehow. -That money is for the mansion.

That is Feride's insurance.



My back hurts very much.

Kamran said 30. You will do it 30 times.

Let me catch my breath first.

Put my blanket on.

Good evening.

We have brought you food.

You shouldn't have.

Besime also brought some. I've had my dinner.

We've also brought fruit.

Behice, get them out.

I can have some of that watermelon.

You shouldn't.

I don't want any, anyway.

Oh, why not? Just have a few bites.

-I won't eat. Thank you. -Behice, slice it.

You have two lives inside of you.

It is hard to handle in the toilet.

When I see you like this,

I don't know how they will be together without their consciences hurting.

I wonder.


Whatever. I'm just babbling.

Let me hear that babble.

I wouldn't want to accuse anyone,

but getting rid of you would suit Kamran's book.

Kamran is not that kind of a person.

He would never do anything that could hurt me.

Feride left Kamran Bey because of you.

We know how fond he is of her.

Love could make anyone do anything.

If I were you, I'd make a complaint.

I'd get him ostracized from his profession.

I'd do anything to make him pay for what he's done.

Don't be afraid, Neriman.

You are not a woman who is alone.

We didn't get to talk in all that chaos. How is Azelya Hanım?

Did they catch the thieves?

She couldn't see their faces.

Did you stay there last night?

She was terrified. She asked for me to stay, so I did.

When did you come?

Just now.

We have brought some food. If you are hungry...

No, I'm not.

Visits for patients must be short.

Come on, Behice.

Get well soon. I will come by tomorrow.

Thank you.

Do you think she will make a complaint?

She needs someone to give her courage.

She really trusts Kamran.

If you like, we can include Feride in all this.

Then she will make a complaint for sure.

Absolutely not!

We won't bring Feride into this.

I wouldn't want to hurt her.

In all that darkness, she is the only one who is innocent.

Just like my sibling.

-Potato. -My muddle-headed dandy.

No matter what happens, you and I could never fall apart, Kamran.

I cannot live without you. Not possible.

I can't live without you either. Joy of my life.

My crazy marmalade.

With your sins, good deeds, compassion, violence...

I accept you with everything.

I will never give up on you.

I have never given up on you anyway.

Kamran Bey?

Kamran Bey?

Kamran Bey?

We have done the tests on Neriman Hanım, as you ordered.

Today she says that she is in pain.

But I didn't give anything to her.

Okay, I'll check up on her first.

Later on, I will tell you what she needs to be given.

Good morning.

Today the weather is nice, isn't it?

I've missed the sun so much.

Shall we name him "Sun"?

-Name who? -Our baby.

He is the only thing that warms me.


Sun, it's a good name.

I wonder if I will be a good mother to him.

How will I take care of a child like this?

I cannot even look after myself.

This is not permanent, Neriman. With good treatment, it will pass.

I believe you, Kamran.

I want to believe.


Take care of our baby whether I'm here or not.

Take care of my Sun.

Please don't lose his blessings.

Where did that come from, Neriman?

You are in great debt.

That doesn't concern you.

You will be a father soon.

You need to spend your earnings carefully.

I do not answer to you.

It's for Feride, isn't it?

You will get the mansion back for Feride.

Yes! For Feride!

I only live for Feride, do you understand?

What will happen to me?

You don't exist, Neriman.

You don't exist.

Do you still not understand that?

There is only Feride.

Whatever I do in this life, I only do it for Feride.

Can you still not see that?

Not only on my finger, but also in my heart.

I only exist as Kamran, her fiancé.

Can't you see that?

Come on, girls. Hurry up. Time for breakfast.

Come on.


Come with me.

Of course, my sister.

I've got this.

-Her pillow is wet. -So?

She cried.

I've found you a job.

But I will continue with Gülce's classes, my sister.

Is that so?

Why don't I know about this?

I was going to tell you, but you were busy.

Won't Monsieur Kamran disagree?

After all that's happened, I don't think so.


If something bad happens that affects my school, I will end his job.


Just so you know.


Can you keep a secret?

It depends on the secret.

My mum once gave this to my father.

Later on, I was born.

So what you understand is... This is purely me.

Can I be yours?


How many years has it been, Cumali?

How would I know, sir?

I have been with you as long as I can remember.

We have become more than relatives, right?

Come on in.


Thank you, my daughter.

Thank you, Müjgan Hanım.


Look, Cumali.

We have known each other for years.

We have been through everything together.

I know Yusuf, too. He is like my son.

I have noticed

his eyes on the mansion's window and balcony.

I will talk to him about it, sir.

He will not bother anyone.

Don't say that, Cumali.

We have all been there.

Love suits a young man.

I would like us to have a blood relation.

Excuse me, sir?

So, if you also agree with it, I would like us to be relatives.

These young ones are willing,

so it is our duty to marry them.

Thank you.


Is your uncle with Cumali Effendi?


Let's hope for the best.

Is there something?

Come, sit here.

We are thinking about marrying Necmiye with Yusuf.

-Really? -Yes.

Your uncle will put out feelers to him.

We will see.

I am honored, Seyfettin Bey.

I really like young Müjgan already.


When Yusuf showed feelings for her, it felt like it couldn't come true.

Would her parents give her hand to a man like him?

I can help with that, Cumali.

I'll help in any way I can.

Don't worry.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

Aren't you eating?

It's your favorite. You should eat.

You, too?

I heard that this is a marmalade that smiles.

Whoever eats it will smile.

And will never cry either.

So, go on.

Let's all eat it.

Today they have all failed in how to behave at the table.

You have to use these medicines regularly.

Take one before breakfast and one before dinner.

-Thank you, Doctor. -Get well soon.

Thank you.

Knock, knock!

Azelya Hanım.

Can we stop using the "Hanım" and "Bey"?

However you like.

I have great news for you.

Look at the page in the middle.

A European doctor who has completely succeeded

in treating the same illness as Neriman Hanım's.

Then I should read the article.

I also have his address.

If you have something to ask, you can write to him.

Thank you.

What would you like to have? Tea or coffee?

A simple drink is not enough.

I want a picnic.

-Picnic? -Yes.

Then I owe you one.


Sister. Mum and Dad are calling for you.

I'm coming.

Have you been crying?

You asked for me, Uncle.

Come on in, sit down.

I've spoken with Cumali Effendi.

Yusuf has feelings for you.

There is nothing to be shy about on this matter.

If you also have feelings for him, then say it.

Then I shall write a letter to your father.

I will go to Tekirdağ with Cumali Effendi to ask for your hand.

Müjgan, honey. Come on. Don't be shy. Just tell us.

What do you say, Müjgan?

Shall I write the letter?

Write it, Uncle.

Four dimes.

Then we shall walk on our way back.

Gülce, come on. Get ready. We will be late.

Dad, look!

This is Lovebird, that is me and that one is you.

I drew a family picture. Do you like it?

-Good job, it is great. -Then give me a kiss.

Oh, my sweetie, my loveliness. Donkey Jo!

Good day, Murat Bey. Sweet Gülce! Come back again tomorrow, okay?

You little sweet thing.

"Sweet Gülce! Come back again tomorrow, okay?" Blah, blah, blah.

That is not nice.

So what? Then they shouldn't look at you.

Murat Bey. Are you leaving?

Yes. I am done for today.

You are so pretty!

Why did you take this road?

Isn't it faster when you take the Reşitpaşa mansion route?

There is a circumcision feast there, sister. The road is blocked.

So why didn't you go by the bazaar? This way is longer.

-How many dimes is it to get there? -Seven dimes.

Come on! Stop the carriage.

That route is only worth four dimes.

As if he was the only smart one! Impudent man!

Humanity is lost!

Dad, look! Lovebird.

Feride Hanım?

Stop, stop.

You are also here?

I'm trying to get Gülce to her lesson with you on time.

Why are you walking?

Don't ask. I came across a thief.

He took the longest routes. Complete robbery.

I got angry and got out.

Come on up, then. Let's go together. We are going to the same place.

Come on.

Let's continue.

Good luck.

Thank you.

So, Seyfettin Bey has spoken to my father.

He has also spoken with me.


He will write a letter to Tekirdağ.

Depending on the news from there...

If they don't give me your hand, will you run away with me?

Yusuf, don't say that.

So when will he write the letter?

I don't know.

I suppose tonight or tomorrow morning.

Tell me about "tonight or tomorrow morning."

How I will get through this time?

They are so excited.

Your turn is next, my dear.

Turns out Müjgan is such a dark horse. I never would have guessed.

She never said a word.

While they were dealing with Kamran and Feride,

they have fallen in love with each other.

They didn't make it, but they have led to other people's happiness.

Mum, what will happen to my brother and Feride?

If only I knew.

Also, after what happened to Neriman,

it has become very difficult for Feride to get back together with Kamran.

My brother still has hope. He doesn't take the ring off his finger.

Damn hope. Hope is the reason for all of us.

I'm so tired.

Of course you are. You hold the pencil too tight.


You should hold it like this.

You shouldn't press too hard. Now you try.

You still hold it too tight.

Let's try together.

Yes, softer.


The lesson is not over yet.

But it can't be like this!

Gülce! Come back to your lesson right away!

I did not expect this from you, Murat Bey.

We wanted to make a surprise for you, Ms. Teacher.

Sorry if we made you angry.

From now on, you can use this to come to work.

Then you will not have to deal with thief coachmen.

Thank you so much.

But I can't accept it.

I insist.

This way, it will be in better use than if it just stays in the attic.

It used to belong to my dad.

He used to take me around with this, but now you can!

I have never ridden a bike before. I don't know how to ride it.

Dad, we can teach her. Right?

Come, fast.

Little Lovebird, come on! You're doing great!

Come on!

Push. Push.

Look, the faster you go, the better balance you will have.

Gülce, be careful. Be careful.

Come on, little Lovebird! Come on. You can do it!

Come on, really good! Lovebird! Really good! Good job!

Gülce be careful, be careful. Go on, go on, great.

Great job, great job.

It is an amazing invention.

It feels like you are flying when you ride it.

Can you ride well?

I came here all alone from Murat Bey's house.

Though, I fell three times...

Maybe five times...


Can I try?

Girls, what is that noise?

Is that a bicycle?

Would you like to ride it, my sister?

What is it doing in the dormitory? Take it outside right away.

I missed you.

I missed you so much.

I missed where your eye looked, your voice tinkling in the garden,

the sky we used to look at together.

To be close to you, I will whisper to you every night from here.

Maybe your heart will hear. Maybe it won't.

But I will always be here.

Let's take this to the garden right away.

If I rode it there, I'd be much faster.

Can we ride it here?

Let's try it.

The heart knows the poem of the impossible.

It does, but what about my eyes? The most wounded part of me.

How can I get through the night when your eyes are missing from me?

Wouldn't the whole world go dark? A whole life?

How could I teach my hands my impossibility in you?

Our hands, when they don't come together for a minute, destroy everything.

How strange.

My head would best suit your chest, though.

My head was just right to lean on your shoulder.

With this orphan head of mine, I cannot cry for any dream.

My neck, like a leaf falling down from a branch.

I have been exiled without the season. By growing a lifetime apart from you.

People don't only love with their heart, so they can't start forgetting from it.

Forgetting is a blind well.

Forgetting is a bottomless darkness.

Where should I start to forget you? I don't know.

I started to forget myself from you.

I shall say, what we have isn't either love, impossibility or separation.

What we have is like the pain of a plum that wanted to blossom but failed.

I see that now we force our students to come to class!

We couldn't sleep last night.

If I didn't know you, I'd think that you'd been studying.

It was some sort of studying.

Come on, get inside. Come on.

Okay, class starts now.

Everybody open their books.


Do I have to take attendance?

Is everyone here?



Then open to page 62 in your books.

Can't we learn first-aid instead?

Especially for bicycle accidents.


Where did that come from?

So that if we ride and fall, we won't hurt ourselves.

I don't think that ladies who go to this distinguished school

would make the mistake of riding a bicycle.

You wouldn't be riding it, so you wouldn't fall.

What is wrong with riding a bicycle?

I believe it is an interest that doesn't suit a lady.

I believe it suits ladies perfectly.

I don't believe it does.

But I show respect anyway.

Respect is important, of course.

But Feride also rides.

Okay. Open your books.

Muzaffer. Start to read.

What did you do?

Did you think about it?

About what?

Will you make a complaint about Kamran Bey?

Why do you care about this so much?

Kamran Bey is trying to take back the mansion.

As a lonely lady, I can't stand against him.

Moreover, after thinking about what he has done to you by trickery...

I'm scared, Neriman.

I want him out of my way.

As I told you, he mustn't get away with what he has done to you.

Make a complaint.

Stand up for yourself.

You don't need to worry about me.

I know exactly what I'm going to do.

We shall ask for a room from the nurses so that you can give me a massage, okay?

You'd better not get sick.

I already am sick, so how can I not?

Look what has happened to me at this age.

The human body is really heavy, Behice.

And it is difficult. It made me really tired.

Also, she just can't stand still.

She is also really angry lately.


All these are nail marks.

I honestly don't know what I'll do with this woman.

You really need to find a new home. Urgently.

Who would accept me after all this time?

"An individual's social status, whether he's married or single,

"his children, his friends

"and his relationship with them affects his mental health.

"His job, hobbies and passions reflect his personality."

Okay. Feride, you continue.

Where were you?

-Aren't you following the class? -I am, but...

"Personality is related to health.

"Mental unsteadiness and stress cause health problems."

Next time, the class assistant will prepare the laboratory

for the sixth unit.

What will I need to prepare?

It's written in the book.

You can ask about the parts you don't understand.

You can leave.

Kamran Bey?

Thank you for the pillow and cream.

You also repaired my bed.

I didn't do anything.

You did.

The pillow smelled like you.

You have even brought a pillow from the house.

I'm glad it worked.

It did.

Because I made a doll of a mother with my pillow.

Just like

how you used to make a doll

for little Feride who woke up crying.

Okay, then.

I just wanted to thank you.

Follow that bicycle.

Okay, sir.


Dear Lovebird!

Gülce has prepared these herself. Isn't that right, Gülce?


We thought that you'd like it, but...

It's not that.

I am happy.

It reminded me of the happy days I had with my fiancé.

Come on. Wipe those tears.

You are still young.

You have great days ahead of you.

Come on.

Take it.

I love you both very much.

Okay. Okay. Come on.

Eat your food. Come.

-He has taken Karatay from the barn. -Kamran!

He hasn't ridden it since he fell.

He swore to Feride that he would never ride it again.

So he is breaking every promise he made to Feride.



Okay. Are the lines done?


Until tomorrow you will repeat every letter.


If you don't do your homework, we'll have a problem.

Okay. I'll do them. Promise.


Are you leaving?

Yes. Our class is over.

I brought you some fruit.

You enjoy them.

I also have a lot of homework. I need to do it.

I can help you.

You should do your own homework first.

I wish you would always be with me and help me like now.

Be my mother and my friend.


Leave Feride Hanım alone!

Why can't I ever have what I want?

I'm sorry. She is a little spoiled today.

Otherwise, she never does these kinds of things.

On the contrary, she usually does everything she can

to keep ladies away.

I'll see you out.


What's up? What is it?

-What do you want? -Even if you buy her a bicycle,

give her gifts or the whole world, she is mine!

Feride is mine! Understood?

Why should I care about this?

If that's so, then why are you playing house?

Didn't I tell you that if you had a little dignity,

you would stay away from her?

If you had a little dignity,

you should stay away from someone who doesn't want you!

I shall do so.

But first, I will give you a lesson of dignity.

Will we ride it again tonight?

You have a visitor in the parlor, Mademoiselle Feride.

Thank you, my sister.

Sister, I missed you so much!

Then we both feel the same.

So? How are you? How is everybody at the mansion?

I have good news and bad news for you, Feride.

First tell me the good news, then.

They will ask for my hand for Yusuf.


I'm so happy! Congratulations!

I'd guessed it, anyway!

You rascal!

So what's the other news?

Neriman can't move her right side.

She had a stroke.


Poor lady.

My lady if you don't eat, you can't take your pill. You have to eat. Come on.

If I eat, it becomes difficult for you later.

I don't want to.

Don't worry about.

We have to deal with it.

You're enjoying seeing me so powerless, don't you?

Get out!

What should I do with this woman?


I'm so sick of it.

God take my life so I can be rescued.

What happened?

Don't cry.

Come. Let's wash your face, if you like.

You go ahead. I'll take care of her.


If you're here to see the circus, you've come to the wrong place.

No. I'm here to wish you well.

Tell me another!

My family

has taught me that

it's important to be there for our family members or someone we know,

no matter what they have done.

They should also have taught you that it was a sin to be unfair to orphan kids.

What do you mean?

Kamran is trying to take back the mansion to make you happy.

He owes money to a loan shark.

We've talked about it.

I don't ask for or want anything from Kamran. He knows that.

But he still has expectations from you.

You give him hope.

He knows you'll go back to him.

He still hasn't taken off his ring.

But what can I do?

Stay away from him.

That's not your business.

We grew up together.

Despite that, we are relatives.

I said what I wanted to say.

If you don't keep Kamran away from you, he won't give up on you.

If you don't cut this off, you'll hurt Kamran.

He owes money to men who have guns.

His career depends on just a few things I might say.

You can imagine what will happen to him if he doesn't pay his debt.

You'll either let go of Kamran, or you'll end Kamran's life.

I already know you can't be apart from each other.

Hey, neighbor!

-Feride! -What?

Won't you even let me read a book?

Kamran Bey. Knock three times if you have arrived.

Are you happy now?


You said that you didn't want me.

To the father of the kid you teach!

Kamran, he had to know we'd broken up so that I could continue my job.

Was it only for the job?

Was it only for the job?

What do you mean?

What are you trying to say?

But you are accepting the gifts he gives you.

Is this for the job?

What is it for?

What is this?

-It doesn't concern you! -It does!


You won't be going there again.

And I will take this bicycle and throw it at that man's head.

You won't be giving lessons. You won't be seeing him again.

Kamran, you can't decide who I can and can't see.

You can't make decisions for my life. Don't interfere!

Do you understand? Stay away from me.

I don't.

I won't!

It's over, Kamran. It's over.

I don't want you anymore.

I will start a new life for myself.

We have already seen this new life.

You were letting that man touch you, Feride.

You were playing house!

I was playing house, yes.

I was rehearsing the family I will have.

What did you say?

You heard me.

I'll marry Murat Bey.

If I ever see a dream you are in,

they should shoot my eyes.

I waited for you all day.

We were supposed to have a picnic.

I'm sorry.

It was a horrible day.

I thought that something had happened.

I came by the mansion. They told me I'd find you here.

Are you okay?

I will be.

What happened? Have you asked around about her?

Is there any news? What does she do?

She had a sister. From another father.

She grew up with her relatives.

They said that Azelya was very fond of her sister.

The woman died of tuberculosis.

Her name was Zahide or something like that.



The ring is off.

Does this mean that now you have completely broken up with Feride?


It means that we have completely broken up.

What will you do?

Will you marry the mother of your child?


You got what you wanted.

I'm sure that Kamran will never speak of me again.


You are a brave woman when it comes to love.

Help me sit up.

What are you doing?


Get out!

-Where is Lovebird? -Feride just left.

How shocked was the coachman?

The man has a point. If you draw the horses left then right,

then left again, then right again, what else could he do?

Can you go up the stairs?

You come up, too.

I have to go home.

-Come on. -I have to go.


Come on. Take me to my room.

We shouldn't drink such things.

It's really dangerous. Really.

Especially for ladies like you.

What about ladies like me?

Because you are really dangerous.


If you knew how dangerous I am for you.

You'd be out of your mind.


There is something really important that I need to tell you.

I'm listening.

You are believing Neriman and pushing Kamran Bey away, for no reason.

I'm doing this so Kamran doesn't get more hurt.


he should take care of his child.

But the child is not his to take care of.


Neriman has fooled you all.

The child is from someone else. Not from Kamran Bey!

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