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Lions University Course 234 Creating Specialty Lions Clubs with English subtitles   Complain

good evening and welcome to creating

specialty clumps this is a Lions

University of course brought to you by

the USA Canada Lions Leadership Forum my

name is lion bud wall and i'd like to

welcome you this evening to the webinar

and remind you that we are recording

this session for those who cannot

participate live or for anyone wishing

to review the material at a later time

and once we begin you may be asked to

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hand so that you can be unmuted then

giving you the opportunity to share

verbally with the entire group creating

the specialty clubs is course 234 an

elective course for the lines university

masters program that's designed to help

Lions lead on them at the district level

the master's program involves the

completion of the 10 required courses

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a few 15 elective courses and of which

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this is the lions university website

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drawn out or boring because you're

hearing the same stuff but we have many

new attendees week after week and so we

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willingness to listen to the same

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to level program now this particular

page shows a person who has taken some

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and what the green area indicates that

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particular quiz or if it's a zero and

there's nothing there that shows that

they have not taken that particular

course yet so this gives you an idea of

how fun where you are in your coursework

our faculty member this evening is my

insurance sykes line Sharon is from

Olympia Washington where she was just

recently elected to be their second vice

district governor district see in

multiple district 19 so congratulations

line Sharon on your election she's been

a faculty member for the master's

program earlier in the year having

presented team building back in August

line sharon has also been a presenter on

the district and multiple district level

as well as the USA Canada Foreman and

she two lines university as a well

qualified instructor with a wealth of

knowledge and it gives me a great

pleasure to welcome her here tonight sly

and Sharon welcome and I will turn it

over to you well thank you lyin bud

welcome to a great and fun presentation

that I hope will give you some great

ideas on how to grow your membership and

increase your community project outreach

through the creation of specialty or as

special interest clubs we're going to

take a look at what you need to know in

order to make this happen we'll be

looking at how what we need to know to

define our specialty clubs and we'll be

looking at how do we go about

identifying the value of our specialty

clubs and then what it takes to create

one and we'll look at several documents

that we need to take in consideration

how do we once we have a club created

and it's up and running how do we

maintain that club and most importantly

is once it's developed how do we ensure

the future of that specialty clubs and

then we'll take a real quick look at


eps and open it out up 14 questions now

I do have some some spots throughout the

presentation where we can stop and ask

questions if you have a question as we

go along and you will type it into the

questions pane on your right hand side

of your screen but it's going to be

helping line but it's going to be

helping me out and we'll try to

intercept those questions as they come

through or we'll catch them when we take

a break to address questions so as we

move on to the next slide on defining

specialty clubs we're going to be

talking about to ensure you establish a

successful specialty club you need to

make sure you have some key deliverables

identified first is the interest in and

commitment to service a question you

need to ask yourself as does the

proposed Club support Lions Clubs

International motto we serve what area

of the community do you want to serve is

there a service not currently being

addressed by other service clubs and who

will benefit from your new club for

special interest in hobbies is there

enough interest to attract new members

to this new club are there enough

projects and activities to maintain a

new interest group and we'll talk

further into the presentation on a

couple different approaches that you can

take to encourage members to participate

and then most importantly is the mission

and vision statement you need to

document your mission statement what is

the purpose for creating the new club

create a mission statement to start and

revisit a couple of times of year to

ensure there is agreement in the

membership to sustain and continue your

specialty club and then lastly but not

certainly most important is to look at

do we create a chapter or do we create a

club branch and we'll be talking about

advantages in both of those as we go

through the presentation as we move to

the next slide with examples of

specialty clubs and specialty club

branches well quickly now will quickly

go over this slide type in a question in

the box example

tools you are currently seeing or would

like to see as far as specialty clubs

some that are very popular right now our

cyber clubs and then there's a champions

club and there's actually documentation

and LCI to create a champions club and

for those who may not know online what

the champions client's are there are the

group that does a extensive support of

the Special Olympics teams and there may

be Special Olympics events going on in

your community that could don't

currently have the face of lions on them

and there could be a great partnership

in reaching out and providing

much-needed support during events or

ongoing support of coaching and

mentoring of our excellent champion

Lions there's also Lions quest educators

where we have educators coming together

school superintendents and faculty

members and creating educator type Lions

Clubs we have entrepreneurial type clubs

those people that could be young and

starting out their businesses maybe not

young in age but young in their business

setup and they've coming together to

pool resources in order to reach out and

do service projects as an

entrepreneurial club rather than

individual companies then you have

ethnic clubs and what we mean by ethnic

clubs is here in the northwest we had

we've had and they've decided to disband

unfortunately but we had clubs that were

a Korean sunrise Lions Club that the

members when they came together spoke

primarily Korean and they spoke their

native language we have Filipino clubs

in in Seattle area so that's an example

of an ethnic type club first responders

again we have a group of people and for

our first responders in the northwest we

refer to these folks as your emergency

team the ambulances that go out the fire

department the police department

sheriff's department anybody that would

be considered a first responder to a

community need and they will come


and for EM create their own service

groups and then we have medical

professionals we have hospital staffs

and on you have other things are there

any others out there that you can think

of that i haven't touched on because i

know there are a lot and i'm opening up

the chat screen here yeah lion

correction officers right yeah mine

Scott see i just opened it go ahead no I

was going to say lion Scott made a

comment here about correction officers

and I know there's motorcycle clubs you

have to have a mortgage or game number

if you can we also have educators well

we've discovered educators we also have

librarians to get together and there's a

group that are considering starting a

lion service club to enhance the

educational opportunities and book

availability to our people in elementary

schools so those are just some ideas of

how funeral directors Lions Club well

that's a unique one I'm seeing this pop

up and I wouldn't have thought about

that but why why not that would be a

great a great group to get together and

offer up you know work on service

projects in the community are there any

others Oh in the I'm sorry you gotta

know Castres yeah but it would be a

negative yeah I'm sorry we just keep

playing tagger in up in Chicago area we

have I mean they have something like

seventy five clubs in district 1 a which

is the the Chicago downtown chicago in

cook county and of those 74 75 clubs

there must be at least 20 clubs that are

considered ethnic clubs and a lot of

korean clubs a lot of filipino clubs a

lot of there's a couple of chinese clubs

is so they have a lot of a lot of ethnic

clubs in that area and they are very

strong clubs and they have

you know they they do well they

represent themselves at the district

conventions at the state conventions and

brings in a lot of a lot of members that

you wouldn't necessarily think of I mean

they just what they're wonderful

wonderful Club they're very strong well

it's a two-way street when you have the

ethnic clubs they're actually more

popular than you think part of it is to

create a service environment so that

they're giving back to the community but

it also presents a tremendous

opportunity for those that are not part

of an ethnic of to learn about the

cultures to become part of that and to

be interested in possibly joining in and

becoming part of that ethnicity that

would be a sharing in a knowledge

learning at the same time let's move on

to the next slide the other thing the

thing that we need to look at is once

the value and in order to we need to

address this especially if we're going

to be reaching out to younger younger

people in the community people that are

still in the workforce people that have

young children at home is that we need

to look at the value is we can increase

membership and retention what better way

to grow your membership faster than off

by offering a specialty gathering to

members and potential members to share a

common interest in to give something

back to the community if people are

interested and conceived good use of

their time they will join up and

continue their involvement until such

time that they see their time is no

longer needed or important involved

members it's we need we need to ensure

that your new members have something to

do create projects ahead of time or in

the first meeting identify projects the

team can work on the great part of

creating a new club or a brand club

branch is that there really are no bad

ideas and then it also creates higher

energy levels if people are excited they

will give and give of their precious

time and energy new opportunities are

usually loaded with lots of excitement


lots of creative new ideas and more

hands to help as lions clubs we are

always looking for more hands to help

with our current activities and to start

those new activities that we just need

additional hands to make happen and then

greater community connection especially

club could be in a great position to

deliver support and service to a

specific community need the advantage to

this is the obvious outreach but could

also provide greater Lions visibility in

your local communities and the more were

involved in the communities and the more

we do our branding the more aware people

are of lions and the fact that we are

more than vision I care and diabetes

testing so we move to the next slide

after we create our value statement then

we need to create and do plan and define

and it kind of goes along with what we

just talked about but we're going a

little bit further the purpose is put

down in writing why you start why you

want to start a special interest club

what do you and your new members want to

achieve why the need for the specialty

club look at the other end of the

spectrum to is most importantly is what

does done look like what will your

finished activities look like we do a

lot of defining from the front end but

we don't always define it from the end

of our projects looking back to what we

want to accomplish need to define who

our audience is who do you want to serve

what do you want to offer to the public

and will you offer a service currently

not available will you increase

much-needed opportunities and as far as

your members this is really important

when starting up a new effort who are

you reaching out to and why would they

want this day can you support an ongoing

specialty club and how do we stay

current and we'll talk more about that

last part in a future slide the public

image as well as with all Lions Clubs

what image do you want to present to

your community an idea for a specialty

club would be too

to sight and hearing exam to offer sight

and hearing exams for all local

elementary students this is a typical

project for a lot of clubs but there may

be an interest by local vision I care

practitioners and doctors active or

retired to ensure all student sorted

many of these previous programs are

disappearing from schools due to lack of

funding things to consider when you're

looking at your public image is updated

websites Facebook's Facebook page other

social media rack cards and rack cards

for those of you are just listening and

that's I'm smelling that are ack rack

cards and other club promotional

materials available at all events in

schertz your vest to raise your

visibility sandwich boards which become

very popular here in the northwest where

people driving by can see events going

on so there's many things to take into

consideration along with creating the

thing as we move to the next slide one

of the things that we can look at is

what if we want to create a new club

well for some of you on the phone that

may not be as as current with some of

the requirements and we need to take in

consideration what I've listed here on

this page or the LCI requirements and in

order to create a new club we need to

have at least 20 plus charter members

and let me add a note to that that's and

those are with dues paid having 20 or

more charter members is really critical

to sustain the club because some members

may drop away after a few months it's

not what I'm saying we want to have

happen but it is life sometimes

interviewers in order to ensure

longevity of the club you want to start

with a very healthy foundation so that's

why the push on 20 hour or more charter

members you also need to have a

sponsoring Club an LC I will accept a

sponsoring Club a region as own a

district cabinet or a district committee

but there has to be sponsorship

and as you're completing you also need

to complete your charter application and

I put in some numbers out here that if

you want to pull go out to LCI

international and enter in TK 38a it

will automatically take you to create or

complete charter application and also a

report on the charter member so you will

have to provide LCI a complete list of

all the original charter members to

ensure that that you have the hell that

you need in order to sustain now keep in

mind the report on charter members will

have all those members that have paid

their dues and they are active will be

listed as active members of your club it

also requires the district governor's

approval and there's appropriate charter

fees and certification forms and we'll

go over some of that information on the

next couple of slides so as we move

forward on creating if we and go to the

go to the next slide is we're creating

on new club extension kits LCI has some

fabulous information out there to take a

look at and there's a couple in

particular that I want to draw your

attention to and that's new club

development guide take a look at that

one that is got a wealth of information

in it on what it would actually

physically take to create your new club

we've already started laying the

foundation by identifying our purpose

and our vision statement and identifying

our audience now we have to go through

the physical house where physical steps

in order to actually create our new

specialty club so you have Lions Club

charter application these are all

required documentation the charter

member application the Charter app

charter application checklist it will

provide you a checklist of things that

you need to take in consideration to

make sure you have all the paperwork

completed when you submit the request

for a charter and then it also

graciously includes instructions for in

completing the application for the Lions

Club charter on the next page we have

additional information or the next slide

is the report of the charter members

that's one that is a required document

that you do need to sign

and in and then it provides additional

information on charter night planning

for those of you on the line that are

established lion lions we know that once

a year we celebrate the creation of our

charter well the charter night planning

guide in this particular instance would

be when the Charter would be given to

the club by the district governor coming

in on a timing on this one you need to

allow anywhere from two to three months

at a minimum to receive your charter it

takes a little bit of processing you can

function as a club you just won't be

charted until you receive your charter

so you'll be you won't be able to be

considered on the my LCI until the

Charter is official then is some

additional information on better

communities and change lives and this

ties back to what we were talking about

earlier about our vision statement and

who do we want to reach out to how do we

want to go there and it gives you some

great ideas and then the next one making

it happen a guide to club project

development if you're kind of stuck on

what kind of projects you want to start

with this may give you some new ideas I

would suggest that you print this one

out take a look at it prior to your

first meetings so that you have some

ideas that lead your perspective members

through on some Club projects because

you want to have those projects in place

you want to have something in place for

members or new perspective members to do

when they walk in the door and it also

gives some activities and some

initiative to the new club to say okay

these are the things we're going to do

at least for the first 12 months and

then we'll reevaluate and we'll move

forward accordingly and then you have

charter member transfer form and it

could be charter members that are coming

in from another club you can belong to

more than one club you're only a primary

member of one but you can be an

associate member and when you're

starting up a new club it it does

require primary club membership you can

join as an associate later on down the

road if you're just helping out or


I am so these are the forms in creating

a new club so that's one way you can

look at specialty gloves is you're

addressing a specific audience and then

you go through the process of

establishing good club like you would

any other Lions Club now again keep in

mind the number that we need to have in

place is 20 plus members as we go to the

next slide that there is another

opportunity here that is creating a club

branch and I'm going to stop right here

to address do we have any questions out

there I don't see any being displayed in

the questions pane right now Sharon but

I do have a question on just just a

clarification when you talked about the

new club you know having have at least

20 plus 20 charter members and also need

needs to be sponsored and you made a

sermon in your ear talked about and that

could be LCI accepts either a sponsoring

club or a reading zone district cabinet

or district committee so the district

cabinet or a zone if there's not a

particular club that wishes to sponsor

the new club whether it be specialty

branch or or a regular full charter club

you can go to the district cabinet or a

zone or a district committee to sponsor

that Club is that is that right that is

correct okay as long as it's recognized

by the district now the best approach

and but I'm glad you brought that up

because the best approach and I'm just

going to give you my personal opinion on

this one is to have a club sponsor your

your new new charter your new potential

specialty club there's a lot of value to

having a club sponsor it but the reason

I bring up the others is if there isn't

a club that's willing to sponsor your

new specialty interest so they're just

they don't think the specialty club is

going to fly there are other avenues

that you can pursue okay thank you so

that's why I brought up what I did your

best bet is to find a sponsoring club

but in case that doesn't work out

there are workarounds okay and we do

have a hand being Ranger by lion Nancy

so I'm going to unmute my Nancy and see

what comment she has okay let me see if

this works hi Nancy my question is if

you have a club that sponsors the new

club do they also get a guiding lion

also to help them to get the club up and

going and running you know that's a

really really good question anytime you

have a brand new club starting out it's

always a really excellent idea to have a

guiding plan and I did not mention that

earlier but yes i would say in order to

ensure that the club is successful it

would take a gliding lion so it does

involve and our particular district it

does involve the inclusion of the

district governor because the guiding

lion is generally as signed through the

district governor and our multiple

district of the northwest in those

guiding Lions that would be wonderful if

they were certified guiding lines going

through that certified guiding lion

course and once you once you've gone

through that course you are fully

qualified to be considered to be a guy

tank to a club or a club that is um

maybe struggling along the way or

something but that's a good question you

have their line asking does that answer

answer your question yes it did thank

you alright you get it I had but no I

just I just muted herself or wrong okay

just as an additional note and but thank

you for bringing it up is on guiding

Lions when you do do the certification

it's good for two years and the reason

it's only good for two years is that we

want people to be current on the

information that they will need to

assist a club to build when a guiding

lion is assigned to a club traditionally

they are assigned to the club for a

two-year service in order to guide them

through getting set up making sure the

reports are being taken care of making

sure they get good information

about the 501 3 c's a 501 c 4 s is

should they decide to pursue that Avenue

and they are there to guide them through

and answer Lions questions to support

them in the creation and making sure

they have a successful Club right so

Nancy thank you very much for the

question if we have no others we're

going to move forward we talked about

setting up a club and that's the more

disciplined of the two options the other

is creating a club branch now this will

require a sponsoring club because a club

branch the members of the club branch

are actually members of the the

sponsoring club so you need effort to do

it to create a club branch you need a

minimum of five branch members you will

be elected a branch president secretary

and treasurer a branch can be the same

size almost the same size as the

sponsoring club and they've decided that

I we've got some situations that I've

run into during my years as being a line

and where we've got some branch clubs

that really like being a branch club and

don't want to become a chartered club

and we'll talk more about that as they

go through but at a minimum the

positions you need to have for a club

branch is a president and a secretary at

a minimum and I'll explain why the

treasure is being left off here in just

a minute sponsoring you will need a

sponsoring club and it will require from

the sponsoring Club branch liaison now a

lot of people will say from the branches

of liaison that goes back to the

sponsoring club it's the other way round

it's somebody from the sponsoring club

that will attend the ranch club meetings

again to serve in the capacity and to

bring information from the sponsoring

club the district governor needs to be

of informed but does not necessarily

have to approve and you will need to

complete notification form Club branch

of form number one now let me go back up

to the second bullet where a branch or

web president and secretary

we have a situation here with one of our

clubs here in the northwest where we

have a very very active branch club but

they've decided they want primarily to

handle service projects to be able to

give back to the community they'll make

money but they don't want to they don't

want the responsibility of the money so

they turn all of their fundraising over

to the sponsoring club and the

sponsoring club then keeps line items

for you know to separate the funding

outward and money's brought in from the

branch club the branch club needs

additional monies to purchase things to

give back to the community then they'll

draw from the monies that they've drawn

or made in the past it works well for

this club it does require a little more

bookkeeping in order to make that happen

but it can be done but for sure there

needs to be a president and a secretary

now as we move forward to the next slide

in addition to as we're creating these

branch clubs is that the we need to have

in place we're going to talk about best

practices here and I just talked about

the treasures if you have a club branch

and we're going to assume for the sake

of this class that you are going to have

your own Club Brandt's treasure you need

to set up a checking account or a bank

account it can be at the same bank that

the sponsoring club is but it will be

maintained by the branch club and the

reporting and fiduciary responsibility

will be handled by the branch club the

branch members we need to create also if

you're going to function as a separate

entity as a branch club it gives you an

opportunity to market your branch your

specialty club in support of it like say

we have club XYZ I'm just going to say

for the sake of it we have club will

just use Olympia that's I don't have to

remember the numbers we have an olympia

club that's sponsoring a club branch and

the branch is specializing in medical


so we may want to set up our marketing

from the fro these Club branch for our

specialty club and we're out marketing

throughout the community to all the

medical professional folks and offering

up an opportunity to be active in Lyons

so our outreach in our community may

just be around the medical profession

for those businesses that would support

the medical profession rather than in

the club with all three are going back

to the sponsoring club let's take a step

back the club would also be reaching out

to the community for how they can better

serve the community and stuff but they

will put less emphasis on the medical

profession because it's being handled by

the club branch so but they that leaves

the rest of the industry's out there for

the sponsoring Club to take a look at so

there is you want to be able to set up

your marketing consider a separate

website a clubhouse website from Lions

International is an excellent

inexpensive no charge way to set up your

website and or you could use an addendum

on your sponsoring club it can be done

either way it depends on work what works

best for the specialty branch that

you're setting up and create a facebook

and the word of advice on lessons

learned or best practices that I would

pass on is your public facing is what

going to be what your potential members

are going to be looking at make sure

your social media sites are current

actually display pictures of events once

you start moving forward with your

events and and making sure that your

calendar of events are correct and

wherever your meetings are being held

make sure that information is current so

that people are contacting that will

know who to contact if they have

additional questions and where they need

to go to attend meetings lyonshare so

ask yes I'm sorry Lyon winster has made

a comment here and I think it's a rather

valid 12 it says as for the e clubhouse

it's very important to include spot the


Lions Club information on the

application for the website so we can be

sure it is a real club that's an

excellent point and I didn't I didn't

think to include that so thank you very

much for that that's ad that's an

excellent point that is yes it is as we

move forward what we're going to be

looking out on the next slide or all the

pieces of information available out on

LCI website and I've given the numbers

for all of the documents is the report

the branch membership there is a club

branch brochure that can help you kind

of walk through consider what it is you

want to do your club officers manual

which you didn't see in the previous one

because they'll be taken care of through

club officer training on this one

because you have branch officers and you

have secondary officers you want to make

sure that your officers are made aware

of and that they actively participate in

your districts club officer training or

that they participate in the online

webinars being offered by LCI or your

the third one coming or that a partaker

but participate in the club officer

training available through Lions

University there's a club branch glide

that you can go through there is the

ever-important membership applications

that we didn't post on the other one and

what I would recommend doing in fact let

me give you an example of my brashness

we had our spring convention here this

last weekend and we had the mayor of

Olympia was one of our keynote speakers

and when she was introduced there was a

little joke made that she was an active

member of rotary very active in the

community and what have you and as she

got done she said I so appreciate what

Lions do you know I there has been a

thought about becoming a lion well I

just happen to have an application in my

purse and I happen to pull it out and

walked up to the stage and I said I'd be

happy to sponsor you when the times of

him and gave her my business card and

there was a big laugh about and I think

anytime you get tired of the other Club

we welcome you with open arms

yeah I was grinning from ear to ear when

I said it but she took a good humor and

she actually contacted me so in a couple

of weeks we're going to set up a meeting

and see if we can make this happen so

you just never know you just have to

take advantage of those things and then

I has a branch club you do need to you

do need to under excuse me as a branch

as a club branch I get those turned

around as a club branch you do need to

be aware of constitution and bylaws and

as a specialty club these are some of

the of the architecture this is the

infrastructure things that you just need

to be cognizant of and once you are

aware of these things then it will take

up very little of your time and you can

spend a majority of your time working in

your specialty field doing service

projects and encouraging new members to

come in but you are responsible for what

the Lions Clubs Constitution bylaws do

hold if you're in a district you might

also want to work with a sponsoring club

or your district governor to see if

there are additional district

constitution by laws rules that you need

to be aware of and then there's a great

little flyer out there called Lions make

a difference it's a good one for

specialty clubs it'd be a good one to

help you put your marketing together to

glow to grow your membership and then

you have the notification of Cub branch

and officer updates and those are forms

and you can actually include that in my

LC hi if you are not aware of in my LCI

when you have a a club branch separating

you know kind of breaking off and making

their own entity under the umbrella of a

sponsoring in club the club branch

members are listed in my CEO on my LC I

has Club branch members so we have a

situation here where we have a community

of yelm in an yom we have a very active

Club branch that meets at noon all of

the members from both the yelm club and

the club branch are all listed under the

sponsoring Club of young but if I go in

and look at

membership those involved in the club

branch are listed as such so I can go in

and run a membership report and be able

to quickly distinguish use as a sponsor

and club member and who is a member of

the club branch so you can gain access

to that but you need to make sure you

put it in that way so and let's keep

moving forward because we've got the lib

get you know we've got the architecture

we've got the foundation of the things

that we need to do and I want to stop as

we did with the end of the charter are

there any additional questions on Club

branch right now no as far as what we

need to know how we need to set it up

right before we move on the next slide

line Nancy had another question she she

asks does the branch Club get its own

EIN number and do they have to file a

990 IRS yearly you know really good

question Nancy if you have if you are

maintaining your own books you have your

own treasure you have your own bank

account then the answer is yes because

it's separate from the sponsoring club

if you are submitting your monies and

all the monies are being maintained by

the sponsoring club and the answer is

not necessary you would file both your

your income and your taxes through the

sponsoring club right I hope that

answers the question I think it does

make sense okay really good really good

questions yeah dude ok let's move on

let's move on to the next slide once

we've created our club and we have it in

place what do we need to do to maintain

it and there's going to be some

coordination required and I'm going to

have to give it to you in a couple

different approaches if you have a

specialty club and you are an

independent Club not under the umbrella

of a sponsoring club then you will need

to file your monthly reports your

monthly membership reports in my LCI and

I would just I can't encourage you

enough to enter in your service activity

reports to brag about and talk about the

activities you're doing and the number

of volunteer hours you're doing or do

nations or collections could be

collections of monies or collections of

canned food products are donated to a

food bank this an example would be like

we collected 2,000 pounds of food and

all of it was donated to our local

community food it's a great thing to

enter in and say we had and during this

collection we had nine members donating

92 total of 90 hours those are the types

of things that LCI is looking for and

those are good statistics to start

sharing and sharing with prospective new

members on what are you really doing for

our community the other thing is is make

sure that you've got current and acting

oh excuse me before we move on to my LCI

the challenge will be let me rephrase

that the opportunity will be that if you

have a branch or Club branch your

monthly membership reports will be

handled by the sponsoring Club your

service activity reports will be entered

in by the sponsoring club secretary

unless you've entered into who the

branch has entered into a partnership

with the sponsoring club secretary to be

able to insert their own service

activity reports so you will have a

responsibility to coordinate with your

sponsoring club secretary to make sure

that your service activity reports are

are going in the the the effort that the

branch is doing is being accounted for

and making sure that you remember your

your branch your club branch members

information is current and correct so

it's either a coordinated effort with

the sponsoring club secretary or if you

are your own Club then you will have to

make sure that you enter in this

information your club secretary will do

this so on your current and active

projects if you want to build your

membership and you want to not only

build your membership to have people

come in the door excited and enthused as

we talked about earlier

we also want them to stay so you need to

set up both as a branch and as even

working with a sponsoring club has your

branch or your specialty club you're

going to have to visit frequently and i

would say probably twice a year once you

get started you may have to do a touch

point quarterly to make sure that your

projects and the opportunities are

current because people need something to

do when they walk in the door and if

they don't have anything to do as we

know the most precious commodity that

our new members bring in the door is

there time and if their time is not

being well used unfortunately there are

many other service clubs that will be

more than happy to welcome them so we

need to have something for them to do

and making sure that it still represents

what word setup and riginal e is our

specialty club that make sense i'm

hoping so i think it does ok let's go on

to the next slide once we're maintaining

then we need to look at the future and

we just kind of addressed that a minute

ago on the annual we need to do an

annual reevaluation purpose for those of

us in Lyons we keep hearing the words we

need to do kind of strategic planning on

an annual basis and some of us are

better at it than others some of us are

fine with doing it every other year or

probably every two years I probably

wouldn't let it go any longer than that

because the face of your club and the

community changes dramatically within

that period of time so you want to

reevaluate why your purpose and if you

are a specialty club you want to make

sure that you can continue as especially

and still stay current with the members

that you have still stay current with

your community so that you are reaching

out and providing a service and you are

ultimately the come to group when they

need some help or assistance and there I

have surrounded a centered around your

specialty club the same thing holds true

with a branch with a club branch just

because you're a branch you can hold

your own strategic planning

session you do not have to do your

planning at the same time as your

sponsoring club because your needs are

basically different that even though you

are one big membership the needs of the

members are hard are distinctively

different or could be quite

significantly different so you hold you

plan to hold your your branch club

strategic planning sessions or if you

are a chartered special interest

collaborative specialty club then

revisit because you are especially club

you're in a niche market and you want to

make sure that niche is still current

and what do you need to do what's

changing in that market that you may

need to change your public facing to

make sure that that you still are

enticing members to come in the door so

that we can give back and then your

marketing and public relations as we

mentioned earlier the marketing and

public relations has you've got to

maintain currency on this and I don't

mean that in a financial point of view

your information has to be current and

the best comments and I'm getting from

Lions Clubs going to variety of

different conventions as I keep hearing

people like seeing themselves or they

like seeing pictures of activities we

can have the world's best writers and

authors and they're not and they're good

at what they do but they're not as

impactful as pictures of people doing

community service projects the smiles on

on people's faces when they get to see

for the first time or they here and they

get new hearing aids and they can hear

again or we have we've saved somebody's

life because they've passed through

diabetes checks and we've just elevated

them right to the emergency room because

of how they test it out these are all

some things where you look at an

environmental project and you see you

stand back and you look at the pride of

all the you've either we did a garden

you've got a community garden going in

with education and youth programs I

could go on forever but these are the

types of things you want to capture

those pictures

so the one thing you need to take to

every event regardless of whether you

were a specialty chapter excuse me a

specialty club or a club branch is that

camera make sure you capture those

events and post them when you post the

pictures the one thing that process

improvement that we need to get better

at is when you post the picture and the

comments column tell the story about the

picture who's in it what you're doing so

when people pull those pictures out

independently they know it's a community

project and they know what the community

project was so again with my public

relations go back and revisit your

materials I would as you initially start

up I would not both do bulk printing for

a while because you may be undergoing

some changes but do use take advantage

of home printers and and until you get

money's in the bank and can afford to do

some outsourcing and and how people

possibly give you a discount on the

reproduction processes but take a look

at that market yourself revisit that

information marketing is critical

there's not a marketer out there that

I'm aware of that if they go once and

they don't go back and revisit

frequently to make sure they're still

approaching the right audience and then

lastly on the future you've got to

identify projects now these are projects

that can be as I call the low-hanging

fruit projects that can be right now or

in the next month or they can be long

term projects that have a little more

girth to them that you need to do a

little longer planning and the last

thing I forgot to put on this slide is

partnerships if you are doing a

specialty club or a specialty branch one

of the things you need to think about in

the future is the partnerships you can

enter into with other Lions Clubs or

other community organizations either for

private sector or for other service

organizations to create a community

based project

so those are the things for the future

is making sure that we've we've talked

as we go to the next slide we've talked

about next steps is at and it's kind of

my company mantras go forth and do great

things but make sure you have a good

vision statement make sure you revisit

it because with specialty clubs again

you are in a niche market and eat it

doesn't make any difference if it's a

had a well established markets such as

the medical profession we talked about

first responders we talked about funeral

directors and and other those are

definitely niche markets but you want to

make sure that your information is

correct and most importantly over

anything else is have fun because if

you're not having fun quite frankly why

are you doing and are there any

questions and and next steps one of the

other things that I want to include is

now that you have the information

evaluate your opportunity for creating

one or more specialty clubs to meet your

community needs and grow your membership

is again you can have more than one

specialty club and you need 20 plus

members or you can do a club branch and

you can have more than one club branch

each one has separates specialty we've

got one that's possibly getting ready to

be created with my home club and we have

a we've just identified where people

just realize there is a lot of quilters

in our club and we also have joint base

lewis-mcchord right north of us right in

our district and they're making quilts

for the kids and the significant others

of active service people and they're

looking at doing it there and they're

also looking at we also acquire

supporting a battered women shelter and

they're providing quilts and blankets

for that group too so and they've

decided they want to come together and

talk over quilting plan their service

projects and be able to be their own

dependent Lions Club branch so the

opportunities are are only limited by

what you can think of are there any

questions we do have one from land on

what do you think of cyber campus Lions

Clubs made up of primarily graduated

Leo's I think it's an awesome idea when

you keep the Leos active and that's an

excellent opportunity it's a good

application for a cyber club you can set

up they can communicate through today's

technology and as far as projects or

things to do if they are graduates and

they've moved away from the campus there

may be something they may have to

sponsor online through either monetary

donation or donations of other sorts or

there could be a local effort that way

they identified while they were at a

particular University and decide to

become active where they can to support

that particular or a local community

organization but it's a great

opportunity yeah that is good I an can

go ahead why don't I just said I thought

it was a great idea yeah the cyber clips

i hope i've addressed the question done

it the way you would set up the cyber

clubs offer a little further challenge

because one word you threw in there was

the remoteness of it you may want to

look at the creation of age babe chapter

or a club all by yourself you know that

it's a cyber club and then come together

maybe meet once a year for a big event

or a particular community thing that

you're going to be a project that you're

going to be working on you may want to

consider that sorts the challenge you

may run into although i don't see it

being a showstopper is to find the

sponsoring club just

answer a cyber club branch if we went to

the district governor we're probably

talking more about a club than a club

ranch the club branch absolutely

requires a sponsoring club so there's a

couple of options to think about I think

it's an absolutely incredible idea right

any too okay any other questions I

didn't see any well thank you very much

everyone but all to the lion bed I'll

turn it back to you all right you want

to discover your you don't have anything

else you want to comment on the review

of your objectives make sure we covered

everything but I think you have I think

you covered your mind I think we have

well I you know and i'll be happy to do

that we define the specialty clubs what

is it we want to do how you know what is

it our end result and kind of why we're

doing it we're identifying the value of

the specially club is what do we want to

give back what value are we giving back

to the community and moines just as

importantly is what value is it is

therefore the members to become a part

of that specialty club we talked about

the the actual steps it would take to

create that specialty club through the

LCI information that's available and

then maintaining that's the ongoing work

you got this is a living breathing

opportunity via tub Club branch order to

be it a charter it's living and

breathing and will require constant care

and feeding it's not a one-time

deliverable on the shelf and then making

sure that we set it up set the future up

to ensure that it stays viable club so

we're going to have to on a regular

basis to be determined by the club

members to make sure that our specialty

club is still viable in our community

we're still reaching out there is still

a community that needs or that would

surround our club and that to make sure

that we can continue to add members to

it the critical part is we can build it

and we can start it with a handful of

numbers but we need to have additional

members coming in the door to ensure

that it has a future and then we talked

about next steps is just go forth and

make it happen that is terrific oh yeah

we covered a lot before the specialty

clubs and even went into club branch and

and what it would take for specific

types clubs and there are a lot of

specialty clubs out there and and

several several cyber clubs now are

beginning to come into existence and as

I said that the ethnic clubs are really

strong in the north northeastern part of

Illinois and they're very very valuable

to their communities and to the causes

that that they seem seen fit so I think

we covered a lot of lot of information I

really appreciate the work you put into

this line Sharon and again

congratulations on your election dos

equis your governor heck was smoothly

for you nothing here all right we'll

move on to the finishing slides we

already covered it I threw that little

guy in there yet questions on there but

I had this from some others fight I

thought it was kind of an evil guy so I

put that in there I like him though we

come with pro I'll cover the questions

but that's the next thing would be to

let everyone know that in Grand Rapids

we had our first graduation ceremony

four lines University and we'll have our

second graduation ceremony in Omaha

Nebraska this September at the USA

Canada Alliance leadership forum 15 and

17 through September and if you have

qualified to graduate from either the

bachelor or master's program you can

receive your graduation certificate at

the ceremonial that will be held I think

it's going to be on Friday evening of

the early Friday evening of the of the

forum and as we did last year you'll we

will have the current lines

international president there at

ceremonies and everyone

on walking across the stage picking up

their ends and there are certificates

they'll also have a picture taken with

the an individual fish were taken with

international president so please plan

to complete your courses if you're in

that level and we look forward to seeing

you in grant in Omaha in September for

the graduation ceremonies our next

webinar will be a third for the for the

master's program would be Tuesday may

third and it will be entitled campus

clubs so we'll be having a webinar

strictly on campus club so a lot of the

information we shared tonight there will

be some other new information specific

to campus club shared with everyone

during the webinar so be sure to to join

us at that point in time too as well um

a reminder that the quiz is up and

running on this course 234 you can do

that by going on to the lines University

website into the masters program and

clicking on the quiz are clicking on

this particular course specialty clubs

course number 234 then going down to the

bottom of the page and clicking on

course completed and that will take you

directly to the quiz and there's ten

questions I took it tonight and passed

it so if I could pass it I think

everyone here capacity because of the

information was great and it was a good

good quiz put together so I want to

thank you for that I think at this point

in time anyone who wishes to leave now

is the time to leave and when you do

please go up to the top of the control

panel on your screen there and click on

that little X on the corner of the

control panel box that will get you out

of the webinar and then when if you're

for some reason you don't get out in

time well we'll have you dismissed and

so we can get out of the probe

and clear out the webinar so with that

thank you again lion sharon for

everything you've done and if you want

to hold on after everyone leaves we'll

go over a couple things and a little um

we'll wrap it up so with that we hope

that's right yeah we hope to see

everyone during next month's program and

also check the courses that might be

available on bachelor program in in the

master's program that have already been

held you can go on to those courses and

review the recording and then go on that

that particular course and click on

course completed and you can go right to

the quiz there too as well so it's a lot

information yet available on on the

webinar so thank you very much and we

will see you later thank you all right

hold on and when everyone's got her

we'll finish up a couple of things and

then we'll we'll be completed

I do you have enough half as much

problem remembering to say club branch

versus branch club oh yeah I do boy I

stumbled on that at three or four times

I is just normal to say no say it say it

the one way and all rather than the

correct way I guess if it's all you know

everyone knows what you're talking about

it's just a matter of doing eight you

know the accepted way I guess but we've

got two more here they're leaving one

that we come one more yeah I had to

dismiss him again I had dismissed the

last six or seven because they were

still hanging on so okay that one that

went pretty well and a lot of good

questions or comments to that was that

was really nice to see sometimes yes

people don't get involved they just sit

there and listen and you know don't

participate but it was good to get that

participation tonight oh you know what I

think I've get I need to stop record

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