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LED Blinking Firefly! with English subtitles  

kipkay presents LED blinking fire flock the basis of the LED blinking Firefly is

the LED throwing a button cell battery and led some tape and a magnet very easy

to make separate the contacts of the LED with the battery to light it up wrap

some tape around the battery stick on a neodymium magnet and wrap once more to

seal a magnet in place

you've made an LED throwie and they can last a week or longer

there's unlimited uses for this little guy ever been to a hotel room and it's

always dark in the bathroom

you made yourself a little night light how about some cool LED 3d trick

photography or toss them in some balloons or condoms and from in your

pool for LED throwie floaties

you could even put them around the house for some funky lighting tell us in the

comments what you do with an LED throwing ok that's pretty basic so it's

time to take it up a notch

time for the LED blinky now this little fellow requires a couple of resistors a

capacitor and the brains of the organization

the tiny 555 timer oh and there's a link in the description for the schematics

i'm going to show you will lock our 555 timer down in place and begin soldering

will add the LED both resistors the capacitor and are positive and negative


this one will also be powered by a 3-volt button cell battery but it's

going to be in a battery holder so we'll hook up our leads to it to test it out

and sure enough our little LED blinkie is blinking so will permanently solder

the battery holder in place and in this case you know what I like the blue LED a

little bit better so i changed it out for this one

now to protect all our components we're going to cover them all in some hot glue

and when that dries a little dab at the bottom and a dar neodymium magnet are

LED blink he is standing on his own and ready to be put somewhere fun

you know I get asked all the time where do I get the materials to build your

projects and for a lot of people the materials are too expensive

well did you know you can buy the complete kit for this project directly

from my sight

I'll tell you more about that in just a second but now on to the LED Firefly

now this one adds one more resistor and a UV LED and a secret special ingredient

again you can find a link for the schematic in the description of the


our little 555 timer is locked in place time to add our capacitor the negative

wire resistor number one number two and number three are positive wire and

finally our ultraviolet led ok our Firefly is done and putting power to it

yep it flashes every few seconds just like a real Firefly

now this requires two button cell batteries for 6 volts so will

permanently solder the holder on again some hot glue to cover all the

components and the neodymium magnets so it can stand up on its own and it's

almost done

and now for the special ingredient glow in the dark power

this is going to put that awesome finishing touch on our LED firefly will

use a small amount of glue that dries clear and i'm going to put it in a tiny

little cap and the glow in the dark powder and stir it then we'll dip the

led into the glue and make sure it's good encoded check out the LED firefly

now it'll glow in the dark and then slightly fade after it flashes put a few

of these in a jar and you've got a very cool project

all right here's how to get everything to build the LEDs throwie blinky and

firefly your hobbyist kit includes 5 LEDs for the throw he's three leds for

the blinkies for UV leds for the fireflies

55 55 timers seven capacitors 18 resistors of different values nine

magnets 14 batteries 5 battery holders strapping tape and glow-in-the-dark

paint powder for the fireflies

wow that is a lot of stuff and as a bonus you'll also get a super special

limited edition Kip cake it's 10 plus you get access to my online members only

site will get tutorial videos that will walk you through step-by-step on

building the kits so you'll never mess up bonus content includes extra videos

like the irresistible guide two resistors and a primer on mastering the

multimeter and an exclusive live webcast with me

kipkay click here or the link below in the description right now to get started

with Kipkay kits find the Kipkay kids that fits you and check out immediately

you'll be doing DIY projects in no time

thanks for watching we'll see you next time

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