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Kryon 2018 April - Eyesight Future (NEWEST!) with English subtitles   Complain

so now I invite you to take all of that

all of each other in with a deep breath

and the feeling of gratitude right down

into your feet where you connect with

our beautiful mother and let that energy

of Gaia

of Mother Earth slowly and gently pulse

eight up through your feet into your

body like you're receiving the heartbeat

of Mother Earth for your feet a gentle

soft and constant beautiful pulsation

and inhale that a little more deeply

into your heart center and as you exhale

let your crown chakra open up so that

you gently connect with the Spirit and

divine nature of all the one that's

present with us now and feel the

gratitude from above and below

as it comes together in you for you and

as you in this now moment and how

blessed and how special this day has

been these teachings this wisdom this

guidance and the many many blessings

that will continue to unfold as your

days unfold the teachings will continue

to resonate with you and synchronicities

will open up for you and you will


greetings dear ones I am Kryon of

magnetic service

we have greetings for those also who are

multi-dimensional very real we have

greetings for Alcazar we have greetings

for the sacredness and the geometry that

is here dear ones I have just given you

something you should look at for here I

am a multi-dimensional voice that's hard

to believe

giving greetings to two other

multi-dimensional entities that's hard

to believe and all of this in the face

of a changing energy on the planet which

is also hard to believe the paradigm

shift that we bring to you is the same

one that we have talking about that is

the potential of the planet for many

years but we sit in it today from my

standpoint we revel in it today dear

ones dear old Souls this not this was

not guaranteed I want you to get used to

the fact that this planet and

consciousness and life itself is going

through a real physical transition the

transition that you may think it's going

through is that which you believe as an

esoteric believer

it's very very easy for one who has

spent many years in esoteric belief to

see feel sense energy shift and so many

of you are aware however you're used to


you were also sensitive to what I will

call some kinds of multi-dimensional

things some of you will see the energy

you will be aware of the aura but I'm

talking about the earth I'm not talking

about just the old Souls this planet is

going to a physical multi-dimensional

shift we prepared you for Kryon is the

magnetic master for the first thing that

I did with a grid group from the moment

I got here the 2002 was to move the grid

of the planet now your magnetic grid is

measurable with your compass and you can

go back in those years and find out just

how much the magnetic grid altered north

and you can see it for yourself this was

not esoteric the magnetic grid had to

shift it had to adjust for you it is

difficult for me to even begin to talk

to you about what another dimensional

shift might bring you we have told you

that you've never had one before ever

you have lived in an energy literally

that had one kind of paradigm that never

moved it has become then your staple the

way things are human nature everything

is based around the reality

you're in as you begin to shift

consciousness will react we told you

that we also gave you information about

the actual area of space that your solar

system is moving into astronomers are

looking at coming out of the bubble go

find this you can for all of existence

of your life on the planet has been in

some kind of a cosmic bubble a

protection of a kind of radiation that's

coming the radiation is not that which

will affect you adversely it's going to

interface with the magnetic grids new

alignment and effect the DNA creating an

advancement in time a fast track to your

evolution we told you that you can go

check whether it's coming or not the

whole entire planet is going to be

subjected to a potential paradigm shift

now here is where it gets good potential

what do I mean when I came to you

25 years ago I said there was a

potential shift coming based upon the

probabilities of where you were and what

you were doing I say the same thing

today the snowball is rolling it's hard

to stop it from collecting more snow and

getting bigger

that is the consciousness of the planet

a slow process that weeds out the dark

and the light that takes into account

the reactions of all consciousness to

the new energy imagine if you were

invested in dark and evil imagine that

for a moment and imagine that this

investment was fine as

as nothing changed you could control

what you're used to controlling all of

the darkness would still be yours and

suddenly there's a little too much light

something is starting to shift and

change what would you do

and the answer you would go on a raging

campaign of fear in order to keep things

the way they were does this sound like

something you might see you see the

planet is changing not just old souls

not just light workers if you want to

know specifics ask the indigenous for

their prophecies were all about now now

this is news we've been giving you for

some time but I've just compiled it into

a few minutes dare I say it's beautiful

the fact that it is happening at all is


you passed the marker more than past

marker you did it with flying colors it

wasn't even close you didn't need a

confrontation you didn't need a war you

didn't need to reduce the population by

millions of people in order to wake up

you did it by yourself and when the

procession of equinoxes arrived the

consciousness of the planet was actually

higher than I predicted and if you want

to see that you can go back and you can

look at my first communication with you

which you call cry on book one where I

gave you some of the potentials which

included a mass death experience on the

planet which may wake you up and you

didn't need it you didn't need it

there's a feeling on the other side of

the veil that is pride it it's not

egotistical pride it's the kind of pride

you would have for a son or daughter who

excelled and everything they touched

it's a pride that you are part of it

because they carry your seeds and that's

where we are today sometimes I would

give what appear to be admonitions and

and I would feel powerful about

something that I know is happening and

taking place on the planet never is

there frustration on my side of the veil

excitement is it possible for God to be

excited and the answer is yes is it

possible for that excitement to be based

in the only thing that God really has

outside of free choice of yours and that

is love and benevolence it actually

shaped your evolution and here you are

the road ahead is filled with free

choice it's yours it always was but

there is a confluence of benevolent

consciousness which is higher and larger

than what we expected at this point in

time I just explained to you what's

going on on the planet and why your news

looks like it does I want to give you a

parable every single parable we have

given has been about whoa

and if he wasn't mentioned in the

parable it was still about whoa whoa is

not a man or a woman but we call him a

he just because of the language


it helps whoa is a whoa man a genderless

it is you whoa represents the human

being parables are given because they

are puzzles and mean other things but

human beings love stories they relate to

stories and this one is about you and

energy in this particular story whoa is

an old soul and a light worker and he

lives in the year 2015 the story of woe

is similar perhaps to what you might

experience maybe a little different

because you're all different but let me

paint a picture I want to tell you who

he/she is and what whoa is going through

as an old soul whoa has a lineage now

listen carefully the lineage of the old

soul is one who has fought the good

fight because this planet up to this

point has had a duality which was

palatable you could be an old soul and

you could be a compassionate person but

it didn't go very far whatever light you

had was often put out by the incredible

amount of negativity and darkness on

planet war after war and you had to

participate regardless of your wisdom

you're in the battlefield regardless of

your wisdom the biology of life affected

you your wisdom had nothing to do with

the fact that if you were a woman you

lost children sometimes along the way

from A to B just traveling to get away

from somebody chasing sometimes it was

in birth sometimes it was a disease or

worse whoa carried that around dear one

do you relate to it fought the good


negativity frustration drama war hate

was always there and it was there

seemingly in every sector difficult

especially the old old soul from the

beginning of the seeding of humanity

went through the phases where humans

just never changed can you imagine what

this has done to woes countenance for he

comes into this planet and he remembers

at some level it's time to fight again

at some level the akash of every single

human being sets the stage of

expectation you come in ready to battle

now that particular Akash creates in

whoa a feeling where he doesn't feel

where he can do anything and make a


but what he knows he can do is survive

spiritually and he does to be the best

human he can and he tries the Akash

sometimes holds him back because he

remembers at some level what it was like

to be the shaman to carry the

information that people wanted to heal

to be the intuitive who can read

somebody as they stood there and he

remembers what happened and he remembers

an ugly death because they were afraid

of him those who have magic or witches

the old energy is powerful the world

went to war a number of times and woe

was part of it both genders were

involved both genders suffered it was

humanity was walking around in life

today with a lack of self-worth now you

know why there is no judgment here human

being for how you feel about yourself

but there is amazement and what you

can't see whoa is like you life for whoa

is just hanging on all around him he has

to watch and be careful where he goes

what he says what he does all his life

but it's okay woe knows how to develop

self balance and compassion he walks

life as a happy individual because he

has God inside it's all he needs

but he's still careful when go when woe

goes to work he did not select the

people around him

realize that but you had to work with

him he had to work with them there are

those he likes more than others there

are those that are frustrating to him

quite often those who would be above him

in a pay grade are the most frustrated

he tries to go around them meaning don't

listen don't be where they are sometimes

it works sometimes it doesn't

he holds it together but he hears the

negativity that they have he sees others

around in distress because of it woe

tries to cheer them up or battle the

energy the best he can he's used to it

you see he's a light worker low lives

alone now this is a trait of woe he

found himself living alone because it

was easier because if he didn't there

was always drama and frustration he had

a cat

and to make things worse the cat didn't

like him imagine having an animal that

you're compassionate about that doesn't

really like you you would come home and

the cat would pout because he had gone

when it was time for the cat to eat he

knew it because the cat would come up

and bite him but whoa loved animals and

it was all the cat had well knew that

the cat's life was dependent on him

despite this he was still cheerful he

named his cat cat hello cat

how are you I love you even if you don't

love me this was was life it was not a

bad life actually he liked it because he

was at home with the battles these were

easy battles there was no war to fight

now he didn't have to join there was no

mass death there were no plagues anymore

that's odd isn't it at a time when there

was a fraction of the number of people

on the planet where there was no air

travel to to carry contagion there were

no plagues none at all he had gone

through three now he didn't know that

but his Akash carried it he had watched

loved ones die in front of him

such sorrow it wasn't this time and he

knew it and he was happy for this woe

could be a balanced human being be

compassionate war was also a healer as a

light worker he discovered he could use

his talents he could read the disease in

people and they would come to him

he had a side business as a healer and

it was a good one

but as he approached each one

whoa had to chase away the negativity

both of the Healy and the room he was

used to it he fought many battles he was

okay this is was life wall had powerful

meditations as a light worker as an old

soul he could do this and he knew he


this was his solace this is what he

loved the most

he had the connection to God as much as

he could and with the biology allow him

in the energy he connected through the

pineal to the higher self and he loved

it some of his meditations were actually

close to visions because they were real

and he could sense and see he could

smell and feel he spent the amount of

time and meditation that was perfect for

whoa he had heard stories that you

should meditate a certain amount of time

a day and he realized this was not true

for him that each old soul had their own

Akash had their own uniqueness had their

own lessons and their own ways and had

their own wisdom he meditated only they

were at a time when he needed to balance

but it's what happened in his meditation

that I want to tell you about for almost

every single one of them for over three

years had featured a door a door he saw

the door metaphorically he knew what it

meant it was an opportunity to move into

something beyond the door very clear

but he could sense what was on the other

side there was something more for him

more than that if he had the ability to

open it and go through it he knew he

would never have to come back to where

he was we'll learn to talk to the door

and he knew that the door had a

personality and angelic ability because

it was multi-dimensional it could give

him information if he wanted he thought

perhaps that the door represented a

final life time perhaps even an

appropriate death when it was time he

would walk through it and never have to

come back to the planet

he weighed all of these things in his

mind he didn't know what the door was

about until he was able to start talking

to it in the vision he was limited and

what he could ask and the answers that

could happen because he knew that he was

in a space that was sacred it didn't

work the same way in 3d the questions he

asked were literally that which did not

come out of his mouth but his innate

also was involved that which his

consciousness was also involved he would

say to the door who are you

and the feeling he got not the voice

because he never heard a voice he got

his messages through his intuition right

into his brain as though there were a

voice and the voice was always too

beautiful for words

the voice was genderless the voice was

whatever he wanted to hear it was the

most beautiful sound he could

imagine and he said who are you and the

voice said whoa I am your future

he didn't understand it how can the door

be my future maybe the other side of the

door he saw the door he admired it he

loved the fact that there was

benevolence on the other side

occasionally he saw it glow underneath

the door he could see light whatever was

out there in his future he liked it

whoa continued to have the visions of

the door sometimes he would simply sit

and be with it knowing that someday he

could go through it

he continued to think it was his demise

his death his last time on the planet

and he looked forward to that time and

then he started asking the door more

questions and it was confusing are you

my death and the door smiled at him

actually chuckled and said no whoa it's

your life

whoa didn't understand in this vision he

felt powerful enough to grab the

doorknob and say it's time if it's my

life it's time and it was locked

he couldn't budget nothing was happening

nothing he talked to the door I cannot

open you and the door said I know he

said did the door when can I go through

and the door said anytime you're ready

and whoa said I'm ready now

and the door said come on in he grasped

the doorknob and it wouldn't budge

pulled and pulled and pulled this was a

frustration the visions were real whoa

knew who he was as a light worker

extraordinary he had fought the battles

he knew he was wise in the ways of the

world and the door wouldn't budge he

talked to the door

what am I doing wrong and the door

started talking to him

whoa come closer

I didn't say open the door I said come

through the door and whoa started to

realize what the door was telling him he

had to drop his 3d reality and walk

through matter and he did well literally

walk through the door and in that

instant he got it nothing he had ever

learned in the old energy was gonna work

you can pull on the door it'll never

open let me tell you what whoa

discovered on the other side because it

shocked him he wasn't in another world

he was in his world in another dimension

a dimension that was not anything he

could count or describe but one where

suddenly his self-worth was skyrocketing

to a degree where the Akash that he had

had dropped away

it was simply gone because the old

energy has nothing to do with who he is

today war was becoming slightly

multi-dimensional he went to work and he

looked at his boss the source of

frustration the one he wanted to run

from so I didn't get any bad

instructions and all he saw was a human

that he was compassionate about he

wondered about that person's life he

felt sorry that they were frustrated and

in drama and egotistical and what he did

next would shock and surprise you he

wanted to be closer to the boss because

he found that nothing the boss did

bothered him at all

he could sit and listen to the things

that used to frustrate him and put his

stomach in knots and he wasn't effective

I want to tell you what happened

eventually so you'll understand the

dynamic you see his boss did not get the

reaction he used to no one was fearful

in that body of woe anymore in fact

eventually the boss asked whoa what the

change was because he liked it whoas

dimensionality had affected somebody

else who was not even interested in

changing dimensions this is a process

you're not used to everywhere whoa

started to walk things became easier the

old energy of battle and fighting he

realized was a caveman survival instinct

and he was beyond it he didn't meet

darkness where he went because it ran

from him whoa carried a light that was

so impressively bright metaphorically to

that which is darkness hatred

frustration and drama that it

literally left the building when he

arrived he walked the streets

differently he expected good things and

the door in his vision was gone when he

seemingly tried metaphorically to turn

around to see where the door had gone

there was none he couldn't go back he

couldn't go back

whoa went home and there was cat cat one

took one look at wall and rubbed against

his leg he started purring that's all it


dear ones the animals no first then even

the plants and the rocks the whole

planet knows when you become a little

different and from that moment on there

were no more bites just purrs and

rubbing what's for dinner I'm gonna

close and ask you what's for dinner

are you gonna leave here differently or

the same does this parable make sense to

you if you don't understand the how's

and the whys the timing the actions if

you are at a loss for the practical

meanings I will say this you're not

alone I just gave you the overall

perspective in order to go through the

door every single one of you will have a

different kind of way

this is honoring to your Akash to your

individuality but listen if you didn't

get it if you want to go through the

door your cellular actual cellular body

will start to shift and change you want

to heal yourself is it time go through

the door because we want you to stay and

we don't want you to stay in distress

this energy is not cooperating with your

consciousness have you got it yet

and that's why some of the things are

happening to you that are happening to

you you're not supposed to stick around

in this energy the way you are it's time

to vibrate higher go through the door

what's for dinner I am in love with

humanity for what you're about to do

that's you I know you

and so it is

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