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Kryon 2018 April - Advance Notice (NEWEST!) with English subtitles   Complain

greetings dear ones I am Kryon of

magnetic service

some of you have felt that the room is

different just in walking in here and

you'd be right a few hours ago I asked

you for tolerance I asked you to open

your mind for the possibility that you

were more than it seems now you've come

to this place the final message where

you can make some decisions if you wish

and the only decision that I ask you for

this night is the one that would say

there is something more than I look at

easy there's no commitment here dear

ones to discover what is inside there is

no commitment there is simply the intent

to go further and the body sees this and

starts to cooperate this is mastery it

is the way of it it is what we have said

before dear ones the room is alive with

energy for there are entities here if

you want to call them entities angelic

beings if you want to call them that I

call them family you really don't know

what you don't know you identify things

in nature and you want to singular eyes

them and count them the divas the elves

the truth is they are energy that is

divine it shows itself to humans

differently depending upon what the

humans wish to see it's a benevolent

energy all that is nature is benevolent

to humanity believe it or not there is

nothing in nature that desires to hurt a

human when you walk into the forest and

into the woods you climb the mountain

what you feel is the creative source

bring that here in this room right now

so it can shine upon you and

congratulate the human being at this

time on earth but that is what we are

doing we give you messages and some of

them are strong and we've given in the

past so many almost pleading you to look

around and see who you are this is a

message that is similar I want you to

start connecting the dots of your age

the age that is upon you coming to you

that is after the precession of the

equinoxes the things that happen that I

speak of are slow but all of humanity

has progressed in this fashion

generation after generation suddenly

you're in a new kind of energy that

allows literally for you to move past

the idea that you have to die and come

back to have wisdom that you've earned

you can capture it while you're here


the Ascension process that you have

heard about all of your lives is the

human being

changing so much you're actually in

another life without dying awareness of

self transformation of your biology

becoming another person this has been

sought after by so many and is so

available there are so many spiritual

beliefs that you can turn to and it

sounds so familiar it's all the same

find the master inside and don't be

surprised if it's you we have spoken of

this earth in a way that says things are

changing 2015 shows itself on the

horizon as what we call year and number

two we use these words shows itself on

the horizon like the Sun does when it

rises a new day a new energy and things

for you to think about all that I'm

going to say we say in a way that's not

just instructional we celebrate

everything that is happening on the

planet dear ones you've chosen to be an

old soul in the awakening energy of this

age an age that the ancients spoke up

and in that there are issues and you

know what I'm speaking of the

transformation of energies require

sacrifice and tolerance and the

sacrifice we speak of is the sacrifice

that you would have of the old energy

move through it we have asked you not to

despair on what you see on the planet

which is dark

and which hurts your heart we've told

you to hold strong because the light

eventually will win I want to remind you

of what we told you some years ago if

you were to pass this marker that human

nature itself would begin to shift but

those things which are dark and hiding

would command I told you that there

would be a final battle not of humanity

but between dark and light and you are

absolutely seeing this right now can the

evil get even more evil and the answer

is yes and you will see it and it will

galvanize cement put together epiphan

eyes civilization to know what they want

and what they don't want the dark is

ignorant it does not see light it does

not see integrity it does not see the

planning all it sees is itself and in a

way that it is ignorant of what it's

doing for in its desire to create the

most fear it can imagine were the worst

things that it can think of it's going

to create its own defeat and that's what

I want to talk about things are changing

it is changing everywhere dear one and

just for these few moments I want you to

see a larger picture there is such a

thing as old energy and new energy the

old energy dear ones is what you grew up

in business as usual I don't think I

have to explain this

there are certain attributes of human

nature you say will never change and you

see them everywhere around you in large

organizations the way of it you say this

is changing and we have told you in the

past it is so we're gonna start with

this have you seen any odd things sudden

shifts in world leadership are you able

to identify old energy versus new as

anything happened that surprises you

have any of the types of coalition's

some coming apart and some coming

together that would change things and

you've seen them and you can't even

understand why what you are seeing right

now in world leadership is the beginning

of a new kind of consciousness and it

clashes with itself when you have many

cultures on the planet having their own

histories moving from an old energy to a

new energy some will be faster than

others and in the process you will see

these kinds of clashes now I'm not going

to name them but you can see them on the

news there are those who are starting to

understand the oneness of all and yet at

the same time there are some leaders who

are trying to revert to the old ways in

hopes that they will keep their power

and the reason is because they are

uncomfortable working in the light

you're going to see more and more of

this world leadership is shifting it's

interesting because the alliances that

you have expected and have seen in the

past are very old ever since the end

perhaps of the Cold War when I arrived

there has been one kind of

and one kind of Alliance and it's

starting to move away do not despair if

you see things you don't understand do

not see change and equate it with defeat

do not see change and equate it with

confusion actually it's solution

happening slowly in ways you don't


congratulations human being the changes

we told you might happen are happening

it's going to shape your politics you

know it's gonna shape those countries

you can visit and cannot visit you know

things are shifting like they never have


indeed there is no reason at the moment

that is political that would allow you

free trade or visitation of Cuba what is

the reasoning for it for the men are

still alive there are those who would

say they have to pass for these things

to happen and they're starting to happen

anyway there are reactions to those who

don't want them to happen because they

want things to stay old and they do not

want that new energy to come the idea is

it will ruin a culture oh it'll change

it you'll see but families deserve to be

with families this dear ones is

happening at a time when I told you it

could and if you might remember the

prediction it was there before its time

there was no special election that would

cause it there was no death that would

cause it it happened because it was time

this is a new energy shocking things may

take place

another prediction in the future not a

prediction because I am a fortune-teller

because there are things happening you

don't know about just the seeds are

being planted and some of you will see

it in this lifetime and you will know I

told you it's coming and that is the

reunification of North and South Korea

it makes sense does it not in a time

when the integrity is starting to shift

on this planet that families would want

to be with families in the natural way

that they deserve to be with compassion

and love instead of division and hate

and drama when the old meets the new the

old will lose and you're going to see it

all over the planet some faster some not

and some with resistance and some not


the difficulty of the planet and all the

things you're experiencing is because of

what you've done did you notice the

entertainment industry is starting to

shift it is starting to find out what

humanity wants very very slowly the

industry itself will begin to morph out

of what it believes is human nature and

more into that which is beautiful you're

going to see fewer films like there have

been in the past that what we will call

doomsday films the theme of Earth in

trouble the theme of the earth having

gone through nuclear war it didn't it's

not going to and it's going to fall on

the floor no one's gonna want to go to

those films there are still those

in the industry who are stuck in the old

energy and you will see it by their

works and people won't like it that's

when you know there's been a shift on

the planet when you start to see what

you watch change my partner has brought

it up a new kind of entertainment that

has not been present for 30 years and

that would be this that you have

selective television no longer will you

have to watch what is given to you but

you now have a choice of what you want

this is a new paradigm in it has been

created by something also that I

predicted would shift humanity when

everyone can talk to everyone there can

be no more secrets this is what you're

beginning to see in a big way and we're

going to speak of that even more in a


start connecting the dots human nature

is beginning to shift very slowly you

can tell in high places in low places

there are things to look at

congratulations for this shift human you

sit in the chair and you feel loved if

you could see what I know on the other

planets that have crossed this marker

what they have become what it's like to

be able to travel to any country and you

see them helping one another with their


you see inventions to bring them health

and fresh water you see new kinds of

science that wipes away diseases that

you've had for hundreds of years is on

its way to slow for many

do not despair at those who are in

trouble for when they come back they

have another chance if you could see

what I've seen what I know dear ones

there is so much potential and where

this civilization called humanity will

eventually go and in this time right now

you are crossing the bridge an in that

bridge there is confusion and there is

there is so much to sort out for

yourself for you to know what is correct

I'm not correct let me tell you the

light is correct and the things that you

fear I was I want to tell you dear ones

the things that you fear the fear has

been manufactured so you clear once you

fear they want and we have said this in

the past look at things differently with

maturity knowing that its transition and

not the end we said it before you're

gonna see it tolerance it is starting to

move one of the things that is going to

galvanize cement put together more

tolerance is the darkness and the evil

on the earth again we will tell you that

that which is dark and evil is not

mature it is not smart

it is not intelligent and it's creating

its own demise you're going to see

alliances that our spirits will come

together to fight a common enemy do not

be shocked someday

when the Muslim and the Jew are in the

same place fighting the same enemy dear

ones it's inevitable

bringing former enemies together to

fight a larger enemy is something that

is possible in the future put the put

the dots together can you see why the

blackest and most evil thing on this

planet that is occurring at the moment

and is the most frightening may actually

be the transition the planet wants it

pulls together unlikely partners and

they stay together they start to meet

each other's families they start to

listen to the history that's happening

watch for it connect the dots and

celebrate something it didn't expect no

one expected the use of this planet to

do what it's done it's not going to be

about future generations dear ones it's

the ones who are here for they have put

together and literally invented by


social networking a big word one that we

predicted and for the first time in

human history an entire group that is

young has its own identity and can speak

to its own peers that has never been the

case before small groups after school

perhaps a phone call or letters but

never like this and what they are

collectively deciding and you may not

even know this is they're not going to

be like you

it's not subtle they've come to a

conclusion that they can walk a walk

which is different than what they see it

is common for youth to be idealistic

they're gonna change the world when

they're 19 this is common what is

uncommon is that this group will and the

reasoning is because they come in with a

different kind of consciousness one that

will not follow the leader any longer

for they have a mind which is more solid

than yours was at their age in certain

ways they have an integrity of purpose

that you did not

there are wise beyond their years and

their children will be even wiser than

they human evolution is starting it is

new it is confusing it's not perfect I

have a message for the young people all

those who listen to me I am ageless I am

young I am old I am all that ever was as

you are there is no time where I am and

yet the wisdom that is occurring in the

youth should not be impatient here is my

message and it's a message that I ask

adults to pass to the young people in

the best way I can I say to the youth

think big think beautiful and wild

things like peace on earth think as big

as you wish but at the same time

play the old energy game with a smile

because you eventually will be the game

do not become impatient to watch and

then change it makes sense all of the

things that you see that you do not like

observe so that you can change them it

is the wrong time to try to change them

now wait your time will arrive and when

it does there will be an energy that

will be placed upon you that will push

you to the front and the integrity that

you want for this planet will be yours

that's the message that's world events

that's the youth of the planet that's so

many things what about you what about

individuals this is a harder message we

have tried to give it to you so many

times in so many ways we said to you

there's a new normal and we said expect

change we told you that nothing is going

to go back the way it was nothing even

those of you who are waiting for health

and situations to correct themselves

it's not going to correct itself it's

going to solve and be different this is

what you deserve as the old soul you

deserve the shift that you waited for

don't expect to return to the way it was

this is hard for a human being for

everything in you wants things to remain

a certain way and you're comfortable so

here is the challenge no matter what

your age find the new

comfortable what does it mean many of

you are feeling unsettled it's the best

word I have it's just not right they

have a phrase that you're you're waiting

for something to drop and that is how

you feel you're not centered you'd say

perhaps you're uncomfortable you'd say

and when friends ask well what is it and

you say I don't know it's just different

can I say it

are you ready this may be the new normal

can you exist in an unsettled state and

make it a settled state and the answer

is yes

but it's difficult it's not the way it

was what if the unsettled state isn't

unsettled at all what if it's simply the

new normal it's a place that is not old

energy it's a place where you're always

ready to move where shift can happen at

any time and you're alright with it

therefore it's not anchored in the rock

like it used to be where it won't move

and that's where you want to be we want

you to move therefore you're not going

to be anchored in the rock you're being

a place where it is okay to be here or

be there mentally spiritually in order

to grow I just wanted you to think about

that what's your intuition and all these

things innate is going to start growing

in your body innate is the smart body

it's gonna grow in ways that wants to

connect to your consciousness it's time

it's gonna start now and nots gonna wait

until you come back now part of your

body wants to get a hold of you and it

only has one way pay attention because

this is going to make sense to about 13

of you in the room an 8 only has one way

to get your attention

being uncomfortable and pain it's time

to look I want you to decode why this is

happening there are reasons in your life

for all of the things you're

experiencing and many times innate is

knocking on the door in order to break

through and connect finally to you and

you will have an awareness and an

awakening literally that will save your

life it's the new way of things if you

want to live a longer life innate is

going to have to be able to meld

consciously with you so you'll know what

to do now some of you have already

experienced this you know what the signs

are you've decided to change what you

eat I'm talking to some people here it's

different from the way you grew up and

it's not a diet it's a shift of your

eating and that came directly from guess

we're in a finally the cellular

structure in your body is saying don't

eat this way and it's giving you choices

of things you never wanted to eat before

now you're starting to shift to look


would this be tasty would this be nice

some of you have gone completely

opposite of the way your parents raised


that's innate it goes further than this

it's in all parts of life eventually

this is the best one eventually dear

ones when you return and you have ade

and Nate which is connected to your

consciousness it will tell you who the

best partner is won't that be good no

more testing and having a situation

where it didn't work and testing again

no the innate will say it's not about

selection of the fittest it's about

integrity it's about spiritual

consciousness and togetherness and joy

and an eight and you'll know it oh

you'll know it that's just a few there

are more dear ones the dots are starting

to be connected in old souls while

you're here what you're here for to hold

the energy and develop compassion for

this planet that's what you're doing if

you want to write a book go ahead if you

want to be a healer go ahead but most of

you are here to hold the energy as an

old soul and you won't even know what

you're doing you don't know what you

don't know there is an energy that is

invisible that is all over you that says

I've been there and I've done that and

now I'm here to hold an energy so this

planet will do what it's supposed to do

every day life

showing compassion for others generates


life force some of you are feeling that

life force itself is a bit drained it

feels different I want to tell you dear

ones that even what you consider life

force is changing if you are designed to

live 600 years and you are and you're

living 70 or 80 and you are that then is

what you expect your life force should

feel like

let me ask do any of you know what a 600

year old human life force feels like

well some of you will and it's going to

be uncomfortable and you will complain

that your life force has changed I want

you to expect change some of you are

going to give absolutely give this

planet something it's never seen before

extended life not 600 years not yet but

beyond your years and this is going to

happen through innate a change of life

force itself dear crying what does it

mean how are we going to feel I want you

to only look at this love and compassion

the more you have the more energy you

will have and more life force will start

to cooperate with your cellular

structure your cells are readjusting to

what you ask them to do now I have just

given you a lineage of some of the

problems of old souls right now on the

planet and typically human nature again

you will look at it and say what is

wrong with me

how many of you are a bit dizzy oh you

didn't know I knew did you expect that

you would just go right through this

shift and have a cellular readjustment

without some discomfort literally

cellular shift growing new kinds of

cells instead of copies of old ones will

create disorienting you're disoriented

for just a little while

oh year or so or more is it worth it oh

yes I want you to hang on I want you to

know that so much of what you're going

through is actually good it is

developing light in an old body you

could be in your teens you have an old

body because you were born in the old

energy that's what I mean by old body

it's happening to humanity especially

the old Souls

it's going to be confusing for

leadership they won't know really how to

act sometimes when I say some of the

Alliance's are breaking down

there'll be actions and reactions

between allies you didn't expect old

versus new dear ones I want you to watch

for it and I want you to remember who

told you it was here do not despair on

the things that you see it is the new

energy there will be more I will talk

about it as it happens but the big word

and the title of this entire message yet

again is congratulations you did it

now what are you gonna do next I want

you to leave different you'll go and

have a meal you'll have a nice social

time some of you will some of you will

not there will be a few here that this

has hit in a way that you're just going

to want to sit and think about it

because that's why you came spirit met

you this day eyeball to eyeball and told

you what you needed to hear I know who

you are congratulations

after you meal after your social tonight

before you go to bed raise your hand and

say thank you spirit for you love for me

feel the tingling of the answer that

goes through your body that is spirit

saying I know you congratulations and so

it is

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