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Jordan Peterson; This White Guilt Theory is out of Control in Western Culture with English subtitles   Complain

yes don't well there's lots for people

to be guilty about you know I mean you

might say to what degree should you bear

the horrendous guilt of your ancestors

and and that's a that's a really hard

question I mean because the radical left

answer would be to the degree that

you're privileged by your ancestry you

should bear their guilt well Rob all

right well yes the question is then what

do you do well what you should do is

what I suggested today I would say is

take responsibility for your lives and

understand that what you have came at a

terrible cost and that you have an

ethical obligation to use it properly

and that would be sufficient to pay for

the sins of your ancestors so to speak I

think it's absolutely reprehensible that

the radical left dares to attribute to

to ethnically identified groups

collective guilt there's absolutely no

excuse for that it's completely

murderous and that should be rejected

out of hand

so but that's independent of the issue

about what you should do given that part

of your wealth is a consequence of

historical catastrophe so you should try

to sort that out roughly speaking and

for everyone's benefit but not

necessarily because you're any more

guilty personally you're guilty as hell

personally but so is everyone else

that's the critical thing so is everyone

else okay I would I would like to answer

that question

but I can't and the reason there's two

reasons for that the one is that it's

there's there's a large element of the

answer that has to be legal and I can't

do that and the other part of it is

because I'm actually too tired to

formulate a coherent response to that so

and I don't want to formulate an

incoherent response so I'm sorry that I

can't be I mean obviously I believe that

people's right to communicate should be

as untrammeled as possible but to bridge

the gap between

and your specific concern requires feet

of mental energy that I can't do at the

moment and maybe maybe ever that at the


now I think the idea of white privilege

is absolutely reprehensible and it's not

because white people aren't privileged

you know we have all sorts of privileges

and most people have privileges of all

sorts and you should be grateful for

your privileges and work to deserve them

I would say but the the idea that you

can target an ethnic group with a

collective crime regardless of the

specific innocence or guilt of the

constituent elements of that group there

is absolutely nothing that's more racist

than that it's absolutely abhorrent I

can't be not that if you if you really

want to know more about that sort of

thing you should read about the kulaks

in in the Soviet Union in the 1920s kul

aks because they were they were farmers

who were very productive they were the

most productive element of the

agricultural strata in in Russia and

they were virtually all killed or raped

and robbed by the collectivists who

insisted that because they showed signs

of wealth they were criminals and and

ruined and and and robbers so and that

one of the consequences of the

prosecution of the kulaks was the death

of six million Ukrainians from a famine

in the 1930s the idea of collectively

held guilt at the level of the

individual as a legal or philosophical

principle is dangerous it's precisely

this sort of danger that people who are

really looking for trouble

would push so and and just a cursory

glance at 20th century history should

teach anyone who wants to know exactly

how how unacceptable that is with

regards to your first okay there's the

safe space issue but you also said

something right at the beginning you you

announced your sexual

reference at the beginning and I

understand exactly why you did that but

I have a comment about that and this is

something for people in the audience to

think about I've received at least 25

letters from transsexual people and

that's quite a few because there aren't

that many transsexual people right so so

they're rare there they're very rare and

every single one of them but one was

supportive and the one that wasn't

supportive was mildly critical and they

said exactly the same thing that you

said roughly speaking is that and so

what we one of the things we want to

remember is that just because some some

noisy activists stand up and say because

I'm a member of this group or even worse

because I say I'm a member of this group

I am therefore an advocate for that

groups interests is we should just

dispense with that with that

self-identification as a worthy

representative instantaneously because

it's predicated on the idea that one

dimension of a person's identity is

sufficiently what would you say broad

and all-encompassing so that you can

infer their political stance for example

which you can't and so the the trans

people that have written me they all say

the same thing eh those people do not

speak for me B we're not all the same C

most of us think that the enforced

pronoun issue is doing nothing but

drawing negative attention to us D most

of us just want to be referred to by the

other pronoun that's the whole point

so you know so this has been very very

reassuring to me because one of the

things I presume right from the onset

was that there was no evidence

whatsoever that this nonsensical logical

legislation and the postmodern idiocy

behind it is in fact demanded by this

community or that it will in any way be

in anyone's best interest no I don't buy

it and I think it's rotten right to the

core so and then the safe safe space

issue it's like if you need a safe space

see a therapist really really University

University is not a safe space if

university is done right it is a

radically unsafe space if you want to go

somewhere and get yourself taken apart

intellectually and then hopefully put

back together then you go to university

everything you believe should be

challenged in every possible way but not

in a destructive sense right like when

you're renovating a house you don't just

burn it to the ground and walk away but

that's what the postmodernist stood at

adolescence by the way you dismantle it

in consultation with its occupant

attempting to build something in more

beautiful and functional on the on the

foundation it's not a safe space you

know in my classes and I tell my

students this right at the beginning I'm

trying to get them to understand why

they are Nazis right there isn't

anything more unsafe than that and all

of them virtually all of them right back

to me afterwards and say that this was

the most worthwhile class I've ever had

in my life and it changed my life it's

like well I'm teaching you the worst

possible thing about yourself and your

response is oh that was so useful and

I'm way better than I was you know it's

it's but it's in keeping with the idea

that you need to be exposed to things

that you fear and hate because that's

where salvation lies roughly speaking

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