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James Randi Caltech - My Out Of Body Experience with English subtitles   Complain

I'm not often involved in that serious

situation gives you my situation

somewhat different I'm looking into an

astrologers claims or I'm looking into

some sort of a of a pseudo-scientific

think pretty well obviously to

pseudo-scientific thing but I always

have to remember an experience that

occurred to me we all have the easy

answer of well I guess that's a ghost or

it must be paranormal

it could be poltergeist and we walk away

from it because we can't or won't look a

little further into it some years ago

rather than New Jersey well my house I

must tell you first of all is a strange

sort of a place it's sort of a wayside

stopped right in directions conjure of

mountebanks various characters of ill


who will come by identify themselves to

me and there's always a spare bedroom or

a sleeping bag available to someone or

other and I also walk in I feed people

there I've never seen before in my life

and pretty soon I get to think that I

don't want to see them again either

because they drink up all my beer and

ever contribute I came home after a

couple of days away by car was very very

tired and came in on a weekend

it's a Saturday night and my foster son

alexis was in the kitchen and he was

helping a couple of magicians drink up

the beer and I walked in I said guys I'm

very very tired I'm going to bed I'll

see in the morning and they said fine

and I guess they carried on until late

at night I went in fell asleep woke up

the next morning came staggering into

the kitchen and time to see them eating

up more of my groceries and for more

breakfast at this time sat down got a

half a cup of coffee unto me and

straightened up at the table and Alexis

looked at me my foster son he said

what's with you I said wow I think last

night I might have actually had a

classic example of the OOBE that's the

out-of-body experience it seemed when

scientists or a parapsychologist even

are able to are able to express

something in two or three words or a

word with three or four 'some and

syllables in it it immediately becomes

scientific so they call this other body

experience it's hyphenated

and it sounds pretty good hoby it means

that you somehow find yourself out of

your body and looking down on it or from

a distance or whatever and Alexis looked

to me said sure you I said hey you got

to be honest it appears to me as if I

did undergo such an experience okay give

us a description and the two magicians

at the table leaned closer over their

bacon eggs and wanted to hear what I had

to say said well I remember waking up in

the middle of the night I remember last

night I couldn't get to sleep I was

super tired but then of course as soon

as you hit the mattress you're staring

at the ceiling and that happened early

so I turned on the television receiver

and it had some program or other on it

and it went on and on and on and I guess

I fell asleep and I remember waking up

little tonight and I felt that I was in

a position like this spread-eagled

against the ceiling of my bedroom and

I'm looking down at this bed rather

large bed I fresh around a lot at night

and Alice who was my black cat at that

time of course was curled up in the

middle of the bed so that I had to be

way over at one side and I was way over

at one side trying not to disturb the

cat of course you wouldn't dare do that

she's taken the exact center of the bed

curled up in a big black ball and as I'm

up against the ceiling I noticed that

the room is lit in sort of a grayish

light look down at the television set it

and there's static all over the screen

you know the white noise sort of thing

and confetti on the screen and that's

illuminating the room and I'm seeing

myself in bed scrunched over at one side

and this big chartreuse sort of a green

bedspread on it with Alice the black hat

in the middle of it and I noted that I

she opened up her eye she had green eyes

the same color as the bedspread it

almost looked like two holes punched

right through her head it was and she

looked at me and as cash do she went and

went right back to sleep

now that was a very strong current

results and I could tell you right now

at this moment yes I really believe

believe I'm not convinced of it but I

believe from the evidence is presented

to me I had an out-of-body experience

that matches the description that we've

all heard about so many times but

fortunately for me in a way I'm not

really dead set against having my belief

structure disturbed or having new facts

come in that will disturb my previous

convictions and matters

it doesn't really disturb me that much

but fortunately for you so that I can

give you this anecdotal experience which

i think is very powerful and fortunately

for me I am able to tell you what

actually had happened

Alexis looked at me and he said I got

two things to show you he went to the

foot of the stairs and came up with a

big transparent laundry bag he had taken

it halfway down he never took it all the

way down to the laundry room

he took a half way down this way kids do

and he brought it all the way upstairs

and inside I noted bunch of sheets

pillowcases and the chartreuse bedspread

he said that's been here there since

yesterday then I don't have the

chartreuse bedspread on my bed I dashed

to the door looked in and it was this oh

god I lost it some place thank goodness

son it is terrible hunting scene I don't

know where I got it somebody left it I

don't know but it was the only one that

I use when the other one was in the

laundry he had taken that one off put it

in the laundry and the other one was on

there so I couldn't have seen Alice in

the middle of the hunting scene I would

have noticed that and he said look out

on the patio I looked outside

he said Harry here one of the magician's

is highly allergic to cats

I put her out yesterday around 4:00 in

the afternoon she hasn't been in the

house since and she's not very happy

about it all I looked out and there she

was on the patio and had been out all

night she could not have been in the

bedroom curled up in the middle it was a

dream an hallucination if you will it

could not have happened physically I had

two very good pieces of evidence that it

could not

happen now that's important folks in

that if I did not have either one or

both of those pieces of evidence I would

now have to say to you to the best of my

knowledge I had an out-of-body

experience but all the other out-of-body

experiences we here out we have to

wonder now those folks are not quite as

skeptical about the subject as I am in

most cases if they don't have some

convincing evidence to the contrary

what's to stop them from saying I'm

absolutely certain I've had an

out-of-body experience because there is

no other explanation for it except the

possible and rather parsimonious

conclusion that they were either

dreaming or add some sort of a

hallucination whatever it might have

been a bad pork chop for all we know now

I ask you to consider it that carefully

and please don't forget it because it is

a good example of how even the arch

skeptic haha could possibly have been

taken in for more of James Randi and the

Educational Foundation make sure you

visit Randi org

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