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Iron Fist Origins with English subtitles  


welcome back to origins we go deeper into your favorite comic book

superheroes and villains and how they got to where they are now

so today we're going to be continuing our examination of the characters that

will be featured in Netflix's Marvel television shows

so prepare yourself for the origin of Daniel R and also known as iron fist the

living weapon we start our story with Wendell ran who once lived in the

mystical city of Kunlun which exists in another dimension separate from our

reality window with the eldest son and therefore the appropriate heir to the

city of Kunlun but sadly when it was driven from the mystical city by his

ambitious brother who desire to rule it himself

Wendell eventually arrived in the united states where he became a successful

businessman and he married a woman named Heather and she bore him the child named

daniel who was then raised in New York City

however when do wish to return to coon which would only appear on earth every

10 years so it was due to that he ventured to Tibet in search of the inter

dimensional Nexus that would lead him back to Kunlun he journeyed there with

his wife and his nine-year-old son and his business partner

Harold McKean of course the journey would not be easy and it would rot with

much peril attempting to venture into a snowy mountain pass Daniel ended up

toppling off of the mountain cliff and drug both him and his parents down

well Daniel and his mother Heather were safe on a Ledge his father was dangling

off the side of the cliff his business partner Harold had a chance to help him

but he believed that this journey to be a fool's errand it's all this is an

opportunity to take over windows portion of their business instead of helping him

he pushed window off the edge of the cliff where he plunged to an icy death

Harold that offered to help Heather and Daniel but knowing what he had done they

then ran off into the treacherous mountains alone to get away from the

murderers businessman

what happened next continues the tragedy that makes up Daniel rands origin as

they spotted a suspension bridge that presumably would lead them to safety

it was then that a pack of ravenous wolves attacked the pair

Heather being protective of her son Daniel sacrificed her life to keep the

Wolves from harming her son and he then ran across the bridge

leaving his mother there to die to the wolves with his father and his mother


Daniel then was rescued by Scouts and Kunlun and they took him back to the

mystical City to present it to the new ruler of the city UT

well seeing that Daniel was full of rage and wanted

vengeance upon the treacherous Harold UT apprentice daniel - laye come the

Thunder and the ways of martial arts under the cruel to religious lei kung

Young Daniel proved himself to be a prodigy of many martial arts and he

learned to master his cheap

by the age of 16 had already shown incredible proudest in defeating foes

that were much more accomplished than him and with this rage burning brightly

inside of him he aspired to turn his fists and a hard and weapons by plunging

his hands into braised years of hot sand gravel in a rock

his greatest test would eventually come at the age of 19 though when he aspired

to gain the title of the iron fist

this proved to be no easy task because you would have to defeat an ancient

gigantic fire-breathing serpent name is Xiao Lu the undying Daniel that engage

Shalu an epic battle where he grappled with the Serpent's body but Shalu had a

scar on his chest that looks similar to a dragon and as Daniel was grappling

with him that scar and blazing itself upon young Daniels chest with that he

defeated the serpent but there was a final task of reaching into the mystical

brazier that contain the molten heart of Shalu just like he didn't training

Daniel fearless leap lunch his hands into the heart granting a mystical

super-powered this

he had finally become the iron fist this entire experience in Butte Daniel with

superhuman abilities that is usually depicted with glowing energy coming from

his hands with his transformation complete he can now journey away from

cool moon which had reappeared on earth after 10 years of him training so he

could eventually gain vengeance on the man who had killed his father and forced

his mother to sacrifice yourself ten years in the day that he arrives in coon

he departed finally any journey back to New York to find Harold mckean and get

the Vengeance that he had been training for

however McCain did not escape to bet on skate as he had suffered bitter frost

bite that took his legs from him making him a week invalid though he did

successfully take over Wendell rands part of the business becoming insanely


Daniel R and finally confronted him guard as the mighty iron fist

but his vengeance would be bittersweet because with McCain being crippled he

accepts his fate at the hands of Daniel but Iron Fist could not take his life

and instead he takes pity on him when suddenly a mysterious ninja shows up and

kills mckean while mccain's daughter blames iron fist he does eventually

clear his own name and then he inherits the wealth of his family's half of the

random Hakeem incorporation making him a very wealthy man

it is here that Daniel R and assumes his role as a superhero in new york city as

the immortal iron fist

while it may seem obvious what honored fist powers are let us briefly discuss

what is truly capable of

at the core visibilities is capability to augment and manipulators cheat

this not only gives him far-reaching control over his body but also grants

them an expansive mental control the mantle of iron fist gives them the

ability to perform superhuman punches that allows him to shatter wood and

brick rip through steel and ultimately punch even the most hearty of foes

for example he's able to actually not Colossus unconscious because of the

supernatural origins of his abilities he does not harm his own hands while trying

to accomplish these feats of strength and in fact that allows them to do so

continually iron fist can also absorb manipulate and generate energy due to

this Chi control this can allow him to absorb energy blasts and refocus them

into a range energy blasts much like Canada Ryu from Street Fighter his

energy control also gives him the ability to heal himself from substantial

damage and at times it allows them to kill other people along with these

magnificent abilities he displays enhanced senses and had speed heightened

awareness and enhanced durability to say the least

iron fist is a super human phenomenon not to be taken lightly

now i hope you guys will enjoy this origin of daniel r and the iron fists

and in the future you can expect more videos exploring iron fist relationship

with Luke Cage at their a superhero duo known as the heroes for hire

you can also expect a video talking about the relationship between Daredevil

and our fist because they

have very similar origins that have worked together quite often make sure

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video at comics Torian i'll see you guys next time right here the next video

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