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Invisible Waiter Prank! with English subtitles  

Joan and Melissa nice to see you nice to

see you welcome to deal with it thank

you you guys look absolutely lovely and

just I'm so happy you guys are here

today you ready to deal with yes yeah

okay see these ladies right here yes

yeah they look good

okay okay which one whatever one you you

guys want number B what the bumblebee

yeah that's right I'm gonna strike me

bumble bees buzz Alex let's bring back

to me huh bud hey come on over I'm Theo

von those two a game show called deal

with it okay he's my celebrity guest

host the loving Rivers ladies right here

I see you want to go to game show today

get outta town are you kidding all you

have to do is we're gonna put an

earpiece in your ear Melissa and Joe

they're gonna tell you things to do and

you have to deal with it who are you

here with today I want my best friends

Jessica okay if at any point you can't

deal with what's going on all you can do

is say I can't deal with it in the game

of Lynne okay okay but we're not gonna

get there we're gonna get you set up

good luck okay I think nice to meet you

good luck okay Lori we're gonna start

level 1 this is for 250 dollars you need

to listen to Joan and Melissa and deal

with it I want you to look at her and

just say can we talk and then don't say

anything I didn't have any like candy

can't talk yeah

yeah don't answer her

tactimon say it again

kill shock can we talk

yeah say it say it again it's okay okay

can we talk

Kenneth Cantonese I'll be totally Karen

can you please talk to me can you please

play with on your mind to make a long

story short up to make a long story

short let me sum it up this way let me

just sum it up this way um I'm gonna get

right to the point

I'm gonna get right to the point okay um

just get it to the plane I don't like

you sure I just don't like your dress

you don't like it no no that's okay

that's not what you guys know so stupid

oh my god no I'm kidding can we actually

really okay three we're gonna call you

that's something to do with Brandon yeah

pick up the phone say you and then just

storm off hello this is Lori


okay congratulations Lori level one is

complete you've earned two hundred and

fifty dollars we're moving on to level

two deal with it okay

okay Lori we put a toothbrush and

toothpaste in your purse when you were

back here earlier you're gonna be using

that next yeah just just gonna be done

like just finally finished with

everything take it out and brush your

teeth at the table using the water glass

for water just bad taste in my mouth you

want to go to the bathroom and do that

that's okay I'm just not feeling really

great we're gonna hear the bathroom do

that I'm just like freaking out I don't

know I don't feel you're freaking out

right now why don't we why don't you go

to the bathroom and brush your teeth

Lori for friend is like Jesus I just

wanted some lunch or Akeem another

bathroom rinse and spin worry really

Ritter restaurant

do you think you killed

I'll so much better okay

congratulations Yunus Bank 750 dollars

total we're moving on to level three

continue to listen to Joan and Melissa

if you can deal with it

are you okay do you want to leave

feeling better

Laurie turn to your left and you're now

gonna order from the invisible waiter

coming up when Laurie sees the invisible

waiter oh hi um can we hurry up and get

those rolls her friend tries to give her

a tip worried there's nobody there

Lori's having a meltdown to the tune of

$750 so far but will her friend stop the

insanity before level three Laurie turn

to your left

and you're now gonna order from the

invisible waiter so there's that I have

my class now and then we're doing like

this like build oh hi um can we hurry up

and get those rolls and edamame that's

taking a really really long Tori than

somebody there there's nobody there

um Laurie do you want to security

um I wouldn't mind having a the curry

the yellow curry with tofu but you

probably want like something different I

know I like tofu as cow is prepared um

Tony had that worry but there's nobody

like yellow curry is prepared with the

tofu sesame oil okay yeah we'll split

that so if you could bring that and

maybe our ami like it would be really

nice love to have some food thank you

asked if she wants to order anything

else she won't anything else did you

anything else

Laurie there's nobody there yeah do you

want anything else there's never date

there I guess that's a no but um yeah

thank you so much finally me we'll get

comfy congratulations you completed

level three you've now banked $1,500 way

to deal with it so Laurie but there's

nobody there that you just talked to you

yes so the gold outfits first under what

do you think our Saturday what are you

thinking of wearing okay we're starting

level 4 this is for $1,000 listen to

Melissa and deal with it alright ladies

okay Alex I need you to go out there

right now and let all of your tables

know that Joan is coming out but they do

not see her they have to pretend not to

see her like oh that's how you're

supposed to do your birthday like that's

it we're gonna have Joan Rivers come out

when she comes out you don't see her

you'd never see her and if someone asks

you she was never here I visit this

really cute gold leather jacket um cute

little bolero yeah I'm so sorry

oh did you go to school with my daughter

you look just like her friend and no I

don't think I did but I feel like we've

met before

stand up was it did you honest to god I

came on when we ever started the

restaurant a pleasure to meet you yeah

yeah oh my gosh peanut butter sure oh my

gosh see you're good at it

okay one right one two three oh it looks

great thank you very much let me know do

you need picture approval could you do

me a big favor give it to my assistant

over there and I've never thrown my blog

oh yeah I'm just he's a dork you're on

the back I'm gonna for dinner I'll be

right back hey Laurie just make sure you

erase the picture on that phone before

you come back out hey my threads are

miss the Hubble is he paying a little

bit of an outbound for they are you

serious yeah like a realm out there I'm

gonna be up there on the other level if

you need any help

maybe I proceeded lesha nice to meet you

Thank You Laurie when you go back to the

table deny that Joan Rivers was ever

there at all so yeah a good garden

could you just detector if this is

nobody he's good talk to her as it then

oh no there's nobody back there pinky

just say go talk to my cute Jen River

who she generous is just here wishing on

no oh my god I'm leaving freaking out

right now the food isin the food here

did she just take a picture of me and

during reverse it or die hallucinate but

I think you're probably hallucinating

what is wrong with you you've seemed off

all day I mean you've seemed to really

off all day just acting really odd and

I'm really concerned for you mm-hm he's

acting kind of odd right now like

thinking it that you met Joan Rivers

like really today what would she need I

would shake him here did Joan Rivers

just come up here she was just here

crack not old lady right there's no

there was nobody here

you didn't be a lady that just came up

here I think did you maybe take some

extra green tea or maybe some things in

the green tea like a lady haired young

river like a minute ago

don't rehearse like so Mike walked up

here now you are there's nothing in your

phone not at all

seriously did you needed okay no I'm not


okay congratulations you've completed

level four you've now earned $2,500

moving on the level five what isn't

wrong with you today if you do this you

get five thousand dollars final level

mimics so hungry why do not have food to

complete level five you have to get your

friend to pose for a picture with an

invisible Joan Rivers coming up taking a

five thousand dollar picture requires

some special motivation five thousand

dollars stand up say stand up and stand

up now

humidity was Laurie has passed four of

our five levels and banked $2,500 but

let's see if it's a snap to double that

amount in level five to complete level

five you have to get your friend to pose

for a picture with an invisible Joan

Rivers Norway to be like on something

Billy and I go my lady you're acting a

little crazy right now I did not delete

anything from your okay

oh my god I see her there she is where

right there

and now she's coming over oh my gosh

here she came she's coming over the

table hi

I am such a lorry a fan of yours

just say hi she's right here say hi

you're just talking about her like two

minutes oh I'm sure she's right here to

say hi apologize to me say I'm so sorry

she's not right

I'm so sorry yeah she just no come stand

over here now I get a picture of you

guys together come on Laurie down she

wants you to stamp so just stand up just

let me take a picture right now you're

being really rude to her she's right

here she's really nice Dan $5,000 she

stands up say stand up bitch stand up

now just stand up and take a picture

with dirt no worries it's so easy come

on just stand up lonely need it done do

you want to go don't I am so sorry I

know she's just not I don't know why she

won't be cooperating yeah just please

just stand up I take a picture it's

really quick got the camera already

let's go stand up it's not that hard to

stand up she's my camera English not if

she's where your holiness in Haiti she's

right here just stand up and take a

paint booth in a day she's an old lady

here she's an old lady you know she's

just she's an old lady okay much longer

much longer this theory just take us to

stand in Austin where

you're having a manic I will write it

down as soon as just stand up and let me

just take a picture okay ask Joan to

walk around and go over her shoulder

Joan will you walk around and like put

your head like on her shoulder as long

as she smiles for a picture with Joan

you get the money

just smile maybe time stop it don't die

here one two three yay hey why don't you

ladies go down and tell us you won yes

surprising like that oh look it's cute

we're both smiling it's awesome hi hi


and here's your Idol Asians you've just

been a part of this new show called deal

with it and you just won $5,000


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