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Inspiration 2 - Ep6 (Does God Hate Me?) ملهم العالم - هل يكرهني الله with English subtitles  

So, I'm feeling better now

Things are really looking up

And on top of that, it's wedding season

The time of the year when you try to outshine the groom

And pretend you're him for a moment

And that it's you getting married

And this isn't just any wedding

Kareem's getting married

And I couldn't be happier

I'm going earlier to help set up

And even got him and his wife some flowers,

and a pretty nice gift Which I'm pretty sure he's gonna love

And I’ve gotta admit

I’m looking pretty smooth

Oh God!

Here we go again

People seem to mess up my good and bad moments

I'm not really sure it was worth it for me to jump in and stop that fight

But whatever it was that I was able to prevent,

Better have been worth my time and my flowers

But I wasn't gonna let that fight spoil my day

If I have time, I’ll just stop by a grocery store and buy some new flowers

The day is still young, and I've got plenty of time to make it

You've gotta be kidding me

The only reason I got is because I know Kareem would've done the same

An opportunity presented itself to help someone

And I've learned the value in doing so

No, it wasn't the best time

But I remembered the prophet –pbuh- taking time out, even on the day of Eid

To serve an orphan

For some reason,

the man didn't know how to change a flat tire

I, on the other hand, have done it a million times

The man was so grateful that he actually wanted to take me out to lunch

But I told him I had to make it to a wedding

But his smile made being late worth it

You know what?

Kareem’s gonna have to believe me this time

My appearance makes it pretty clear I wasn’t just stuck in a bathroom


No You’ve gotta be kidding me


My car breaking down here would have been literally the worst thing ever

I’ve gotta get moving now

Hopefully no more unexpected people on the way

Ok, this stinks

But at least it’s not a human being

No! God!

What more could possibly go wrong tonight?

I look like I’ve been mauled by a pack of wolves now

Just whatever

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse


Why is this happening to me?

At that point I thought

maybe killing myself last week wouldn’t have been such a bad idea

so let me get this straight

I’ve been helping people all day,

Getting dirty,

And wasting my time,

And no one has time for me

What am I supposed to get out of this?

What’s the point of this all?

I just don't understand

So finally,

a guy stops and offers me a ride,

Telling me I looked familiar

So he figured out in the car,

That he saw me in the masjid last week

And the craziest thing about it

Was that he was actually on his way back

From Kareem’s wedding

We really hit it off that night

And he even welcomed me into his home

And kids,

That's how I met your mother!

“It might be that you hate something,

and it ends up being the best thing that's ever happened to you”

Now here, Zeyara meets his future father-in-law

And it might not always end up that amazing

But at the end of the day

“how amazing is the affair of the believer,”

The prophet-pbuh- said:

“because anything that happens to him,

He's always good”

It’s such a liberating experience to submit yourself to the decree of Allah

Realizing that sometimes things are not going to go the way you plan

And that's better for you

And so the prophet –pbuh- told us never to say if

If this would've happened,Or if I would've done that

Because those open the door of Satan

Because then you start thinking things would’ve been different

But at the end of the day

Allah prepares you for amazing things

Especially when you're doing good things for people

And see, those are the things that can actually even change the decree of Allah

The prophet-pbuh- said:

“supplication and good deeds can avert bad decree”

And what that means is that

when you're in the state of helping people

And doing good things for people

And doing things right

And then apparent misfortunes happen

You have to realize at that point you’re only seeing a pixel of the whole picture That only Allah sees,

and Allah’s planning is perfect

And your understanding of that planning is what's flawed

And you submit yourself to that knowing that it’s all going to be okay

And that as long as you're in the cause of your brother

You know that Allah is going to be in your cause as well

And you never know who or what Allah is saving you for

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