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Inspiration 2 - Ep5 (Her Last Wish) ملهم العالم - أمنيتها الأخيرة with English subtitles  

stay right there

you're not gonna jump off, right?

no, of course not

so, you don't mind if I come closer?

whatever, man

alright, who is the lucky girl?

oh, okay, okay, okay

I'm sorry. no lucky girl

Don't call anyone!

I don't even have service

Probably if you joined my carrier, you would've jumped a long time ago

hey, guess what!

last week I got stuck in the bathroom

for two days ..a whole weekend

because my carrier decided not to give me signal


that's deep!

I don't think I could do it either

is this about a girl ?

yeah, isn't it always?!


it is her favourite color

when they find my body

she is gonna know how much she broke my heart

mine never did

she loved me

she loved me so much

in fact

she even loved me more than I loved my self

I proposed to her at this very spot

it was the best place to start my life again

never thought it would be the place where I would end it

I miss her so much

I wish I could just...

hug her

see the irony

I came here to meet her,

but I know if I do this,

I'll never, ever meet her again.

I wish I'd never met her

let me tell you something

about me

I'm obsessed with video games,

you know why ?

because you can always hit restart

no matter how much you mess up,

you can always start again

she always wins, though

not this time

not this time

don't waste your life on any girl


I miss you so much


please forgive me

and mother,

today I live for you

*someone knocking at the door*

so I guess this isn't your last letter

I can't explain to you guys what it felt like to receive that letter

because you feel like there is certain people that would never contemplate suicide, or ending their lives

but sometimes when something happens to you that rocks your boat

and then all of a sudden

things that you would've never thought about

you start thinking of

and especially when it comes to losing someone that you love

even the prophet -pbuh-

losing Khadija , losing his uncle Abo-Talib

that's the year that's known as the year of grief

not the year that the prophet -pbuh- was boycotted ,

not the year that he was oppressed

or forced into those ghettos

but the year that he lost khadija and Abo-Talib

why? because even when he was oppressed before that

he could go home and he could find that comfort in khadija

but he didn't have that anymore

he didn't have the physical comfort from Abo-Talib

and that's something that we all face in our life at times, and the thing is that

either you'll live to see your loved ones go,

or you'll go before your loved ones

and it's important for us to keep things in perspective when that happens

and imagine if Zeyara would've actually went forth and ended his life and committed suicide

then, he would have ruined his own life, his own hereafter

and he would've also ruined the opportunity to do more good deeds for his mother

and so here Zeyara decided to be his mom's last good deed

because he gives her now a source of everlasting

blessings and good deeds

because he can give charity on her behalf, he can supplicate for her, he can spread knowledge in her name

now he can do things for her

and that something that we have to realize

that when we are alive and the beloved ones, people that lived for us where they were alive,

leave this world,

now it's our turn to live for them and to do things that will benefit them in that situation

and also understand this

that Allah knows your pain, and Allah knows what you're going through

and if you seek reward for that pain and that patience

the reward that you would get in return is better than having that beloved one with you

and that's why Abdullah-ibn-Abbas

when his father Al-Abbas the uncle of the prophet passed away

a bedouin came to him and he said:

that the reward that Allah will give you for your patience

as you grieve your father

is greater than having him with you

and Allah is better than you for your father

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