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Inspiration 2 - Ep4 (I Hate My Job) ملهم العالم - أنا أكره وظيفتي with English subtitles  

So, you remember the position I was trying to get last year?

the one my uncle decided to give to someone else, because he was more qualified

Well, turns out the guy was awful

And the position is once again vacant

I’ve got a meeting with my boss and I’m pretty sure he’s promoting me

I’ve got another year of experience under my belt

And really can't think of anyone more qualified than me

So here we go!


Apparently, my boss did not think so

He presented to me my new team lead, Nat!

Who was the most annoying co-worker I’d ever had in my life

it’s one thing to have someone not appreciate you

But to have them disregard all of your hard work and effort is another

Nat belittled everything I did

And it got to a point where he started to treat me more like a secretary

And apparently,

I even stunk at that

And in his opinion the coffee was cold

I thought you said it was cold

I actually heated it up anyway and let it go

As if that was not enough

Nat decided that being my lead meant

he could treat himself to anything that was mine, whenever he felt like it

So I blew up on him

and let him know not to touch my stuff

And thought I’d given him a taste of his own medicine

by disrespecting his belongings

But I remembered the prophet-pbuh-

giving his food and clothes to people that rudely demanded it from him

So once again,

I let it go

I gave Nat the benefit of the doubt

and assumed that he did not realize how obnoxious he really was

Until he made it very clear to me

He really didn’t care much for me, or my feelings

So I decided I’d show him I didn’t care either

And that I’d just chill and work as I pleased

But then I let it go remembering how the prophet-pbuh-

dealt with those who tried to provoke him

You know it’s easier to be lenient and forgiving

when the person getting on your nerves is the one in authority

You pretty much have no choice

And the incentive is not the reward of the hereafter

but simply not losing any worldly benefit

But then it happened

Nat screwed up by giving me a termination notice for the wrong employee

I thought I’d let the big guy handle this one

And wanted it to give as ugly as possible for Nat

So I let our boss call in the employee whose name was mistakenly put on the notice by Nat

So Eric walks in having no idea why he was called

Probably thinking he was getting a bonus

Instead the boss tells him he’s getting laid off

because he has been late to work twelve times in the last month alone

And wasn’t meeting any of his deadlines

Eric insisted that none of that was true

And that’s when I came into the picture

Like the natural investigator I was

I proceeded to point out to my boss how Nat incompetently

put the wrong Eric on the termination notice

And put us all in this super awkward situation

And that my friend,

was the beginning of the end of Nat

Or could have been

But I remembered how the prophet-pbuh-

acted when his enemies were at his mercy

And if the prophet -pbuh-

could forgive the people that tried to kill him

Surely I could forgive Nat

And funny enough,

me and Nat actually got close that day

And have been working well together ever since

It is amazing how an act of kindness can really win someone's heart over

And that to me, was a greater victory

One of the beautiful descriptions of the prophet -pbuh-

Is that the more you increased in foolishness towards him or in anger towards him

The more gentle and kind he became

In essence, the more bad character you showed him

The more good character he would respond to you with

And that’s a really sign of great strength

As Imam Al-Shafei,

he said that be like the incense where the more that you are burnt,

the more fragrance you actually release

And that’s really where you see strength

And that’s why the prophet he said

that strength is not in being able to overcome others

but rather it’s being able to control yourself when you are angry

in essence it’s a lot harder to control yourself or to overcome yourself

than it is to overcome others

Because at that moment

Satan attacks you and he tries to get in the driver seat and push you to the passenger seat

where you just watch the rest of the way

as you say things that you’re not accustomed to saying, and do things that you’re not accustomed to doing

But if you’re able to stay in the driver seat and not let anyone under your skin

Not let anyone in your head, Not let anyone in your heart

Not let anyone ruin your life

Not even let them ruin your day

Then you are showing great strength

and you are practicing one of the most beloved qualities to Allah, which is forbearance

And Ibn Al-qayem, he said something very powerful and profound

he said that when your enemy shoots arrow at you

and he misses you

Not only have you escaped his harm,

but you have also caused him to waste his arrows.

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