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Inspiration 2 - Ep3 (Little Things) ملهم العالم - أشياء صغيرة with English subtitles  

Aslamu- Alikum wa Rahmatu-llah

So, I’m praying regularly again, and going to the Masjid

But it seems like every time you walk out the Masjid,

you got that guy standing at the door,

unassumingly looking around with the infamous charity box

in our case, it’s Kareem, who never seems to take a week off

If you’re lucky,

you’ll have a dollar to get yourself out of an awkward situation

But this time,

all I had was a twenty

Sure I felt bad about it considering that the fact that the Imam just gave a sermon

on how to trust Allah with all of your affairs

And how dismayed Kareem seemed with me

I thought about giving him the twenty

But I’ve seriously got a lot on my plate right now


what’s twenty dollars going to do?

When you sit down and crunch the numbers over and over again

Your expenses in life seem never-ending

And you feel like it’s only a matter of time

before it all falls apart

I look at my niece Fatima,

and see that innocent stress-free child that I once was

She gets her daily allowance of one dollar, just like I used to

And doesn’t have to worry about spending on anything,

or anyone else

She’s pretty picky about it too

For some reason, she prefers coins instead of bills

I just wonder what she does with all that change

Many times you don’t get how blessed and stress-less you actually are,

until you or someone you know is struck with tragedy

Younus came by that day to inform me

that Kareem was actually hit by a car,

after Jum’aa, and suffered two broken legs

Younis was collecting money

from each member of the community

to help pay for his medical expenses

I told him I didn’t have much,

but Younus said that so many people were pitching in,

that anything would count

And suddenly, that twenty dollars

I refused to put in Kareem’s box for the sake of Allah

Went to Allah for the sake of Kareem

We’d all love to live the life of the rich and famous

But all that is skewed perception


Allah can take it away from you in an instant

And leave you in a state of desperation,

yet with a much-needed dose of humility

That’s when it’s all put back in perspective

And you realize the wisdom of the prophet-pbuh-

when he said that “True richness lies in the heart”

the smaller things in life start to mean so much more

And you realize you have a whole lot to be grateful for

My sister called that day to talk to Fatima as usual

And after talking about everything,

and I mean everything!, that happened that day

She asked to speak to me

She told me to take Fatima to the toy store

and let her do her thing

I asked her what she meant by ‘her thing’

And she said all I had to do was take her

And that Fatima would know exactly what to do

But just like with Kareem,

tragedy is always around the corner

And people’s happiest moments in life

are often spoiled by unexpected disasters

But sometimes Allah spares you in his divine decree

to teach you a lesson

And Allah told me that lesson through Fatima

As her mom said, she knew exactly what to do

Apparently, that second piggybank is where she would keep her charity money

And every time she’d buy something for herself,

She’d also buy a toy for a refugee child

who couldn’t afford to

Fatima explained to me that if Allah gives you,

you should always give back

Even if it’s small,

because it might mean a lot to someone else

As usual,

the little girl with big heart was right

So, as you guys can see here,

Zeyara made the mistake that we always make

Which is ‘what’s this one good deed gonna do?

, what’s this one dollar gonna do?,

what’s this one act of kindness going to do?’

and the Prophet –pbuh- he warned us of that attitude,

he said ‘Do not belittle anyone of your good deeds,

even if it’s serving a glass of water

to your brother with a smile on your face’

because you don’t know which one Allah is going to accept

I mean, we constantly hear these numerous examples from the prophet-pbuh-

about the woman, for example, that entered into Paradise,

though she was an adulteress, because she gave water to a thirsty dog

or the man who was strolling in Paradise

because he removed something harmful from the road

the prophet-pbuh- said:

‘if the day of judgment comes and you have a plant it your hand’

–even though you know the Earth is gonna be shattered-

‘and you can plant it,

go ahead and plant it’

Because Allah might accept it

And if Allah accepts it,

then that’s all we want in this life

That’s all that counts on the day of judgment

And that’s why Abdullah ibn Omar said

that if I knew that Allah accepted a single prayer from me,

then I would wish for death

And if you notice, all of these different instances that we go through with the prophet-pbuh-

They all include an act of kindness, an act of charity, an act of service

Why? Because Allah shows mercy to the merciful

And so when you demonstrate, when you display an act of mercy

The Most Merciful will not let your mercy exceed his

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