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Inspiration 2 - Ep2 (Where is God?) ملهم العالم - أين الله with English subtitles  

Life isn’t all that exciting for me

I go to work, go shopping, go home

And aside from babysitting Fatima occasionally,

I don't really have much of a social life

Kareem from the Masjid always asks me to come to volunteer for stuff

And I usually back out

But this time I decided I would spend the weekend

with him and the rest of the guys on the camping trip

Or at least that’s what I thought I’d be doing

I am not the most responsible guy in the world

I flake on many of my obligations,

and tend to be last minute about everything

I prayed occasionally,

but at times got halfway through my Wudu’

before deciding something else was more important than the prayer

So I decided that I'd hurry

and catch the guys before they left

But Allah had a different plan

And that plan

included me being unable to open the door

I'd opened a million times before

So I figured I’d call Kareem

and let him know this time I was not flaking on anything

I was just stuck in the bathroom

Makes perfect sense right?!

And you say we have the best coverage in America!

We often think we have got it all figured out

And that our contingency plans are too many for us

to really get stuck in anything

Someone or something

is always going to be there to bail you out

It’s only a matter of time

But what happens when all that is taken away from you?

And both of people and possessions

you thought you could rely on

start to fail you?

At some point,

you just want anybody to hear you

And the movements in the hallway

create this sense of hope

that someone is going to come to get you

You can hear them and you know they can hear you

But then the sounds of the footsteps fade away

And you are left dejected,

wondering if another person might pass by and hear your cries

But as you wait

you might as well entertain yourself as best as you can

It is pretty pathetic, I know,

but sometimes imaginary friends are easier to deal with

And can actually really keep you company

*Imaginary crowd applauding and cheering*

And they get boring too

and just like with any day of work

You come home;

you go through your motions,

and lights out

That wasn’t exactly what I had in my mind

And before I knew it,

my bathroom started to seem more like a grave

The prophet peace be upon him said that

we should frequently remember death

And called it the destroyer of all pleasures

And though this might’ve been an odd place to do so

I probably thought of it more in those few moments

than I had over the last year

It’s amazing that it took getting stuck in a bathroom

to start thinking about what it would be like to be alone in the grave

But I guess that is the point

Expect the unpredictable at any time,

and death is the ultimate unpredictable

It was dark,


and lonely

And suddenly every little sound

was as loud as a jackhammer

But then I woke up to a nightmare

that the fire that followed the grave was now to consume me

And that I could only hold off my inevitable fate for so long,

because no one was going to hear or see me suffocate or burn

But Allah chose to spare me

The smoke alarm was in another unit

But the alarm I needed to hear was internal

So I did what I hadn’t done for a long time,

and thought I had no time for

No, it was not the best of places to start,

but I had no choice,

and surely my Lord is understanding and forgiving


Suddenly there was clarity

and an overwhelming sense

that everything was going to be okay

not because any person would hear me

but the only who needed to hear me, just did

The sounds started to come back

this time they sounded real

And ironically,

it turned out to be the one guy I had actually done something nice for this year

John told me to look down and try turning the lever in the opposite direction

I really didn’t get what he said till I actually tried it

And just like that

the turner of hearts turned my heart towards him

And as my Lord promised,

everything was okay,

everything was okay

And though I thought I was alone throughout this entire ordeal,

Allah was with me the entire time

So Allah tells us in the Quran "that when you are conscious of Allah; Allah will make a way out for you"

But the thing is that at sometimes Allah is going to delay that way out

so he can give you some perspective

because you see, if Zeyara would have went on that trip,

he would have had weekend of fun

But now he has a lifetime of perspective,

and that’s why the prophet peace be upon him,

he said that: when Allah sends these tests to us he called them hindrances

so Allah would take a little bit of your health ,

so that you can recognize the blessing of your health

He will take a little bit of your wealth, so that you can recognize the blessing of your wealth

He will take a little bit of your time, so that you can recognize the blessing of your time

So all of these things are to put things back in perspective,

so that we don’t become ungrateful,

so that we don’t lose sight of the purpose in life

So that we keep our focus on Allah

and that is what the prophet peace be upon him said,

that the most truthful line of poetry ever spoken was

‘that everything besides Allah is disposable’

because if you lose anything else in life,

then you can replenish it with something ,you can replace it with something

but if you lose Allah, you lose everything including yourself.

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