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INDOSUB 170616 Lets Dance NCT 127 Cherry Bomb with English subtitles   Complain




oh yeah symmetry how to talk puck dice

would you like it sucks that tables you

know I still don't know when go to

Nevada to protect our young Afghan jihad

on Iranian credo antics on John Doe

heavy generator I'm gonna walk you used

to not along with them they're just not

- yeah yeah yeah chrome really see you

both hi - fuck table top pose Ohio -

yeah not bad










ha ha ha just iced tea right day fuckwit

yes black ice cream ha ha ha


Oh Jerry

the bodies here I cherish mayoral entire

MCTV process was an assault take someone



how do your duty I see you can fit the

people the pan around a ball and a yoga

video theater and a pistol not uncommon

in the downloads of cooperative Phillips

the chicken no Holloman amparo the

paramedic in boy another penalty on AA

bill McGrath little fella

we money we might feel like on a few

oxymoron also have each other's back

Rubio just then


ha ha ha ha

Christa Santiago bah-bah-bah-bah

ha-ha-ha man Purdy very tan very para

viajar para who are sitting over th one

toke india we walk over N Go Go Go woman

Bakura hot water either elevate obesity

oh ha ha ha hecho a cherry bomb in the

heart a from shifting of school as an

Oriole accomplice or neurotic

surrendered a little and someone come

from our bank logic doesn't say anything

listen I'll put about City Ohio Anthony

payoff give entice people pity bomb the

bunny manager I do my name is Mauro 20

oh let's turn the biggest it on the

biggest it on the stage


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