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I Shouldn't Be Alive- Swept Out to Sea with English subtitles  


just minutes after best friends Troy Driscoll and Josh long launched their

fishing boat

they're fun day out turns terrifying they were drafted

a powerful rip time has swept them out to the ocean in an unseaworthy boat with

no food water or cell phones

we had no shape anybody who knows you know who's been in salt water in their

clothes dry after being wet truly crusty salty

it was wear and tear on our skin

their bodies have lost over three pints of fluid causing muscle cramps headaches

and extreme disorientation

they are desperate for something to drink

so trying i decide hey we'll gargle and spit it back out that way you have

something wet your mouth and you know it kind of is cold so we will help us a

little bit of what we won't swallow it

it wasn't good but just have some cold in your mouth

that's all we needed the boys know that drinking the salty seawater will

dehydrate them even further but there now so desperate they find it impossible

to resist

it was horrible i mean it's a bad day when you know that sort of thing up to

drink but what you're drinking is killing you hurt me

come on

are you doing

you got the not

I'm going to do it justice I just need something so many weed why don't be sick

YC over on the side of the boat with a knife in his hand and he was kind of

just touching it to a skin but he wasn't like cutting he was just touching it

Steve how sharper yes it was

what are you going to matter you can you do it

what the shuttle so I asked Josh you know can you please cut my finger off

you know with me looking away just go down as hard as you can please Annalise

do you ask me that again and I'll knock you out

you understand the crazy your whole finger off

you draw


the two school boys are staring into the abyss

they've lost the will to live and can do no more than a weight deaths

final call



I see this huge fishing boat coming straight ads so at that time I you know

jerk Josh sounds like you got it you know




doctors believe the two boys were within hours of death when they were rescued

he looks so then and so exhausted but he he just from the moment I walked in door

he was just dead i love you i love you



I love it

it was hard to believe that we made it out alive

we were expecting the worse for and I knew we were just waiting on dying and

that you know I can't believe that we got a second chance


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