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How to Use QuickBMS to Extract Unpack Game Files! (Tutorial) with English subtitles   Complain

what's going on everyone sneaky mofo

here and today I'm going to be talking

about quick BMS which is an awesome

program to help you extract resources

from tons of games alright so instead of

having to go out there and try to find a

single application that will extract

files from like one particular game this

program seeks to be the one solution to

do it for as many games as possible all

right so that includes individual games

and like all games that are made with

like the same game engine so let's say

something like game maker which is a

program that a lot of people use to

create games okay the game maker engine

the way it compresses and encrypts files

basically if people build games and

don't modify the encryption or

compression or any of that you can use

quick BMS to extract tons of game maker

games alright so it's a really awesome

program and what you're going to need to

get started with everything is quick BMS

itself you'll need a BMS script file for

the game you are interested in

extracting and then you may need a hex

editor to help you figure out what the

encryption or compression for your file

is that you want to extract stuff from

all right so long story short first

thing you want to do go to quick BMS

calm it will forward you to a post on my

blog explaining where to get all the

resources kind of what quick BMS is and

then this video is attached with that

post okay so once you go there and you

go to the actual quick BMS site which is

this URL here that I link to you will

download quick BMS and then you want to

find a script for the game you're

interested in extracting files from and

you can find that on this quick BMS I or

Zen hacks com which is the official


forum for quick BMS they had a lot of

scripts here as well as help and

tutorials and other stuff like that so

keep that resource and mind once you

download quick BMS you will have this

quick BMS zip file what you want to do

is open that and extract all of these

files into the same directory all right

so I'll just right click on and say

extract put VMs because I use winrar all

right now here's quick VMs two things

one you could double-click on it to run

it and it'll just prompt you for the

script file the file you want to extract

stuff from and then the directory that

you want everything to be extracted to

however if you run this from a command

window you have all sorts of other

options available to you which I also

linked to in that post on my blog and

this is like the documentation for quit

BMS showing you all the stuff that you

can do from command line so that's for

you more advanced users just so you know

about it alright so what we want to do

most likely for most of you watching

here is you'll double click on quick BMS

there and you'll see two things pop up

this command window and this these

prompts you for everything that the

program needs to extract the stuff all

right so the first thing it wants is

your quick BMS script so this let's

pretend it's your game alright well

let's do this

all right first let me go to the scripts

so the game I want to extract stuff from

I figured out that it is a game maker

game which is made by yoyo games just

like I said at the beginning of the

video the yoyo games BMS script will

work for tons of game maker games since

they're all compiled exactly the same

way all right so i will give it the yoyo

games BMS script which I downloaded from

the quick BMS site all right and then

what I want to do is select the input

archives or files you want to extract so

this is where I have my game here all

right and I know that the files that I'm

interested in are sitting in this data

dot wim file okay so this is the one I

want to extract now if you don't know

what if you try to look for data dot

when on here you know like ctrl f to do

an actual search on here and you don't

find it what you can do is go here to

this BMS search and you click that and

it'll bring you to this okay now this is

where having a hex editor which h XD is

a free one that you can download and

install all right you can use a hex

editor to open the file and see what the

header is view the header so we'll right

click on the file that we're interested

in extracting stuff from and go open

with and once you install hxd you can

find it here

go open now right here these first four

bytes may only need the first three but

the first four you can search for that

and if that is in any of the BNs scripts

like inside of the scripts then you can

find it here with the search so we'll

say form and then search and now any of

the scripts that have form in them here

it is so then you can go through here

and look for data when or yoyo games so

right here look this is the one that

we're interested in yoyo games script

okay so data dot win that's what we've

got so then you would right click on

this save the script and then ban

there's your script that you would need

for the file okay so back to this we

gave it our script now i'm going to

point it to the file that we want to

extract stuff from double click on that

and last it wants to know where do you

want everything to be dumped to which

directory do you want to say then so i'm

just going to create something called

output and then don't delete this don't

worry about changing anything in here

just create your folder go into it

wherever you want to save your stuff and

then click save and then boom you can

see right now it's dumping everything

out of that file now if there was an

error then maybe I used the wrong script

file so I should go back and try to find

another one or perhaps they updated you

know whoever made the game I'm

extracting stuff from perhaps they have

a slightly different version of the

compression or encryption now maybe they

changed something themselves so in that

case what you can do is go to the Zen

hacks forum and go through here and see

if anyone's had any issues you can ask

for help blah blah blah it's a cool

resource right so anyway now that we

have extracted our files here's the

output and here is everything from that

game alright and for this game which I'm

not going to name I specifically wanted

the music because I couldn't find it

anywhere I would have even purchased if

they had it for sale

it's pretty cheap to buy the soundtrack

for some of these games but anyway

that's what I wanted the music so then I

would take this converted to mp3 throw

it on my mp3 player and listen to it

while I'm driving around like a big dork

video game music cruising in my ride

anyway so yep that's pretty much it

that's how you do it go to quick BMS

calm that will take you to my post about

this which you know I'm surprised they

didn't just get quickly ms calm but

anyway whatever go there get all the

resources you need remember the zen

hacks forum check that out and let me

know how you fare let me know what game

you've tried to get this working on and

how it worked for you and all that good

stuff so give me a thumbs up if you

enjoyed the video don't forget to

subscribe and check out my cheat engine

tutorial series if you want to get into

game hacking I get very specific with

things and detailed so it's good for all

you beginners out there alright thanks

so much for watching and I'll see you

guys in the next video take care

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