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How To Unblock People On Instagram That Blocked You 2017 with English subtitles  

hi everyone welcome so today I will

teach you how can unlock people on

Instagram this will also work if you

have blocked each other so I'll teach

you how to do that as well

okay so my name is Sammy Watts and this

is how you do it okay so to unblock

people on Instagram you just go to

Instagram go to your account and in the

top right corner you see this setting

icon click on that go down to blocked

users click on that okay so here you can

find blocked users if you find the user

just click on the user and in the top

right corner you see these three dots

let's click on that and you can unblock

the user all right if you go back and

you don't find the user here you can go

to search and search for the username

like that then click on the user then do

the same thing click on the three dots

and unlock okay but what if you don't

find the user in the search as well so

in this case we have blocked each other

so if I search for Andrew Watts you

cannot find me so to fix this you have

to go to your account so this is the

Instagram hack choose an image then

click on comments now you're going to

add the username in the comment so type

in at Andrew Watts right then you're

going to click on post as you can see we

now have the link click on the username

the link and this will take you to the

page of the user so now you find the

user you can click on the three dots you

can click on unblock unlock and routes

they will now be able to see your post

and follow you on Instagram Instagram

won't let them know that you unblock

them if you want to do this just click

on unblock okay everyone so now the user

is unlocked

okay everyone self descent that you

unblocked the user on Instagram if you

want please let me know what you think

about this video in the comment below

you can also check out my latest video

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for my other how-to tutorials I hope you

have an awesome day take care and bye

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