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How To Remove Dark Black patches, Dark Spots,Hyper pigmentation, Around Your Mouth PRIYA MALIK with English subtitles  

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Hello Friends, I am Priya , welcome to my channel

Friends today in this video

The Things I am going to tell you is a highly requested video

I have being getting this request for about 1-2 months

People are asking for remedies

The Problem they have being asking is

the dark or black pigmentation around the mouth area

and how to remove this pigmentation

How we can get rid of this problem

How we can remove this black pigmentation around the mouth area

So in this video ,

I will tell you the very simple method

which will cure this problem

In only few days

Even if you use it for first day

you can easily see the result

Because this simple home remedy is very effective

to remove blackness and darkness around the mouth area

and it will help you in

removing black spots of acne or

Pimples spots

on your face

and leave you with white and glowing

and the most important thing to notice is

I will not be adding any chemical and thus this is PURE and NATURAL

and will suit all skin type

So you can easily make this at home

and use this easily at home without any pain

and take the benefit of this remedy

And I have use this new Lipstick shade

for the first time , so please

do let me know in the comment how

I look in this new shade and if this suits me

I will try this in my next video also

I do not use light shade of lipstick hence

please do let me know your views in the comment :)

And in case you are facing any problem and need home remedy

for some problem please do let me know in the

comment section below.

Lets start

how to remove darkness around your mouth area

In this video , I will tell you 100% effective face pack

which will help you get rid of dark and black spots around your mouth

and increase the glow on your face

and help you maintain the skin color evenly on your face

I have used natural ingredients that have

bleaching properties and skin whitening properties

which will help you

to remove all darkness, blackness

around your mouth area n makes ur skin glowing

This remedy is easy to make

and lets start what ingredients we will need

For this face pack we will need 1/2 portion of rice

Now with the

help of grinder you can grind the rice to a powder

as we would be using this powder for the facepack

In case you have

Market bought rice powder you can use that too.

Transfer this powder to a small bowl

Now take another bowl and take 3 spoon of rice flour

Now add 2 spoon of refined wheat flour

Now mix the two ingredients well

After mixing you need

to put this mixture in the airtight container n u can store it

This will help you

next time not to make the mixture again

you can you this mixture directly and how much you need to use

Now take 1 spoon mixture in a bowl

Add 2 spoon curd/yogurt

Now add juice of 1/2 tomato

Now mix it well

Now your face pack is ready to be used

Now I will show you how to

use this face pack on your face

First clean your face

Now apply this mixture around the mouth area

In case you have black spots on your face then apply this on ur whole face

Once you have applied this on the problem area

let it dry for 15-20 min

once the face pack is dry

take a bowl of water

and dip your fingers in the water and again wet the applied face pack

Now start scrubbing the face with the gentle hands

for 1 min

scrub it in the circular motion

upper lip , lower lip and all the effected area

remove darkness easily

Now wash your face with normal water

Now do apply aleovera gel

or moisturizer of your choice

Use this remedy 2-3 time in a week for better results

I would recommend to do this remedy at night of best results

So friends this was the easy home remedy for removing dark, black patches and spots for the face

If you apply as I told you will definitely help you a lot

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I will be back with new video

Till that time bye bye and take care

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