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How To Find Spawn Chunks Minecraft 1.8 Tutorial with English subtitles  

hello everyone and welcome back to another minecraft material in this one

I'm going to show you how to locate the spawn chunks in your Minecraft world for

those of you who do not know what the spawn chunks are they are a group of 12

x 12 chunks that are always loaded wherever you go in your world

this is the same for both servers and single player welts

but first let me explain to you why you might want to find them because the

spawn chunks are always loaded they are ideal for things you would want running

all the time

for example an iron farm or a redstone contraption the spawn chunks are also

place the items come from the end portal

so you might want to build a storage system here to collect those items and

if you are following this video in an attempt to mark out your spawn chunks

make sure you watch the whole video first so you can plan out everything you

will need to do this

finding the spawn chunks is in too difficult and there are several ways to

find them and we will go over them one by one

first of all you can use an external program like had missed if you enter

your seed it will show you the coordinates of your base with the Home

icon but this may be considered a little bit cheaty

which is fine because there are two ways to find it in game you can craft a

compass which will always point to the center of your spawn chunks

just follow the needle of the compass until it changes direction very quickly

when this happens you are either at or very close to the central point to move

around for a moment and it will become obvious where the centuries when you

have figured out making market to remember where this location is this is

a fantastic tool however if you are a long way away

it may be quicker to kill yourself if you have slept in a bed then you will

need to remove the bed for the game to respawn you in the spawn chunks

when you do respawn it may not be exactly in the middle so it would be a

good idea to get a compass and Mark the center like before

if you're not sure how far away from the spawn chunks you are pressure-free and

bring up the bug screen spawn chunks are usually located around x 0 + 0 so if you

are several thousand blocks away from it

it might not be worth the journey using a compass and quicker to kill yourself

but the choice is yours so once you have made it to the spawn chunks we need to

be able to map out where they are as the total size of them is 192 blocks by 192

for this you are going to need a lot of disposable items to throw on the ground

we're going to do this in order to let the items inside the sponge

thanks despawn as the chunks are always loaded the items will despawn after five


so go to your marker where the compass said is the center then walk away from

it in one direction for about sixty four blocks

once you have got this far keep walking but also for a cobblestone on the ground

you will need to do this for another sixty four blocks or so and then you

will need to do one of two things if you're in single player

you will need to go through a nether portal when you're in the never only the

spawn chunks and the nether will be loaded

so you can wait five minutes and all the items in the spawn chunks will despawn

if you are on a server you can do this two or simply log out as the server will

still be running but if there are other players online make sure they are not in

the same area and then after five minutes you can log back in and the

items in the spawn chunks would have be spawned when you return to the overworld

you should see where your trail of items cuts off this is because the items in

the unloaded chunks would not be spawn press f3 and check to see if you're on a

chunk border

if it is then you have successfully found that one border of your spawn


you should mark this with some blocks so you don't forget where is you can now

walk exactly one hundred ninety two blocks back across your spawn chunks to

the opposite side i would recommend redoing the test in this area just to

make sure that it is correct and then make a mark on this side as well

once you have done this return to the middle and repeat the test on the

opposite axis

it shouldn't take you too long and once finished you have successfully months

out the borders of the twelve by twelve chunk area so this is optional but what

I'd recommend doing next is expanding those borders until you have a big

square showing where the edges of your spawn chunks are and so there are a

couple more things i would like to mention about this

first of all you can move the spawn chunks using the set world spawn command

if you do this then you will still need to redo the item be spawning test to

find out the borders

however the center will be exactly where you type the command and the very center

of the spawn chunks is where the compass points do and this is the exact place

where items will come through from the end portal hostile mobs will instantly

despawn in the spawn chunks if the player is not arranged by 128 blocks

this means it's not ideal for mob farms just because it's loaded

passive mobs will spawn and at all unless the play is arranged by 204

40 blocks and plants do not grow in the spawn chunks unless a player is there

the same thing goes for graph spreading and leaves the came from trees and also

is will not melt

Eva and that my friends is everything you need to know to find the spawn

chunks in your world

if you enjoyed this video please leave a like it will always be appreciated and

if you're looking for more minecraft materials then down in the description

box there is a link to the playlist click on that and check out all the

materials we have made over the years but that is it for this video so as

always thank you very much for watching and i'll catch you next time

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