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How LCD Monitor works- Beautiful Animated Description with English subtitles  

today's modern LCD technology is based

on a discovery made by engineers Lehmann

and Vanessa around 120 years ago let's

take a look at the technology in detail

in liquid crystals that molecules are

similar to long drawn out rods as with

crystalline structures these molecules

exhibit a strictly ordered crystal

structure the ordering of the molecules

creates a directional orientation in

most LCD displays the liquid crystals

are embedded between two glass plates

rotated by 90 degrees this formation

produces what is known as a twisted

nematic LCD a polarization filter is

fitted unto each of the outer glass

plates these polarization filters mean

that only one dispersion direction of

multiple light waves emanating from a

light source is allowed to pass through

the light follows the rotation of the

molecules and twisted by 90 degrees hits

the outer polarization filter as the

rotation means that the direction of the

light matches that of the polarization

filter the light can also pass through

this filter and brightens the outer

glass plate at that point if an

electrical field is then generated

between the glass plates the special

property of a liquid crystal molecule

becomes fully apparent as the molecules

are dipolar they react to the electrical

field and are repelled the rotated

molecule structure is interrupted when

night then passes through the first

polarization filter and follows the

direction of the molecules this hits the

ultra polarization filter and cannot

pass through it when a matrix is created

from a number of these individual cells

it becomes possible to display graphics

and images to generate more colors each

pixel is divided into three sub pixels

filters are placed over these subpixels

and the colors of red green and blue by

triggering the subpixels differently

additive color mixing can be used to

generate each color required


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