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Hito Steyerl – 'Being Invisible Can Be Deadly' | TateShots with English subtitles  

the situation most people face is that they are being visible all the time to

certain modes of capture

that's unfortunate guessing because people might want to escape from this

inordinate amount of you know constant surveillance on the other hand being

invisible can be deadly

my name is Seto style and filmmaker and writer 11 burning first of all I was

trained as a cameraperson a very technical education and then I studied

documentary filmmaking or not to be seen

starting point for the question in the beginning was is there any way for me to

basically disappear and not be visible for surveillance that was the starting

point the initial idea other the template is derived from Monty Python's

Flying Circus sketch they made it in nineteen seventies also called hundred

to be seeing in this picture there are 40 people not only can be seen in this

film we have to show you how not to be seen

it's an educational film and my video is really and on large more to this and

president it's a manual of how not to be seen in five acts and there is five

chapters which give different sets of instructions on how to achieve this


maybe they are not entirely practical even though some highly practical you

know they work in basically every kind of situation there are thirteen ways of

becoming invisible by disappearing living in a gated community being fitted

with an invisibility cloak being a superhero being female and fifty usually

when i look at contemporary reality it's hard for me to believe it because it's

just so fantastic I mean it's just hope wildly imaginative I don't have the

imagination you know I couldn't come up with it so in that sense is you don't

deploy fiction then probably your not trustful enough right now this will

change again maybe

I tried to put myself into the shoes of the audience and create possibilities

for them to just hang out and have a break and also not even sit down but lie

down and sleep or just do whatever they want in the dark space i tried to create

the rest Rick's that will engage people know even those that really do not want

to listen to it so definitely no I i I've tried to communicate but on the

other hand if you ask me it's more important to for me to try to remain

loyal you know to the protagonists also the content the ideas in the work so

that that's a priority

I think it's important for myself you know to try to keep up with the latest

consumer technology because the latest consumer technology expresses you know

some kind of technological social political condition or contraction of

desires and misunderstandings right so to keep up with that is to keep up with

the nexus you know with of complication around it in the future it will be known

who i will have always been until this point my history is totally unknown

this is a very opaque reference to the concept of natality by hannah arendt and

she said you know the most important ability of humankind has the ability to

give birth and to create something new it's the ability to to define and create

the future not to let yourself be defined by your past

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