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Hannahs Killer: Nowhere To Hide (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories with English subtitles   Complain

this is the face of evil

because I abduct they've been guilt

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Arnold and Kayla



this is the story of a manhunt that took

more than five years spanned thousands

of miles and involved finding one person

hidden in a nation of over a billion

Hillary and Trevor foster together with

Hampshire police took this unwanted

journey on behalf of their murdered

daughter Hannah against all the odds the

final destination was eventually the

dock of a British Court in Hampshire

which is where Hannah lived with her


Hillary Trevor and her younger sister

Sarah she wanted after him I'd think

that taken away she sort of needed

looking after there for as long as

anyone could remember Hannah had one

ambition to become a doctor

she was a perfect student she was gifted

she worked really hard and she was a

straight-a student so she would have

gone on to get free for a-levels she'd

have gone on to get a degree in medicine

she'd have gone on to become a brilliant

doctor and help lots of people in her

life the lasting memory of memories that

I have of Hannah really is her smile

that she was always happy she's all sort

of contented she'd always have you know

a positive outlook on life

she was very sort sociable and caring it

just out to help everyone I think there

are a lot of people like that but she

just sort of seemed to somehow bring it

together to be amazed

Hana's kind nature and desire to put

others first had terrible consequences

for her on Friday the 14th of March 2003

when she met her friend Helen in the

Bevo's Valley area of Southampton

drinking just a couple of hundred yards

away was Hanna's eventual killer

Maninder Pal Singh Kohli he arrived in

Southampton eight years earlier although

an Indian national he was given

permission to stay in the UK following

an arranged marriage to his British

bored wife shall endure he was a boy

that had been born in India educated in

India and had found his bride through a

newspaper advert and that was his escape

from his life in the Punjab to a better

life he thought in this country he was

first of all in the face with a family

man he was married with with the two

children he was a very plausible a

menial type of guy he got on well with

people but there was a there was another

side to him

he drank heavily and gambled heavily he

had a reliance on prostitutes he had

very much a double life that his wife

was unaware of on the night time I went

missing Curley was with his wife in the

early part of the evening and then at

some point he went out and he went to

local pubs in the area one of those pubs

was The MITRE pub just before closing

time Koli left at the same time and just

100 yards away hannah and her friend

also left their bar they'd gone to a

couple of bars decided there wasn't much

going on hadn't bit bumped into their

friends that they wanted to decided to

walk together all the way up and

Portsmouth High Street you know

literally just to have a few hundred

yards from Hannah's house

this is CCTV footage of Hannah walking

Helen to the bus stop on port toward

Broadway Hannah stayed with a bus stop

and when the bus arrived Hannah

turned to walk towards her home

after Hannah had seen her friends safely

onto the bus Coley spotted her

in - Lane sir Hampton just turning into

the junction with Charles Bri Avenue had

turns and waves to Helen as the bus

drives past and that's the last time

Helen sees Hannah

but unbeknown to Hanna Koli was now

lying in wait you know he's part that

van knowing that you know she could may

well be coming that way Hanna is a very

very slight girl very very bad seat

she'll be like a lamb to a slaughter

this was a 16 stone man a very big

swarthy man with only one thing on his


you know Hanna wouldn't had a chance

against him

whenever Hannah stayed out late Alma

staying overnight she would always

contact her mother by text or phone it

was totally out of character not to tell

her parents where she was at five

o'clock in the morning Hannah's parents

started texting her but there was no


at 10:30 her father Trevor called the

police her parents a loving parent

become concerned the following morning

when they realized their daughter wasn't

at home taking steps to try to contact

her on her mobile phone I'm calling

about a missing person my daughter all

to no avail there was no history of her

going missing at all previously there

was no obvious reason as to why she

would seek to go missing and not inform

anybody so on the face of it we knew

that we were likely to be investigating

a potential abduction house-to-house

inquiries drew a blank

the only lead was Hanna's phone and as

mobile phone was switched on at this

stage and it was emitting a signal to

various mobile phone masts called cell

site hits every time a mobile phone

makes or receives a text or a call it

transmits a signal to a receiver on a

phone mast this registers an approximate

location for the phone using the data

provided we were able to map the

location of Hanna's mobile phone each

time it was called or received the text

message was clear that from the data the

phone was in a vehicle that was

traveling between Southampton and

Portsmouth on the morning of Saturday

the 15th

but we didn't know if Hanna was with the

phone then two final pieces of

information finally confirmed what the

police had always feared Hanna's phone

had stopped moving and was somewhere in

Portsmouth and at 11:00 p.m. on the

night she disappeared

Hanna had dialed 999 but why hadn't the

police responded the police

investigation into the disappearance of

Southampton teenager Hannah Foster was

about to become a murder inquiry Hannah

had now been missing for 28 hours a

mobile phone data revealed she had

somehow managed to make a desperate 999

call minutes after this man Melinda Pal

Singh Kohli had abducted her the 999

call was absolutely critical first of

all it it certainly set this case apart

from from most others and there was a

genuine tangible reason to believe that

something had befallen Hanna but why

hadn't the emergency services responded

the answer was terrifyingly simple the

trouble 9 operator if she doesn't hear

anything from the caller will transfer

that call to an automated system and if

after a further period of time there's

no response made by the caller then that

phone call is terminated and that's what

happened in this instance because Hannah

was unable to speak the call was


hello big in that terrible situation

where she's being kept against her will

she's been either being restrained or

she's been hurt in some way she still

has the forethought to actually try and

raise the alarm and that to me is

bravery beyond measure

once we played the tape firm and it was

only 58 seconds long it's less than a

minute it was clear that we had a

serious problem and that she'd been

abducted from the sound of the recording

it did appear as though Hannah was

certainly in a vehicle and perhaps a

larger vehicle a van type vehicle it was

clear that we were dealing with a male

who didn't have English as his first

language and it would appear most likely

ethnicity of the person would have been


the Asian male was clearly in control of

the situation even in the short span the

conversation that we heard and was

directing her for instance that we read

down out of the way we know that

obviously that she could be seen

the thing that struck you most was the

fear in her voice which sort of kid sent

cold chills down your spine

and that's when I think you know well

there's a good chance we're not going to

get back alive like one thing on his

mind that evening she knew she was in a

serious serious predicament she knew she

was in danger those last hours must have

been absolutely terrifying for her

police were still clinging to the hope

that somehow and against all the odds

Hannah might just be found alive

later that afternoon that hope was gone

I recall being in the in the incident

room myself when News is starting to

filter through that that a body had been

located on the outskirts of Southampton

and certainly I vividly remember the

incident room hush falling over it and

radios being turned up to listen to what

was being reported back by those

officers that were at the scene

and it soon became apparent that it was

the body of a young a young lady who

matched the general description of


Hana's battered body was discovered in

Allington lane southampton by a passing

motorist she had been raped and murdered

24 hours later at a recycling plant in

Portsmouth police recovered Hanna's bag

her phone was inside and was still

switched on

desperate to find their daughter's


Hannah's distraught parents Trevor and

Hilary foster made an emotional appeal

for information we as family are

devastated by the loss of Hannah my wife

and I have lost our beautiful daughter

and Hannah's 14 year old sister Sarah

has lost her big sister friend please

please help us if you have any

information that would help the police

solve this evil crime we need you to

come forward to assist their inquiries

they told me that when they saw Hannah

in the mortuary

they held a hand and they both made a

sign up promise that as long as it would

take that they would get justice for her

but I would find the man that did this

and they wouldn't rest until they'd

found him and had him behind bars

from a professional point of view we've

got a horrendous crime that's been

committed but as a father myself you

think about the human tragedy that's

that's involved as well so you can only

but imagine what the parents must be

going through and so there is a

desperate desire to do what you can what

small part that you can play in order to

and to some small degree put right

what's happened what is important now is

to catch this person or persons who have

perpetrated this Trevor and Hilary's

appeal touch the heart of everyone and a

massive media campaign swung into action

I've been in police officer for 15 years

I've lived in Southampton for 42 years

it's the biggest case that I know of it

was on every billboard Hannah's

photograph and the and that you know

anybody that could help the posters that

we had printed were everywhere every

shop window every bus you went got on

the library absolutely everywhere

everybody was talking about it we had

lots and lots of calls to our newsroom

we realized at once that this story of

what happened to Hannah had really

touched a nerve with a nation people

wanted this man caught they wanted the

person responsible for killing Hannah

brought to justice a wealth of forensic

evidence was found on both Hannah's body

and her clothes her bloodied coat

contained a full DNA profile of Coley

but he wasn't on the national DNA

database so the police didn't yet know

he was the killer

what they did know was Hannah had been

abducted by an Asian man in a diesel van

and by cross-referencing CCTV with

Hannah's mobile phone location they

narrowed their hunt down to seven

possible vehicles with that information

they made a nationwide appeal mr. Cody's

employer rang in and put mr. Cody's

named forward mr. Cowley was a delivery

driver for a firm that delivered

sandwiches and other foodstuffs in the

South Hampton and Portsmouth area now

what he was also able to give us as his

employer was the registration number of

the van that he was using and hey presto

Coley's van turns out to be one of those

seven that had been highlighted Coley's

van had been filmed at every key

location on CCTV

we get and making the triple nine call

on the Friday night 11 o'clock in Norman

end of Southampton going towards the aim

27 from ports would we look at CCTV sure

enough the van used by Cody's on that

and it's quite a distinctive fan because

if you look there

listen sign mine on the side of the main

also there's a refrigeration unit on top

of the vane and that was part of the

noise actually you could hear on the

treble 9 chord there was also footage of

Coley traveling past a Texaco garage

close to where Hannah's body was found

three sightings at this location at

different times of the night Coley is

going one way and then he's going

another way and then he's coming back

towards Allington Lane on the last

occasion time got 3:15 in the morning we

look at CCTV I feel it was right itself

bound on the n2 7 5 into Portsmouth so

the coincidences start to run out for

him you know the icing on the cake thing

is when we come to the South Sea area

it's here that Hannah's mobile phones

stopped moving

and once again Coley's van is caught on

camera and in actual fact it was an area

that he was a Jew to go to so that was

quite a significant bit the CCTV we

straightaway went down to is his

employer at the time and sealed off the


we seized the van that Curley used and

as a result of examination of that van

we found evidence of Hanna's blood as

well as DNA evidence which puts Hanna in

that vehicle and kohli inside Coley's

van police found Hannah's hair along

with her blood on a chrome pole kohli

semen was also on the vehicle's seat

this matched the DNA profile found on

Hannah's jacket the evidence was

mounting up against him and and it was

clear that we felt that he was our man

the forensic evidence the phone evidence

the CCTV evidence everywhere that we

could possibly look to test things mr.

Kelly's name was was cropping up and

there does come a time when you you you

say this is beyond coincidence 13 days

after Hannah was abducted raped and

murdered police knew who their man was

Melinda Pal Singh Kohli they went to his

house to arrest him we had a good look

around it was completely empty you could

see that from the door Bert from the

windows there's nothing inside no

curtains no furniture it was just

completely empty

Coley's wife falinda was tracked to her

nearby parents house

she explained that her husband had

rushed to India to see his sick mother

she was very gravely ill in the Punjab

and Curly wanted to go and see her

because he was really worried that she

was going to pass away before he saw her

four days after killing Hana Kohli had

gone on the run which this CCTV footage

from Heathrow Airport confirmed Kohli

had boarded a flight to Delhi his mother

was in a coma she been hit by a bus and

some months before but when Kohli

arrived in Chandigarh it was a big

surprise to his father they didn't know

he was coming

he got himself a and it will place in a

flat just around the corner where he

lived for five or six days but he didn't

really do anything he didn't go out he

was very very neighbor C was seen to

just stick himself indoors it didn't mix

with anybody he just spent most of his

time at his mother's

but for Koli this wasn't a mercy mission

to visit his dying mother he was only

interested in escaping British justice

within days word got through to his

brother ish Preet that Hampshire police

were trying to arrest Coley ish Preet

was a local police officer and in denial

about Coley's guilt

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Daniel so next morning to tell Agassi

get to but Kohli was not about to use

his return ticket to the UK instead he

cut his hair shaved his beard and

carried on running it shows you a

character and a personality of this man

they couldn't put his hands up turn

himself in come back to England and

fight to prove that he did not kill Anna

Foster the only thought one person that

was himself back in the UK Coley's wife

then made a startling admission she told

me that when Kohli went to the pub he

went in his fan his works fan that's the

only vehicle they had when he came back

it was really really upset she told me

that you had a scratch on his face

and she told me that he had told her

that while he was in the pub somebody he

doesn't know who had opened his fan up

and put a body in it so when he came out

he'd found his body and he'd driven home

up with the body in the back of the van

she Linda was adamant that she hadn't

seen the body she'd have nothing to do

with the van and she said have after all

after he told us that he was very very

upset and they fell asleep and after a

couple of hours of sleep he got up and


like the rest of Coley's family his wife

refused to believe he was guilty as far

as she was concerned we had the wrong

person and we needed to be putting our

investigation somewhere else and

concentrating our efforts somewhere else

sharlinda was arrested but later

released without charge and then

Southampton detectives did concentrate

their efforts somewhere else they

focused on the Herculean task of trying

to find one man in a country of over a

billion Hindus ooh is a vast country

with a vast population and on the face

of it was the proverbial needle in a


Melinda Powell Singh Kohli was on the

verge of disappearing forever

the horrific abduction rape and murder

of Southampton teenager Hannah Foster

had made this man Melinda Pal Singh

Kohli the UK's most wanted days after

murdering Hannah he fled to India on his

tail were detectives from Southampton

one of the biggest frustrations was we

couldn't go to the Punjab the Ministry

of External Affairs would not allow us

on that first visit to go to the Punjab

which is where we needed to be we needed

to speak to the family we needed to

gather the evidence of his last

sightings the Indian place at the time

was saying it killed himself

that was their fear we for the first six

weeks he's probably dead in the river

and topped himself would never find the

body by the way he's a coward and he

won't have done it the thing is in India

this type of murder happens every single

day so when we told them about Hana they

were concerned you know they could

understand why we were there but they've

still got all the investigations they've

got to do as well haven't they so she

didn't take a priority 1.2 billion

people there it's a huge huge area

it got vast amounts of crime themselves

to deal with you can understand them

trying to sell their own crimes first

before they look for one that was

perpetrated 4,000 miles away the Punjab

police I don't think would have moved

their little finger to do anything in

this particular case because it was not

the headache it was not their problem it

had happened in Britain

red tape bureaucracy and a lack of

available manpower had given Koli a

crucial head start

although we weren't totally losing hope

we were beginning to wonder you know are

we ever going to get a successful

resolution to this we didn't even know

if he was if he was still alive he you

know he disappeared her away from his

family in India to where we didn't know

coley was now 600 miles away close to

the border with Nepal in the West Bengal

city of Darjeeling I met him as a

tourist he was I in my taxi know it

don't like it was a delivery driver like

in back home in London so he had his

family down up there so he told me he

just come for vacation

he's known as Mike actually Mike

and just remember Mike only because he

never give us a second name to me so he

used to call him I used to call him Mike

despite now having a new name Mike

Dennis and a new identity Koli never

felt truly safe the newspaper used to

come run over 8 o clock it comes late in

deutschland he used to go for the

headlines and just turn the pages early

but in fact minutes the venetie play is

finished him he always used to tell me

when if I die here he just inform the

police he'll be loaded in I just used to

find it as a joke all the time

600 miles away the Indian police had

finally allowed their colleagues from

Hampshire access to the Punjab the best

case at the time was that he was in the

Punjab because he had firmly to look

after him in any family you know there

is that commitment to your children to

your financial brother-sister how else

was Curley surviving we often wondered

how he was supporting himself and it is

still a bit of a mystery as to how he

did support himself but like he did in

this country he used other people and I

believe he may have used other people in

India to support himself in particular

his his family but Coley's father

insisted he was not sheltering his son

I say if he has committed crime hanging

I will be the last person to protect him

if he has done the screen crime he

should be punished and he should face

the music

he should fear the consequences as Paulo

I will not protect and easy nerds and

God will protect me Hampshire police

still had no idea where Koli was but

they were sure someone did and together

with the Sun they came up with a plan to

flush him out along with Hampshire

police perhaps substantial reward of

five million rupees which is equivalent

of seventy thousand pounds in a country

like India that's like a lottery win

there had to be a substantial amount for

the Asian community to realize how


what kolya done was and how important it

was for the British police to capture

him after laying low Kohli was back on

the run this time to the small town of


he joined a Red Cross group and the Red

Cross group was based in Callen poll

involved with vaccination of the local

inhabitants there he told the Red Cross

Society guys that he was from World

Health Organization as a member so

everybody used to think like me he's a

doctor and even my auntie and calling

like doctor doctor that's why he came

very close doing the locals very quickly

just shows him basically almost in a

Jekyll and Hyde like this is obviously

evil and vicious raping murderer that he

is but then just easily you can just

just switch he can be the aid worker

looking after sick helpless ill people

he can just change his persona you know

just like with the click of the fingers

it just you just can't help but despise

the man Koli was growing in confidence

he had a new name job identity and

despite already having a wife and two

children in South Hampton he decided to

remarry bigamous Lee it's always

chameleon like he's just started a new

life over again there's no thought of

his wife no thought or contact with his

two sons

he's just cut that off and he just

decided to start again

he felt safe he felt secure he thought

he came he felt that he got away with it

but Hampshire police and the Fosters

were about to play their eighth card

in an unprecedented move Hillary and

Trevor traveled to India and appealed

directly to 1.2 billion Indians for help

we determined to make the most of this

our time in India and do everything we

can to raise the profile of the case and

to help release the reward of 70,000

pounds had stood in India for six months

but still nobody had come forward the

Fosters going out there in person was

the ice card if this didn't bring Kohli

out of the woodwork and nothing would

knowing we were not there to help her in

her hour of greatest need it leaves us

with a sense of guilt will carry to our

graves just basically on a personal

personal level just appeal to them just

please help us we can't do it without

you it's earth to die so young in such a

diverse and terrifying manner

her killer must be brought to justice

the media picked it up big time

all the national news channels picked a

table Nestle England Ke$ha her

Southampton my Baraka doctor by Yakuza

Chanukah Pathan attended a press

conference it was a primetime news story

for us Hilary and Trevor's emotional

appeal moved the Indian nation to join

the fight for justice they understood

you know the sympathize was a sad moving

story with parents making an emotional

appeal and with Indians emotionally

works until now only a few really knew

about the hunt for Kohli

but not anymore

the Fosters message hit even the

remotest parts of India I saw his fixer

sir on the telly and it was a disguised

water like it with all the beers and hit

head a scarf but his eyes looked very

familiar to me

and I thought it's Mike Dennis so I

phoned the helpline I just turned to the

tea and I just tried to look at him you

know and as soon as I saw him you know I

started like to hear myself and I knew

this guy holy knew his time was up

everywhere he went people looked for him

Kolia had fled kalimpong and he was

actually with his wife Bharti and they

were making their way towards the

Nepalese border and if he made it over

the border he really would disappear

forever as there was no extradition

treaty with Nepal we had almost lost

hopes we felt that maybe he has given us

a slip then one of the officers rings me

up and tells me that we are getting

information that he is going to a

relative's house in panna cotta their

information was right Kohli had made his

way to his wife's family just 30 minutes

from the border the West Bengal police

knew they had to act immediately we

decided we should alert our local police

station unit the officer in charge mr.

VK Singh he reaches that house and he

says that he has gone to a nearby bus

stand to catch a bus

but Rajiv's officers were still two

minutes away and Kohli was about to

board a bus to Nepal and freedom Suraj

Eve phoned through all the information

he had to a local off-duty officer look

for a man in a red t-shirt traveling

with a woman this guy is not part of the


he doesn't know who is men in the PAL


then he comes across a lady and a man

who is wearing a red t-shirt then he

said no no he did not accept that his

mine in the park only he gave a false

name I will claim his name was Mike


Tamara not - the one she would with you

a local police officer didn't believe

him and 16 months after murdering and

raping Hannah Foster he was arrested he

correctly dunno if the West Bengal

police hadn't affected the way they did

he could well early had gone across the

border and that would have been it we

wouldn't have ever ever seen him again

Nicoli was just minutes from getting

away with this murder

if that bus had come along he'd have

been across the border it'd have been


it was such an amazing experience to

hear that he actually been arrested it

was it was totally unexpected and

probably all the better for it really

I was elated absolutely elated and so

fantastic that it had happened

while the Fosters were there never in

our wildest dreams did we expect an

arrest be made while we were in the

middle of this short visit Audion teen

journalists were around them slapping on

on the back just cheering with him it

just it's just it comes so quickly and I

think you know that they they had sort

of resigned themselves to the fact that

they might not ever find him but to

actually be in India be there and know

that he was coming down to Delhi and you

know that he would have his day in court

and they would have their day in court

which is just a marvelous feeling and

then the investigation took an almost

unbelievable turn as the man who for the

past 16 months had lied to his friends

and refused to speak to the police

suddenly found his voice and for once

told the truth he sat down and you know

started biting asking the most obvious

questions and I was really surprised

that he was actually quite forthcoming

actually I'd done a crime over there

that's why I you know ran from there

come in here what happened I abduct we

have been killed and a foster why are

you meeting this to the media by my

knees me because I am already too tired

you know the to run here and there here

and there and I want to unburden myself

I totally want to tell the truth and

then he went on to tell me all these

details about how he'd followed her and

I remember you know even about the fact

how he'd strangled her and I just you

know strangled her you know the like

the whole with what that way and put her

hand on that almost and killer the way

he talked about it the way he described

it it was so clear that he was guilty

despite Coley's confession within days

he reverted to lying the battle to bring

him back to face British justice would

not be straightforward

after spending 16 months on the run this

man man in depaul Singh Kohli

had at last been arrested by Indian

police pinky I hear I'm ducked don't get

Hannah Foster his arrest came after an

emotional appeal direct to the Indian

population by Hannah's parents didn't

deserve to die so young

it was ridiculous terrifying manner

hampshire detectives were now attempting

something never achieved before to

extradite an Indian national to the UK

in terms of the the legislation and the

extradition that was new territory

nobody had been successfully extradited

under that particular piece of

legislation between India and the UK

after a 16-month manhunt Trevor and

Hillary were about to meet the man who

raped and murdered their teenage

daughter it wasn't actually until I came

face-to-face with him that I turned

Trevor and I said I know understand this

word hatred he looked so cocky and sure

of himself in in the court surrounding

his brother there and it was it was just

sort of like a joke both Trevor and I

were just shaking with rage see only one

thing like years and innocence and

does be forgive me friends only for

billion issue curly only thought about

himself and his prime motivation was to

try to avoid being prosecuted and

convicted of this offense he tried every

trick in the book through his indian

defense lawyers to try and delay the

extradition he find illnesses members of

his legal team just wouldn't turn up so

the cases were adjourned it was cold it

was calculating he knew it killed but he

didn't want to face up to justice Koli

is relentless lying was piling even more

pressure on Hanna's grieving parents

Trevor and Hillary to compound matters

Hillary wasn't just fighting for justice

she was also battling breast cancer but

somehow she found the strength to appeal

directly to Kohli

until um before you want to give him a

very personal letter it's an appeal to

Kohli to remind him that actually she's

having a terrible impact on our family

but equally on his family too I don't

think that their work and participation

can be understated um Trevor and Hilary

did absolutely everything that they

could as loving parents for Hannah from

the moment that they woke up on that

Saturday morning realized that their

beloved daughter wasn't in the house and

thereafter I'm not witnessed at that

firsthand and what missus they made to

India the tireless work campaigning that

they did to ensure that everything was

being done to make sure that this man

came back to the UK to to face trial you

know sometimes you just feel physically

exhausted we going to the roller coaster

of emotions and you just think though

we've got to keep going we've got to

keep going for Hannah and that is the

driver it was over a hundred court

hearings over three years thirty appeals

before the High Court judge Adelie

finally having assessed all the evidence

decided there was a case to answer and

gave the British police permission to

come and get him

so in summer 2007 myself and two

colleagues went to to New Delhi

expressly to to bring Kohli back I do

recall he made an off-the-cuff comment

along the lines of you win some you lose

some and I took that to mean that he

tried his best to to frustrate being

brought back to the UK but he'd he'd

event is eventually proved futile four

years after running from British justice

Kohli was at last back in the UK

I looked at an interface and charged in

with the kidnap rape and murder of

Hannah Foster and after charging him

there was no emotion in him whatsoever

it was just completely and without

demotion stay with me for a long time

in October 2008 Coley was brought to

trial at Winchester Crown Court

I think the circumstances of this

particular case touched everybody Hannah

was a was a lovely gentle girl who was

very popular and certainly had an awful

lot to give the world

going through the investigation and

speaking to Hillary Trevor I just felt

that I got to know Hannah a little bit

she was bright and intelligent and a

lovely person to be with

and to know unfortunately now hannah was

unable to fulfill her dreams and

aspirations and grow up to be the person

actually could have been

colas quart romantics continued right up

until the end of the trial throughout

the six-week trial curly wouldn't accept

at all any of the evidence that was

prevent presented to the court but the

evidence was overwhelming

at the end of the trial the jury filed

in is such a tense emotional moment for

everyone you could hear a pin drop when

the foreman of the jewelry was asked to

deliver his verdict and he stood up and

said guilty it was just I just looked

over the fosters and just the emotion

was unbelievable Hillary and Trevor had

at last fulfilled their promise to their

daughter Hannah

Melinda Pal Singh Kohli was sentenced to

life in jail and ordered to serve at

least 24 years for the false

imprisonment kidnap rape and murder of

Hannah Foster when I saw Mr mrs. Foster

and their daughter Sarah walking out of

the courtroom down the steps towards the

media pack my heart went out to them and

I really felt quite emotional because I

realized that this was the end for them

and in what they must have gone through

it doesn't bear thinking about

we've waited nearly six years for this


and we're physically and emotionally


taken every opportunity to delay and

prefer the course of justice today

finally Justice has called up and he

asked me to go in the bedroom with him

and I really didn't want to but I didn't

want to fight so I just went with him

and I was in there for light it was a

good two hours and I'm just lying there

looking at the clock she was gone for

hours and I could hear her screaming

crying everything and it was hours

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