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HD1080 Eng Sub BTS (RM JIN JH)react to Jimin dancing with Taemin and Kook singing with 97-line idols with English subtitles  

RM: He's coming out. When did he come out? Jin: When did he come out?


RM: bam bam!


RM: He has great strength!

RM: Wow! He looks great!

Jin:The camera changed all of a sudden.

RM: Whoa~ JIMIN!

JH: Jimin-ah, show us your face...that's right!

JH: Oh yeah.(2X)

RM: Oh, Jimin!

RM:This is so dope!

RM: When did Jimin grow up like that?

Jin: He used to be a baby~

RM: Oh! wow Jimin!

Jin: Is Jimin doing it solo now?

Jin: He must be so tired.

Jin: Look at that strength.

RM: Right. He is small but powerful.

Jin: Why is he so weak but he's so strong when dancing?

RM: Now, it's together.

RM: I think it will be cool when they dance together.

RM: That's right! we can see the choreo better cuz they shoot from this angle!

Jin: Is that all that's left?

RM: I really want to feel what it is like to be born as a dance genius

Jin: It's legendary, legendary...

RM: Yes!

RM: They look great!

Jin: He's a real legend.

J: Wow! He's a real legend!

JH: He's so cool (x3).

RM: Just this one thing was worth it.

Jin: They are awesome!

RM: This is Park Jimin.

RM: JIMIN so coooooool!

- He's coming out. It's Jungkook!


JH: He sang it well. He sang it well.

JH: Jungkook!(it's written on the banner)

RM: Is Kook standing in the center?

JH: No, no.

JH: Oh yes he is in the centre!

JH: My heart is fluttering~

Jimin: Did Jungkook do the beginning well?

JH: He did well.

Jin: Whoo! Jungkookie!

JH: He did a good job.

JH: 1st place Jimin 2nd place Lie,Jungkook's trending #3 on the charts.

RM: Really?

JH:No, im kidding *laughs*

JH: He really believed me)

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