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Fuck Bullies Robertfrank615 with English subtitles  

about a week ago I got a message from a

woman who said that her 15 year old son

was a big fan of my videos he was going

through a hard time at school because

he's smaller not a lot of the other kids

his age and he's being bullied by some

fat fuck and his friends that don't even

fucking lift and she said Robert Frank

can you please make a video regarding

bullying she told me that every morning

at breakfast he tells her that he's

afraid to go to school now I consider

myself a pretty fucking tough guy

but that shit broke my fucking heart

nobody and I mean nobody should be

afraid to go anywhere whether it's work

school anywhere it doesn't fucking

matter I don't care if you're 15 or 50

and I responded with the best possible

advice I could give

outside of picking up the biggest

fucking rock and cracking this fucker

across the face

I said get him in the weight room at

school as soon as possible get him a gym

membership let it sort fucking shit up

as soon as possible

lift heavy and lift off in a little bro

and the fucking glorious House of games

will take care of the rest

the bigger and stronger you get the less

this bully will give you shit and as the

months go by and you're starting to fill

out the sleeves your sweetie and

expresser like a fucking champ that

bully is still gonna be that little fat

fuck that wears a t-shirt in the

swimming pool now I challenge everyone

out there watching this video to help a

brothers just for a need if they're

having a hard time if you see someone

getting picked on sweet the fuck up we

are all brothers and sisters in this

game and if you're just gonna sit on the

sidelines and condone this kind of

behavior uncle Robert Frank it's gonna

have to get involved and on this mother

fuckers 18th birthday I'm gonna be on

his doorstep knocking on the door I'm on




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