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Fritz Lang - Spione 1928 VOS with English subtitles   Complain

Fritz Lang's SPIONE was restored between 2003 and 2004

by the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung.

As no original negative exists, various nitrate copies were used.

Due to its length and excellent condition, a copy from the Národni Filmovy Archiv,

Prague, formed the restoration's basis.

Problematic scenes were replaced using materials

supplied by Filmarchiv Austria and Screensound

Moscow's Gosfilmofond's dupe negative contained

a complete set of intertitles displayed as flashtitles.

These matched the original intertitles found in part within the Austrian nitrate copy.

The original German opening credits sequence has not survived.

Cast and crew details were culled from the censor card and rendered

in the same graphics as the intertitles. Other contributors include:


Distributed by UFA

Script: Thea von Harbou Direction: Fritz Lang

Sets: Otto Hunte, Karle Volbrecht Camera: Fritz Arno Wagner

Haghi... Rudolf Klein-Rogge

Sonja... Gerda Maurus Kitty... Lien Deyers

Morrier... Louis Ralph Police Chief Jason... Craighall Sherry

No. 326... Willy Fritsch

Franz, the chauffeur... Paul Hoerbiger Lady Leslane... Hertha von Walther

Dr. Matsumoto... Lupu Pick Colonel Jellusic... Fritz Rasp

The novel "Spione" by Thea von Harbou was published by Scherl-Verlag, Berlin

Throughout the world... strange events transpire.

Sensational theft of documents... ... French Embassy... Shanghai


EXTRA! Assassination attempt on the Minister of Trade.

The Minister dies from his wounds.

Important documents have vanished. No trace of the perpetrator!

Are the officials in charge of state security so asleep on the job

that our most important documents and secret files can vanish without a trace?

"I know... who... "

"Almighty God... what power is at play here?"


Police Summons: Hans Pockzerwinski

Police Station

From: Minister of the Interior To: M.B. Jason, Head of Secret Service By messenger

Dear Mr. Jason! Enclosed please find several new caricatures

and opinions expressed by the public concerning your department...

Isn't it time to bring this ridicule of the helplessness

of the Secret Service to an end? The Minister of the Interior.

"What's the use of all your precautions in bringing me here

when I am secretly photographed by one of your staff in your own office...?"

"Who's paying you... you scoundrel - to inform on me...?!"

"I'd sooner die like a dog than become a traitor!"

"Your fate is in your hands, Vincent... Who are you working for?"

"Find out for yourself! And may God have mercy on you if you find him!"

"Who is he talking about -?!"

"If I knew, No. 326, I wouldn't need you!

And the public wouldn't be making a laughing stock of us!"

"It's easy for you to laugh because, fortunately for you, you prevented

your picture falling into the hands of this... damned spy...!"

"... and no one knows what this man looks like -?!"

"A few... people have known... but... "

"I would be sorry, No. 326, if I had to put a cross after your name as well... "

The Enemy...

"Copy photos 4 and 6... Distribute to all members of the surveillance squad!"

His headquarters...

Morrier kidnapped from the gallows.

Sensational act prior to execution. Masked perpetrators escape.

"This time, Morrier, I have saved you from the noose, because I can make good use

of scoundrels like you... But if ever I sign your death sentence... "

"I am a scoundrel, sir - but a grateful one... "

is on her way... the Haghi Bank.

"Miss Barranikowa shall report to me immediately

when she returns from Colonel Jellusic. "

Colonel Jellusic, a man of interest to many people...

"Are there letters under this box number waiting for me?"

"What box number did this man just pick up letters from?"

"Pardon, Lady Leslane, General Director Haghi would like to see you...

it will only take two minutes... a formality...

as milady just happens to be here... "

"I would like to make a proposal, Lady Leslane!"

"I would like to find out from you, as the wife of Roger Leslane,

when and where the Japanese Secret Treaty will be signed... and who will be present!"

"If I hear nothing within 48 hours, in the 49th hour your husband

will find out just where his wife spends her Tuesday and Friday evenings... "

"Your efforts are futile, Lady Leslane, - I have the negative... "

"I'm richer than Ford, Lady Leslane, even if I pay significantly less in taxes. "

"The day after tomorrow, you will deliver the data in writing to the owner

of the opium den you know so well, and in exchange you will get the negative... "

"How far have you gotten with Jellusic?!"

"I've got him eating out of my hand! And for a kiss he'd sell me all his

fortresses and the entire army of his country!"

"You know what you have to do. I expect a report tonight!"

"Save me - I shot him -!"

"... he invited me to come see him... about a tour... he...

he tried to force me... I didn't know what to do - so I shot him!"

"If you really want to help me... just let me leave!"

It will be better for you and for me... if we never see each other again!

"Choose whomever you wish for this project

- but keep me out of it! I don't want to work against this man... "

"He reminds me... of my brother Sascha... "

"All the more reason for you to fight our enemies in the form of this man,

enemies who also were the enemies of your father, of your brother, or... "

"Have you forgotten -?!"

...sentenced to death

"They died innocent, two victims of the Ochrana of your Russian Czar -"

"... because they weren't smart enough to keep their thoughts to themselves!"

"My friend... "

My friend! I owe you an explanation -

"... - I must see you again... - "

"Don't tell me you've fallen in love with this fellow -?"

My friend! I owe you an explanation and must see you again!

Come tomorrow at 4.00 to have...

a glass of real Russian tea - with the woman you saved - S.B.

Parkstrasse 24

The Diary as Lifesaver

so that you will cry no more.

"I am so happy - so happy -!"

"I, too... "

"My friend... "

"In memory of my father and my brother...

they died as victims of the Czarist Ochrana... "

"But, is there nothing at all that you want -?!"

Eight O'Clock Evening Edition

"Final Edition -!"

"Make me a gift of this evening!"

"I'll pick you up at 9 o'clock - we'll go to Danielli - all right?"

"Wear it forever - it shall bring you luck!"

"At 12 o'clock sharp everyone is at his post... "

"... - Danielli... - "

Go immediately to J. H.

Pay Jellusic the price demanded in exchange

for all the mobilization plans in his possession. Under the condition...

...that he cross the border tonight.

You will not return home, but will report to me immediately. H.

"The condition is that you have to cross the border tonight... "

"But the night is still young, my lovely Sonja... and you had promised... "

"The documents... "

A farewell kiss, beautiful Sonja...!"

A cavalier does not betray his lady!"

"Drive home!"

"Are you satisfied now -?"

"So you love the young man?"

"Your house has been cleared out - you will live

at headquarters and not leave your room without my permission-"

"If the Barranikowa woman had not once again been warned in time,

I would have raided her house tonight!"

"You are hardly the first to have fallen into the trap of this master spy. "

Nothing is to deter a man from the path of duty... not even a woman... "

"Why don't you go home, my child?"

"Please, let me stay here! Don't send me away again!

I won't take up any more space than a little dog...!"

"Have I offended you? Must I leave again?"

"When I went looking for the fellow early this morning,

he had already decamped... without a trace!"

"I'll show you pictures of all the people suspected

of being spies that were taken over the last month... "

"Colonel Jellusic left this morning at 2.40 on the Orient Express!"

Opera Ball 13 General Delivery, Main Post Office

"I'll have this man watched by one of our agents as soon as he arrives. "

"A plane leaves in 45 minutes that will arrive down there

two hours after the Orient Express. "

The Secret Service

reserves two seats

on the Aero Orient Express.

"People like Jellusic can be had for money...!

If I offer him enough he'll betray those who are paying him!"

"Jellusic has to be put out of commission.

Denounce him as a spy to his Commander in Chief at General Headquarters!"

"Good evening, Herr Jellusic... "

"So you don't deny...?"

"You are granted one last request, Herr Jellusic... "

"I beg - in all - humility... "

Surveillance Report Re: Signing of the Japanese Secret Agreement.

Location: Small conference room of the Japanese Embassy. Time: 5:30 a. m.

Present: The two treaty parties, and Chief of Secret Service Dr. Matsumoto.

The Embassy will be subject to the most stringent security measures.

"I'll have this treaty in my hands tonight!"

"Gentlemen! One of these envelopes contains the most important treaty

Japan has concluded in a century... "

"You'll take three different routes to Tokyo... Whoever does not deliver

his letter with its seal unbroken is not worthy of being called a Japanese!"

"Whose blood am I to wear around my neck, Haghi?"

"I have called you in order to clear things between you and me, Sonja. "

"Where is - he -?!"

"He's trying to trace you through Jellusic. "


As we learned after press time, Jellusic,

colonel extraordinaire at General Headquarters,

has died of a heart attack shortly after returning from a holiday trip.

"20,000 pounds... in new bank notes - with consecutive serial numbers...!"

"A blank telegram, please!"

Find out immediately to whom the State Bank

has issued notes in denominations of one thousand with...

...consecutive numbers 0319726 to 0319745 stop Return with next flight.

"A special operator call...!"

"What -?! The bank note numbers?!"

"You have to make up your mind, Sonja. Are you on my side - against him?"

"You still don't seem to know what I am capable of!"

"I have other irons in the fire... "

"I will come back, my child

- the house shall be yours... you will live there as a little princess... "

"I have to leave, Kitty...!"

"But not so fast - ! Not so fast -!

Just a few more hours -! A few meagre hours... -!"

"Don't you see that I will die - if you leave me -?"

"As surely as I shall win this battle, Sonja, I will defeat him...

Do you nevertheless stick to your decision?!"

"And how long are you planning to keep me prisoner?"

"Until one of us is the victor, Sonja - he or I!"

"No. 326, who is coming back tonight, has sent us

a radiogram that falls into your field of expertise... "

"Read it for yourself! This matter has to be taken care of before No. 326 returns!"

Find out immediately to whom the State Bank

has issued notes in denominations of one thousand...

"So I'll come tonight with No. 326 to your dressing room!"

"I'll take care of the postal censorship - You see to it that all borders are closed!

If the treaty falls into the wrong hands, the war in the East is all but declared!"

"It's the last car - and it will happen in the tunnel...

if No. 326 falls into the trap"

"I have told you, Sonja, you will be free when one of us two men triumphs... "

"It is I who have been conquered... because I need you!"

"No one but you is skilful enough to bring

the photos of the treaty across the closed border...

Do me this one last service - and the road to the man you love will be open!"

"And you swear that he will be safe from you in the future if I say yes -?"

"I believe they'll use a foreigner to take the stolen treaty across the border

- and the sudden departure of the Russian courier is,

at the very least, suspicious... "

"... the more so now that 719 has determined

that the bank notes for Jellusic also came from Russian hands... "

"Unfortunately, I cannot leave here without destroying my cover

and jeopardizing my work as No. 719

- but in any event I have reserved

the sleeping compartment next to that of the Russian courier... "

"Around 6 a. m. You will cross the border - that is the decisive moment!"

"I almost forgot what I found the other day... "

"The last car of the express train... - crashed in the tunnel... - "

"You wretch - ! Did Haghi send you to make sure

that his damned plan was successful

"You don't intend to betray us, do you... you scoundrel...?"

"Attention - Central - Central - Central...!"

"Attention - Central - Central - Central...!"

"Attention - Central - Central - Central...!

No. 326 is alive -! Sonja has betrayed us -!"

"We wish to talk to Director Haghi. "

"Gentlemen, what could the police be looking for here -?"

"A criminal - and the proof of his crime!"

"I order you to hand over to me the keys to all of the bank safes!"

If the bank is not vacated within 15 minutes of receiving

this note, and the police have not withdrawn completely...

...the woman you love, whom I hold in my power, will die.

"You have fourteen minutes to live, Sonja! - if he chooses not to obey me!"

"People's lives - in danger -! The bank must be searched within 13 minutes,

and Haghi's secret room found - do you understand?... - "

"Burn all papers... dynamite the safes...

In ten minutes the bank will be filled with gas!"

"Soon, Sonja, you will know all about the secrets of death

- take with you a secret from my life!"

"The bank has been searched down to the foundations

- there is no trace of a secret exit. "

"Gas -!"

"Where is Haghi -?"

10,000 MARKS REWARD! Who has seen the man pictured

above, Bank Director Haghi, since midday?

"Not even a mouse would be able to leave the city

he has to be here somewhere... "

"There's a small error... I want to report... "

"It's just that... the numbers on the thousand pound notes...

which I have to deliver a receipt for... the telegram contains different numbers...!"

"No. 719... has switched the telegrams...! The Clown Nemo is Haghi!"

"A little music please - Mr. Conductor -!"

"Curtain -!"

The End

Music Composed and Performed by Donald Sosin

www. silent-film-music. com

Translation by Ingrid Scheib-Rothbart and Edna McCown c. 1927

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung Renewed by Notice of intent to enforce a

Copyright 1996 under the Uruguay Round Agreement Act by the

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung successor of UFA MoC Anglicization by Jonathan Lomax

Digital Retouching, Restoration, Remastering and Subtitling by

IML Digital Media, Melbourne. c. IML Digital Media 2005

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