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ENGINDO SUB BTS Episode Not Today MV Shooting with English subtitles  

You will be shocked to see this.

We will make a great MV.

We are filming it at this fantastic venue.

I can't believe there is a place like this in Korea.

We will perform great choreography.

- Please look forward to it. - Hello.

We are filming "Not Today" MV now.

What are we filming right now?

- "Not Today" MV. - Which scene?

The shooting and running scene.


- It's crazy here. - We are filming "RUN" here.

- Kaep jjang! Kaep jjang in the morning! - Please show us the original version.

"Not Today", Kaep jjang!

It looks like "Lord of the Rings". It looks like we are in New Zealand.


It looks like we are in Australia.

It looks like we are running very hard.

It's like we are here to have a cardio workout.

You have to act now. Jungkook is the main character.

- When we are attacked, we will run like this... - While covering our faces...

Just listening to it gives me goosebumps.

I am Superman.

- I can't wait to watch this MV. - I am not tired at all.

- Hungry. - So cold.

- Jimin, are you cold? - Yes. - That's not good.

Don't be cold. Don't catch a cold.

We will get shot now...

When we see me running...

- We look handsome. - Yes.

What if we film the scene with high speed camera?

If we do that, our face will jiggle.

My face is jiggling.


Jimin, don't die!

It's like we are dancing.

Watching it slow motion makes my face...

I like what the director said.

"I can tell you're a great dancer". I think that means we did well.

I will do a good job for other scenes too.

My heart is racing...

I am sorry that I can't fall down naturally.

I will go change now. Let's dance!

I don't want the sun to go down.

The sun went down.

We are done with the first day of "Not Today" MV filming.

I can't talk because my face is frozen.

We are done!

Great job, everyone. Zzang!

- "Not Today" Kaep jjang. - Jjang!

I lost my voice. This show our passion

and spirit! BTS, Kaep jjang.

- See you tomorrow. - Kaep jjang.

- We will go now. - What?

This is the most important scene. The intro scene with me walking.

The members and dancers will go like this.

All I have to worry about is me.

- We are at... - 1, 2, 3, 4.

We are at the rooftop.

Right now, I can't really imagine how our MV will turn out.

I think the outdoor scenes look very nice.

We are with the rooftop scenes. It's night time already.

They said we looked great in the MV. I am satisfied.

- Satisfied. - Do you have something to say?

Me? It's night time already.

- I already said that. - Jin is here.

- What will he say? - What's going on?

- What will he say? - What is the fastest chicken in the world?

- The running chicken? - So funny!

- It's so cliche. - I forgot what I was going to say.

We still have our last scene to film.

- Please stay tuned! - Tuned!

Let's teleport to the 4th floor. 1, 2, 3.

This is our last filming site.

This is the last filming site for "Not Today" MV.

- Where did you come from? - I walked down here.

We never had a MV with

this much dance scenes.

It's cold and dusty in here but we are working hard.

We hope you will be touched by our MV.

I, as ARMY, also look forward to this MV.

Jimin looks very seductive.

His hand is like a hair brush. Brush my hair please.

This is our last filming schedule for "Not Today" MV.

How do you feel about it?

- What are we filming here? - You tell us.

- I don't appear in this scene. - You are correct.

- So sad... - I am coming to you.

- V, your shoulders are so broad. - So broad.

Jimin is so cute.

- The way Yoon-gi runs is funny. - Great work!

- Great work! - Bye.

We are done. I am happy.

Please continue to support us this year.

Let's be happy together! Great work!

We are done filming the MV.

It will be a great MV, "Not Today".

Please look forward to this great MV.

You will see us perform at our concert!

- ARMY kaep jjang! - Kaep jjang!

We are finally done now.

We will release our MV for

"Not Today" and "Spring Day".

We worked very hard for it. Hope you like it.

We will work hard for this promotion and have fun with you at our concert.

Please wait for us a bit~


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