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ENG SUB Running Man S3EP7 The Heirs II 20151211ZhejiangTV HD1080P with English subtitles  

I think Angelababy is an heir

Wow you are saying it in front of so many people

It's alright

【Informed by Liu Yan that Baby is one of the heirs】

Because I asked her whether her is the heir or not, and she nodded

【It's time for me to take action】


Put it on for me please 【Decide to poison Baby by the poisoned mask】

【Baby was poisoned】

【Director】 Angelababy out 【Shocked】

She was out?

I'm sorry 【Feeling guilty】

I don't have a choice

You know it's so hard for two of us to play against eight of you

I've been so unlucky

【Surprise inside the box】

I should just wear it and sleep

What happened?

【The first family meeting is about to begin. Can they successfully find out the outsiders?】

It's so apparent now 【Zulan is very confident】

【Has Zulan found any clues?】

So let's talk about which ones of us are with Baby when she was out

【Start to gather evidences and try to find suspect】

We were together

Me, Shaofeng and … Yea four of us were together 【Be the witnesses of each other for their innocence】

I was with Chen He

I was with Zheng Kai

I was with Li Chen

So when Lu was alone with Baby

Right 【The only one who was present】

When you were with Baby, did you find anything abnormal

No I didn't

We were chatting and walking

When we've got in front of a mirror

I joked and said, wake up bro

【Listening carefully】

Then I singed a random song

and Baby singed along with me

Then Baby said we should make it happy 【Worried about hearing anything unfavorable for him】

And I said yea let's make it happy. So I was like “Boom” and Baby said “Shakalaka”

Then there was the announcement, Baby was out

When Baby was brought away, she told me to tell everyone not to say your pet phrase

So is it true that we will be eliminated if we say certain words? 【Is it true?】

I'm not sure

OK. So who was baby with before she was with you all alone? 【Trying hard to hide his flurried face】

【Recalling from memory】

Her name tag wasn't ripped off, it was still on her back【Noticed an important detail】

That's right

So the truth should be after he has already acted, he left Baby with Lu by themselves 【Conjecturing the “crime means” of the outsiders】

I don't think so 【Suspicion passes on to Zheng Kai, who was with Baby alone before she was with Lu】

【So fortunate that no one has noticed me】

Probably the outsiders had done something in another place to eliminate her 【Different conjectures of the crime means implemented by the outsiders】

Almost all the information I've received were about the outsiders

【Pretended to be calm】

One clue said that the two outsiders is composed of an elder sister and a younger brother

【Elder sister and younger brother】

So a male and a female【Elder sister and younger brother】

She was born in 1981

I was born in 1980

She was born in 1981 and you were born in 1980

Which ones of us were born after the 80s 【Diminishing the range: the younger brother must be born after the 80s】

We three 【Afraid to be found out and responded instantly】

【Looking around suspiciously】

OK, so I'm not the outsider, but one of the remaining two girls must be the outsider 【Nodded】

So we should vote to eliminate one of the ladies

I agree

【The suspension concentrates on the two female participants】

I'm totally agree with Zulan 【The outsider younger brother Chen He wasn't sure about how to act】

So if we are sure about the elder brother and the younger sister, we should certainly not waste this chance of vote 【One of the outsiders must be a female】

【How can I make them trust me?】

It's my turn now.

I want to ask everyone here a question, please raise your hand if you are still single.

Why? 【Puzzled】

This is very important 【Had Ella found any other clues?】

Please raise your hand if you are not married

【They six are not married】

OK, alright.

【Why did Ella ask that question?】

Zulan and I had obtained a piece of information

It says that both of the outsiders were helpless and lonely as kids and the master was very sympathetic to them

So I think the outsiders should be singles 【Clue: helpless and lonely Conclusion: the outsiders are singles】

【Suspected: It' not related with the given clue?】

It doesn't have anything to do with being single

【Liu Yan is very suspicious】


【Can Liu Yan prove her innocence?】

First of all, I'm agree that we should have one of the ladies eliminated in the first round.

You can eliminate me, because I'm certainly not one of the heirs

So it really doesn't matter if I'm eliminated 【Thinking about how to deal with the situation】

However, because one of the ladies must be outsiders

After I'm voted to be eliminated for the first round

You guys must vote for her the next round because this situation is very dangerous 【Why drag me with you?】

It's better if you vote her out first because I'm innocent. I'm done.

I'm pretty familiar with Liu Yan, and I've been suspecting her from the morning.

【Impotent smell】

She didn't even actively look for the mirrors

How can someone who didn't even look for mirrors be an heir or an ordinary family member?


Everyone urged to find some clues 【Is Chao's judgment correct?】

Even a broken mirror

【Not trying to argue back anymore】

I'm sure that she is an outsider

My owl has told me everything 【Innocent owl said nothing】

You are exceptionally smart in this episode if you are not an outsider

【I'm a smart genius】

【I'm safe, no one suspected me】

【Director】 Now we are about to vote

【Director】 Anyone vote for Zulan?

【Wang Zulan: 0 votes】

【Director】 What about Li Chen?

【Li Chen: 0 votes】

【Director】 Anyone vote for Ella?

【Firmly raised her hand】

【A thief is crying “Stop thief!”】

【Innocent face】 【Ella: 1 vote】


【It's smart to trust my judgement】

【Director】 Raise your hand if you want to vote for Liu Yan


【Gradually raised his hand】

【Hands were raised one after one】

【Feel relieved, our choice should be right】


He's the only smart one in all of you

【Only Li Chen didn't raise his hand】

【Director】 It's regretful that Liu Yan have got 7 votes, man in black please come forward 【Liu Yan out】

I'm sorry

Sorry 【Sorry】

Why is she pointing at us? 【What's she implying?】

You guys are dumb! 【What will outsider Chen He do next?】

The jail is so pretty

Welcome 【Politely welcome】

Are you an heir? 【Straight-forwardly】


You are not one of the heir?

The heirs don't know about their own identities

Please be seated

Why don't the heirs know about their own identities?

Why did you acknowledge yourself as an heir when I asked you?

I was kidding【I was totally joking】


【Director】 Chen He, you are the first one to go

I need someone with me


【Looking around】

【Start running】


【Poisoning for the second time】

【Director】 Deng Chao, it's your turn

Shakespeare Deng, the owl man 【Never leave his owl】

The owl man is coming

【The second information finding round is starting】

【Thirty minutes left】

Let's go.

I haven't got a chance to paired up with you yet

Shaofeng, I'll group up with you 【Zulan surprisingly appears】

We've just decided to pair up

I'm with you, you just promised to pair with me

You should make a choice 【Embarrassing triangle relationship】

Listen to me

How about black and white? 【Simply black and white】

No no 【That's not what I meant】

I can't make a choice

Now listen to me 【All of my cells are refusing to make a choice】

I'm not susceptible at all and so are you

【Tries to convince Feng Shaofeng by analyzing the situation】 You have no reason to walk with someone who's suspicious

To prove myself innocent, you should trust me for this time

I want to walk with you

【Looking left and right but can't decide】

Please walk with me

Well, let's go black and white 【Whatever】

What is black and white! You really can't make any choice!

I'll prove myself innocent on the way 【I've got a headache】


He is still suspicious but I'm a hundred percent innocent

I'm suspected

Why don't you walk with me, he's still suspicious by thirty three percent

Alright, alright

But I want to prove you that I'm innocent

I'll throw myself around and be paired with whoever I end up facing 【Feng's way of making a choice】

It totally depends on you

But I can't decide

Then you decide if you throw yourself around

I'm very embarrassed now 【Trying to hang up by stating his reasons】

You guys sandwiches me

I did say that I would go with you just now 【Clear analysis but puzzled decision】

But I went to the restroom, and I talked with Zheng Kai in the restroom

Zheng Kai said that he would like to walk with me

Since we were in the restroom for a while, I thought that you'd already gone 【Babbling】

You are such a verbose man

How about three of us walk together 【Just don't want to make a choice】

No, we can only be paired

Well, actually I think both of you are innocent

I think the world is beautiful 【Brings the conversation up to a level of life philosophy】

Only you

【Just don't force me to make a choice】

Bye, verbose man 【See you soon】

Get the books with me【leaving alone】

Poor Zulan, he's walking all by himself 【soft hearted】

But Brother Feng, I'll be so lonely if I travel alone【hard to decide】

Whatever I don't care anymore, you can make the decision 【Who should I choose】

I'll help you make your choice 【Can't stand him anymore】

Hey you cannot force him to pair with you

Zheng Kai, I was forced 【Why can't Feng just make a simple choice?】

Zheng Kai is following us

If I was eliminated, remember my words 【Shao Feng you are responsible for my elimination if it happens】


Take care of yourself Zheng Kai 【Felt so guilty foe leaving him and urged him again and again】

OK, I will

【Sorry Kai】

I'm afraid of being alone

【Lonely figure】

Hey Zulan, what does your smile mean

【Uncontrollable laughter】

Why were we trapped in a triangle relationship in front of the rest room just now and we are still in a triangle relationship 【Driven crazy】

We just become a bigger triangle

Feng, I'll give you the last chance

Will you walk with me? 【The last request from Zheng Kai】

Fine, I'll walk by myself, bye

He is so irresolute

I'm so irresolute

Let's go

I'll walk with Zulan for five minutes and come back to you after ten minutes 【Trust me I can take care of both of you】

OK 【The story of irresolution ends】

Here's the entrance

We need to go down

【Searching for clues】

Wait, wait. What's the sound?

It's the wind but it's so scary. 【The wind wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves】

Let's hurry

Here, I see a mirror here

【Zulan and Shaofeng find a mirror】

Mirror mirror can you tell us the secret of our family

Five, four, three, two, one

The brother liked to cry when he was young

And his sister would for him whenever he cried

When the brother cried, the sister would sing songs for him

【Information on the mirror: The brother liked to cry when he was young and his sister sung for him whenever he cries. Journal of Adoption】 【Who does this clue points to?】

The outsider liked to cry when he was young

His sister sang for him 【Keywords: sing】

That means the sister must be a singer?

【Female singer is…】

His sister sang for him 【Keywords: sing】

That means the sister must be a singer?

【Female singer is…】

The sister is Ella?

【Ella is the outsider?】

I think we should vote to eliminate Ella in the second round


Yes, and the next one should be Chen He 【Feng Shaofeng's list of the outsiders: Ella and Chen He】

But Chen He has a special item with him

We don't know what's inside the box


Ouch, I've forgot about Zheng Kai

I said I would be with him

【I'm sorry Kai】

OK, go for him

【But it's so mean to Zulan in this way】

Are you OK by yourself

I'm fine, I'll go by myself

OK, I'll go find Zheng Kai then


I'm a trustworthy guy


【I'm a principled man】

But where can I find Zhengkai?

【Totally lost】

【Zheng Kai is traveling by himself】

It's really dangerous to be alone at this point 【Worries】

No one can prove me to be innocent even if I'm killed

I need someone with me


Who is it? 【Is Shaofeng returning for me?】


We should pair up with each other 【Zheng Kai meets his new partner after being abandoned by Shaofeng】

OK, sounds good

Let's go inside first

【Will the new partners find any different clues?】

Mirror mirror can you tell us the secrets of our family?

The master found a foreign teacher to teach him/her English

But he/she never took it seriously.

Journal of the Heirs

Never took learning English seriously 【A clue that everyone easily gets】 【Information on the mirror: The master found a foreign teacher to teach him/her English, but he/she never took it seriously. Journal of the Heirs】

Sounds like me

【Am I one of the heirs?】

Don't the heirs know about their own identities?

It's certainly you


【Not good at English】

Bad at English

Yea 【Can't hide the happiness in his heart】

Journal of the Heirs, bad at English, don't take learning English seriously

【I need to take some time to analyze】

Chao Sir you are an heir

That's the first time I know about it

Then I need to protect myself, this clue is too obvious

Yea it points to you. You are an heirs

【You are my young master】

【Hey bro】Protect me well

Young master

Protect me please 【I feel so stressful now】

You are the heir

I've seen it for myself, but

Deng Chao

Here comes someone

Deng Chao

I'm here

This way 【Why is Li Chen looking for Deng Chao in such a hurry】

What happened?【Why is Li Chen looking for Deng Chao in such a hurry】

I need to share some important information with you

There's a possibility that there's someone other than the outsiders that we are playing against 【Worrying about rivals other than the outsiders】

I think it's very possible

【Hesitate to tell the truth to Li Chen】

I think it's very possible

Let's go this way and find some new clues

【Group up again to search for clues】

Here is a mirror, let's ask it 【Will they find some new clues?】

Mirror mirror please tell us the secret of our family

【Keep alerted for the whole time】

We two seniors are grouping up now, can we not to 【Sigh with emotion】

【What important information appeared in the mirror?】

Two young masters, I've been waiting for you for a long time.

【We are the young masters】

Since you are the heirs of the family

You can ask me one question about the identity of one person

But I can only answer you yes or no

I didn't tell you so much information just now

Two blades finally come to one

Finally we are in the same group 【The two heirs finally recognize each other】

【Can they use this chance to find out one of the outsiders?】

We can ask a question

Yes, but only one of us can ask

But we can discuss what question we should ask

We should be straight forward and ask about the people we suspect

Such as Zheng Kai, Chen He 【The three suspected younger brothers: Zheng Kai, Chen He, and Lu Han】

How about Lu Han? 【Is Lu Han an outsider?】

Let's test Zheng Kai first and we will have half chance, right?

What about Ella? 【The only girl remaining: Ella】

If Ella is the outsider, we can ensure if we've eliminated the wrong person in the previous round 【Starts to question their previous judgment】

Such as Liu Yan【Starts to question their previous judgment】

Do you think our vote was wrong?

I don't know about Liu Yan because she was too abnormal today.【The precious chance made the two brothers hesitate】

Yes she was abnormal.

So let's ask about Zheng Kai so that we can live for longer 【The elder young master has made a decision】

OK, I agree

Mirror mirror please tell me if Zheng Kai is an outsider?

【Decided to ask about the identity of Zheng Kai】

【What will the mirror respond?】


Zheng Kai is not the outsider

So it must be Lu Han or Chen He 【The range is diminished again】

Another question is how Baby was eliminated

It can't be because she was trying to “excite” the mirror

Then it must be Lu Han

【Be sure that Lu Han is the outsider】

We two are really dangerous now

I think since we've ensured that we are the two young masters,

we should be separated

No we can't be separated 【Decide to go together and fight against the outsiders】

Because it doesn't matter if they are eliminated

【The two successors have found the suspect Lu Han】

【Nervously on the alert】

【Enthusiastically waved after seeing Li Chen and Deng Chao】

Brother Chao

He's by himself

One moment, we need to use the restroom first 【Wants to be safe by delaying his request】

【Why are way keeping a distance from me on purpose?】

He's coming

I don't know if he'll pull out any items, you know

He's coming

【Keep away from all the suspects for safety】

Don't walk with him


Let's walk farther from him

Let's walk faster

【Quietly watching the movement of Li Chen and Deng Chao】

Brother Chao, Don't you want to ask the mirrors there?

Don't talk to him


Don't talk to him 【Refused to respond for a second time】

There are two mirrors here



Why are you by yourself 【Three people meet again】

I can't find anyone else

Hold on we will find someone else

We'll come back to you in a while

【Tries to get away from Lu Han as quickly as possible】

What did they say?

【Why have they been running away from me?】

They've been running

You are right, he's been chasing us 【The crazy survival mode starts】

Don't tell anyone that we are the successors

【Chasing closely】

It's a dead end

It's really difficult to find the way here, we can get him lost 【Were almost lost in the giant castle】

【Chasing closely】

Hurry, let's run

He has been following us all the way

Hurry 【Purposely chose a circuitous way】

What? I've got it wrong?

【Cleverly used the terrain to shake off their pursuer】

They've suddenly disappeared

【lost his target】

This place is so big, I can't find them

The reason why should we vote for Lu is

it feels like him 【Using your intention?】

No, it's because if she was eliminated with the name tag that wasn't ripped off

Only the task card has such power 【Clearly analyzing the situation】

【Chen He walked by and heard the conversation of his “Prey”'s】

Understand? The task cart is

【The heirs encounter Chen He by accident】

I have an idea

What is it?

You haven't tell us anything about your item yet

【If you want to know…】

What's the important clue?

Are there anyone upstairs?

What happened 【Ella appears】

She said it's safe

But if Ella is the outsider, I'll have to say she's so good at this game


I don't think the outsider is Ella

Yea she's a little clumsy 【Unsuspected for her clumsiness】

Probably she's dull

Ella you are clumsy


We said you are smart 【What were you talking about?】

What's this?

What if any of you are an outsider? 【Trying to hide his identity for the whole time】

It's impossible! I was born in 1978 and he was born in 1979

Let me take a look

Invincible Shield: please shout out “Ninja turtle” when you want to use it

【Invincible Shield: It can keep the heir safe for half an hour, shout out “Ninja turtle!” when you want to use it.】

Can I have it?

Because I'm the older brother and you are a younger one 【Implying that he's not an outsider】

That's the turtle

Can I shout out “Ninja owl” then?

OK then I've got a “Ninja cane”

Walk with me since we haven't paired up yet 【Chen He and Ella had never been in the same group】

Can you two walk together

Let's go

【Can Chen He successfully assassin his target for the second time?】

Why are you giving it to me?

【Li Chen was poisoned】

Happy birthday

Open it up

Do you want to freak me out

【Do whatever you want, I've already succeeded】

You are so childish

【Unhidden smile】

【Tried so hard to close the box】

It's enough, just let it go

【Why do I have such a childish younger brother?】

Will he be eliminated?

【How does Ella know about it】


I saw it just now

【Strange smile】

Happy birthday

Good job

【Both kids were very smart, so the master really sympathized them, adopted them and treated them as his own son and daughter. Journal of Adoption】

Come with me and be my kids.

【Every time the younger brother was bullied, the sister would step forward bravely. Journal of Adoption】

I'm not playing with you!

Get out!

Get out!

Why are you still here?

Go away abandoned kids!

Go away!

Lady, young master, here's the potion for you

【Elder sister Ella was the one who shared the poisoned potion with Chen He the other night】

Let's do it tonight

Remember, I may be eliminated in the next round

You mean during the vote

You understand?

Yes I do understand

The range may be diminished and I'll be eliminated

It's very possible because they might find lots of information about me in during this round

That's my guess


So it's inevitable that one of us will be eliminated during each round of the game 【I'm doomed to be eliminated】

I need to find somewhere to hide now 【Crying without tears】

So that I can avoid the embarrassment when I see the mirrors with my personal information with them 【The more he shows up the more will crack】

The two of us should be together for the whole time

【Can the outsiders accomplish their goal?】

Should we ask 【The nervous heirs】

OK, one more question

Mirror mirror please tell us about the secrets of our family

He's also an enthusiast of e-sports. Journal of Adoption

Chen He

But so is Lu Han

Lu Han also likes to play video games【Suspects: Chen He, Lu Han】

So we still need to ask

Wang Zulan never plays video games so we are good with him?

Yes, we are good with him

So we should tell Wang Zulan about our identities 【List of the innocent ones: Wang Zulan】

Let's find him

Ella also doesn't play video games, understand? 【List of the innocent ones: Wang Zulan and Ella】

We need to find Wang Zulan first

we can't waste any bit of time

One of us may be eliminated by the task card found by outsiders 【Worrying about the outsiders will find clues against them】

Maybe he will suspect that you and I are the heirs

Let's go

Let's find Wang Zulan first

【Need to find some trustworthy ones】

We can have one additional vote after we find Zulan

We also need to find Ella and Zheng Kai 【List of the innocent ones: Wang Zulan, Ella, and Zheng Kai】

Zheng Kai can be definitely trusted

Between Zheng Kai and Wang Zulan

We may encounter Lu Han if we go this way

I think the outsider must be Chen He

He's over there, over there

Who's him with?

【Suspect Chen He was found】Chen He

【Ella, come this way】

We should take Ella away because Chen He may be dangerous 【The two young master trust Ella and try to protect her】

I understand

Li Chen and Deng Chao want us to come to them 【Message received】

Let's go that way

Are there any stairs

I pretend to draw Chen He away and you tell Ella everything 【Make sure to tell Ella everything】

Make sure you tell her everything

OK, be careful bro

I know, I won't say anything

The outsider must be him If I'm eliminated 【The elder young master decides to test Chen He's identity out by himself】

You remember the time range, right?

Remember, I'll come back to you ASAP after you tell Ella everything

Where should we meet afterward

【Chen He and Ella are coming from the second floor】

No he brought her away! 【Heartbroken】



It's Deng Chao

Someone's shouting

【What's happening?】

【Their shouts are resounding in the castle】

【I'm running toward you to bring you away safely】

They've rushed toward us



Come down stairs

【I'll bring you away from the dangerous situation】

For what【I'll bring you away from the dangerous situation】

【Lu Han and Zheng Kai have also come after hearing the call】

Are you sure Ella isn't an outsider? 【Make sure again】

I'm not sure 【Not sure】

Then we should bring Chen He here and ask him a few more questions

Is it OK?

Just ask here

They can't eliminate anyone when everyone's here, right?

What happened

【Ella was so confused】

Why did you keep calling my name?

Have you seen

I have it

【Chen He keeps Zheng Kai and Lu Han out of the gate】

Have any of you seen

【Chen He keeps Zheng Kai and Lu Han out of the gate】

He's trying to keep them out of the gate!

【The atmosphere suddenly becomes nervous】

I have it 【Get further from Chen He for safety concerns】

What's happening? It's so scary!

I'm here Chao

I'm here Chao

I'm here

Where are you going?

What are you doing? This is so scary!

I'm saving you

I need to bring you away from this place

Let's go

Where are you going?

What are you acting for?

【Keep distance】

【Chen He was totally abandoned】

Why did we start running 【start running for no reason】

Come here Kai

I have to save you 【I've done everything to save you】

I'll bring you away from this place

Slow down, please slow down

【Running together hand in hand】

I have to save you

I'll bring you away from this place

Do I need to go that way?

So everything is under my control

【They are getting suspicious on me】

Everything is under my control

They will vote me out soon

【Chen He has already known his doom time】

Is it Chen He

【Ella comes up with a question】

I have to know if I could tell you the truth

Of course【I'm looking forward to it】

Now I gotta you tell something

【Come on, I'm listening】

I'm the heir【Telling the truth: I'm the heir】


I'm sure of it

【In relief: Glad you've been poisoned】

Among the boys, it's the one who likes to play electronic games【The eldest heir can't see the truth, and runs into his enemy's arms】

Who【Now is the show time】

One is Lu Han

The other is Chen He

Copy that【Use every strength to do the performance】

Well...let's analyze the clues we've got

We have to find Wang Zulan first at the moment

【Deng Chao is executing his own plan】

Kaikai, you alone, follow me

【Why do you guys keep hiding from me】

Find somewhere safe first

【Why do I have to meet you alone】

Come here

Little Lu might be a danger to us

Chen He is highly suspicious【Getting lost:Little Lu is a danger to us?】

Just now, the clue mentioned electronic games

electronic games

Yes, and they both are good at it

I just confirmed your identity

So I now I can tell you the truth

Li Chen and I are both the heirs

【Li Chen is also the heir】

【On the other side, Little Lu has been dumped away as a suspect】

Lu Han

Let's go find some clues

Let's do it

It seems we're back to where we started

That's fine【With strong vigilance】

Let's leave there

Why don't we go there and see what we can find

Why do they hide from us all the time

【Too naive to think about himself being suspected】

They've been hiding from us from the beginning


I got no idea what they were talking about

I think little Lu is pretty suspicious. I mean it

and it won't be hard for him to cross out others【Making guesses: the operation won't be difficult】

So what he needs might be getting close to us

Not in this way

It might be

He just followed me and Li Chen all the way along from the second floor【No matter what, Lu Han appears suspicious to him】

【Who is it】


I've already told him everything

So now I think Chen He is very likely to be the outsider【Everyone highly suspects the true identity of Chen He and Lu Han】

Ella, are you

【All of a sudden, Deng Chao suspects Ella's identity】

【Can we believe her?】

【Only for now】

Now you guys are sure that you're heirs


You both are the heirs

Are you


【The outsider confirms the identity of the heirs】

I didn't tell her the whole truth at the beginning

Sorry, I didn't tell you the whole truth

Just to confirm you're not the outsider

All right

Now the confirmed information is that we both are the heirs【He won't stopping thinking for a sec】

Let's go somewhere safer to continue talking

I wish you guys would meet Wang Zulan ASAP


【No problem】

Find him please【Repeating the info.】

【Li Chen is out】

【What happened】

【How is it possible】

You see, the outsider would set one up when he or she is alone【Li Chen was poisoned to 'death' because of the poisoned box】

Li Chen is out


Who is the killer

How could it happen【What happened】

Li Chen was not a suspect

【Li Chen is out】


【Keep in distance】

【What's going on】

Let me make clear of it

What happened

Let me think of it

【Li Chen is out】

Since you two were the heirs

now the game is over

Not yet

If the game is over

he won't announce that Li Chen is out but game is over【Speaking by experience】

So you're not the heir【Finally she realized it】

I'm not

It makes me happier not being the heir【At least, my sacrifice is meaningful】

at least, I did something for the heir back then

Li Chen was together with Ella

She has no time to commit the crime

【Li Chen was with Ella?】

I didn't do anything

Are you【Deng Chao starts to suspect Ella】

I'm not

For the sake of safety, Little Kai, you need to take her away

All right

I have to steer clear of you

Okay【Talking won't do me any favor, now I have to do something to gain his trust back】

If you insist

All right

No problem

【Trying everything to stay away the dangers】

It's so weird

【What is going on】

Let's go, sister Dandan【Let's go, sister Dandan】

What... you bad ass

I'm serious. You look like Song Dandan

【The intense gets a little bit relieved because of the joke】

Does she have any special gestures

Like this

Please show compares for me

Good, who are we going to visit【Resemblance: 99%】

Let's go find the mirror

All right

【30 Minutes' up】

Now we are safe【30 Minutes' up】

I gotta exchange my opinions with you【Hurry up to the banquet hall】

Kaikai is definitely not the outsider

We've already confirmed that

Vote Chen He【Cross him out】

Another thing is I'm the heir

Brother Chao is very suspicious【Suspecting Deng Chao but not sure of it】

Brother and sister


【It's getting complicated】

【Getting focused】

Why can't I use the elevator

I've gotta climb up the stairs from the floor【Chen He's late】

【Observing Chen He's behaviors silently】

【All the family members arrived】

【Staring at Chen He quietly】

We are at the chateau, aren't we

Shall we have some wine first【I need some wine to relax myself】

I'm fed up with all these things. I feel so stressful

At this moment, I don't believe in anyone

I think we'd better take a vote and cross out the outsider【Time's running out: we gotta pick up the outsiders】

Talking about the outsider, we crossed Liu Yan out last time

and then I got a very horrible lead about the outsiders

【A horrible lead?】

The sister would sing to comfort her crying little brother

After kicking Liu Yan out, I have been thinking if she has ever sung【Thinking over】

Yes, she has.

She made a record once【Insisting that Liu Yan is the outsider】

Did she

Yes, a singular

Oh, she did

Let's enjoy it

(Singing)Please share a slice of sweet innocence with me

but not the leftover romance


I didn't know you made a singular before

【A good host must also be a person who knows how to sing】

【I'm glad she did】

There's one thing I'm sure is that

The way adopted to 'kill' the real family member is not executed face to face

So if you have a suspect【This is indeed a fatal factor】

don't leave him alone【Getting too nervous to eat】

because you never know what he or she will do to 'kill' you

which we all the true family members would not know

Yes【So true】

Who came here along just now

【Lift his hand automatically】

Chen He came back here alone

【Oh my...Everyone is suspecting Chen He now】

【The heir never gets relax】

Frankly, I have no idea what's happening

After last vote, I was with Ella

All we found out is the infomation about the heirs

We didn't know anything about the outsiders

【Paying attention to it】 We didn't know anything about the outsiders

【Paying attention to it】

I wanna know who was staying with Brother Chen when he's dead

And for how long【Strategically shift everyone's attention away】

【Chen He wants to attack me】

Think about that, guys, think about that【Repeating】


I really don't know any of this

But when Baby was with me, and then she's out

Brother Chen's out when he's with Ella

I think the outsiders might be able to control what's happening here from afar【Thinking actively】

They might have found something that would help them do this

They might have already reached to such a device【Highly probably】

I've known something about the outsiders

which has worried me so much【Very confusing】

Because the information itself implies I am the outsider


Our father sent him to Shanghai for further study【Decide to expose the information at the risk of being suspected】

Mirror, please tell us the secret of family

The father once sent him to Shanghai for further study

Journal of adoption

The outsider is adopted?

Study in Shanghai

We've both gone to Shanghai for further study【Study in Shanghai】

【Contemplating the words】

So did Feng Shaofeng【Feng once went to Shanghai for study】

【Getting intense】

【I need a drink】

【I hope that everyone can understand what I mean】

【Silence is the only option】

【It's pretty clear what's going on now】

Now you've known the message

you might have done your own thinkings【All I can say is that】


I think lots of things are coming clear now

The important news I got is that the outsiders are fond of electronic games

【Another lead: fond of electronic games】

fond of electronic games

There are two people who are fond of the electronic games

Little Lu and Chen He

Both of them are crazy about it

And you've been sweating since you entered this room【Pointing at Chen He deliberately】

The clothes make me

It's you【Eyes to eyes】

Chen He

【The smiling starts to freeze】

It's you【Chen He is the outsider, confirmed】

That's all I want to say

【Having a heavy feeling: I'm going to be out of the game】

【For those who agree that Chen He is the outsider,

raise your hand please】

【Without hesitation】

【With a little bit hesitation】

May I abandon the right of voting this time

【Chen He got five votes】

If the game continues

it will be very terrified

Brother Chao

【The bow means too much】

It's too much【Confused】

What does he mean

【Why did Chen He bow to Brother Chao】

【Confused by Chen He's behavior】

It's obvious if the game is not over yet

【The game continues】


It must be him

You and Ella, right

Is the game over

Not yet

You and Ella are the outsiders, are you【Keep asking who's the outsider】

I'm not

【The heir VS. The outsider, who will win the game at last】

Would it be Brother Chao【Round three to search for the leads】

It might be


Because Chen He mentioned him just now【Ella managed to make Zulan suspect that Deng Chao is the outsider】

I don't know why

Why would the lead say the relation between the outsiders is elder sister and younger brother

Does the age gap exist in reality or in the performance

【Thinking of various possibilities】

But now I'm getting suspicious on the clue of electronic games

Where did you get that information【Start to question the authenticity of the clue】

They told me about that

Who exactly

Brother Chao

There're a bunch of people

Yes, there were four of us【I'm gonna seize the chance to make Zulan believe in me】

Then what if the clue didn't exist at all【Zulan has a problem on trust】

It's totally made up by Brother Chao

to frame Chen He【Trying to hold the giggling: Zulan, you got the widest imagination】

It's too horrible

I think it's possible

It's unbelievable

I think it's possible

Oh it true

If not him, then who

Lu Han

【No. 2 suspect: Lu Han】

Lu Han is fond of the electronic games

【Oh no, they're getting suspicious on me】

Go downstairs

I have to go downstairs

Brother Zulan, you gotta follow me


Follow me please【Why would Lu Han wanna be with Zulan alone】


We haven't seen the mirror together

Have you ever studied in Shanghai

I didn't

I finished my high school in Beijing and went to Korea after I graduated【Being innocent: expose everything to prove his innocence】

You could hide somewhere after I leave【Still don't buy Lu Han's story】

If you hear my name on the broadcast,then he must be the outsider

Okay【You're safe with me】

I am ready to make sacrifice【For justice: Zulan decides to testify if Little Lu is the outsider】

Oh my brother

I mean it【Brother, you're doing great】

I wanna cry

Be careful


Please be careful Okay

Please be careful

Oh my【The Fortress Cup nominee of Actree Lead: Ella】

Be careful

Oh my, I'm so stressful

I do feel stressful【Change the attitude instantly, the so-called academic style】

【Place the poison on the hat】

Brother Zulan

I was contemplating when Brother Chao left

he looked at me and then smiled【Getting lost in the suspicion on Deng Chao】

Is he going to eliminate you

I think he's setting me up【Brainwashing Lu Han】

He wants to bride me

Mirror, please tell us the family secret

Five four three two one

How many years they have practiced English's pronunciation and grammar. -- Journal of Adoption

Brother Chao

It's brother Chao【Deng Chao must be the outsider -- confirmed】

Then the information he provided might be false

Who is the heir

They said Brother Kai looks like the heir【Little Lu thinks Zheng Kai is the heir】

I think he might be the one【The heir in Zulan's mind】 They said Brother Kai looks like the heir【Little Lu thinks Zheng Kai is the heir】

I think he might be the one【The heir in Zulan's mind】

【Always believe in Brother Shaofeng's aristocratic quality】

You wanna come here

Do you guys want to talking with me【Sincerely asking for information-sharing】


She won't do anything as long as Zulan is with her

Now we're in a great danger

【Time's running up: the heir is concerned about his safety】

We can split up

I'll go find Ella

Okay【Zheng Kai goes find Ella alone】

You find some clues to save yourself

I'll go find Ella

I gotta find the mirror

There it is

Mirror, could you tell me the family secret

【The privilege of the heir: because Deng Chao is the only one heir now,he can ask the question on his own】 Mirror, could you tell me the family secret

【The privilege of the heir: because Deng Chao is the only one heir now,he can ask the question on his own】

Where's Brother Chao【With a clear aim: go directly to Brother Chao】

I am gonna 'kill' him

【The outsider Ella: start to execute the killing project】

Ask me a question

I like it

【Ella is approaching to Deng Chao】

My question is that is Ella the outsider【Is she?】

Please answer me【Approaching】

Is Ella the outsider【Awaiting the answer anxiously】

【At this moment, Ella shows up】

【Crap...I'm spotted】

【A weird smile】

Can I trust you

【The heart is beating in a crazy speed】

【Running away before the answer shows up】

【Where would R family's destiny wind up】

I'm pretty sure she's the outsider【Even without looking the mirror's answer】

【Confirm even without looking the mirror's answer】

I think I have to do a performance【Decide to do a performance to attract Deng Chao's attention】

I have to make some chaos

【Decide to do a performance to attract Deng Chao's attention】

【Observing the situation in the darkness】


【Am I hearing this wrong? Is it Ella】

【The screaming is hovering over the castle】

【What's it all about】

【Following the soundtrack to find Ella】

【Experienced atress: screaming at the air】

【Extremely unease】

Why is she doing this【What's her purpose】

I'm quitting this game

Ella is the outsider【Becoming more determinated in his own judgment】

She has the weird smile

Where's Brother Chao【Will she manage to find Brother Chao】

I'm gonna 'kill' him

【Be awared that Ella is approaching】

【Saving himself from the danger: his safety is related to the future of the whole family】

【Ella is spotted】

【Keep on disguising】

Where are you going to

I'm quitting

I'm going to find somewhere to hide myself【Approaching】

First, hide, and then, attack, right?

All right

Why don't you stay with me from now on【Making a propose: request to stay together】

Okay, I'll follow you no matter where you go

You can't run away

All right

Would you like to hold this for me?I want to refine my hairstyle

【Zheng Kai's poisoned】

【It's too late to throw it away】


【Don't blame me for that】

Come on, follow me

Don't split up

【The heir is spying in the darkness】

Ella is so good at performance【Can't help but appreciate Ella's performance】

We won't give up

I'm gonna fight against the outsider till the end

【I'm gonna fight till the end】

I feel so stressful in this game

And I have a headache now【Doing everything to show her innocence】

I thought all I need to do is to run

You know, I'm not that smart

I hate to think over all those tricks

【Go ahead】

All right, let's stick together

And we'll see who is the next victim

Ella is so good at it

She is such a good player【The heir: Being stressful with the competitive enemy】

Now Zheng Kai is dragging her there

He's doing great

She can't do harm to anyone else now【The priority is to stop Ella from doing any more harms】

All we need is to wait for the voting time

and then we can cross her out by voting【Waiting for the voting time】

I decide to stay with you to prove my innocence

You mentioned the killer could only kill others when he/she's alone【Keep on observing the situation with a different pose】


But what if you die when you're with me

【I didn't think that much: all I need to do is to protect the heir】

I don't know

【Keeping an eye on the outsider no matter what】

Have you ever thought of this question

Because if I am the killer, I may kill you now

【The interest of my family deserves my sacrifice】

That's not a problem【Kaikai is my true brother】

【Hiding in the dark: Keeping an eye on the danger is the best option】

Listen to me, every time I got a headache

I would become annoying【Those two people are entangled with each other】

May I massage your head to relieve your pain a little bit

since you've done the same thing to me in the daytime

Oh would be too much

All right【Now that you're stuck with me, why don't we take a rest for a while】

There's a bench. Let's take a seat

【Confused: why are they sticking together】

Oh, look at him

He comes alone【Grasping the chance to disattract Zheng Kai's attention】

What's up, little Lu

Now those who come up alone are suspicious

Sorry, we're going to do a massage

Come here

What's up, little Lu

Anything you wanna say

【Getting lost】

I have a headache

Great,There's a cup of water【She's the outsider】

This place is good for rest

【Don't know anything】

If I touch you, will I be expelled

I have no idea

I haven't done anything yet

【Being cautious】

I don't think so

You want a lighter one or heavier one

The latter

It would be much more interesting if Ella is out【Naive: have no idea what's going on】

Massage【Staying away from the chaos and keeping on wandering around】

The heir has his knees on the ground【Brother Chao stays at where he is all the time】

Like a lizard【An 'aristocratic lizard' is in his low time】

I would do anything to protect my family's reputation【Deng Chao is becoming humble】

【Having the future of the family on the shoulders】

【Zheng Kai's out】

【Acting innocent】

【Zheng Kai's out】

【Zheng Kai's out】

The outsider has taken action【The outsider has taken the action】

【Zheng Kai's out】

【In depression: missed the chance to take over the control of R family】

【A totally unexpected result】

What happened

【Lu Han is running to the spot】

What happened【A wonderful performance】

【The kick-ass performance lasts from the beginning till the end】

Go ahead


Stay away from me

Brother Kai, what's going on【at sea】

Stay away from me

【Making sacrifice for the sake of family's interest unconsciously】

I like being alone


Are you a fool

Were you with Ella【Have no idea what happened】

I'm not a fool

You touched Ella's stuff, right

Did you take any of her things, or not【The outsider Hehe has knows how the 'killing' happens very well】

She handed me over her hat

then you died

So that's why you are here now

Why did she do that【Focus on every details】

She asked me to do her a favor

Because she needed to refine her hairstyle

Smart girl【She's goddamn smart】

Oh you're always set up by the women

Isn't it your weakness【Zheng Kai's unavoidable destiny: always 'die' in woman's hands】

I knew it

I threw the hat away

But I did touch it first【It's too late to throw it away】

So I picked it up later【It's too late to avoid the death】

He's a gentleman

He should act like this

【Big Black Bull's show time】


I did keep a distance with her

Give me your hand

Zheng Kai's out【It's so easy to trick Kaikai】

【How would I do that again】

We gotta find the mirror and see if there's any clue【They decide to find the clue together due to the mutual distrust】

All right, let's go

I have to keep a distance with you

All right

But we gotta stick together

I would become the suspect if I stay alone

I was alone, so I've already become the suspect?【Gotta stick with someone, or I would become a suspect】

Yes, everyone might have been suspected

What about Brother Chao

Is he alone now


【Cheers secretly: Deng Chao is suspected as an outsider】

I can do nothing now

【I can only wait for the family meeting】

And the family meeting is indeed a horrible meeting【family meeting=horrible meeting】

Mirror, please tell me the family secret

Five four three two one

【Any key information will show up?】

He or she has a close relation with Di Renjie

You played the role of Di Renjie

Journal of heirs

You are the heir

【Zulan believes Feng Shaofeng is the heir】

I have no idea

【Am I】

Talking of Di Renjie, Baby has something to do with him too【Analyze the candidate rationally】

She had a role in the movie【Baby played the role of Rui Ji in the Di Renjie series movie】

What about Brother Chao

He did, too

But he can't be the candidate

Let's go there

So far at least one of the heir must be alive

If he's already dead, the game will be over

Seriously, it makes the next family meeting extremely important

And you can't be voted out

【What happened】

It's Ella

Ella has been following all the way long

Just now Kaikai stopped her from doing this 【Trying to convey the key information】

and then he's out【May I believe him】

I can't risk my life

She's hovering in this floor

【Is Ella really the outsider】

when I was asking the mirror if she is the outsider


We should go up

Ella suddenly showed up in front of me when I was asking the mirror if she is the outsider

【30 minutes' up:the third family meeting is about to start】

and she smiled at like this

So I ran and left the answer behind

I am the heir【Deng Chao uncovers his true identity】

Li Chen and I are the heirs

This is the last round

We'll discuss it in the meeting

I admit I have a good sense of direction

But I've been driven crazy in this place【Ella shows her unease emotion】

Brother Chao

Were you guys staying together【Lu Han: Confirming if Brother Chao was alone】


I've been with them

She was alone and screaming as hell【Trying to convince them Ella is the outsider】

After the screaming, she kept running after me in that corridor

I saw you walk past us just now

【Does Zulan have an answer in his mind】

【I'm drained】

【Who should I believe in】

【The last five family members are seated】

I have no idea what's going on【Little Lu is still in hesitation】

But I doubt if the heir knows his/her identity

【How can I make Little Lu believe in me】

I have a clue about outsiders that says

how many year has he/she learnt the English

【The worrying buddies in the 'prison'】

Brother Shaofeng has hesitated a little bit

So the first thing that came into my mind was Brother Chao

【His ability to judge is not reliable】

【Staring at Brother Chao】

The heir has something to do with the movie, the Di Renjie

【Providing a clue about the heir】

So the candidate would be Deng Chao, Baby and me【Exactly correct】

So I think Deng Chao is the heir【This clue is not good for me】

【Deng Chao is the heir】

【Finally, someone is clear about the situation】

【It's subtle】

Now I have to declare that I'm the heir

【Opt for uncovering his identity to gain trust from others】

I'm the heir【Really】

I announced this information with Li Chen【Now I'm in danger】

It said it's glad to meet you both young masters【Doubting】

you're the heirs

Now one of you is allowed to ask the question【Trying to be relax:think hard to find the solution】

Li Chen asked the first question

If Zheng Kai is the outsider and it said no

That's why I'm so sure of Zheng Kai's identity

Then Zheng Kai decided to risk his life to mess up her plan【In the 'prison':everyone is focusing on what's going on】

He's so brilliant

I always tell my photographer that he's so great

I don't know how she can 'kill' me

so Zheng Kai would help me out of the 'killing' if he was there with Ella【How should I explain that】

He kept talking with her all the time

She screamed in the corridor on her own

Believe in me【I don't think Brother Chao is lying】

When I asked the mirror if Ella is the outsider

she suddenly showed up in front of me

I was so frightened

【Should I believe him】

I can imagine his expression at that time

Oh my...Ella is an awesome actress

I didn't know you asked that question【Showing her innocence】

Of course you didn't

I was waiting for the answer

and you just showed up and gave me that weird smile【The unforgettable eyeshot】

Well...I saw you...【No conversation】

【You may explain it later】

Thanks for your clue about the Di Renjie. Thank you

【Still thinking about it】

I want to explain the smile first

I wanted to ask that are you the outsider【Trying to get rid of being suspected】

because I suspected you

And Zulan suspected you,too

He suspected if the clue of electronic games is true or not【Attracting everyone's attention to Brother Chao】

He thought that you made it up

【Coming across with a strong enemy】

Because no one else saw that clue with you

You provided that information for us【Speechless: Launch an attact towards Ella with eye contact】

You led the suspect to those are fond of the electronic games

【Ella is right. Brother Chao is the outsider】

Speaking of Zheng Kai, indeed, he found me【Keep calm; speaking logically】

He suspected me

and he insisted that the killer would kill people only when he or she is alone

Then I decided to stay with him to eliminate his suspects【Listening carefully】

and it made myself feel safe

And then when Zheng Kai was out

Brother Chao came to find me【It's true】

That's the whole story

Now let's see what Zulan would say

【At this moment, Zulan's opinion matters the most】

It would be funny if Zulan believes in the wrong person

and the family would be over

Then this epison would become an epic in this season【Then we, the outsiders, will win the game】

It's so horrible【Take a deep breath】


What I'm sure is that Feng Shaofeng isn't the outsider【Worried】

【Excluded of the suspect list】

And the heir may not know his true identity right now

【Thanks for your speech】

As for the issues of Zhengkai and the electronic game

I've been to so many places but failed to find those leads

and I've asked so many people but they all didn't see those leads either

【Oh my...Zulan is gonna ruin the family's future】

It's going to be funny

【Thanks to Zulan, the outsider might win the game】

He learnt English industrially when he's little

Only Brother Chao would do that

I think Deng Chao wanna rip Wang Zulan's name tag in order to release his anger

And I'm not sure if Brother Chao ever studied in Shanghai【I'm counting on you, Zulan】

But he does live in Shanghai now

Elder sister and younger brother

【Oh my god, how can I relief my anger -- by cracking the wall!】

Oh my...the outsiders are a male and a female【The family members are crushing because of Zulan's wrong judgment】

Oh, the younger brother

Yes【The angry Big Black Bull】

Is he stupid

He just forgot it

What else, I've never been with Brother Chao【Insisting Brother Chao is the outsider】

And I'm still alive now

So am I【A quick reaction: emphasizing Deng Chao is the outsider】

Anyone else who was with him, were dead

【Crushing: why can't you believe in for one time】

I think he could 'kill' somebody else when he's alone【Giggling:please go ahead】

【Lu Han is anxious】

And back then, he secretly observed Ella and Zheng Kai

I was doubting if he was about to launch the killing curse to someone【Shaking his head from time to time: feeling powerless】

or Ella is about to kill someone【Now it's a better situation for me】

As for you two, I don't think either of you is the outsider

Only one of them might be the outsider【Zulan sets his target on one of them】

If we must choose one from them,

【Members in "prison" care about the future of family】

We have three votes to eliminate the outsider

【For those who think Deng Chao is the outsider, please raise your hand】

【Being confident: I'm making a right call this time】

【Who should I vote for】

【Heart is beating fast】

【Contemplating:who should I believe in】

He kept making it worse【Big Black Bull is worried】

He's the failure of this episode

【The video is cut off suddenly】

Why can't we see the vote【How dare you】


【Those two didn't raise their hands】

【I will win】

【For those who think Ella is the outsider, please raise your hand】

Ella, you lose



【Will they vote for Ella】


【Lu Han hasn't made up his mind】

【What're you thinking of】

【Feeling a little bit better】

【Shocked: unexpected result】

【Lu Han decided not to vote this round】

Two votes for Ella


【Lu Han, any choice?】

Give me a minute

You're key now【My destiny depends on your choice】

One male and one female

【His mind is still in chaos】

A male and a female

【Vote him】

【Why do you guys place me in such a difficult position】

【Ella is obviously the outsider, don't you see it?】

【Read my signal please】

【Little Lu, you must believe in me】

【Who will Lu Han choose?】

【Lu Han, any choice?】

Give me a minute

You're key now【My destiny depends on your choice】

【His mind is still in chaos】

A male and a female

【Vote him】

【Why do you guys put me in such a difficult position】

【Ella is obviously the outsider, don't you see it?】

【Read my signal please】

【Little Lu, you must believe in me】

【Who will win Lu Han's vote?】

I will cry if Zulan helps the outsider win this game

【I'm very smart】

You must lie down and let me rip your name tag in the next ten episodes

to make up the mistake you make today

And you can't fight me back then


【Tips: not me】

【What are you waiting for】

【I need some time to think of it】

Make your own choice【I can't help you】

After all this vote【Still thinking about it】

Game is on

Now only one outsider is out and that's Chen He

And only one female left here

【The heir is breaking down】

What if I abandon the voting right

He can't do this

It's almost to the end

Then vote again

【If you choose not to vote this time, then both of them can say something for themselves again】

All right, that's a deal 【If you choose not to vote this time, then both of them can say something for themselves again】

All right, that's a deal

I'm gonna listen to their speech again

【Now you have the last chance to make a speech】

【And only Feng Shaofeng, Lu Han and Wang Zulan have the right to vote】

【Ella goes first】

I've never been in the same group with Brother Chao

I agree with Zulan's opinion that heirs may not know his identity【Leading everyone's focus to the heir himself/herself】

I don't think he/she knows it

You said that that you've never been with me

But it seemed that you tried so hard to be with me

Why didn't I uncover my identity when I knew it【Denying it】

Because I was not sure who was my enemy and I couldn't risk it

I only asked the mirror if Zheng Kai is the outsider

but I was afraid to say that here【Listening carefully】

How could the heir announce his identity in the family meeting before

that's too risky【Thinking of it】

Because the outsider might not know who I really am

I didn't say I'm the one【Keep calm and carry on】

You talked, again

She said the heir didn't know his identity

You're talking about【Hey, no dialogue】

【She's running out of control】

Take it easy, I know you're breaking down【Why did Ella do this】

Anyway, you're awesome

God, just vote me out【Taking the opposite action: demand to be voted】

You know, the very first lead is that the outsiders consist of an elder sister and a younger brother【Mentioning the first lead】

So it's clear that she's one of the outsiders

And when I asked the question to the mirror to see if she's the one

she gave me an evil smile

Oh my family, please believe what I've said【Getting excited】

This vote will decide our family's future

【Ella is still very calm】 This vote will decide our family's future

【Ella is still very calm】

At this moment, we'll vote in another way【Other family members are waiting for the result anxiously】 【Ella is still very calm】

At this moment, we'll vote in another way【Other family members are waiting for the result anxiously】

【If you don't vote for Ella, then it means you voter for Deng Chao】

【So you just have one chance to make a decision】

【and it will decide who will be out in this round】

【Now for those who believe that Deng Chao is the outsider, please raise your hand】


【It's about the future of the whole family】


【Who would Little Lu choose eventually】


【Family Banquet Day: A castle in Shanxi】

【After a whole night of fighting within the family,

will the R family's destiny be changed】

What a wonderful show

I have to calm myself down

Extremely nervous

I can't bear it any more

It seems that we've already arrived at the peak of this episode

The show hasn't made me feel like it for a long time

So true【Served with intense environment and attractive plots】

I'm so excited【I wish it won't end】

I have an urge to win this game

I have to win it【Provoking a strong sense of lose-or-win】

They are coming over here

【Those bearing burden of the family's future show up】

Ella, I'm so sorry

You've suffered a lot【That's too much for you】

Deng Chao, why are you shaking your head

No way【Getting intense】

They're acting

That's all right

I'm so sorry

No need to say that

【Now it's time for the result】

【How will happen to the R family's future】

【Welcome the man in black】

【Getting serious】


For the answer

Am I going to the jail again

For name-tag ripping【Getting nervous and expected】

He's coming over

【Who will have the right to run the family】

【The smart outsiders? Or the honest heirs?】

【We'll see】

He's coming over

【Who will have the right to run the family】

【The smart outsiders? Or the honest heirs?】

【We'll see】




【Deng Chao got one vote and Ella got two: the heirs won】


Your last speech almost ruined the future of our family【The priority is to blame Zulan】

The only thing I did wrong was to scream like a nuts【This is a crazy game】

I didn't understand the clue about the English


Explain it

All right, listen to me【Time to solve the puzzles】

How many have they practiced the English

(Singing: Chinese Song -- by S.H.E)

It's the lyrics in my song,Chinese Song

It's so obvious【Getting exicted】

I broke down when I heard this clue.

It felt like in hell【Complaining the anxiety】

I felt so hopeless

I was under great pressure

That's nothing compared to the mental sufferings we had in the prison

I haven't felt so stressful for many episodes【It's a test for intelligence as well as phychology】

Yes, we got the TV set

You know, I slapped you on the screen

It has already driven me crazy,you know

They turned off the TV at the most critical moment

【I almost ruined my family】

Zulan has neglected the very first lead

that the outsiders consist of a male and a female

Anyway, I did make a wrong judgment on Liu Yan【Self-criticizing】

When you asked if Liu Yan sings

I answered she did

Yes, I did

【Can't understand why I would say that】

I thought it would be Ella【I was sober once】

But you guys said Liu Yan sings

I have no idea of that

【Attention, the heirs are Li Chen and Deng Chao】

【Congratulations! You've successfully rewritten the family's history】

【And therefore, your own destiny will be changed as well】

【All of you can have a better life】

【I wish the heirs can make your family rise and shine】

【As for the outsiders, Chen He and Ella, you are not brought up as the villain】

【You also try to build up a stronger family】

【I wish you would give your hands to the heirs

to help them build up a stronger family】

We shouldn't have done that【The brother and sister commit their 'crimes'】

We apologize

No, don't give me that look【Still being fearful to that look】

【Relax, it was just a performance】

【Therefore, eight of you can get the prize】

【Please take out the prizes】

It's made of gold

A gold ring shaped like a tiger head

Is it real

It didn't feel right in the game

May I have one

I do【Joyful;upset】

On behalf of our family, I decide to give this ring

bad Chinese

give this ring to Ella


She's doing great today【Shy】

Donate to her

Thank you so much【The Best Actress Lead】

I won't forget that look in the rest of my life

Let's shout our slogan

Running Man

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