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ENG SUB GF Reality EP.7(Final) : GFriend - Where R U going?! in Jeju with English subtitles  

I will get them

Please take a picture of us

Eventful mission on the island of Udo Island!

Tiredly trying to pedal the bike...

So tiring

The war of GFriend's fierce mission has no exceptions!

Going and going to the top of Udobong...!

Great job! GFriend! The most difficult mission on Udo Island - End!







GFriend- Where R U Going?!

The black pork everyone was wanting

Clap!Clap!Clap! The Black.Pork. of your dreams!!

And black pork

Right, we haven't had eaten meat in a long while

Black Pork...

Everyone is really curious

If you think of Jeju, it’s got to be black pork

What do you want to do?

It would be nice to eat black pork. Before departing for Jeju Island...

Black Pork, GFriend who sings a song with Black Pork!

Isn't today the day where we greet the black pork?

Right before our eyes...!.!

Mouth-watering Thick black pork belly!!

It's also good for women's skin

Thank you! Piggy-ya~ It's good for the skin and a kid's growth!

Because we are also growing(?) HaHaHa!

It's like a work of art Visual… just like a painting!!

Overwhelmed by the visual speechless...

Gulp...gulp... ShinB whose mouth is watering


What again??

Staff You did the biking mission at Udo Island today right?

Bad feeling...

Staff Which team won?

Team Baek-il-hong!!!

Staff The losing team...won't be able black pork today.

What did you say???

A bolt out of the blue

What ? !

Sowon I kind of felt bad but

When I heard "Winning team , you can start eating"

When I pulled at the handle (during the mission)

I hold my pants up and went up.

This hard time came to mind and therefore I was getting the prize.

Only winning team can get a taste of Jeju Island's black pork!

So what will they do now?

The side-dishes are tasty right?

We will give you just a bowl of rice

You are too much In front of our eyes is the delicious meat but...


Even though team Baek-il-hong won they feel sorry

Came this far to Jeju Island... Don't cry

Want to cry... You don't joke with food...

It's cruel

Saying it's cruel but clapping...

Sincerely It's really cruel...

Tearful ShinB's eyes looking moist

Am I crying??

Yuju Even though they are the opposing team

I don't think(...) it is right

Luckily it's not me!!!! HaHa

Yerin The meat is well-done and getting cut

When they said "You can't eat the meat"

Really...our team had a mental breakdown

Also ShinB was at the brim of tears.

Mental Breakdown...

Qualified to eat we also had a hard time...

What to do it's a tricky situation

Again clappingㅋㅋ

How cruel telling us after getting in here.

Really cruel! Telling them not to eat now!!

We are not concerned but still...

Patting Stunned

Let's have a meal! Please give us more of the marinated crab!

Also call for some pumpkin!! AhHaHaHa

Please give us a lot

Please give us rice too Though it's a BBQ restaurant there's loads of side-dishes

I really like that

If there is none of this , I can't even eat meat

Spitefully ShinB who is taking the side-dish away that Sowon likes

Are you going to be like that??

Alright do it that way


ShinB-YA! Are you really hurt??

ShinB When we first went to Jeju Island for filming

Our dance teacher told us to eat black pork at any cost

So when we heard that we get to eat black pork for dinner all were excited and went inside

Before the meat came out you didn't tell us

When the meat was grilled and almost done

(while waiting) "The losing team won't get to eat"...

'We will get some meat right' but the members just ate.

It really was...I hated the PD and the members

So! Even though just feel the feeling of meat!

Even in this situation telling to grill the meat??

ShinB is really good at grilling Sowon unnie is really adding oil to the fire!

This is done.

The elders first

Elders first Oldest (Sowon) gets to eat first.

Heart pounding Black pork first try!


How is it??

It's good? Marinated crab yu~um

Eyes getting big The moment I get to eat the meat...

It's really tasty and hot? I'm one with the meat...

The meat's juice~! The taste is like a firework!

Really tasty

Saying it's really delicious and the taste is explosive and the best!

One slice please! I really interpreted it well right??!!

Team Baek-il-hong's Pork belly mukbang start!

Attempt of changing looks Only you are eating??

At the ends of pains You won't even give us a slice?

No way!! You think you can get it for free(?)?

You remember right? I explained Sowon unnie's expression.

Outdoing I...grilled the meat...

Nothing for free! Show us your charms when you want to eat meat!

Worrying We even have to do that to get to eat meat...

Nasty~ Nasty! Looks like they don't like to do it...

`I want to eat it...` A pitiful voice...out of nowhere..

I want to eat...

Eunha is finally desperately speaking!!

Black pork's power Making someone speak!!

You want to eat it??


Eunha Our pilates teacher made us go on a strict diet before going to Jeju Island

and told us to eat black pork before going back mean...

What are you trying to do?


Let's see how well she will do~~

Anticipating a lot

Honestly I don't know what to do

but just got up...but besides that..

Sudden turn! I love you~~~

Embarrassed~can't raise her head~ Yerin who exploded with charms by doing a heart dance!

You Tried ~ Here is two slices of meat...

Thank you

Not this one , Already giving Please give me the biggest slice!

Thank you!

I want to eat too ㅠㅠ

Let's all eat meat together~!?

Staff You can't!!

Yes! (Right??)

I can't take it anymore Ahhhhhhh!!

Show us your charms! Nothing for free!!

I already got up and did it. You two should do it too.

Bargaining Showing charms for two slices!

ShinB who usually has no aegyo

I actually really show no Ae-gyo(act charming)

Attempting to do some Ae-gyo...

Between the meats and cheesiness ...

Again loading up with Ae-gyo!!

DdinB~~(Pronounce ShinB cute) wants to eat black!pork!!

Cringe worthy~~~~

How much??

Getting down This~much~~~

Had a hard time! ShinB!! Meat+leaves obtained!!

Yey~ Automatically dancing!!

Meat wrapped by Umji Ang~

ShinB who has no Ae-gyo is full of it.

Black pork, you ! Are quite delicious..ㅋㅋ

Our Eunha even though you can't speak show us your charms with your body.

Lastly Eunha challenge!

If it’s aegyo, Eunha is the queen Anticipating


A~ing~ I'm flustered

simultaneous interpretation

Yuju You can't!!

What is this Had enough!!

Yerin did the heart and ShinB did that too

simultaneous interpretation Don't be like this to me!

We don’t want Ae-gyo! We want dancing!!

simultaneous interpretation Embarrassed!


Energetic! Pop!ping!Eun!Ha!

Eunha! 2 slices of meat obtained!!

Sowon Please get us another serving of meat...

Tried hard. Can't we all eat together nowㅠㅠ?


Can't we all eat together?

Staff Alright!!

Cheering Thank you~~

Finally approved

I don't like you anymore Yerin who throws away the marinated crab!ㅋㅋㅋ (AhHaHaHa)

Finally! Black pork come to me!!

Thank you for feeding us!!

Waited so long! Everyone's black pork mukbang start!!

DdinB (Ae-gyo) Is feeling good~~

Yerin Full of charms while eating(?)

Best! meat's juice bbang!

Best! Best! It's more delicious because we are eating together!

No way PDnim is the best??

Late night! Arrived by car!

What is this?

Hello Puzzled

Where is this?!

Aren't we going to the dorms?

This is not where we are staying...

Let's go and take a look first!

Did the dorms get changed?

It seemed like another thing was planned, are we doing a game here?

Regardless, it’s really pretty

Really pretty Can't we just sleep here??

Staff This place is everyone's dorm for today.

Make some noise!!


Let's lay down

Aigoo~ It's so nice let's stop...

I really can't

So beautiful

I feel like I'm in a foreign country

So nice!

Exotic Cool pension’s exterior

Everyone's exclamation naturally...

It's a 2-story house


Feels like we came here for a honeymoon


Gyareureureu! So nice The girls who can't stop laughing!!

Eunha-ya great job

Why is it so different to yesterday?

Yuju is doubting Why were we in a different dorm?

Cameraman I don't know either..

Super nice

Let's not go up without washing up

It's so clean I don't want to stain anything

Eunha is continuously cheering

Noiseless shouting! Eunha who is cheering for the 20th time

Go out of the way

Doubt doubt PDnim! Why did our dorms change?

Because everyone went through hardships.

You wanted to come to Jeju Island and came here and it seemed right to spend a night in a pretty house.

Writers' consideration for GFriend who had a rough time!!

Yesterday was nice too.. Thank you very much~~!

Yuju Ah..really..really nice

It's so nice that it can't be expressed in words

We wanted to hear that we are going to do a game

But it was said we are going to spend a night here

Today we walked a lot and it was really tiring

telling us to play as much as we want and giving us this dorm

And I was going to having fun and playing and looking around (the of dorm).

Yerin Whether winning or losing.

Everyone's legs got swollen when we went up the hill.

But I'm really curious what tomorrow will happen.

What's happening...?

Can't you give me a spoiler(?)?

Looking around here and there...

And talking...

To finish off a tiring day...

Before anyone realised GFriend fell asleep!

Last night at Jeju Island "Have a good dream..."

Jeju Island last morning schedule

Delicious breakfast is waiting for GFriend

Staff Grateful right??^^

Thanks to the writer's consideration GFfriend is spending a happy morning!


Where are we?!

I can see the seaside

Umji It seems like I was right what I said in the morning...

What did you say in the morning?

I said that we are going to go on a yacht~

Ah that Ah!!!!!

There is a yacht

You are really making our wishes come true!

But it also can't be.

Still doubtful... A misison or a game is waiting, right...?

Wait!! Staff who calls for GFriend!

Sorry there is something.. Our schedule was going on to a yacht...

But the situation on the sea won't let us get on the yacht.

Actually wanting to go a on yacht the bad weather won't let them

Therefore we prepared another thing There is place where dolphin shows take place.

Do you want to try out the dolphin show??

There is also an aquarium

The aquarium is empty now

You can clean up there.

Not experiencing the dolphin show but cleaning the aquarium!

Did I hear it wrong? To go cleaning??

Staff who takes out a box with cleaning utensils

In point of law Aren't we the victims here?

No response Let's go this way first?

You said instead of the yacht.

We are not going Replacing the yacht by cleaning the aquarium!!!

Eagerness Can't we just go and take a look at the yacht..

I don't know how a yacht looks like

I won't go!!

No I can't go!!

Where is the trash bin?

Having no choice ㅠㅠ GFriend who is on their way to the aquarium

While cleaning can we look at the fish?

All the fish are on vacation so

Until the end... It's our last day...ㅠㅠ

Until the end... We are sorry too...

I think it was planned from the beginning..

It's too bad The sea is so quiet and beautiful...

Even though it looks like that they said there are some resaons.

But why of all things is it cleaning!! Not going on the yacht and just looking at the see would be nice...

Staff Still because we prepared and have to carry it out...

ShinB So what if we get rid of the items?

Item destruction

It's too bad to get on a yacht

Staff It was all a lie.(carefully)

What did you say?!

Staff Let's go and get on the yacht!!

GFriend who was tricked by the staff!

Kyahhhh But excited!!!

Staff who are cold on the outside but warm on the inside..Letting us go on a yacht like this...

Can we go this way? or this way?

GFriend who is thinking about getting on a yacht!

letting us clean from the morning on

But we believed you

We really believed it

Stepping on the red carpet

Finally going on a yacht like in the dreams!

There is also wine But we can't drink it

It will be grape juice

Can't we get married here?

Is this a ship? or a hotel? Inside of the luxurious yacht

It's the newly weds' room

Lying down here is great

The bed is really soft

Yerin who is doing a bed CF??

Everything that we experienced during 3days and 2nights

We experienced many new things 3days and 2nights at Jeju Island!

Yerin We all did everything for the first time. Knowing it wouldn't be fun.

Not knowing and doing was even more fun.

What is that? I see it for the first time

I got a fish.

Eunha We said a lot of times that we want to go to Jeju Island

Thank you very much for letting us come here and letting us spend a nice time here like this.

It was really enjoyable.

Umji Letting us even though just for a short time enjoy life here (at Jeju Island)

Everyone forgot all the stress.

Yuju There was also moments where I felt really tiring doing the games

But still it was in comparison to practicing in the practice room

A really nice way to train our stamina like this at Jeju Island and it was really nice.

ShinB They are experiences that can't be made (with money). They are quite valuable experiences.

This was GFriend!!

Thank you

In a light mood GFriend went to their first trip to Jeju Island after their debut!

It was not a journey that was too happy and where enjoying freetime was possible but...

Endlessly gathering all the bright energy GFriend is always smiling in any situation!!

Been through a lot of hardships valuable experiences and making nice memories during the 3days and 2nights!

Holding unforgettable and precious memories, Now the time has come to go back!!

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Thanks for being with us until now!

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