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ENG SUB GF Reality EP.5 : GFriend - Where R U going?! in Jeju with English subtitles  

With the end of filming interviews...

Today's schedule is finished...

Excited approaching Jeju island

After finishing the slightly lacking first day of filming...

Awesome break time!

GFriend's appearance before going to bed?

We will now share the BEHIND CUT of their dorm life!

You startled me...Ta-daah~!!

Who are you??

This is my first time showing my bare face.

But you can't see it well, right?

Distinguishing by voice Ah. It's leader Sowon...

I'm just about to finish my day and go to bed.

Even though I'm tired I'm putting on a mask for my skin.

Making time for skincare...

We also don't neglect taking care of our skin.

My skin is important!

Yuju please come out.

Yuju is making an appearance

They are making themselves laugh...

This color is Shrek color.

Hello. Who is Sowon and who is Yuju?

This color is toilet paper yellow.

It's really soft unlike it appearance.

It's like silk.

It's the first time that we are showing our bare faces with a mask on.


We three - me, Yuju and Eunha - are using this room.

Where is Eunha?

Our Eunha is...

Come over here.

What do we do? We look like cucumbers.

Because Eunha is sick, she went to bed first. Eunha who is not well, is already sleeping!

Even though Eunha's condition today was kind of bad

Stop laughing

Eunha who didn't feel well was struggling!

She still tried participating through facial expressions and body language

Round of applause for Eunha


So funny

We too...hehehe

Tissue-like us, we are also saying bye-bye

Goodbye goodnight


See you tomorrow~~~hehehe

Turn it off quickly

That was the first day in the dorm.

We haven't washed up yet

Umji before washing up...

Everyone has put on masks

Yerin unnie is doing some stretching.

Putting legs up pose.

It's swelling.

Totally bare faced!!

Our manager told us to not show it frankly. The management said it's going to be embarrassing!!

Let's not talk about it

We are already anticipating what we are going to do tomorrow.

Anticipating tomorrow!

We have to get up early tomrrow so let's go to bed now!

Our clothes are so cool

You two are wearing couple shirts.

This is what my mother gave all of us.

Right. Mine's in the laundry. Shirts which were given as presents by Yerin's mother.

So some in the other room are wearing it right now too.

So we have energy for a fun shoot tomorrow

We will go to bed now. Sleeping right now for tomorrow.

Bye. See you tomorrow.


GFriend - Where R U going?! Episode 5 is starting now!

Good morning~~

Where are you going so early...?

It's so cold..

I can't go...

Yuju is come??

Most difficult...

This is Seongsan Ilchulbong Off to see the sunrise! GO GO!!!

It's going to be beautiful I'm the sun

Am I just exhausted? Rough breathing huff..huff..

Aren't the girls exhausted?

Wow. This is incredible.

There are so many people at this time

I thought it would just be us

Normally we're finishing practice and going to bed at this time... How come. Even at bedtime, people are coming here to see the sun rise...

Sleeping at this hour every day

Can our faces be seen...?

Yes..We can see you.

Ah~ So it looks like this!

So cool! This is so cool!

I want to see it too.

Me too

What time is it?

6:35 AM

The sun is set to rise at 7:07 AM!

So we need to run Let's run fast!!

We are going up but it's said to take 30minutes. The members are worried to not be able to see the sun.

Run to Seongsan Ilchulbong~ run!!







GFriend Where R U Going?

I haven't run for a while.

It's no use running now Why did I run

Giving up right away ran in vain..

It hasn't been long since setting off.. GFriend is already tired

This is almost like a mountain.

So tiring~~!

This view is nice. In the midst of admiring the view

Back in the day our Korean language teacher

Tought us a poem

It was really short

I saw it while going down, But I couldn't see it while going up: That flower.

Title: That Flower Poet: Ko Un

Umji who is in a trance this moment has even thought about a poem!

Let's live with compsure As expected~ Umji!

What about the poem.. I feel like dying (now)..

Here and there.. How long is left (to the top)??

The tourist who has been watching This is just the start hahaha

How much is still left (to the top)??

Are we there?

Is it just tiring for me?

Did the girls say they are not tired?

No..They all said it's tiring!!^^

It's really tiring

It's about here~ On the other side Yerin is looking really relaxed!

Staff Are you okay?

No strength to talk..


Why is it all steps...

Sowon who just hates the stairs now.

Yuju who has stopped after walking

I can't walk anymore...

(strength's) limit...

The place Yuju wanted to go: Seongsan Ilchulbong!

What's with the wish My thighs feel like they're gonna explode!

Really really (my thighs) feel like they're gonna burst!

Ta-da~ Arrived!!

Taking of some layers will do. Hot~ hot~

I'm last..but I did well right? Yerin who looks relaxed

Finally arrived Where is the sun!!??

Finally last Eunha!

GFriend, all have arrived at the top!

Click! Selca-time

Our faces look swollen...

Swelling It'll go away... right? ㅠㅠ

Become pretty ...!

Really swollen

ShinB's face which looks really swollen

Do I look like this on camera, too? Can't you show me please?

Doesn't it look even worse on camera?

Who is that?? Puhahahaha

Like a zombie Everyone gathered to show the swollen faces(?)..

Our faces really are swollen

Is it swollen..? It's swollen...

My face is really swollen

The sun will rise. 10minutes are left.

GFriend who is waiting for the sun to rise!

So pretty

The sun will rise, right? Today is so cloudy it could be that the sun can't be seen...

Nervous nervous It will rise, right??

We have to see it.. We came running up here..


Yerin is calmly sitting and waiting

Yerin uh...

At first something..

It feels like no pressure

When we're stuck in the practice room every day, it can be suffocating.

Yerin who escaped the practice room and is breathing the fresh air

Ah it's rising


This is...just how GFriend imagined the sunrise!!


Like promised the sun can't be seen because of the clouds...


Full of disappointment ㅠㅠ

Yuju Looks like an orange fingernail!

Orange fingernail

Ahoo~ It's tiring~ Yuju whose strength is dropping

Coming up here feeling like my thighs are exploding...

It's said it's best seen when the weather is good.

Sowon There are many people who couldn't see it because of the weather..

But nevertheless we saw a bit

Sowon who is super positive! In it's own way successful(?)

Yuju Seeing the sun in the morning with my eyes

Since born I have seen it only once or twice?!?!

It's the first time I've seen it like this.

Even though it's the first time in my life coming here to see the sunrise..

Yuju who just saw an orange fingernail(?)....

But still satisfied.

While walking it was really cold and tiring but

The sun is making up for the hardship!!

Let's make a wish and then go.

Even though we couldn't see the sunrise, we have to make wishes before going!!

Putting our two hands together GFriend who is sincerely praying!

Please make our new song get big..

Please let us win first place..

Please let GFriend become successful...

May all our wishes come true...

GFriend who also wants to go to Udo Island!

Making the wish come true!?

GFriend who is getting on to the ship!

Eunha's 'Udo' poem 'We also want to run away'

It's Udo Island!! Excited exciting!


"U"! We have all "Do"! Arrived together Yerin's own two-character poem


Excited It's peanut bread!!...

So we all went to Ilchulbong.

Did some hiking

Staff Udo Island is the place to go biking and hiking!

Clap clap clap! Endlessly excited~

Each is riding a bike.

Just riding the bike is boring!

We can't leave it out there are two missions!

I hate missions. I'm scared.

No it's a really nice mission.

GFriend who is thrilled after hearing it's a good(?) mission

While hiking we have to eat some nice food.

Kyaaaak~! Sowon who is cheering after hearing food

First Mission Ordering the first menu and enjoy eating

You are going to do it in the teams of yesterday?

Of course

But why is the first mission so generous? What is the second one?

The second one is at Lighthouse Mangnu.

Everyone has to find the way to the lighthouse.

Everyone has to take a photo so that the faces can be seen.

After completing the mission the team who gets first at the appointed destination will win.

Do we have to eat all the food?

Staff You have to eat it all!

They said to eat it all..! Yes~

The staff has chosen the 'Sujeburger' restaurant beforehand

Black! Pork! Sujeburger!

So good... Huh!! Jeju's black pork..?!

The most important point is the safety

Always pay attention, let's depart?

All together GO

Let's start 'Udo's mission!!

First Mission Ordering the first menu and enjoy eating

Second Mission Taking a proof shot at Mangnu Lighthouse!

Third Mission The first team who gets to Udobong wins!

Indeed.. who will win this time's battle??

Baek-il-hong is blooming!

Hong hong hong~

Most pretty, most cute, most pure

We are team The World's Greatest

We have to win today


We will win today

Let's go 1 2 3

Careful careful~ Depart!

Team 'We Are The World's Greatest' This time we surely will win!!

Team Baek-il-hong This time is far beyond us!!

Next to the beautiful blue sea of Udo Island...


I'm tearing up~

Yerin is automatically tearing up because of the wind of the sea

Whoosh~ whoosh~ strong sound of the wind..

We probally look really funny..

In the future~~~ in the future~~~ The wind and the likes can't stop Umji!

Let's go!! Team Baek-il-hong who is gathering speed!!

In contrast Team 'We Are The World's Greatest' is still controlling their speed!

Unnie~~ Put that up and go!!

Until now Eunha hasn't put up the kickstand and was riding the bike!


Done! Let's go!!

Yuju riding the bike as it has a motor!

Yeah! Yeah! Eunha who is gathering her strength!

The fool is going first...

Let's have fun!! Yerin who looks relaxed

Haa...Ni~ce~ The game is...well

The game!! ShinB who is suddenly increasing her speed


NO!! I can't lose against ShinB!!

Why is she so slow!

Let's get her" ShinB who wants to win the game!

ShinB who made it to get her!

This looks like it!!

First mission's location Team Baek-il-hong who arrived first!

Running and running arriving at the first mission's location the Sujeburger restaurant!

Team 'We Are The World's Greatest' But Eunha, where is Yerin?

After getting to get the other team...hehe

ShinB Finishing the promotion for the first album

There was a time where we all went biking at the Han River

After that this time it feels like the first time we all went biking.

So we all had fun and enjoyed it

Just concentrating on the game

Just seeing the win not paying attention to the scenery

It's kind of sad that everyone is just paying attention to the battle.

And finally Yerin and Eunha arrived!!

Arrived late but team 'We Are The World's Greatest' orders first!

It will come out in 10minutes~

Please give it to the next team after 20minutes

Yah!!! We get it after 10minutes^^

Thank You

Please give it to us first~ Because we arrived first...

Yes..! Trying to get it first between each other....;;

Staff Do you like the hamburger??

Of course.

LOVE Ham! Bur! Ger!

So the bread.. Black Pork Hambuger..the patty is black pork?

If it is ~ like it so much

No like pork belly..

Staff (Team Baek-il-hong) will win again?

Every team member, all 3 Team Baek-il-hong arrived first!

Oh it came..

It's coming? Daebak

Team We Are The World's Greatest The waiter is getting the Sujeburger first for the team!

Thank You

They didn't give it to us firstㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Throwing away the greed~

Let's relax!

GFriend real hamburger mukbang (Eating Show)!

We are mixing the bread!!

To eat it fast we are mixing the burgers..

In one bite!

Even though it looks like this, it's really delicious Try it

yum~ yum~

Alert Is that team eating?

Staff That team (Baek-il-hong) is eating Bibimburgers.


Staff We mixed all burgers.

Eh? You said they mixed all?

To eat it faster?

That team has Bibimbuger, well

We will eat it faster!

We finished eating!

Let's go! Let's go!'s kind of too bad...

Want to eat more...

Team Baek-il-hong is still eating Bibimburgers(?)!

Team We Are The World's Greatest Completed the first mission!

Team We Are The World's Greatest is departing without notice!

ShinB is asking for the way before departing

It takes 5minutes by bike to get to the Mangnu Lighthouse!

Bye Baek-il-hong~ We are going~!

That!! Discovering team We Are The World's Greatest is departing first!

Fast eat fast!

Tadah~ Clean plate!

Let's hurry! Team Baek-il-hong who is preparing for departure

Toss and turn The two team's battle is nip and tuck!

Indee who is the winning team?!

It will be revealed next week!

The six girls' chaotic journey unfolded at Udo Island!

Please anticipate a lot!

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