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ENG SUB GF Reality EP.4 : GFriend - Where R U going?! in Jeju with English subtitles  

It's not yet the end for team 'We Are The World's Greastest' to find the way to Hyeopjae Beach!

There's so many...I don't know which one

While ShinB is having a mental breakdown...Yerin and Eunha are still diligently choosing snacks

Woah it's the beach

Meanwhile team Baek-il-hong has arrived at Hyeopjae Beach

It's smells like the sea

I really have no idea

ShinB has no plan

Woah.. look at the color of the sea

ShinB-ya!!! The snacks are here!!

The pants are embarrassing...

Eventful journey part 4 starts now!







GFriend-Where R U going?

This is the map of Jeju island...where is Hyeopjae Beach...the blue sea...

Giving-up fast. Let's just ask how we have to go to get to Hyeopjae Beach!

Worrying - It should be here, right...?

Huddling the 3 girls who are sitting and waiting for the bus...

Nevertheless... the snacks are delicious...

Let's have fun! We already arrived~


Isn't it really pretty

In front of team Baek-il-hong...

is Hyeopjae Beach's emerald-colored sea

A must for lovers to try out is "Writing in the sand"

Writing something into the sand with the foot(?)

Later when all members have gathered we have to write it properly

All right, let's do it again

This is practice

Alright I'm writing a heart real quick

Amazed - Just water gets into here?

Carved into Jeju's beach is the name G-F-R-I-E-N-D

Has the losing team almost arrived?

Have they even seen a drop of the water?

Now we are at the beach


Envious right!! "We are looking at the emerald-colored sea..."

Talking down- Come quickly!

Again talking down- Come now!

Without looking...talking down!


But...but it looks kind of empty with just the 3 of them...

We are one!"It'd be so nice if everyone was here!"

Everyone complete

Right, what is the losing team doing, come quick.

It's empty...

It's boring...

Finally!! The bus arrived after waiting so long!!

Yerin- Are you going to Hyeopjae Beach? Yes!

How much is it?

It's 1300 Won..

Yerin - After sitting down the social butterfly is appearing!

Do you like tangerines?

But..who??? I already ate tangerines coming here.

Awkward - Is that so?

Seems like a person from Jeju island

Where did you come from?

I'm from Gangwon-do Province.

A male tourist from Gangwon-do Province!

Do you know by chance girlgroup GFriend?

It's us...

Yes! It's the first time hearing from them!

Oh... we will work hard from now!

Do you know by chance the song 'Me Gustas Tu'?

Head-shaking - I don't know...

You have listened to it, right??!! It's been on the music charts for a long's our...well-known song...

Why are you like this to me??

Song change! 'Glass Bead'...

Now stop~ Sorry!!

We will work hard from now on...!!

Do you know it?

Yes?? Target change!!

Do you know GFriend? Yes!!

Eventhough our clothes are...we are girlgroup GFriend!

We look different on tv.

It could be because we are wearing these clothes... Please love GFriend a lot.

Tangerine! Tangerine! We can just give you some tangerines...

Do you live on Jeju island?


Jeju island seems really nice.

Because you know us, we are giving a you a big tangerine.

Because you recognized us you get a big one..!!

Should I have said to know them...

But how old are you?

I'm an oppa~ 22years...

You really have a young face~~

shy shy young face

We thought you were a highschool student

Do you know our names? While being at it, even asking for the names!!


Alright..Sorry..the names..not yet..

Curious- What are you filming now?

We are filming a reality show



In the midst of diligently explaining 'GFriend- Where R U going'

The reality's name is GFriend

the name of the program - GFriend- we came?

Gam-su-gwang.Where are we going?

In Jeju dialect - What is "where are you going?'?


'Where are you going.???

Of course 'Where are you going' is 'Where are you going'.

How do you say ('Where are you going') in Jeju dialect?

'Where are you going' is 'Where are you going' but...the guy from Jeju island is thinking real hard

Jeju islander - Where are you going?

We are going to Hyeopji!(?)

Destination is Hyeopjae Beach!!

Do you know where we have to get off?

Hyeopjae Beach?

We really have to listen to the announcements

About 5 to 10 minutes

Let's win the next mission

Infinite affirmation Idols But...losing is also fun!

Writer - Team Baek-il-hong must have arrived, a message to them...

I will talk when Eunha does the lipsync.

It is okay? Alright

Simultaneous Interpretation - We will win! Just wait!!!

ShinB - When we debuted, no since our trainee days

We almost never used public transportation

ShinB who is having a new feeling using public transportation!

In comparison to the winning team, we the loosing team feel really happy.

After the end(?) of the long itinerary, team "We Are The World's Greatest" has arrived at Hyeopjae Beach

reaching the nostrils...Wow~~the smell of the sea~~

Where to go? Where to go?

Let's head this way?

Explotion of excitement

Right turn.. quick turn of the way!

kkeueung... right there is the camera

What! There is a weird(?) person

Weird(?) person come here! Jjakjjakjjak! Clapping and coming Sowon!


Suddenly pretending to know Oh my! Unnieeee!!

Kids~! Come here!

Slap! Slap! Bottom Jjak!Jjak!Jjak!

I missed you unnie

Missed you too Yuju

"6 is better than 3!"

How long has it been! GFriend is complete!

As expected GFriend is shining more when complete!

This was what we wanted to do when all of us is here

Yuju who wanted for everyone to write into the sand

Wish achieved!

Sowon - It's been awhile since coming to the beach

The sea itself is really nice

Yuju - It's really cold at the beach in winter and remembering being struck by loneliness

Coming here wearing working pants in winter and just wearing light clothing

the warm and cozy winter sea!

GFriend's spirit went UP seeing the fresh and open sea!

Yerin - The middle part (of the sea) is as beatiful as emerald

Infinitely looking

Writer - Team "We Are The World's Greatest" lost the game at picking tangerines.

Yes. We lost. But we heard some funny things.

No. It was kind of really sad.

Please say something.

Writer - We are going to do another game now

The game's topic is jump roping!!

I did some jump roping before. confident Yerin

But GFriend is not doing it alone

This time casting two male persons at the Hyeopjae Beach

With 5 persons each you have to jump

This game is going to be played together with Jeju-islanders- jump roping battle!


So 2 persons with both teams?

Of course not.

You have to get people who are good at jump roping if you want to win the mission!

Looking around

Not just doing lazily doing it. There is a also a penalty.

What the penalty is...concentration..

You have to fulfill the wish of the winning team!

Our girls are realy mischivious, so doing it that way is really scary.

No, it's going to be fun!

If you're scared, then just win.

Good. Good.

Ahh scary!!

When I say 'start' you can go look for to male persons.


Team "We Are The World's Greatest" is approaching the man on sitting on the bench!

Hello. I am a mermaid princess.

Yerin who changed into a mermaid princess. hahaha

Do jump rope well? Yes

The man who is confident in jump roping!

Team Baek-il-hong is approaching a well-built student

A person good at jump roping?

If you can't jump rope but say you are good at it, won't work.

You really have to be good.

Are you good at it?

I've participated in a jump roping competition.

Oh~!! A jump roping competition participant!!

Umji has casted the person?

Proud ! Casted a person who has participated in a jump roping competition.

Nice to meet you.

Hello~~ Sporty Hope!

Umji is looking at someone. Just one is missing

The team jump roping will be everyone going after the other into jumping. ShinB who is explaining the game.

Yes.. we will try.

We have to be a team of 5 doing it.

Is there another one who can help

Yes, like this

Team "We Are The World's Greatest"! Has finished finding two strong young men!!

Thank you.

Don't come here! Go away!!

We are players! A fierce fight scouting!

You can't go anywhere.

Even if those nunas are tempting you, you can't go to them!

Team Baek-il-hong is still looking for one guy.

Looking for a new talented person.

Target discovered! Approaching a guy who is taking pictures at the beach!

Let'a ask.

(Our Hope) How old are you?

13 years old...

Are you in 6th grade? After knowing, our Hope is a sporty elementary student!

Aprubtly Can you jump rope?

What? Jump roping?

Are you good at it?

I can do it but.

Are you sure you are good at jump roping??!!

It's not difficult. Team jump roping

In the midst of convincing Let's jump rope together~~

Readily Yes!!

Team Baek-il-hong found a last member!!

All preparations are done!!

5 Persons team jump roping together with Jeju-islanders!

Can team "We Are the World's Greatest" redeem themselves??

So shall we go first?

Confident team Baek-il-hong goes first!!

Baek-il-hong is blooming!


Shy shy~

Well, are you ready


Team Baek-il-hong's jump roping START!

Oh~~~~ they are good?

5.. 6.. 7

Team Baek-il-hong 6 jumps accomplished!

Because they did so well Oops just laughing...

Satisfied! Did well!

Team "We Are The World's Greatest" FIGHTING!

You are the 'The World's Greatest Handsome'.

Together with 'The World's Greatest Handsome' guys

Team "We Are The World's Greatest" Jump Roping START!




Girls! We won!!


Team "We Are The World's Greatest"! Jingling accomplished 3 jumps!

It's a dream..ahhhhhh~!!!!

Following the picking of tangerines is the second successive defeat, the soul went out of(?!) Yerin

You did a great job!!

It's my fault... Yerin is still...

We won! Meanwhile Baek-il-hong's winning ceremony!

It's thanks to these persons.

I'm actually not bad at jump roping, sorry..ㅠㅠ

Feet why..My feet!!

Today is not our day

During practice we did well..

Full of worries - What wish could it be...

What about a strong one?

A strong...??

We came all the way to the beach...can they just go like that

Whoosh they can't just go like that!

Team Baek-il-hong's wish! Dancing after going into the cold sea!

Winter sea! Ah! It's cold!!

Unnie! This is no joke!

Team "We Are The World's Greatest" is still bright after having lost two times!

Kyaaaahhh! Entering the water!!

It may be cold...


What did you say?

I can't do it!


The wave is coming! Ya! Bend over!

It's like a tsunami, them fussing!

What is this!!

In the end ShinB is melting into tears(?)

Once again!

My heart flutters toward you, Starting from today, us

We’re dreaming and praying, Starting from today, us

Enthusiastically!! Enthusiastically!!

You are good~ You are good~

We can't do it anymore...

We won't let you get off!!!

What did they say!!

Team "We Are The World's Greatest"s shout of anger!!

ShinB - Isn't it usual to get your feet wet when going to the beach(?)

So I was fine with it.

This time I was not really sad about loosing but I was rather satisfied.

Sowon Did we have to make (team "We Are The World's Greatest") go into the water...

Nevertheless it's the price of winning.

So we made them dance

Seeing them freezing made me a little bit uncomfortable

It was just cold! hahahaha

. You did a great jobs...

Umji We got our 2 wishes fulfilled

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will be fun as well, right?

Yuju - After they (team "We Are The World's Greatest") went into the sea

Having a hard time and seeing their flustered members

It still was fun hahaha


Especially today GFriend felt it was a long day...

The writer prepared a small present, first dinner on Jeju island(?)

And making happy memories on Jeju island

From. Writer Enjoy eating!

GFriend's eventful journey on Jeju island will be continued!


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