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ENG SUB GF Reality EP.3 : GFriend - Where R U going?! in Jeju with English subtitles  


I'm very confident in winning! GFriend's game of picking tangerines!

Eunha, now it's not the time to make small talk

And the result is team 'Baek-il-hong' wins!

The losing team has to find their way to go to see the sea on their own...


And team 'We Are The World's Greatest's fate is...?

Let's go to the beach!

GO GO! Let's GO GO!

We need to make it fun! Just winning would be boring!

Girls, let's play!

Yallu~ yallu~

We can't go! PD, you have to go with us!!

You just said you would go with us!!

Why are you there?

When did I...

Just now you happily said you would go with us.

Bye.. Let's meet at the beach.

Quick! Get out of the car. Why are you still here?

Team 'Baek-il-hong' in the car go~

Close to tears bye...bye...

Yuju Because we won we get to go by car.

The car looks different then usual.

Usually it's just a car(?) but today it's like a carriage.

The car looked like it's shinning.

Team 'We Are The World's Greatest' trudging on their way to the beach!

You are really too much! Really!

It won't work if the hair is like this!

Don't loose strength, eat tangerines...

ShinB No Way?? We have to walk 1.5km by ourselves?

Writer nods nods

strong nodding

GFriend eats tangerines while walking.

Can team 'We Are The World's Greatest' get to the sea.....?







GFriend Where R U going?!

How long do we have to walk...

How long do we have to walk...tired

How long do we have to walk...tired...exhausting...

Go ahead.. we already got it wrong..

It's still far...

The car that passed maybe knew(?) who ShinB was.

Please eat some tangerines~

The nice hand(?) of one staff member who wants some tangerines

Please enjoy!

I can't walk anymore...

It's so tiring...

angrily How can I walk and carry this!

Sitting comfortably, Yerin who is forcing the staff member to eat some tangerine.

Please eat it!! yap!!

ShinB gently annoyed - It's the first time coming to Jeju island and it's gonna be like this?

How mean~!


Yerin is still forcing(?)

Don't refuse.

So... mean...

I will get a car.

Yerin who is suddenly trying out hitchhiking!

Thumb up!

What's she up to...


Even though as promised the car passes Yerin...

How long do we have to walk?

In the end ShinB explodes!

Do we still have a long way?

Yerin who wants to cry..

But it's delicious. Jeju's tangerines are the best!

ShinB Is it still far (to Hyeopjae Beach)?

Just a little bit and you will be there.

Just a bit?!?!

Unnie. If we walk a bit more we should get there.

Team 'We Are The World's Greatest' is gathering their strength!

Let's run

Run? Shall we?

But ShinB carried it for a while

Let's do rock, paper, scissors again?

The loser is doomed! Rock, paper, scissor!

scissor, paper, scissor

Eunha wins!!

Assa we won~~~! Let's run~~~!

desolated side

Staff- What expression properly expresses how you're feeling right now?

The members are being so mean.

I won't let you off!

Let's run away!!

PD Let's run together!!

Eunha can't run as fast as she wants too because of the tangerines.

She can't even voice out her mind!!

It's heavy. Let's eat some.

Not carrying it for her - Because they are sorry Yerin and ShinB will eat some tangerines.

Eunha-ya let's walk together.

Because 'We Are The World's Greatest' we are the closest.

Because we are the closest, we are going to eat for you.

Carrying it differently will make it lighter?

Let's put it on the shoulder

The head... it's really light

Yerin carrying it like the right(?) way!

Unnie it is comfortable.

This natural feel?

But... Yerin..why suffering?

Ah! Why am I carrying it, you should carry it!!

We filled up our Vitamin C intake today.

Please capture those hands.

The hands became yellow because of the tangerines.

Suddenly - Do you like tangerines?!

Do you want some.. tangerines?

Are they selling tangerines?

GFriend who are approaching the people

Distributing tangerines and saleswoman queen(?) Yerin who enthusiastically promotes GFriend!

We are GFriend. Please love us a lot. Thank you.

Happily departing again~~!

The atmosphere of the winning team in the car!

Staff - How do you feel going to the beach?

Yuju - We were excited about the tangerines let's see how it will be.. (would be good)

automatically - English.. out of control : out of control

We just heard it, but didn't really know the context.

Unconditionally winning got to hear good news.

Losing got to hear bad news.

Sowon had the thought of how to win at any chance to get to hear the good news!

But it was really funny.

How did you feel picking tangerines? Sorry.

The girls even rejected interviews during the face-off!

How it felt like picking?



Umji - Our members are all very beagle(?)ish..

Team 'We Are The World's Greatest' has only beagles.

We are a bit cold...????

There was a hero

Unnie is not so beagle-ish but..

Yuju is a bit strange(?)

Why are you making me into a strange person after picking some tangerines?

Yuju is really special!!

Long ago I knew how to ride a Jindo dog.

A Jindo dog Yuju??

Because of her I have many days where I laugh a lot.

Thanks to Yuju GFriend is full with smiles.

I'm in charged of making the members laugh.

Belly button killer! Mood maker! Yuju

Team 'We Are The World's Greatest' is still on a march(?)...

ShinB is pointing at something!

There is a bus stop!

Beagle beagle run~ run~

My bangs

Yerin is desperately holding her bangs down

hoo... almost

I'm tearing because the wind is so strong

Team 'We Are The World's Greatest' arrived at the bus stop to take a closer look at the map!

Yerin - I filled my stomach(?) with tangerines!

Somehow...a sour taste is coming from my stomach... feels strange...

There is none!!??

There is no bus going to Hyeopjae Beach?!

We have to go to Jeju Hyeopjae Beach, right?

Hyeopjae Beach

But there is none

Mental Breakdown...

Yerin - Let's go in there and ask!

Where now to??

This the bus stop

Is there someone?

Sociability explosion! Yerin is going!

Unnie~~ unnie! Let's go in through the door...

GFriend carefully going inside!

Discovering someone!!

No this person...?! Actress Lee Bo Young...?

ShinB - How do we have to go to get to Hyeopjae Beach?

Please take(?) some tangerines~

GFriend?? GFriend?

You recognized us the hottest idols! Thank you!

I heard the rumors that you were going to film here

How to get to Hyeopjae Beach..?

If you follow the street..

Just go straight along the street!

We have to go farther?

In the situation of having to walk to another bus stop.

Thank you!

Please take more tangerines.

GFriend who are distributing tangerines showing their gratitude.

To this point there is a feeling they could be Jeju Tangerine Promoters...


Thank You

Please be careful

Giving out tangerines made the world lighter.

Team 'We Are The World's Greatest's tangerine basket made the world lighter(?)

Girls, shall we ask that person?

Yerin who wants to go to the goods truck

Is it possible?

Shall we??? If it's impossible make it possible!

Let's get a taxi

Going by taxi until Hyeopjae Beach

It will exceed our 80,000Won that we have.

But where did the money go??


Unnie has it.

It's here~

Where..such..a joke...

Woah! Discovering pretty flowers! Can't just pass by...

Please take pictures of us! Let's go do a photoshoot!

The girls suddenly getting into pose...

ahaha we are happy~!

ShinB - Q. Which member of team 'Baek-il-hong' would you want to have in your team?

Uhm... there is none.

Yerin - Q. Which member of team 'Baek-il-hong' would you want to have in your team?

There is none! Hahaha!

ShinB - Our team is good.


Actually after always splitting into team Unnie VS team Dongsaengs

You know, we are using bunk beds. Buttom Bunk team, Top Bunk Team

We wanted to try it out like this

GFriend who wanted to match the teams not by age but another criteria!

Today was a hit or miss, dividing the teams into Buttom Bunk team, Top Bunk Team.

I'm really satisfied with the result.

TO. team 'We Are The World's Greatest' video letter

You maybe carrying tangerines while walking...?

Joking.. the team's name...? 'The World's Greatest'? The world..well..

I don't know but... The World's Greatest

It will be the world's toughest day for 'The World's Greatest'!

really evil...!

sudden change! But it's really funny!

Woah!! It's the sea!!

Looking out the window the emerald like sea can be seen!

Sea Jackpot

emerald colored

It's so pretty

We performed at a festival in Busan and with our manager's generosity

we went to go to see the sea for a little while

GFriend who went to Busan for there schedule and got to see the sea

Back then a really sad thing was

Back then spending 24/7 in the practice room

Everyday being in the same place

after going to to see the sea

Just being in the practice room our view

stays always limited.

Standing in the middle of the beach and looking out to the sea, there was no end.

seeing the sea with no end...the world is a big place..

It's so tiring. meanwhile team 'We Are The World's Greatest'

Nevertheless the tangerines we picked were taken

It was kind of wortwhile.

Suddenly sobered Yerin "Hard work is always worthwhile doing!"


You are laughing at my words?

Sobered Yerin unnie akward ShinB

Infinite affirmation eventhough GFriend is tired they laugh...

Not far from their destination

No sign of tiredness team 'We Are The World's Greatest' is diligently walking

wait a moment please

Yerin is trying to get in contact with the local people!

Again fail!!

Shyness is my share

It's so embarrassing. I want to hide

The other team is enjoying(?!)....the hard struggle

how much have they eaten..tangerine peels are adding up

good at picking, peeling and eating tangerines

What can't we do?- Good at peeling and eating tangerines

GFriend who were born for tangerines...

Staff- Eating tangerines like this..laughing and talking, don't you feel sorry for the losing team?

Abruptly - What did you say??

The losing team probably has fun too.

What are you talking about?? This is our reward for our effort!

'We Are The World's Greatest' friends~please put your hand up for safety~~

careful careful~

Should we ask here?


Do you know the bus that goes to Hyeopjae Beach...(where to get on the bus?)

It's right here.

The person from Jeju are pointing directly at the bus stop!

Just ask the driver to let you off at Hyeopjaegol.

Ah.. Hyeopjaegol much is the bus ticket?


What does the meaningful smile stand for?!

Thank you!!

We have money left!!

Cheerful situation the bus tickets are cheap,so some money is left!


Just now Eunha said she wanted to eat chicken and with the left over money...

There won't be time for chicken

Getting snacks one by one at the mart...

OMG!! I can't believe it!! Of all places there's the mart!!

Actually Yerin already figured out the location of the mart



At this moment a bus is passing GFriend.

This bus?

It's okay. If we wait it will come again.

It reads there when the the next will come.

I will go take a look.

ShinB who is on her way to check the time schedule for the bus!

I'll be back. What do you want to eat?

Go and buy delicious things!!

Yerin&Eunha on their way to the mart!

It's always me who has to carry it..we need to carry this (basket) and go!!

After 10 minutes?

Team 'We Are The World's Greatest' has to get onto the bus which will arrive in about 10 minutes!!

Is it this one? This one, right?

It looks like it's this one.

Unnie!! There are just 10 minutes left!

Absentmindly Uhm...


Absentmindly uhm...

Buying delicious snacks within 10 minutes.

The bus should come..

ShinB is nervous that the bus will come first...

Looks like the bus comes?

It looks like it..nervous..nervous

ShinB Hunch-unnies (while choosing food) kind of take really long!

Please have some tangerines.

Gratefully I will eat it well.

Just now we picked tangerines and came here.

Hunch is hitting the mark! Yerin & Eunha are leisurely in the midst of talking

Have you tried it? Yes, it's really fresh.

Meanwhile team 'Baek-il-hong' are directly infront of Hyeopjae Beach!

The working pants are embarrassing...

Suddenly wearing the pants became embarrassing

Yuju I didn't know there were so many people (at the beach)!

really lots of people... I don't know.

Who knows ShinB's heart...

Slowly... Carefully in the midst of buying snacks!

What does ShinB like?

I don't know what ShinB likes.

I don't know...Unnies...

Yah! It's the beach!

Team 'Baek-il-hong'! Finally arrived at Hyeopjae Beach!

A dream-like beach!!

I can't see things like this...meanwhile ShinB is the only in the state of a mental breakdown...

Yerin unnie has to come quickly

Wow look at the ocean!

Look at the color of the ocean!

It's not like it's blue, it's like it's white.

Meanwhile team 'We Are The World's Greatest' has fallen for the snacks!

Safely arrived at Hyeopjae Beach?

Where could they be?

Even just one waterdrop of the sea, have they seen it?


The two team's face-off on the Jeju island!!

'We Are The World's Greatest' Fighting.

Baek-il-hong blooms. Hong-hong-hong~ Please anticipate next week too~

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