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ENG SUB GF Reality EP.2 : GFriend - Where R U going?! in Jeju with English subtitles  







Girlfriend, Where are you going?!

`Girlfriend began a trip(?) to Jeju-do with an excited heart!`

`Girlfriend’s first wish! Picking tangerines`

`In teams of two, a competition of who can pick the most tangerines has started`

Team “Baek-il-hong” - Yuju & Umji & Sowon

We Are The World’s Greatest!

Team “We Are The World’s Greatest” - Yerin & Eunha & ShinB

I have something to say

Despite being a team we individually want to induce fair play during the game

`At all costs fair play!`

Of course~ A maknae in this kind of team..

`Yuju, feeling touched by maknae, Umji’s words`

‘Our Umji has grown up’

Now we’ve formed teams, before starting we will let you know how to carefully pick the tangerines

Oh! The person wearing a hat over there...

please come out!


Bugane Tangerine Farmer Owner ‘Bu Seong-Hoon’

`I’ve raised every tangerine in this farm`

First off, when picking a tangerine take a pair of scissors

You can’t pick the tangerines right away

Please pick the tangerines like this

After that, you need to cut it twice like this..

How to pick tangerines: In this case, don’t cut off the stem in one go. If you don’t cut properly, other tangerines will spoil quickly

Ah...Oh no...they can’t get spoiled. They have to live for a long time!

Yes, so you have to

please cut here twice and then pick the tangerine

Yes! Thank you!

Directors, please eat these~ Please take care of us!

Of course you need to peel it for them

I can’t lose

I’ve picked a tangerine for the first time since I was born, so this has a lot of meaning

It must be even more delicious

For the first time in Yuju’s life, a tangerine picked with meaning(?) Camera directors are also tasting the tangerine!

`The whole crew is currently (voluntarily) sharing the tangerine`

Since you’ve eaten the tangerine Yerin has given you, also eat Yuju’s

`The handsome crew guy who is leaning in to receive the tangerine`

Please don’t forget about our team and please take care of us well

Team Baek-il-hong’s Yuju “Small Promotion”

Ah! The World’s Greatest Team! The World’s Greatest Team!

`Pick the most tangerines within the 15 minute time limit!`

Okay, are you ready to go?

Baek-il-hong has bloomed!

Hong~ Hong~ Hong~

`Yuju & Umji & Sowon - Team Baek-il-hong` Fighting!

World’s Prettiest! World’s Cutest ! World’s Purest!

We are...the world’s greatest!

`Picking the tangerines beings!`

`Going to and fro~ Running Girlfriend!`

I’m totally going to win! I won’t lose! I will really win

`Team Baek-il-hong skillfully picking the tangerines`

`Complimenting oneself~` I’m doing so well

`Is the tangerine big? Is my pocket too small?`

I will win!!

Unnie, there’s a lot here

`Six girl’s desire to win - BOOM!!!`

This really fun

Below here there’s a lot of good ones

`Eunha is not picking tangerines but filming(?) a CF`

`Not caring about the camera! ShinB is too focused on picking`

Q: Which member do you want to bring to your team? A: ShinB


ShinB likes to do things where her body keeps moving. She’s also active

Since ShinB is naturally like a beagle (puppy)

She’s also dexterous and the type to be lively wherever she is

She’s good at hands on stuff and works well with machines

I want to be the member that is the most sensible to deal with any kind of critical situations

Tangerine farming is doable

Crew: Do you like all of the tangerines?

Yes, I really like them

There isn’t a person who hates tangerines in this world

I can’t give up tangerines even if my face turned yellow

Okay, Everyone there is one minute left!

The other team picked so many

`Innocent Eunha wants to show the camera a snail`

`(Poking) Yerin unnie! Look at this`

`Eunha-ya! Right now is not the time to talk! (busy, busy)`

Crew: How was it picking tangerines?

Right now….Sorry

I’m sorry...right now the time...

Countdown starts!

The last one...

It was my first time at a farm and it was also my first time picking fruits

I think I have a talent (for picking)

First of all, I’m not sure if it’s because of the desire to win but..

it’s not hard picking tangerines. More (easier) than I thought

Since I think you can easily pick...

I’ve thought about it. Later on when I get older

should I try farming?...this kind of thought

Why does 15 minutes go by so quick?

You have to be careful...the scissors

`After the 15 minute time limit, both teams gather to see who’s victorious!`

By the way, we picked a lot

`If we picked this many tangerines, we surely can win?`

`Oh my god~ So epic!`

`Make way! Team Baek-il-hong is coming`

`Team The World’s Greatest is surprised by Tremendous Team Baek-il-hong`

`Team Baek-il-hong has a full basket!!`

Team Baek-il-hong’s packed basket - one look and you can tell there is a lot

Picking this much is nothing!

`Instead of caring about the show..I did some work!`

Oh~ I really did work. We worked

`Team ‘The World’s Greatest’ forgot how to speak`

Crew: Okay, Everyone. If you look at how many tangerines are in the baskets, I think you can tell who won.

We’ll try to do a game here

You have to do a two line poem with the word “gam-gyul (tangerine).” `The winning team can take away 10 tangerines! (from the other team)`

Yes, tangerine!

`The farmer owner will be picking the winning team!`

`Team ‘The World’s Greatest’, Yerin will go first!!`



A “gam (feeling)” came


A feeling that I will be taking away 10 “gyul (tangerine)”

(Giggle) `But I did a two line poem…!`

`Following is Team Baek-il-hong’s Sowon turn!`



Did you have a feeling?


When you think of tangerines, you think of Jeju-do tangerines

Team Baek-il-hong is satisfied

`The farmer owner is in trouble`

`Ah...what is this`

It’s not like you are going to decide by looking at the number of tangerines we have

`Precocious singing with aegyo`

(hesitant) The second was a bit...a bit...

How should I say this… `Ah...we lost..`

`We won..`

`Say Baek-il-hong’ Please cooly decide!

I think the first was fine

`Did I hear wrong?`

The second one...when you think of Jeju-do you think of tangerines anyways

The winning team the farmer owner has chosen: Team ‘The World’s Greatest’



Team ‘The World’s Greatest,’ wanted to take 10 tangerines so imagine how heartwarming it is

`Hurry up and take it!`

I saw how many tangerines there were.

No~ You were looking at our sense.

`Of course I have to pick 10 large and good tangerines` can even take an extra tangerine...if you need it

- No! No! - Please give us one more… - Okay

Even if, it’s really a lot….it’s really a lot

We will judge the game’s winning team exact weight (of tangerines) first

By weight?!

`If it’s by weight, we have a chance..`

Really...I think it’ll be heavy. Okay, please lift it.

- Leave it right in the middle - Right here?

Okay, the weight of our team’s tangerines is...


The weight of our team’s tangerines is 19.6kg

`Then what is the weight of Baek-il-hong’s tangerines?!!`

Everyone’s anticipating


`How could this be..`

Yerin unnie, remove your hand!

`Adding the hand’s weight!! Yerin’s joke since she wants to win!`

The real weight of Team ‘The World’s Greatest’

The weight of Team ‘The World’s Greatest’ is 16.66kg

`Team ‘The World’s Greatest’ clapping while admitting defeat`

There was no use of taking 10 tangerines

`Team Baek-il-hong is excited about their victory`

You didn’t care about filming, didn’t you?

`Good work everyone~`

`A challenge to do a refreshing, girl group-like Jeju-do tangerine CF!!`

A tangerine for an eye Yuju

The tangerine is hiding. Peekaboo! Umji

`The sound of a knock`

Would you like to eat a tangerine? ShinB

Using a tangerine like the first pitch (at a baseball game) Eunha

(I’m not sure if it’s a tangerine or not)

This is not a tangerine Yerin

Today’s winner is Baek-il-hong

- We acknowledge the win! - Thank you~

`Right then! The crew gives the two teams something`

Crew: Everyone, One thing you wished to do in Jeju-do was “tangerine picking”

Sowon (wish)? `Sowon...that’s my name`

Stop it

Also you wanted to go to the beautiful sea, right?

We will be giving the losing team an envelope

`The questionable envelope given to Team ‘The World’s Greatest’ by the staff`

What is this?

`Wha!! It’s money!!`

`The losing team has to use that money to find their own way to go see the sea!`

`Exchange of happiness and sorrow!`

These people...This is too much!

Is this for real? Really?

This is so much are you going to give us a map?

This is so much fun...we can’t be careless!

Getting upset right after… `I said No way! before`

I thought you were going to give us pocket money...

`’s not pocket money`

But if they run out of money, what are they supposed to do?

`No way…`

They have to figure it out on their own..hitchhiking!

You can take a car to get halfway there and then you can run the rest of the time


Crew: The goal is to get to Hyeopjae Beach

Is it in here? It’s not here, right?

`Girlfriend is looking for Hyeopjae Beach in the map`

Also, the losing team cannot find the way (to Hyeopjae Beach) through their phone

You have to use only the map given and Jeju-do residents to find your way

`Lagging behind..? Where is this...Who are we..`

This...I was able to find the way there easily `Yerin, who is only looking down on herself. Results..??`

The winning team can comfortably use their phone and ride the car

Also there is one more thing! Everyone knows they will need to bring the tangerines they picked, right?


`No soul left` Ahh~ It’s probably going to be heavy

`You’ll be okay, right?`

- It’s possible! - On our way we can eat a lot of them...

Eunha must be really happy

Ah! We have to carry this on our way to the beach?

(Shock) `We….We….have to carry this…?!`

`Baek-il-hong & The World’s Greatest gathering before leaving to go to the beach`

Baek-il-hong - Blindly Excited | The World’s Greatest - Worried can see an airplane over there (I want to ride a plane and go home)

`Let’s go! To the beach~~`

`There’s no way we’re really going to go while carrying this…`

`Eat tangerine while going…`

Hey, hey guys...they’re trying to lessen the weight for them right now

Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!

Kids, be careful! Don’t get hurt

- Let’s go! Let’s go! - Ah, I feel like giving more!!

`Wanting to give even if it’s just one tangerine. A mother’s heart (?)`

`Be safe! (Don’t go)`

Kids...Get in!

The winning team is waiting in the car, Baek-il-hong!

`Spiteful, Undeserved, Envious`

Kids, be safe!

Really hateful

`Have strength...Team ‘The World’s Greatest’!`

Mute Eunha: Ugh! I just wanna..Hwak! (to hit)

Let’s just give everything to one person

How about it?

Wouldn’t that be troubling? (If it’s not me, that’s okay)

Okay, rock paper scissors!


ShinB, destined to suffer

`Oh fate!!`

It’s alright as long as it’s not us!!

`Eunha & Yerin are excitedly giving the tangerines to ShinB!`

`Ah… this is really nothing`

Congratulations~ Congratulations~

`ShinB is voluntarily(?) giving away tangerines again?`

I think this will have a more deeper meaning

Directors should at least take one

`Camera director is walking backwards`

`Eunha & Yerin are diligently moving the tangerines`

Please eat one! You can have one while going `Pressuring to eat a tangerine`

Ah! Honestly...if you’re humane (this many tangerines), how am I going to carry this?!

`Let’s go since we moved all the tangerines!`

This is so fun..if we usually do this (win)

I know we could ride the car

This is for real! Without a car they’re just going (to the beach)

Today we are going to take our vitamin supplement as usual. These days my body has been tired

Fans...for fans

Ah~ `Fans~~ Eat this tangerine~~ Ah~~`

Let’s see each other at the beach. Bye!

But where did our map go?

Our map? It’s here.

`The Jeju-do map is hidden behind Yerin`

Which beach did they say we’re going to?

Hyeopji Beach

I happened to do some research

Unnie happened to do some research

From the airport it takes 30 minutes...

The distance from there and here are similar

So it will probably take 30 minutes from here

No! No! By car it’s 30 minutes

Since it takes 30 minutes by car, walking will take about an hour

`Filled with worry thinking about walking all the way to the beach`

- It’s so far… - (sobs) I don’t want do! - You’re all too much. Really

`Suddenly Eunha points out to someone`

`Unnie!!!!!! Unnie!!!!!`

`A Jeju-do native, Girlfriend’s Stylist`

Shinae Unnie! Jeju-do resident, Shinae Unnie!

Unnie, do you know how to get there?

Ah! I don’t know!

On our way there let’s also meet unnie’s parents!

`But she doesn’t let them know how to get to the beach…`

`Eventually Girlfriend asks the farmer owner`

Sajang-nim, do you know the way to go to the beach from here?

How long does it take?

You need to go to the bus stop...

If you walk from here

Since it’s about 1.5km away...about 20-30 minutes?

If we walk this road?

From there, there is a bus that takes you right to Hyeopjae Beach

Thank you!

Which number...Which bus number?

There is only one bus there

Ah~ Ah~ Thank you!

From across the road, it’s possible to walk and then take the bus?

Yes, across the road

If you walk to the village it’s about 2.5km

We like to walk. Because ShinB is carrying the tangerines we are comfortable

Have strength! Fighting!

`I’m not really laughing…`

`The mission of the losing team! To get to the beach on.your.own!`

`Ah~~ I want to cry…`

`Even if, greatly elated Eunha & Yerin & ShinB!`

Will Team ‘The World’s Greatest’ be able to arrive at the beach safely?!

Let’s meet next week too!

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