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Draw My Life | Superwoman with English subtitles  

okay let's try this again

what up everyone it's your girl superwoman and over the past few weeks a

top comments on almost all of my videos has been do i draw my life video and i'm

here to tell you that I've already done one say shmeh yep

I've done it

but you can't see it because i deleted the very next day

why you ask well because it included stories about my life that involved

other people and honestly it broke my heart to delete that video because i was

so proud of it and you know what I still am but instead of being bitter in my

unicorn fashion

I've decided to give it another go and this time I'm the only author the only

illustrator and the only main character

so hi my name is Lily and this is my life on one glorious day called

September 26 1988

my parents gave birth to me it was my mom my dad my older sister mine and

energy and me

I grew up in scarborough which is considered kind of a rough ghetto area

you know i mean and i absolutely loved it

quick facts about me growing up I was a Girl Guide believe it or not

yep i sold cookies and error thing I was valedictorian and elementary school

majorly obsessed with the Backstreet Boys by scrolls and the rock and it was

when I was a kid that i bought the same superwoman ring I wear every day now

I used to call myself superwoman because I felt like the name gave me strength

pretending there wasn't asked to my chest really helped me to a lot of hard

times growing up as a kid I was a really big tomboy

I wore baggy clothes loved wrestling and didn't appreciate anything girly

my mom always used to say it was because she's secretly wanted a boy

thanks mom

throughout elementary school and high school I was convinced that I was

destined to be someone great

I always imagined that I would become a superstar rapper or actress

although admittedly yeah I probably didn't have a talent in either from a

young age I knew that sitting behind a desk in a nine-to-five job was never

something I wanted to do i always had big dreams but a lot change once I enter

University as most roller coasters do my life took a plunge in the third year of

my undergrad I ran into issues with a few of my friends that really affected

me a whole bunch of emotional stuff

I carried with me from my childhood continue to haunt me and I honestly felt

as if my entire life collapsed over the next few months I fell into a severe


I lost my appetite and my desire to wake up in the morning I wouldn't answer my

phone and I lost a lot of friends I had no goals no aspirations and no


I was no longer that colorful girl who had big dreams and as scary as it sounds

i can honestly say that I lost my desire to live and that translated into some

very scary thoughts on some very scary nights

I also developed a rational thoughts of people staring at me whenever I was in

public i felt like i was wearing a huge sign that said depressed

I suddenly felt uncomfortable and nervous whenever people were around me

and this lasted for roughly a year

I can't say what exactly changed my brain what caused something in my brain

to switch but all I know is that one morning I woke up and decided I didn't

want to be this person anymore

so over the next year i forced myself to get my life back together

it wasn't easy at all and i often relapse back into depression

I eventually learned to talk about my feelings create healthy relationships

and most importantly to love myself

it became my goal to take all the pains of depression and transform those pains

into lessons and tools

I could use to better my life I specifically remember one night when I

was an absolute mess you up until this night I thought that the mind and body

are two separate things that function completely separate from each other

I learned the hard way that this in fact is not true that night

my mind was racing with thoughts fears scary images we calling every terrible

thing to ever happen to me and just flooding with negativity so I decided to

call a friend

get up do something anything other than lie there and tremble and cry but my

body would simply not respond

I remember feeling a huge wave of panic because I couldn't get my arms my legs

or my hands to move

I was finding it difficult to breathe and I was completely paralyzed for those

few minutes because my mind was controlling me and not vice versa

so during my recovery I kept that night in mind and in fact i will never forget

it because today i apply that same concept but in the opposite way

if my mind can negatively impact me in such a way that it can have the same

impact positively when I'm upset and that's why when something terrible

happens something as terrible as losing someone you really

really love yeah sure i will cry i will be heartbroken but ultimately I will

make that decision to let my mind filled with the positives and I can assure you

no matter what your name is and what your life draws out to be there are

always positives but let's move on to the part where I embarrassed myself on

the internet while vacationing with my family in Dominican Republic

I took a few moments to myself and SAT by the beach alone it was at this point

that i was in the final steps of healing myself but I wasn't quite there

it's at that moment that I decided I wanted to do this YouTube thing


I had a few videos out of the time but nothing significant

on that night I told myself that if my video could be the reason someone's bad

day turns good for the reason someone upsets miles than all my efforts will be

worth it

and who knows maybe my video will be the cause for that switch to flick in

someone else's brain while they're depressed now wouldn't that be awesome

sauce so I came back home and since then I've been on this YouTube journey

I'm constantly working on projects doing what I love and meeting amazing people

and here's the truth

I didn't make this video because you kept requesting it and I didn't make it

because i don't have any other ideas and I definitely did not make it so I could

cover up for deleting my last one I made it to tell you this

you're in a boxing ring with a 10-foot giant named life and he is going to

knock you out

he knocked me out cold a few years ago and every part of me wanted to stay down

that terrible night could have gone either way

and I am so thankful every single day that I chose to get back up for another


so for those of you feel like you want to give up the fight and there is no

hope this video is your hope because i am telling you that every dream you have

can come true in the most modest way possible

I'm about to hit seven hundred thousand subscribers

I just featured in my first film i'm booked for London and australia next


paris Jackson told me she loves my videos

am ia follows me on Twitter and can all AKA raj from big bang theory is now my

close friend

none of that could have happened if i was at the bottom of some bridge

this is not a fictional story this is not a commercial

this is my real life

and I'm not ashamed or embarrassed regardless of what anyone says this is

how I became Who I am and I promise you this video will never get taken down

if you are looking for a reason to keep fighting this is it if i can do it so

can you

and that's pretty much the story of how I really AKA superwoman defeated my

biggest villain AKA myself

thank you so much for joining me on my journey and being part of my life

it's nice to finally feel good about myself even though so many people are


it's my hope that wasn't too sad and depressing to listen to because it's not

let's talk okay let's talk about happy stuff ready okay

rainbows unicorns and glitter sparkle candy colors

um wicked awesome as explosions of happiness and cupcakes falling from the


how I hit my hand on the wall anyways as of right now I have no idea what my

future has in store but that's my life thus far and that's a wrap one love

superwoman and you

as per usual you can click here to watch my last video you can also click the

subscribe button right here for new videos every Monday and Thursday also

check me out on Twitter and Facebook and the meantime I don't know if you notice

I'm actually a really good drawer I don't know it's just like since birth

artistic skills i know i don't like to brag about it but i'm just going to take

this time to draw a self portrait of myself so I'm just going to do that and

adjoining cells poetry it's trying judgment and ryan drag freshman treasure

tracker pressure

John's help or trees

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