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Dr. Amos Wilson - Miseducation Oppression with English subtitles   Complain

idea that you see involved more than

just opening the eyes and exposing the

retina to the environment it means the

innocent the lying sees through the eyes

and direct the eyes as what to say we

are in hypnosis we deal with something

we call sometimes negative

hallucinations that is getting people

let's look at the other type of

loosening first say the positive

elucidation the part of the Buddhist

nation of course is getting people to

see what is actually not there to see

things that are actually not present in

reality and of course some of you Father

seeing those kinds of of genetic tricks

but you tell the hypnotic patience of

the clients that he has a rabbit in his

lap and of course there's nothing there

and he didn't receive the Pettitte and

play with it even though it's not there

this is what we call a positive

illumination you can also produce a

negative hallucination you can tell the

hypnotized subject that an object which

is right before his face is not there

and he will see everything except that

particular object that you've directed

him not to see you see this sometimes in

certain forms of schizophrenia for

instance let's get to feeling some type

of schizophrenics can look and see

everything on this podium here except

have this pain even though it's right

there before their eyes sometimes it's

fascinating when you look at people who

are so-called mentally disturbed

particularly the schizophrenic because

you can see

the enormous powers of the human mind

and in this instance then you have a

mind that for some reason or other is

instructing that patient not to see a

particular object right before his face

and yet he sees all of the other objects

around it very very clearly so what

we're trying to talk about here then is

that if your mind and your brain is it

efficiently programmed then that

inefficient program will miss direct

your eyes will misdirect your senses

will create for you then a reality that

is in a sense unreal it will leave in

central and mixing reality and missing

parts of that reality you cannot

efficiently cope with it too good

instead then when we look at the history

of the African man in relationship to

the European we see a man whose reality

has been created for whose mind and

brain has been created in such a way

that even the most obvious things in

reality are overlooked and not seen and

this is dr. done to let me call this

so-called education remember i routed to

the idea of trained eyes experienced

eyes which means in an individual's mine

has been created so that the eyes can

find what that individual is looking for

what makes you think then that the

European who trains your mind he's going

to train your mind to see reality in

such a way that it will overthrow this

obvious of people how do you expect to

see reality from a people who writes

your history it's such a way that you

don't even see yourself there so when

you look at history you're not there you

look at American history you're not

there you look at world history you're

not there you look at anthropologie

you're not there and if you are there

you're there is a primitive stone age

kind of people never haven't written

anything all contributed anything you

look at economics and you're not there

except perhaps as a commodity in and out

itself you look at mathematics and

you're not there you look at every

discipline and you do not see yourself

what kind of reality then can we be

looking at as a people when our minds

have been trained in such a way that we

have literally negative hallucinations

as well as positive illuminations it's

amazing then that we look at these

disciplines where we don't see ourselves

so many of us call this kind of

education in these disciplines a good

education from the evening kind of

things you had a people who upon you

links you degraded you it's laid you

killed Indians colonized people all over

the world kill me

than millions and millions of people

exploited people destroy people polluted

the earth have been done such a job on

earth until you begin to wonder if they

come from the same planet you begin to

you begin to wonder if these people are

not a type of infection a virus whose

birth the city is to destroy the help of

the world Excel and as we see them now

beginning to destroy the earth and now

getting ready to move their destructive

nature's into the cosmos itself they've

already made it to the moon and are now

preparing to inspect the whole of the

universe how can use them as a people

assume that the people who have done all

of these kinds of things to us as a

people can give us a vision of reality

how can we accept their description of

reality as one with which we accorded

guide are only eight ER how can we

believe a people whose very lives

depends upon our continuing continuing

domination and yet there are those among

us who seem to want to believe this who

seem to want to push their children

under the instructor ship of these

people who seem to what their their

people to resemble these people in some

fashion who has the nerve to see these

people that's representing some kind of


these people may represent a culture but

not a civilization particularly we're

going to look at the word simple in the

sense that it is normally used

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