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Deus Ex: The Recut with English subtitles  

your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week I've already

discussed the matter with the senator

I take it he was agreeable is as you've been infected is

nope not underestimate is when I mentioned that we could put him on the

priority list for the ambrosia vaccine he was desperate

display the writing is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to

contain it

why contain it this cool old men

warning warning I've received reports of armed attacks on shipments

there's not enough vaccine to go around and the classes are starting to get


your turn desperate desperate desperate desperate desperate the sound they'll

make rattling their cage will serve as a warning to the electronic old men hoping


get the hell out of here denton the others may not goes quietly

intelligence indicates there around the problems in Paris

men running the world a new age of other problems

you met go forward by executive order after the terrorist right on the statue

I have someone in place though I'm more concerned about savage unico savage

unico no savage you soon at kyles average our biochem corpus is far in

advance of bears are electronic old men and their flexibility has allowed us to

make progress in the mythical city on the hill

we may not be able to contain the augmentation project among other things

but i must admit that i have been somewhat disappointed in you natco quit

screwing around

yes the secondary unit should be online within six months is currently

undergoing preparation and will be operational within six months

my people will continue to report on its progress within six months we've had to

endure much you and I but within the week and we'll be old men running the


No within six months yes

old men are the future

in a sentence rating the island and shots have been fired

your brother Paul is on his way to meet you at the top


what's going on welcome to the coalition JC I might as well start using coke

yeah the NSF they hit one of our shipments have you ever got away but we

trapped the rest of the statue

what are we waiting for I've got a pistol the NSF took one of our agents


I think man really wants to see how you handle the situation stick with the prod

product the prod just in case so we're police

sometimes you've got to make a silent take down a non-lethal takedown is

always the most silent take down this is a training exercise JC

what are we waiting for I don't know I like to pick my nose

if you can get to the North dock you not conform it will give you a key to the

statute doors

he responds to the code phrase iron cop beings might be useful

thanks I'll take the gap gun the gun might be you all an act of her man we


there's been some activity at sea I'm going to watch the coast move about time

you should I heard that you can get me inside

whatever but I know the commander because he's my pal

don't think you know something about the commander here's a picture

you can trust me depends the nsfr terrorists they want people get it did

it dad

little with word I don't understand here's the key to the front entrance

I don't have much of a business I think I'll take your weapons

I don't know don't make don't shoot

you too late I surrender don't believe me

it's all in the numbers number one that's terror number two

that's terror you think you know better than female what to do with this month's

Ambrose your shipment

don't tell me it's on its way back to the people you know

damn i think the government made the plague on purpose you have a single

factor back that up

yeah number one that's tips

well done

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