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Dateline Mystery : The Writing on the Wall (June 06, 2017) with English subtitles  


may 5th is the day that's going to stick

with the men and women of this Police

Department their entire careers a


I mean monster comes to mind somebody

with no no soul this was a promising

family a great family I got the phone

call from my neighbor Christopher

Coleman probably around 10 to 7:00 in

the morning told me that he was honest

with home from the gym he was crossing

the JB bridge

he said I'm calling cherry you know

nobody's answered the phone she should

be up tell him hey okay I'll go over and

check and we'll get somebody over there

he was concerned from the threats

they've been receiving that he reported

to us my name is Justin Barlow I was a

detective sergeant for the Columbia

Illinois Police Department I also happen

to be a neighbor I went to the front

door just looking in I couldn't see

anything after that I went from the

front of the house to the basement area

this is the basement of the home where

we found an open window came in through

through the hallway here up the steps

the steps basically letting into the

kitchen the first thing I remembered was

smell of spray paint we turned the left

here install the message that was left a

lot of health or skelter type of message

Manson style spray paintings on the wall


saying punished it started with email

threads move to written threats


police were involved when I read the

letter it was very specific about

killing the family I will kill your wife

and children in their sleep then we

started going to the up the staircase to

the bedroom the second floor of the

house and then as you're walking up the

steps this message here you have paid

this is leading to what you're going to

find upstairs

it was going to have a good outcome and

at the top of the stairs we found the

three bedrooms to the left of the

staircase was the master bedroom we

found Sheri Coleman to the right was a

bedroom of Garret where he was found in

his bed and Gavin we found him in the

third bedroom all three deceased it was

a homicide scene we have an act of death

investigation who's responsible why it

happened when it happened if you don't

believe in evil I hope you do now a

mother and her two sons had been

strangled in their sleep

this touched an entire community they

took it very personal and that's

something that you'll never forget as a

reporter we're following leaves we have

leads in this case we felt with the

prior threats that was going to be a

very good lead for us who had such

hatred for Chris Coleman that's where

our investigation was going to start

this is Columbia innocent women and

children will get murdered in their bed

at night the writing on the wall tonight

48 hours mystery



the Mystery Continues in 90 seconds

on the morning of May 5th 2009

Christopher Coleman returned home from

the gym to a scene of chaos and

unimaginable horror told on Haven they

didn't make it being the family and it

walked him outside to the garage he sat

down on the driveway and started sobbing

said he felt like he was going to throw

up and then kind of curled up in the

fetal position detective Justin Barlow

of the Columbia Police Department had

been the Colemans neighbor for five

years and was the first to respond when

Chris could not reach his wife this

crime scene it wasn't bloody but that

didn't mean it was less gruesome were

you at all prepared for what you're

about to walk into I don't think anybody

could be prepared for that



upstairs where they should have been

safe in their beds were 31 year-old

sherry and the couple's two young boys

11 year-old Garrett and nine-year-old

Gavin what is the lasting image you have

in your mind from that day I would say

the one that sticks out the most

probably be Garrett just because he's

the one that that you know I discovered

is that a haunting image for you even as

a police officer yeah but

the killer had not only taken Garrett's

life but had desecrated the body by

leaving another disturbing message the

spray paint in his room was actually on

the sheet that was over his body it was

and there was some remnants of the spray

paint on him as well

we knew that that this case was going to

be probably the biggest one of our lives


Columbia Illinois is a small quiet

suburb outside of st. Louis a wonderful

place to live and raise a family and

chief Joe Edwards immediately recognized

that his two investigators were going to

need some help so we called in a special

unit we're doing all we can to find out

what happened in this house

major jeff connor and the Major Case


which brought in an army of 25 seasoned

cops it's typically your smaller

departments that need the resource need

to help hours after the murders the

Major Case Squad swung into high gear

the CSI team started processing the

house warrants were secured to go

through the Colemans phones and

computers while a very distraught chris

was taken to the police station to give

his statement let's do everything we can

for this man Coleman told investigators

that it had been a normal morning what

time did you leave your house to go to

the gym this morning he got up and left

for the gym around 5:40 a.m. and called

sharing numerous times to wake her up

then you called her again at 6:35 a.m.

623 652 a.m.

the bodies of cherry Coleman and her

sons gasps neighbors wolf to the news of

the murders called were discovered

shortly before 7:00 Tuesday morning they

were both devastated and terrified so as

I got down the street I had seen that it

was at the Coleman house and I text her

right away

and said is everything okay and I didn't

need a response

Vanessa rigor ex who live down the

street said the Colemans appeared to

have a perfect life raising their two

beautiful sons I always thought of them

as the American family the perfect

family everybody would want the children

like these two boys polite always


they had a heart of gold the couple had

been married for 12 years and met when

they were both in the military training

at the k-9 unit Sheri became a

stay-at-home mom 32 year old Chris the

son of a preacher used his marine and

security experience to land a job for a

well-known televangelist Joyce Meyer and

the devil fills our minds with junk

Joyce Meyer is now known throughout the

country and known throughout the world

as a leading voice in the evangelical

movement Jesus died to set us free and

pretty successful organization

financially she's extremely successful

financially I've seen figures from fifty

to a hundred million dollars a year

reporter Nick Pistor has followed the

case for the last three years and is a

CBS News consultant don't ever let the

devil steal from you Joyce Meyer travels

all throughout the world as conferences

in countries that don't necessarily

respond well to women who are preaching

a Christian message and so she wanted

some deeper security but being Joyce

Meyers head of security apparently put a

target on Chris Coleman's back in

November 2008 Chris had begun receiving

death threats to his work email whenever

Chris Coleman reported the first death

threat he came to us at the police

department tell Joyce to stop preaching

the bull it read if I can't get to Joyce

then I will get to someone close to her

we give the Coleman family

extra patrol which we just give it

special attention to make sure nobody's

there it was in January 2009 that a

hand-delivered threat showed up in the

mailbox at the Coleman family home it

read deny your God publicly or else no

more opportunities time is running out

for you and your family did it concern

you as a neighbor living so closely when

you heard that there were death threats

being made to the guy who lived across

the street absolutely each note seemed

to escalate the series

of the situation and on April 27th less

than a week before the murders

a final missive arrived with an

ultimatum stop today or else I know your

schedule you can't hide from me forever

I'm always watching I know when you're

leave in the morning and I know when you

stay at home you decided to ramp things

up yourself to be proactive and what did

you do at your house

we got one camera mounted up in my

five-year-olds bedroom and pointed it

right at the mailbox with the camera

aimed directly at the Colemans mailbox

the Coleman residence led about 214 feet

approximately they hope to get a clear

shot of whoever was leaving the notes be

prepared for something that was going to

happen and be as proactive about it as

we could instead days later the killers

somehow snuck into the Coleman home and

strangled Sheri Garett and Gavin

but if the murders were linked to the

threats and Joyce Meyer ministries that

meant the cops might now be in a global

search for suspects there was a lot of

fear that there was somebody out there

killing families and who was going to be





my prayer over this town is it there'd

be healing overcome there'd be a heart

for mercy that would come towards

whoever that poor soul is that went to

this extreme and that Columbia could

begin to heal again


this touched an entire community the

neighbors were shocked they saw the

young boys playing touch football with

their father on the front lawn these

were little boys that they knew you

could just see the pain on everyone's

face it devastated the community the

small town of Columbia Illinois was

reeling with the sudden loss of Sheri

Garett and Gavin Coleman close friends

like Kathy LaPlante were crushed sherry

was a loving mother loyal friend and

sister to me my life's not the same but

Pollin my heart if I would have known

for one millisecond she was in danger I

would have been down there for Sherry's

brother Mario and their mother Angela it

was impossible to accept the reality of

the brutal crime she grew up to be a

beautiful person on the outside as well

as an inside they were her world those

boys they were her world you know

Garrett was more quiet and more of a

thinker he's all you could tell by

looking at his eyes he's only thinking

and on and Gavin was Devon was very he

was here he's out something outgoing he

was a very he's like a social butterfly

it person I was just like his mom's just

like his mother's with Sheri Garett and

Gavin I mean I think that just that

that's what the motivation was for


hours into the investigation the Major

Case Squad continued to pursue their

best lead finding whoever wrote those

threats we tracked down people across

the country who didn't like Joyce Myers

and we interviewed them to find out

where they were at on may the 4th of may

the 5th at that morning they were hoping

Chris might be able to point them in the

right direction

you suspect I mean out of all these

emails and things you've been talking

about work just got to be one person

that stands out your mind

no include which I knew if I have been

there this morning but as police

continued to talk to Coleman they were

surprised by how he was acting how do

you think they'd I told Gary who's

did he ever ask how his wife and

children died he never asked no what

else sticks out in your mind from those

first few hours just the lack of

reaction I mean just the lack of

curiosity of what's going on so police

kept probing was there a problem in your


was there anything currently there

wasn't going so long relationship really

I mean was the communication line and

had you seen anyone else did automatic

way Chris was adamant that he was not

having a relationship outside of his

marriage so it seemed odd when he

offered a stunning piece of information

about another woman Tara Florida she has

been talked to talk to her time lately

but in which what's with that just a

friend Tara is Tara Lintz a cocktail

waitress and an old high school friend

of sharise okay a close close friendship

were you actually doing anything that

you felt wouldn't be approved by your

wife some of the conversations Coleman

insisted they were just friends that he

met Tara through Sheri when their family

went to Florida on vacation potentially

over them


my kids

but during the interview the Major Case

Squad contacted police in Terris

hometown of st. Petersburg Florida to

check out Chris's story channel clear

detective Shannon Halstead got the call

we went from the station to go make

contact with her thinking it was going

to be a quick 20 minute interview and it

ended up being very different that's

because the information Halstead gained

from Terra about the relationship was

very different than what Chris was

telling police in Illinois she provided

the BlackBerry and a laptop computer

obviously had files of videos and emails

relating to their relationship did you

immediately step out and call st. Louis

I did and what did you say to them I

said I'm not positive but I think this

is his girlfriend armed with that

information detective Barlow confronted

Chris um the one thing that I did want

to tell you right now is the st.

Petersburg homicide News is talking to

Tamara Berg town and she showed us the

picture that you sent her with you two

we know you guys been having an affair

so was that a pretty big break for you

guys it was a important piece

investigators learn the couple had begun

seeing each other in the fall of 2008

six months before the murders during the

affair Chris would fly Tara to meet him

at locations where he was working for

Joyce Meyer are you with me so far

I know you guys want the Hawaii together

we pulled the enterprise leasing collars

for c4 you guys went to different trips

together right this is just something

but any other thing to think it was


they didn't you didn't think it's fair

because she's powers when you're like

living with him and you're going to get

married and everything she had on her

calendar a scheduled wedding to Chris

Coleman scheduled vacations different

accounts credit card accounts that they

held together and I think she

honest-to-god believed that he was going

to leave his wife and two children

Chris's parents pastor Ron Coleman and

his wife Connie were stunned to learn

their son had had an affair but they

insisted it had nothing to do with the

murders he's always been a real gentle

person and kind of quiet he's there any

way that there's a part of Chris that

you don't know that could have been

capable of this not in my view you

couldn't put something around your kid's

throat unless you're a monster

yeah he's not there it's just not there

while investigators believed Chris's

affair with Tara Lintz was a strong

motive for murder there still wasn't

enough evidence to charge him so after

six long hours Chris Coleman walked out

a free man it wasn't like we were

wanting to believe they Chris's the one

who did this

it's just that the evidence kept

pointing to him

do you believe Chris Coleman's affair

could be a motive for murder

chat now with correspondent Maureen

Maher on Facebook


the memorial in their subdivision is

awesome there's a bench in there's trees

every day friends and neighbors are

reminded of the beautiful lives that

were stolen from them the community act

together and created that so they wanted

to do something positive Megan Turnbow

says it's a fitting tribute

unlike the funeral service at pastor

Coleman's church no friends no family no

coaches nobody spoke about these three

awesome people that were dead in the

days that followed the service any

sympathy for Chris Coleman was stripped

away as news spread about his affair

with Sherry's high school friend Tara


well when the affair came out and I had

no idea and I heard about it from

someone else

I felt like every day I was just getting

stabbed in the heart by these little

pieces of information did you think he

was going to be arrested yes and I

couldn't wait I was nervous to be honest

with you the Major Case Squad felt that

pressure obviously in any case you want

to you want to get the person

responsible for it but you want to get

the right person but right away there

were red flags police were concerned

when they found a basement window open

and others unlocked here's a guy whose

family is being threatened they're going

to destroy his family while he's gone

but yet that window was left unlocked

and it was obvious it was left unlocked

because there was no forced entry

and remember that camera detective

Barlow installed in his house he saw no

strangers walking up and down the street

you saw no strange vehicles and Chris

had even installed his own surveillance

cameras in his house what about the

surveillance equipment that was

allegedly in the house the recorder was

missing that's convenient yes an autopsy

on Sheri revealed that she fought

violently with her killer leaving her

with two black eyes Sheri was involved

in an altercation before she was

murdered those two boys weren't which

made scratches found on Chris Coleman's

arms all the more suspicious when did

you first notice the scratches on his

arms it was brought to my attention by

people at the scene hi I mean we didn't

get your freedom yeah okay police say

Coleman tried to hide them during his

interview you can see on the video where

he's asking for a blanket because he

says he's cold the only part of his body

he covers up are the you know suspected

marks on his arm that were yes I

remember in the interview room that

being very warm in that did you think he

was in shock No

Chris later claimed he got those

scratches the day before when he was

removing a satellite dish from his roof

was there any DNA found at the scene

that would implicate him I'll just say

there wasn't any DNA found that didn't

belong there no boogeyman no I

unidentified DNA anything like that

there was incriminating evidence found

on Chris's phone and computers

starting with x-rated snapshots and

videos that Tara and Chris had sent each

other it was a serious affair he had

written down every her measurements her

favorite things

everything about her he had stored so he

could you know buy her things or do

whatever for her by November 5th of 2008

Chris had written on his computer that

that was the day Tara changed his life

for police that date would set off alarm

bells and how many days after that then

did the threats start to show up about

nine days after that nine days the

Colemans insist it is all a coincidence

it's my understanding that he had

written down November 5th the day Tara

changed my life that they had exchanged

promised rings and that he had even

written down the name of their first

child were to be a little girl is that

true honestly I cannot imagine him doing

that that's not with anybody he just

didn't really operate in that in that

arena of emotions he just didn't he was

just very common logical sense

Chris's parents believe their son is

innocent and that it was an intruder who

killed his family and left hateful

messages in fact Chris even voluntarily

provided samples of his own handwriting

to police what was the most important

piece of evidence at the crime scene at

the crime scene probably the handwriting

on the walls but those samples would

later come back to haunt him the crime

scene lag coming back and saying that

the handwriting found on the wall

matches up to the handwriting exemplar

that Christopher Coleman gave at the

Columbia Police Department

finally two weeks after the murders

police felt they had enough to make

their case and Christopher Coleman was

charged with the first-degree murder of

his wife and two sons if it was another

time they would have had pitchforks and

lanterns in their hand they were out for

vengeance they wanted this case solved

and they wanted it solved immediately

and they wanted him to be found guilty

immediately were you there when he was

arrested yes it was a night the worst

scenario we lost three

we've lost Garett and Gavin and Jerry

and now Chris is gone Sherry's friends

and neighbors were relieved but angry at

the toll it had taken on them and their

children I've talked to some of the moms

and the children in the community wonder

if their dad could do the same thing and

investigators insist all this pain was

caused by Chris Coleman's obsession and

all because of a woman I believe that

had a major part of it


this crime was about greed sex

selfishness and narcissism

Chris Coleman decided he wanted a new

life and his family was in the way he

was obviously a monster who carried out

a very sadistic plan by the time Chris

Coleman went on trial in April 2011

prosecutor Edie Parkinson and his team

had spent two years building their case

this was it a huge case this was like a

ten thousand piece puzzle the murders of

Sheri Coleman and her two young boys and

his expect a big case three counts of

first-degree murder in their local media

as well latest documents filed by trauma

and murder trials all the pretrial

publicity prompted the judge to bus in a

jury from a county an hour and a half

away what was the biggest challenge for

you as a prosecutor in this case people

who turn out to be jurors have to accept

the fact that parents kill their kids

it's just hard to accept it he just

looked like a good guy how do you get

that much hatred for a child as

unthinkable as it was at every corner

investigators had turned up more

evidence against Coleman some of it came

from Sheree's own friends who were

determined to have their day in court

what was it like waiting for the two

years for the trial it was life-changing

and not for the better

how did you feel about testifying I was

scared to death I was like I'm gonna do

this for Sheri Coleman sporting a new

hairdo and a bulletproof vest at his


would hear those friends bolster the

prosecution's claim that he had lied

about his marriage in his interrogation

of all backgrounds actually maybe just

lit enough or something that started me

actually when the pastor's from my

choice in the hospital

Coleman insisted that he and his wife

had merely hit a few bumps in the road

and work helped by counseling sherry

told her friends a different story and

she was in my room and she was crying

and Chris wanted to leave her and then

he would start to say hurtful things

like I never loved you but sherry wasn't

willing to let him go and he would put

on a face in front of the marriage

counselor and sherry said when he got

back home he yelled her and you know it

would just be held to pay prosecutor

Parkinson says there's a reason Coleman

wanted sherry to be the one to divorce


I believe he became so enraptured by

Tara Lintz but he couldn't get divorced

in his own mind because then he loses a

hundred thousand dollar job a year with

Joyce Meyer ministries they frown on

divorce if it's your fault

Parkinson believes Coleman was hoping to

make a clean break before anyone caught

on about the affair in a videotaped

deposition Joyce Meyer confirmed her

ministry's zero tolerance of adultery if

he would have been having an adulterous

affair while he was still married then

it could have definitely affected his

job but eventually sherry did find out

her husband was having an affair with

her best friend from high school

sherry open up her computer one night

with a friend and said do you want to

see the woman who's having an affair

with my husband and showed images of

Tara Lintz but sherry still refused to

get divorced and something she said to

her friend Kathy LaPlante will haunt her

forever when he came home demanding a

divorce she told me that if anything

happened to her Kris did it several

months later Sheri and the boys were


what do you think the trigger was that

made it may 5th

I think Terra was pressing him I think

he just got pushed into his own corner

they had wedding dates planned Chris had

told Terra that he was serving sherry

with divorce papers on May the fifth the

day of the homicides and had he ever

filed divorce papers no did he ever

speak to an attorney

no after hearing all about this other

woman the jury would finally get to meet


it was the most anticipated moment of

the trial Tara Lintz making her entrance

under police escort she arrived at the

courthouse almost like a Hollywood star

arriving somewhere it was a packed

courtroom gallery Tara testified that

she and Coleman talked or texted quote

all the time constantly and that they

often professed their love for each

other when asked whether she and Coleman

had plans to marry for short answer

spoke volumes quote the divorce had to

happen first do you think that Tara had

anything to do with the murders no I

don't and you don't think she had any

idea that something was about to happen

nope not from any of the evidence I

don't believe that but the prosecutor

does believe Coleman's lust for Tara had

everything to do with it and to drive

his point home he showed the court the

sexually explicit videos and photos the

two sent to each other we said lord

please help us we don't have to look at

this but please help us sit here for his

sake that he's doesn't feel that we're

ashamed of him now instead of embarking

on an exciting new life and keeping his

six-figure income Chris Coleman was

facing the death penalty did you kill

your wife and your children no

absolutely not



Chris Coleman had a prominent local

defense team at his side when he went on

trial for his life another double edged

sword in trying to use the fingerprint

but John O'Gara and Bill Margolis had to

admit they faced an uphill battle the

evidence was although all circumstantial

it was very overwhelming

and trial one of the most critical

pieces of evidence would be time of

death the prosecution maintains the

three victims were killed hours before

Coleman left the house to go to the gym

the bodies were stiff they had rigor

mortis that everything pointed that they

were dead by at least three o'clock in

the morning it could have been the whole

case quite frankly the defense insists

that Sheri Garett and Gavin could have

been killed that morning during the hour

in ten minutes that Coleman was gone you

know you can use various formulas you

know the time of death is not an exact

science as investigators kept building

their case something was troubling them

about that trail of threatening letters

and emails it read if I can't get to

Joyce then I will get to someone close

to her we didn't find anybody else who

had received messages that were

threatening to their family the

prosecution's computer experts

discovered there was a good reason for

that those threats were typed on his

laptop the email threats that came to

him yes originated from his own laptop

those threats were sent from an account

called destroy Chris at

defense attorney bill Margolis insists

someone else could have sent them

anybody that had access to his computer

whether it was a co-worker or anybody

else could have created that account


investigators still had no so-called

smoking gun no DNA no murder weapon and

no eyewitness but after analyzing the

blood-red paint in those frightening

messages on the walls they believe they

just might have something close to it

one can of that exact spray paint was

purchased at a local hardware store and

the computerized signature said

Christopher Coleman you cannot paint

that much without paint being somewhere

on you they literally cut him to the

quick he pulled his own hair out for

them there was not a trace

paint but if Coleman was the killer he

had made this scene on the surveillance

video recorded the afternoon before the

bodies were discovered all the more

chilling it's a perfect suburban scene

he played catch with his son at the

house and then the next morning they're

dead it's unexplainable course Coleman

did not take the stand


I didn't want to believe that he could

do that I cried myself to sleep in a

case that was gut-wrenching for everyone

involved it turns out the jury was no

exception absolutely unimaginable I mean

there's just so much hate

it's just hatred spread everywhere the

first vote inside that jury room was

7:00 to 5:00 not guilty but not because

they believed Coleman was innocent we

all thought he did it who else would

have done it but many of the jurors were

troubled by the circumstantial nature of

the case you wanted factual tangible

evidence that said he did it make him

prove it

as the deliberations entered a second

day crowds began to gather outside the

courthouse the tension mounting but

Sherry's mother remained optimistic we

will get justice for my daughter in for

my grandson's I have what they call the

mother instinct I'm very confident for

you incredibly it was the jurors own

detective work that they say pushed them

over the top when they looked at the

back of this picture of Chris Coleman

and Tara Lintz kissing they noticed it

was taken on October 21st 2008 I think

actually what I said was oh my god and I

said what was the date that he said the

affair started yeah the dates did was

until know them

November river and the picture was

created and Tauber over way before they

said they had been seeing each other and

what did that say to you that was

something black-and-white in front of my

face that said if he could lie about

this he's lying about everything

after 15 hours of deliberations there is

a verdict in the Chris Coleman triple

murder trial the verdict was guilty

Chris Coleman in this case guilty on all

three of these counts and the crowd

outside the courthouse erupted in

applause and cheers


I had never seen anything like what

happened on the lawn of the courthouse

that night the verdict was handed down

on may 5th 2011 two years to the day

that Sheri Garett and Gavin were found

murdered I walked out of the courtroom

and first words out of my yes we did it

we got justice the judge sentenced

Coleman to life in prison in part

because the state of Illinois repealed

the death penalty was just months away

from taking effect did you kill your

wife and your children absolutely we

spoke to Chris Coleman by phone because

our cameras were not allowed inside the

prison I absolutely love my wife and my

kids and this you know it's not as not

me how do you love your wife and B

having an affair with one of her best


maybe I wasn't you know selfishly

getting what I thought I might should be

getting at home as far as with my wife

you know from the physical side of

things but I still absolutely loved her

Coleman denies he was planning to

divorce Sheri to marry his mistress Tara

so why does Tara say that um it was

discussed on several different things

that you know it was conversation but

there is no specific plans or no dates

and nobody asked each other to be

married or anything like that she also

says that you had told her that you were

serving divorce papers to Sherry you

know unfortunately and I feel horrible

about it you know if I ever talk to to

Terry again that would be something that

I would apologize to her about that that

was a lie

I lied to Terry about that so if he

didn't murder his family who did I have

absolutely no clue believe me I racked

my brains for for two and a half years

trying to figure that part out I just

had to stop and give it to God just

really set and do my best to forgive it

forgive that person and move on

forgiving and moving on has been

difficult for Sheree's friends

still struggling to understand this

incomprehensible crime as a Christian I

feel like it's imperative that I forgive

because Jesus forgave me and I went to

forgive with my hold what makes it so

hard to do that because they were so


Sherry's friends and family want to

ensure that she Garett and Gavin are

never forgotten so they've been raising

money to help victims of domestic

violence and they hope to build a new

Little League field and name it after

those two young boys love to play ball

the boys had their whole life ahead of

it they didn't deserve it this should

have never happened

should it never happened


Coleman insists his family was murdered

because he provided protection to Joyce

Meyer what do you think Chad now with

correspondent Marine mater on Facebook


I can't imagine anything worse somebody

has taken one of your children if you

hope to see him alive again you must

follow our instructions why would

someone take Robert our company is a

multimillion-dollar enterprise my

brother was most certainly an adventurer

obtain a $750,000 in untraceable bills

it was scary

these people could be coming after us

too if you think you can outsmart us it

will cause your son his life of 48 hours

mystery Saturday on television

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