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Dateline Mystery: Scared to Death (2017) with English subtitles  


Warren County is a very call quiet

community mainly rural consider its

compassionate they care about each other

they wrote all the time I think it was

love at first sight she just knew Jim

was the one for and that was it

Vicki even wasn't really okay they had

no children so all they had was each

other I think in some ways they probably

were closer than some couples are I

think they loved each other they were

well known in the whole area

Jim Barton was a lieutenant with the

Springboro police department the Vickie

that I knew was a very passionate person

passionate about her work her family her

horses they had their whole life worked

out what they were going to do murders

in Warren County are few far parts under

the emergency

on April 11 1995 I overheard a call

coming in from tor Road definitely not


Kenna party yeah let's play mile PD Alan

I don't know how I can describe just

horrifying she's not breathing and she's

got her clothes off and I knows what

what's going on but give me some give me

some help out here I'm Tom Maris I'm

gonna sheriff of Warren County Ohio on

arriving a scene we found Vickie Barton

and she been shot three times in her


that's like my world has come to an end

my happiness has come to an end we had

no suspects Jim Barton was looked at

only as a spouse of the victim he was


I want the criminal caught right now we

really don't have any leads the case

became cold it got put on a back burner

but it was never forgotten when we took

it over this case was essentially dead

there was a very limited amount of

physical evidence look at that page

after nine years that is extremely

difficult we got that tip everybody was

like I remember getting chills and just

thinking wow how can this be speculation

is let's scare the hell out of her

didn't work out

Ashe ends up dead

scared to death tonight's 48 hours







mystery continues in 90 seconds

growing up in Middletown Ohio Vicki

Siebert seemed to have one passion in

mind what were Vicki's dreams to ride or

the owners all weird was on the right or

to ride on horses horses look at that

face but Mary Jane Siebert soon

discovered her daughter had another

interest down at the stable she'd go out

practically every night to the barn

that's where she met Jim Barton mmm I

thought she was riding a horse

she was he's out there with Jim she was

in love they were in love beautiful

person caring person loved the outdoors

all the things that I was interested in

what trail riding weather and that's how

I got to know her and started dating her

pretty much exclusively this is the girl

your dreams

absolutely she sure was in 1980 after a

five-year courtship Jim and Vickie

married I was the matron of honor

childhood friend Maryann lacy stood at

Vicki's side it was beautiful

we had red dresses on it was in February

near Valentine's Day did she seem happy

yes the newlyweds moved into the small

town of Springboro where Jim became a

car rising to the rank of lieutenant she

often referred to him as the big guy

Diane Bisgaard and Kathy train new Vicki

as both a friend and a co-worker they

say she loved being a cop's wife when

she would talk about Jim being a police

officer she'd light up I think she

looked up to him it's kind of her

protector because he was a big guy like

Jim Vicki chose a career helping people

eventually becoming a head nurse at a

local hospital staff absolutely loved

Vicki in her favorite word was kiddo

she'd say kiddo you can do it but Jim

and Vickie never let their careers stand

in the way of their goal of owning a

farm we wanted to live on the farm I

wanted to live on a farm in 1988 they

purchased this horse farm just outside


they called it Locust no in my eyes it

was Ponderosa though whether it was to

anybody else other than Vickie and I

don't know for the next seven years Jim

and Vickie spent every spare moment

rebuilding the home putting up a network

of fencing and adding a new barn this

was our dream place we had so many plans

for the future and this farm was all

part of that well you got there Rick

but neither Jim nor Vickie could have

planned for what happened back on April

11th 1995 it was a sunny spring day I

told her I love you kiss her goodbye and

that was the last night Center last SR

later that afternoon Jim finished word

left the police station and headed for


I pulled down our farm lane the garage

door was standing open and the interior

door was standing open as well

just saying just a little bit odd I

walked on down the hallway when I

lunched what appeared to be her legs on

the bed

Vicki lay motionless with a

blood-stained pillow over her head I

called to her rant or and the dogs ran

her around her excuse me but Esther leg

her skin was ice cold time 1 1 1 is the

emergency there's a mark my wife has

been killed I think yeah I knew it was a

lost cause but yet you know I kept hope

back immediately up out here I was

thinking at that point someone could

still be hiding in that place I started

searching that house I had my gun out

I'm going through all the closets with

the house secured Jim finally confronted

the horror before him I couldn't leave

her I know I couldn't do anything for

her but yet I couldn't leave her

detectives discovered a puzzling crime

scene yielding few clues it was an

execution-style killing with three

gunshot wounds to the head but there

were no eyewitnesses no murder weapon

and no strange fingerprints you hope to

come away from a crime scene with

crucial evidence and we just didn't have

it it's been years since you've been

here over 10 years detective junior Abbe

sheer now retired was assigned to the

case I kind of got the feeling there

that something might be staged the house

appeared to have been burglarized but

valuable items like Jim's guns and

Vicki's jewelry were left behind

it wasn't what it appeared to be the

only physical evidence at the crime

scene was found on Vicki's body her

shirt along with her bra had been pushed

up her breasts had been bitten

this person was a sick yes yes

definitely the saliva left from

byte provided valuable DNA we have

compared that DNA sample with I'd be

afraid to guess at the number of people

the Jim Barton Jim Barton his friends

never been able to match it what do you

think happened that day why was Vickie

Barton your wife murdered I don't know

I've I've run the scenario through my

mind many times I have no absolutely no

idea one of the few leads early on in

the case came from Vicki herself several

hours before she was murdered

Vicki told Jim about a stranded motorist

who had dropped by the farm with a

gasoline can looking for fuel detective

AB Scheer spent months trying to track

down that man but his identity remained

a mystery I thought it was very strange

from quite a distance off the main road

where the farm was located I was

concerned when she said the guy walked

up there the investigation limped along

Jim sold the farm and tried to go on

with his life

one year after the murder he remarried

it strange how fate works yes isn't it

in a bizarre twist his new bride was

Maryann lacy Vickie's matron of honor

what is it about Jim that you fell in

love with his charming side his

attentiveness but the marriage collapsed

a year later

Vicki's unsolved murder proved to be too

great a strain I said what happened

cuz I really wanted to know I wanted to

understand and he was quite reluctant to

talk about it with me and that bothered

me and I told him jim says he may not

have talked about Vickie but she was

always on his mind and so was the

investigation I wanted to solve this

case and still want to solve this case

but the case set idle for three years

then in 1998 a break fine like we got

somebody here that's gonna bring it all

together for us a stunning confession

from an unlikely source



the 1995 murder of Vickie Barton

remained unsolved for three frustrating

years she was joy to be around

I miss her terribly her mother Mary Jane

seever held on to Vicky's memory and to

the hope that her killer would be caught

I just like to know why they had to kill


aggravated robbery at first reality then

in 1998 investigators finally got a

break in the case from a small-time

career criminal named Gary Henson this

is the interview room that initially

talked with Gary Henson and Frank

Hensley of the Middletown police

department had just arrested Gary Henson

for burglary and drug possession at the

end of his interrogation Henson dropped

a bombshell saying he knew who shot

lieutenant Barton's wife that Turman

completely by surprise

Henson told the detective the killer was

this man his half-brother will Phelps

Phelps allegedly revealed his dark

secret to his brother just days after

the murder

Phelps finally confided in him he said

I've done a horrible thing and finally

will says I I'm the one that shot her

Henson said his brother along with an

unidentified accomplice

had planned to burglarize the Barton

home gary told me that will said I

panicked and I shot her in the head

Lincoln six echo four months after the


Phelps committed suicide by carbon

monoxide poisoning

Henson said his brother couldn't cope

with the guilt of killing Vicki did you

believe him yes I did

lead detective junior Absher believed

Henson as well he knew that she had been

bitten which we had not released to the


it was information only someone

associated with the crime would know so

what are you thinking it was significant

but the only hard evidence Absher had to

link Phelps to the crime was the DNA

found on Vicky's body so he immediately

ordered Phelps's body exhumed hoping for

a DNA match when you found out that will

Phelps body was going to be tested for

DNA what was your reaction I thought

help maybe we'll get lucky maybe this

guy is involved in it was it a match

no how disappointing was I pretty

disappointing with no direct evidence

linking Phelps to the crime and the

identity of his accomplice still a

mystery the question of who killed Vicki

remained unanswered and so the case

remained open it eventually caused my

retirement I think because of the stress

that was placed on me the investigation

had come to a standstill and Jim Barton

once again was moving on with his life

he is the sweetest boy I've ever known

he is a wonderful wonderful man by 2002

Jim had begun dating Elaine guess wine a

human resource manager one year later

they were married and I absolutely adore

my husband absolutely

and Jim says there was more good news a

countywide cold-case team was formed to

take a second look at Vicki's murder

maybe they'll finally you know get some

energy behind his crime this

investigation solvent once and for all

the cold-case squad was led by seasoned

homicide captain John Newsom with the

Warren County Sheriff's Office for six

weeks they combed through all the

evidence and I wanted to make sure every

fact we had was fully vetted and that we

went where the case took us that we

didn't take the case just six weeks into

its investigation the cold-case squad

discovered a clue buried in the evidence

it's on Jim Barton's frantic 911 two and

a half seconds of audiotape that broke

this case wide open let's listen to that

moment of the tape what did he just say

I got a call felt man I got a call felt

man was su it refers to me to will

Phelps will Phelps the man once

suspected of shooting Vickie suddenly

there appears to be a link between Jim

Barton and Phelps did you know will

Phelps know I did not didn't know him at

all didn't know him at all never met him

never ready jim says Newsom has it all

wrong during his 911 he says he's not

saying the word phelp at all instead

he's saying I got a call for help I'm

slurring the words for help together I

got a call fell I'm talking to this

9-1-1 operator I'm not getting any air

give me the murder squad quick he's too

chicken she's breathing tonight she's

not breathing sir she's cold doesn't

seem to be doing any good I start

thinking about calling someone else Oh

I gotta call Philip man but the

cold-case squad was convinced Barton was

saying felt to prove their theory they

turned back to the man who said he knew

all about Vicky's death

Phelps his brother Gary Henson and what

he told investigators blew their minds

Gary Henson told your investigators that

his brother Will had been hired by Jim

Barton yes I'm thinking yeah I've got a

good solid piece of evidence against

this guy this stunning new detail that

Jim Barton was involved in his wife's

death was never mentioned by Henson when

he talked to police five years earlier

he told Jim Barton met will and came to

him and said you know stage a burglary

at his house and then scare Vicki when

she got home from work

it seemed utterly fantastic why would a

distinguished police officer hire

criminals to scare his wife John Newsom

says it has to do with Jim's ambition he

wanted to be a police chief oh I think

he applied three times

according to captain Newsom there was an

unwritten rule in Springboro that the

chief of police had to live within city

limits and that meant Jim Barton would

have had to move off this farm and into

town but Newsom believes that Vicki

would have never agreed to sell her

dream ranch so the theory goes Barton

hired will Phelps and an accomplice to

scare Vicki hoping that would convince

her to move into town where she would

feel safe do you believe that Jim Barton

wanted Vicki dead

no I believe you wanted her framed then

it just all went wrong it all went

terribly wrong

that's crazy I just can't believe

someone who could come up with that I

would not have left the farm become

police chief I can tell you that much

because I love that place he's Gary

Henson a liar absolutely is a liar

absolutely he's a liar because I'm not

involved in this crime but investigators

chose to believe the career criminal and

not the career cop why should you

believe Gary Henson because Gary Henson

told us things that we were able to

corroborate besides knowing about the

bite mark on Vicki Henson said his

brother was the mysterious motorist who

asked Vicki for gasoline the morning of

the murder

according to Henson that's how Phelps

would case a house before robbing it

this guy is a total liar he's a criminal

to prove his innocence Barton agreed to

take a polygraph test Paul von Holley

administered the exam

I'm Jim Barton's test computer gave this

indication 100% deception indicated

was there a tipping point for you in

this case in which you said Jim Barton

it's not just an interested party here

he's a suspect it was this when he

failed a polygraph those results finally

convinced investigators they had a case

and there is no glory in standing here

today and saying we locked up one of our

own in April of 2004 nine years after

Vickie's murder

they arrested Jim Barton for having

caused his wife's death


Easter 2004 a holiday Jim Barton would

never forget that's it's unbelievable

the veteran cop faced the ultimate

humiliation being arrested by his fellow

officers charged with causing his wife's

death it's like I was totally drained at

that point I knew I'd committed no

crimes but now I've got handcuffs it's

one of the lowest moments of my life

Elaine Jim's current wife was devastated

what you see on his face shock absolute

shock now prosecutors Leslie Meyer and

Josh Engel are ready to take this case

to trial who ultimately is responsible

for the murder of Vickie Barton and Jim

Barton is responsible our theory was

that he wanted to scare her so that she

would move with him to into the city of

Springboro so that he could be cheap

everybody knew that that was undisputed

he applied multiple times he wanted to

be the police chief it's totally absurd

I mean it's crazy the story is

absolutely crazy Vickie's friends

Darlene Bisgaard and Kathy train say the

theory doesn't make sense to them either

which she'd been frightened and said

let's sell this farm let's get out of

here no it would have challenged her to

be more aggressive in in protecting

their farm


at trial defense attorneys will argue

that the prosecution's case is thin

their motive absurd and their lead

witness Gary Henson unbelievable

prosecutors however will argue that Gary

Henson is telling the truth and they'll

use Jim Barton's own words from the 911

tape to prove it is this a

circumstantial case oh yeah completely

circumstantial does that make you

nervous absolutely it makes you nervous

I mean to the point of you know SEC

prosecutors begin by trying to establish

that Jim Barton knew who killed Vicki

they call lieutenant George hunter the

first officer to arrive at the Barton

farm did he make any statements to you

he did he told me they shot her man

they've killed her why did they have to

kill her those murdering bastards that's

very significant that he knew that there

was more than one person involved in

this crime right from the very beginning

I'm just lashing out at criminals per se

that's what I'm thinking I can't see

myself using any other word than they

next up for the prosecution former

waitress barb Palmer on the stand she

claims she saw Jim Barton and will

Phelps together at a local diner 20

years ago it was on more than one

occasion but Jim Barton says that's a

lie I didn't know this Phelps he may not

had anything to do with this crime at

all prosecutors admit there's no

evidence that will Phelps was ever in

the Barton home but they say that's

because Jim Barton wiped down the crime

scene before investigators arrived they

found less than 10 fingerprints in the

entire house and that includes Jim and

Vickie Barton

and prosecutors claim you can hear Jim

Barton cleaning the crime scene on the

911 he shuffled stuff around he's wiping

down the scene to make sure that they're

not going to find evidence that's going

to link him to the crime

that's totally absurd as I was searching

the house moving the clothing back on

the hangers that are in there going room

to room going through the closets I want

to make sure somebody wasn't in there

but for Jim Barton

it's what the jury hears at the end of

the 911 matters most the controversial

two and a half second clip eight minutes

into the call what do you want people to

know that you said on that 9-1-1 Tate I

got a call for help I got a call for

help I'm slurring his words together

it's what I'm saying he is saying felt

we're convinced to that but back in 1995

lead detective jr. Absher wasn't so

convinced to be very honest with you I

thought he said help you thought he said

help yeah until someone can say a

hundred percent sure what he says that's

in question for me anyway both sides

introduced experts to tug and pull at

every modulating sound Jim Barton

uttered during that call

in the end it all boils down to how many

syllables the jury hears man defense

expert Tom Owen the word is a two

syllable word for help it has two beats

and after you slow it down you can

clearly hear that which Owen does

narrowing in on the critical tenth of a

second section of the tape well where

does that sir for help okay boom boom

let me play it again this is what you

need to remember two beats

prosecutors produce their own audio

expert recognize that yes Robert Fox who

hears only one word and one syllable

phelp well did you see any hesitation in

this statement fell no there is no

evidence whatsoever for an H in this

phrase after four experts these are

waveforms and seven hours of testimony

the jury along with everyone else in the

courtroom has heard enough they'd heard

that tape so many times over and over

it must have been played a hundred times

in court you just don't know what

they're thinking but what the jury

hasn't heard yet is testimony from Gary

Henson the state's star witness a career

criminal with a rap sheet spanning 20





Vicky was very loving I could call on

her wherever I needed anything for Mary

Jane Siebert it had been nine desolate

years he had been meant to go on for and

countless visits to her daughter Vicky's

grave before there was any hint at

justice it never happened

police had pieced together a theory that

Mary Jane's

own son-in-law Jim Barton was the man

responsible for Vicky's murder that he'd

hired will Phelps to stage a burglary

and somehow scare Vicky away from her

farm so when she got the chance

Mary Jane made good and sure she was in

the same courtroom as the veteran cop

who'd allegedly turned criminal solemnly

swear the testimony you're about to give

into this case but like so much in the

case against Jim Barton nothing was

quite what it seemed you'll remain

friends with Jimmy even today yes he's

like my son

Mary Jane would testify for the defense

trying to help Jim Barton the man

prosecutors swore was guilty do you love

Jim yes you've stood by him through all

of this haven't you

yes yeah nothing to do with this you see

what I'm so sorry

that you have to be involved in this

process da Lesley Ann Mayer would try to

imply that sadly with her daughter

murdered Mary Jane was holding on to the

only family she had left her son-in-law

Jim she's a sweet little old lady but I

feel sorry for I'd like to tell you what

she is but I don't dare use the language

three days after the trial began the

government would bring its star witness

out of the shadows and into this

courtroom was there any discussion about

a deal

for your testimony in this case no Gary

Henson the convict thief and drug abuser

would finally be presented to the public

everyone it seemed knew what to expect

including Jim Barton a career criminal

how are you doing Gary I'm okay he's got

multiple social security numbers he's

getting multiple aliases that he goes by

we're gonna talk about some of the the

crimes that you've been convicted of

okay and that's the main witness to the

testified against me our case lived with

Gary Henson and Gary just doesn't give a

good presentation and the jury would

soon learn that - what kind of jobs

would you do we did burgers you know

what makes him so believable is that

he's so honest about lying and cheating

and stealing Henson testified how Jim

Barton enlisted his brother will Phelps

to scare Vicki right off the Barton

family farm and how Phelps had asked him

to join in on the planned crime when she

pulled in the driveway he was gonna meet

her and then shoot over her head and did

you have any plan on what you were gonna

use to shoot over her head you have guns

and where did you get those guns from uh

mr. Barton gave will to him

but come sunup on April 11th 1995 the

plan fell apart because Gary Henson was

in familiar territory locked up in a

County Jail

Henson says his brother will Phelps

found another man to take his place

days later Gary Henson says he read

about Vickie Barton's murder in the

newspaper I caught will he said uh

basically everything went wrong and she

was shot accident on the stand

Henson testified that it was Phelps a

mystery accomplice who has never been

identified who actually shot Dickie

Barton he said that the guy was a Sikh

who's the guy

I didn't know the guy I asked but back

in 1998 Henson told police that Phelps

confessed to being the killer isn't it

fair to say that in 1998 Gary Henson

lied well by saying his brother shot her

yeah I mean that that's a lie there's no

way to hide that I think it's you know I

try to make it as minor as I think it is

he's not changing his story he's just

changing who did what in the story and

in 1998 when he first talked to police

about Vickie Barton's murder Jim

Barton's name never even came up nothing

at all nothing at all why wouldn't he

have told you that his brother will had

said that Jim Barton had set all of this

in motion I don't know I don't know I

never pressed it I never pursued that

angle and Henson told me things

detective Frank Hensley did testify at

trial Paul but was never asked about the

petty thieves changing stories Henson

not only manipulates investigators but

that's his total way of life he's a


does he lie to protect himself certainly

I asked him if he knew anything about


being involved in this and he said no it

was that simple and junior Abbe sheer

the original investigator into Vickie

Barton's murder had the exact same

experience when he questioned Gary

Henson in 1998 did he tell you that

Jim Barton had hired his brother to go

over to the house to burglarize the

house and to scare Vicki no do you

believe the right man has been arrested

that's not for me to say I'm not the

prosecutor he's Gary Henson a liar

absolutely the liar I never knew will

Phelps I have no idea to these people

are but despite all the lies he'd been

caught telling it was Henson's accuracy

about the hideous and secret forensic

details what did he tell you that this

guy did well he said he bit her on the

chest that he raped her that ultimately

convinced the prosecutors that Gary

Henson was telling the truth for once

the only priority and the prosecution

team had one more bit of evidence they

were banking on direct testimony from

Henson we always kept gas came with us

about a gas can will Phelps used to case

the Barton home and allegedly left

behind after the murder do you see

anything in exhibit 4d that looks

familiar at all yeah he just looks just

like my brother's casket but Elaine

Morton Jim's new wife says that's a lie

she says it's Jim's gas can that he's

owned for years when he heard Gary

Henson's testimony he said that's crazy

I have that can



still Barton's lawyers banked on the

jury never believing a crook and a liar

and at the heart of their closing

argument was this

Jim Barton arrested criminals

he didn't conspire with them let's just

look at the overview Jim Barton's a fine

God going to work every day for 25 years

what a gentleman of 25 years in law

enforcement even be associated with

folks this man has been investigated

scrutinized now enough is enough


Vickie Barton's murder happened in the

most serene and pastoral of settings the

forum she and Jim owned just outside

Springboro Ohio everything about that

day seemed unexpected and unpredictable

and the jury continues to deliberate at

this hour but ten years later this was

the scene drab cold courtroom corridors

and the predictable rituals of American

justice I think they got a verdict I was

so confident all that was gonna be a

quitter bring the jury in please

we the jury find the defendant Thomas

James Barton guilty of involuntary

manslaughter signed by all 12 jurors


take the defendant into custody I looked

at Elaine do you say anything to her yes

I told her I loved her I kissed her and

of course he walked me right out of


to hear Jim Barton tell it just as Vicki

was taken from him now two more lives

were being stolen his own and that of

his new wife Elaine I think how could

this have happened

I have heard of innocent people going to

jail but I certainly never thought I

would experience it I could not believe

that that jury came back and said he was

guilty because he's not but the jury had


Jim Barton the veteran cop was now

inside the same Warren County Jail where

he used to send common criminals all

that was left was the judges sentence

the case was closed

or was it I was in my cell and the note

came under my door and it said you need

to have your attorney contact me right

away the guy signed his name on the bomb

what was the name Danny Clerk I wasn't

Jeff reviling in temporary protection

involving your wife yes when we met

successful businessman Danny ray Clark

he had just been released from jail

that's where he met the star witness of

the Barton trial and what he told Clark

was stunning Gary Henson wasn't

convinced of mr. Barton's guilt didn't

know if mr. Vardhan was guilty or not

guilty and really didn't seem to matter

I think this could be earth-shattering

information that we need are you first

with us

Judge James Flannery assured Barton's

defense team back into his now quiet

courtroom just days after he had

dismissed the jury to hear explosive new

testimony at this time we would call

Danny Clark - this damn year he actually

said that he didn't know if quite

frankly if mr. Barton was involved in or

not he didn't care and amazingly there

was more to come we state your name

please sir yes sir Michael emore

Barton's lawyers produced a second

jailhouse confidant of Henson's I was a

deputy sheriff prior to that for five

years I was a police officer another

fallen cop Michael Moore was doing 90

days time for taking marijuana from a

police evidence room when he says Henson

told him he only testified because

prosecutors forced him to but if he

didn't testify they were kind of

prosecuted he stated that if he did not

testify he could face obstruction

charges but prosecutors are emphatic

Henson didn't get a deal - state your

full name for the record

James Calvin Hodge and then there were


Gary told me that mr. Burton was not any

way involved with this case

James Hodge had also met Gary Henson in

prison said I know he's innocent and

then later on like he was just said that

the cop didn't have nothin to do with it

didn't hired a body to do it didn't even

have any clue about it and these are

powerful witnesses that should be

allowed to testify and the jury should

have heard but Judge James Flannery

decided the three mens testimony was not

enough to order a new trial

so no jury would hear it that you did

not get a chance to hear until 48 hours

showed it to Vicki Fletcher and Dave

rice two jurors who voted to convict

Barton he didn't know quite frankly if

mr. Barton was involved or not he didn't

care he stated that if he did not


he could face obstruction charges said I

know he's innocent

what is your reaction to the new

testimony you just heard I would still

say guilty if you believe one snitch one

criminal Gary Henson why not believe

these three criminals Gary Henson didn't

want anything out of this again I still

believe in the fact that Gary wanted to

do something right by his brother I feel

like there's not a lot of new evidence

presented by those three fellas does

this create any reasonable doubt in your

bird no no did you get a fair trial I

don't think I did no I have no

involvement in this crime absolutely

have no involvement in this crime I'm


you and Vicki what were your dreams our

dreams were to have our horse farm our


have each other and retire on our farm

that's what we wanted but what becomes

of any dreams Jim Barton might have left

is uncertain what is certain now are two


Jim Barton will serve at least 10 years

in prison

and this neither the convicted cop nor

the convicted con man killed Vicky

Barton whoever committed that crime

remains a mystery


a wealthy neighborhood a horrific scene

absolutely Savage bird they're not

breeding a son and his friend discover

the crime this was someone who used a

baseball bat to kill the family it just

didn't add up it was a plan what did the

boys know after all they did write a

screenplay about murder they think that

they are smarter than other people in

the world written in blood


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