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Coronation Street- Goodbye Todd Grimshaw with English subtitles   Complain

Jason I don't need to know anything about it right any investment that involves Pat Phelan is a bad investment

Yeah, well I see him every day. I think I know him better than you do

Yes, yes, I know it's your money, I'm trying to stop you from throwing it away!!



Adam Barlow.


PC professional chancer

Great aren't they? I'd love to take all the credit but it's Mary's work.

I know a few details are wrong but it's the thought that counts, eh?


Like uhhh permission to use my NAME?

consent for me to join this

this circus and paid for with what by the way, scotch mist? Very funny.

This circus is already moving towards profit funds thanks to Mary's cards. first clients due in any minute so if you don't mind make yourself scarce.

Right and take a little tour of the workplace, but err stick the kettle on whilst you're at it.

Is that what you're looking for? glorified tea boy?

pfff. brass neck of it. You haven't even got a kettle mate!

umm Mr Barlow? Yeah you found me sweetheart.

I've got an appointment? It's Summer Spellman.

2:45? I'm early. sorry. I found your card at the back of Saint Peter's Church. Do you know it?


I'm at my friends.


Half an hour?

Her Mum's gonna walk me back. You were talking.

So was granddad. I'll be fine.

Do I look like Shola's Mum?

The card says medical negligence you're a specialist, right?

Yeah, Yeah 100%.

You gonna recommend us to your folks?

It's only me.

I want you to see my Dad's doctors. They let him die.

The thing is these cases well.. they cost.. into the thousands sometimes

I mean you're only- I'm not a child!

She's 12

Alright Summer? Didn't expect to see you here.

I'm not some little kid. I've got a brain, and I've got money, or... I will have.


But if you don't want my business. Summer!

We'll see you but next time bring an adult, yeah?

Listen um have you got her address?

Confidential. Look, Billy was her Dad's ex-partner. He was meant to be her guardian, all right?

Client files for staff eyes only.

Fine. Where do I sign?


Come here. You must be freezing.

Thank you.

Now tell Uncle Todd what's wrong.

You know what's wrong.

I'm just a walking disaster my lifes a mess.

Yeah. There's more to it than that though.

Oh that's enough to go along with.

No thanks. Your needs greater than mine.

Remember that um.. that grotty little flat we used to own?

Yeah. Aww. We had fun.

When we weren't scrapping.

Says you it was like living with a mad dictator.

I wasn't that bad!

Waking me up at 2 in the morning! "Todd..Will you go to the all night garage for me? please, I'm starving! It's not for me, its for the baby. I need half a dozen strawberry Jubblies and a big pack of scampi fries"

Come on then. You got something to tell me?

No, don't be daft.


Right, well at least it's not mine this time, eh?

Come on then, who's the Daddy?

....Please don't tell me it's Callum.

How you doing kid?

Listen, I've been thinking a lot out there about what happened to us.

Listen I know you're scared

And I know you think this is easy for me because I'm not the one that has to go through it.

But that's a good thing 'cause you're braver aren't you? and stronger.

And I'm probably the only one who does know what you're going through.

Because I was there

Me you and Billy. I can't do this again. No but Sarah listen this baby Isn't Billy

Yeah, and you have to do everything you possibly can to give this one a chance

It has to be okay and what if it isn't okay. Of course it's gonna be okay. You are a brilliant Mum. Just look at Bethany. You did that all on your own

Now it's time for this baby to meet it's Mum.


Listen Sarah you've got to let them do this.

And I promise everything will be alright.


All right, let's get you ready

Go on

Go and do what you got to do. I'll be waiting. Who are you telling me what to do?

I'm someone who knows the truth mate. about what? you want to do this here? Yeah, yeah lets do this here.

You said what you got to say then you can clear off. I lied about Tony to protect Sarah.

nobody else

cuz I never knew what really happened did I?

You shut your mouth.

Oh yeah? and what are you gonna do about it?

Yeah? Yeah? Come on


What you doing this for?

Hey, hey

What's the matter

Look, I get it alright.

Everything I've ever done i always just been to protect my family so I understand why you feel guilty over everything Jason's going through

Let me ask you this

Once Jason and your Mum know the truth, what do you think they're gonna do then?

The lies you've told them about Tony

You'll be the one who might as well be dead.

They'll never forgive you mate.

Nice try David.

Todd. Todd.


He'd been terrorising us..for months.

You have no idea what he was putting our family through. It had to stop.

So.. that night

I texted him on Kylie's phone

Asking him to come to ours, just like promising him money.

I just- I wanted him to talk about the threats

You say something incriminating

He realised that I was recording him on my phone

And he went beserk.

And he grabbed me

And he threw me on the sofa

So I tried to make a run for the back door

But then he grabbed me by my hair and threw me down on the floor and he pinned me down.

And his entire body weight was on top of me, I couldn't breathe I just

And I knew I knew he was gonna rape me and kill me I knew it

I just knew that

That was it

and then he just slumped

And I didn't I didn't know what had happened and I look up and

Kylie's just stood there.

I'm sorry. I've never told anybody this before

I'm sorry you had to go through that Sarah.

Kylie saved my life she doesn't deserve to be punished for it

Neither does my family

Just like I don't know anything about poncing around with begonias, maybe you should keep your nose out of my business

See though it's not just your business though is it, it's my mom's and Jason's an all

See why don't you just explain to me what that phone call was all about?

I've already told you.

Okay, well, look maybe I'm just a bit thick maybe you should just you know, just just try me again Pat come on.

Okay, I told you it's normal practice to change the architect at this stage of the project

Now you happy?

No. Not really.

Cuz that's not what you told my Mum is it? I mean I heard you.

Why didn't you tell her you were gonna sack him, why did you lie to her? You're really getting on my nerves kid.

Do you want to know I think. Not particularly no? No you see before I was poncing about with begonias

I worked in a solicitor's office. So? so

Right we worked on this case where these



Lowlifes were ripping people off by summoning holiday villas thing is

They didn't exist

It was just, it was just a big scam. I mean these guys were making hundreds of thousands

Before they were caught and locked up that is.

As fascinating as that little story was I don't see what it's got to do with me. Oh really?

Now who's being thick

Who's that

Patrick Phelan? Yes.Can we ask you to accompany us to the police station. A couple of allegations have been made against you

This down to you?

He hates it when I cheat at Monopoly. it's been alleged that you're planning to commit fraud, and we'd like your help to locate

Eileen Grimshaw? Well I hope it's not gonna take long because I haven't had my tea yet.

Offer still stands balls in your court


Hello hello


Anyone there? Luke?


Yes. Hear our voices Pat.

We know everything

We're not having this discussion.

Uhh, I'm afraid we are.

Mind your tone.

Proud of yourself are we?

'Ey. She's entitled to her own opinion.

I won't ask you again.

Get out or I'm calling the police.

Why can't I at least just see them like Dad wanted me to?

Because it's unhealthy. That's why.

That is so offensive.

It's okay Summer.

It's not okay. Look Gran, I know you care about me, but the way you talk

The way you think, it's not normal.

None of this is normal.

I've heard quite enough from you young lady.

We can't force Summer to live with us.

Nobody is forcing her to do anything.

Not only is it the law

It's the will of God. but it wasn't Drew's!


The solicitor rang. He changed his will to make you Summers guardian three days before he passed

How could you. I denied my son in life, I will not deny him in death

It was your father's wish but it should be your decision my love. Don't listen to him. don't listen to any of them.

So it's all legal and aboveboard? now, we've got the will, hundred-percent.

Do you think I should go and check on her? no no no just give her a little bit of space

Look at you two you're like rabbits in headlights, you'll be fine.

Will we?

We're totally unprepared for this. Oh welcome to Parenthood

Hi. Hiya darling

Now listen to me you have got to go easy on these two because their brains have got to catch up.

Is your room okay? It's awesome thanks

So what's for tea? ehhh uhhww?

Whatever you like. Can we have fish and chips? Sure. Yeah, uh, I'll go get them.

Extra vinegar on mine please. Alright.

Sarah it's alright it's me.

Get out.

Just go away, I don't want you here

Take me to see the baby

they wont let me in without you. No. Tell me how he is. I don't know and I don't care. I don't want to see him

Just get out. No take me

I won't hurt him

I love him.

Get off me.





Hey! Hey!

Get away from her!

I want to see my son. You are joking aren't you? I will, I've got rights. Oh, yeah, who cares about your rights?

I just want to look at him

He means as much to me as he does to her. Just get him out. Nurse, get security. please. I'm worried about him he's sick.

I love him. Oh. Yeah, what do you know about love?

If you knew anything about love you wouldn't put her through all this. I want my son!

Martin, I'm begging it, please let me see him. Yeah mate, get rid of this fella

Sarah help me

He's my son!

Hello? Todd, it's Audrey Roberts. Audrey?

Look, I can't say much but I think you should be here will Sarah let me see him?

I think she will now yeah.

I'll come straight away. Thanks Audrey.

I can see him! Ohh great is he a bit better? He must be come on we'll all go! We'll go over to Streetcars we can get a taxi.

*Phone rings*

Stay here. They won't let you go any further. right.

Good luck mate.

Thanks. Go on. say hello from granny Grimshaw. And Uncle Jason.

Gail. Audrey.

What are you doing here?

I can see him now?

Todd you didn't let me finish talking. About what?

When you put the phone down I rang back, but there were no reply. We all came straight away all of us.

I know my Mam and Jason can't see him but

I'm sorry.


He was holding his own all day, but then he seemed to get worse, you know?

And they said it might happen, they did everything they could.

What do you mean? Well they thought he might pull through

Because he was so ill love.

He died Todd.

Billy died.

Peter Barlow

What does he want?



What's wrong?!

Summer, she's collapsed she's taken something!

Whats going on?


Thank god you were here!

What would've happened if no one found him for ages?!

I'll lock up and I'll head straight to the hospital.



On no! What's happened to her?!

She's taken something!

Simon and Amy found her I was just passing.

What's happened?!

Look, if any of you know anything now is not the time to keep quiet! We found this next to her

She might've had a go on in it. what's in that?1 I don't know I've not got a clue.

I'm sorry.

As long as you're okay

She's okay. Yeah, she'll be fine

Doctor said she'd be tired for the next week or so but other than that

I might need some time off school

Nice try. Listen sweetheart um, I'm sorry, but I've got to ask you didn't

You didn't do this on purpose did you? I mean

You didn't want to be with your dad. I just wanted you two to get back together

Summer I don't want to get all heavy on you

But what you've done is very serious. Okay, you could have died nothing is worth that do you understand?

Right, well you need to rest.

Close your eyes for a bit

You're not gonna leave are you?

No. No.

We're not gonna leave you, we're never gonna leave you.

You're stuck with us forever.


Mary said you and Adam had set up shop in here

Todd it's mingin'! All it needs is a lick of paint and some decent furniture.

It stinks!

It's a mixture of

damp, death and rat droppings

Brought you a card

Good luck you'll need it, Aww Trace. that is so nice you shouldn't have bothered

So last thing I heard Adam

Was still looking for a guarantor what mug fell for that? I don't know.

Listen if he's bullied my dad into it. He's not gonna know what hit him.

Eh, Trace we're moving up in the world. I'm partner in a law firm

You've got your business and your flat. hmm? collecting rent it certainly beats working for a living.

It's just a shame that Toya and Peter are moving into the Rovers

She is really gonna have to smarten up her look if she's gonna be a landlady

Oh, yeah, too right- I mean a bit of glamour wouldn't go amiss. You're not joking? have you seen that vile cardigan she wears

I wouldn't give that to Eccles to use as a bed

That flat, that's gonna be empty? Yeah. Why are you interested?

Uhh might be. Oh well I can give you a look round later If you want I've got a set of keys. Great yeah let's do it.Great, well text me.

You know, this could be a great little earner. I am determined to make a go of it.

I was going through some law books today and it just felt so good to get my brain working again.

That. was delicious.

If you want some seconds make sure you get it before Pat comes home, the way he shovels it down I am surprised he's not the size of a house

This is what I like you know, when it's just me and you.

Me too.

We don't really have time to ourselves.

Which is why I think we should get our own place.


The flat above the Florists has just become available Tracy said she's gonna tour us around later.


We're big boys now Billy, it's time

to fly the nest.

You just did that

Right, so, this is it.

You sure Peter and Toya won't mind people just nosing around their flat while they're away. Well, technically, it's my flat. I'm the land lady. I can do what I like.

I don't mean to be a party pooper but I'm pretty certain there are rules over those sorts of things.

Ugh. Rules are for wusses.

Hmm. I can see you now. Hopping round in your new negligee

When the mood takes you, stealing our box-sets.

Am I allowed to check out the bedrooms?

Mm, yeah help yourself.

How come you're not moving in?

Well, duty calls Todd.

Somebody has gotta look after my Dad.

Rent free is it Number 1?

I'm whizzing a few quid for bills and food and that thank you. You're a saint. Aren't I just.

So what do you think?

You know what it's improved a lot since me and Sarah lived here.

Saying that we had nowt. when you used to live off the smell of an oily rag as my gran used to say mm-hmm

You thinking back? It's like it's like looking at somebody else's life

Bedrooms are decent size mm-hmm. Yeah. Would've been perfect for summer

Signed on the dotted

Made a few changes

obviously obviously

So might as well get started straightaway said you'd give me Shauna's details

Ah, there's no point wasting time with minors mate. You know we can't conduct any legal work without a signature of a guardian.

Well that might happen sooner. Ay ay? mm-hmm.

Her address and mobile number are in a file on my desk there you go the keys to the Kingdom.

How's it going with your Oscar. got your exam next week haven't you? Yeah not bad

You know what I'm like, brains the size of a planet


Listen Adam we need to do something with this place.

It doesn't exactly scream success does it? it will once we give it a lick of paint.

Lick of paint? drop a bomb on it, start again.

I want to talk some more about suing the NHS, I told you yesterday. You need to bring a responsible adult. I'm sorry but I'm busy.

You can talk to me

I'd rather stick pins in my eyes.

Okay well like we can do that later, but first. Why don't you sit down and let me help you?

Listen Summer. I really liked your dad and if someone hasn't given him the care he deserved. We need to nail them. all right?

And listen, i''m really sorry about yesterday me and Billy turning up to the funeral

But I tell you what the way you read that eulogy that

Was so brave. whatever.

Okay, well why don't I take some notes?

Your office is so scuzzy, thought solicitors were supposed to be loaded.

That's the plan

You should tuck your trousers into your socks. Eh? in case of rats

Once my dad had a rat run up his trouser leg.

Sounds like he was one for the tall tales your dad

Okay, why don't you tell me all about him?

Sometimes he needed help with getting washed and dressed. You know the usual stuff no big deal

Must have been tough on you. Nah it was alright.

I suppose the nights could be a bit rough. Seemed to go on forever.

When he was in pain we tried not to show it, but I could always tell

So we'd stick on a DVD, stay up all night and binge watch it.

Get you with the all-nighters, I bet school loved that, eh?

I get in late sometimes

And they'd be like "Skiver"

I'd be like whatever.

I fell asleep in Maths one time. Well it's not all bad then is it?

I'm the weird kid. The one who doesn't fit in.

Weird is good if you ask me all right? to be honest It was all right looking after dad

But when I had to stay home too long

Or I missed out on loads of fun stuff I'd get mad at him. Now listen. No one's gonna blame you for that

When I was angry or sad he always found a way to make me laugh.

I miss him so much.

So how's it going with the grandparents, bet they aren't as cool as me and Billy. You're full of yourself. It's all front. Just like you.

It hurt you know. When you knocked us back.

Don't lie I heard what you said!

Billy wanted look after me but you didn't you said I should be sent to a kids home

No Summer. No!

That's not what I meant

That's not what I said! I said I didn't want to see you sent to a kids home. It was just a joke!

Yeah well it wasn't funny.

Listen listen

Your Dad loved you.

The last thing he did for you before he died

was to set you up with me and Billy.

Shouldn't you at least consider that?

You can't look after a kid! you still at home with your Mum.

At least I've got my own room at Grans.

I'll be in touch soon

To see if you've made any progress with my case.

Summer wait I'll walk you to the bus stop.

No ta, I'm better off on my own.

Heyy free at last! I know I can't believe it! How did your exam go? Ugh alright.

You're looking very pleased with yourself Am I? Yes have you been up to something? Might have.

Come with me

Close. Ahh! Todd. Todd! will you stop messing about!

Pretend it's like those house-hunting programs. Alright? look beyond all the junk. okay.

Look beyond the junk

Forget that it's all going and all these boxes will be gone and this is will be the living space. So? what do you think?

It's alright.meaning good? It's alright? why? because it's ours. I mean if you want it. I've rented off Peter Barlow

With what?

It's not that much. We get some paint a few nice lamps and stuff

It'll be dead cozy. And he says we can do what we want with the walls except knock them through.

Do you like it? Yeah!

It's off it's head is this.

It makes sense

How are you paying for it all? Well I already have. first month anyway.

Dev's taking me up in the shop.

Just a few hours but it all helps doesn't it? we haven't been paid for that yet, so have you sorted out first month

Sold my laptop didn't I.

You shouldn't have done that! Why? not gonna be writing essays now am I?

Because your mum bought it for you. Yeah, and I'll pay her back

Are you only saying that because you don't like the flat?

I do.

Hey, you haven't Bethany's room!

Leave it downstairs

There's no stairs in here so no need to worry about Bethany falling.

Ugh, Well I don't like the look of that carpet.

Well we'll pull it up and get some rugs down.

Or we could um paint the floorboards white lighten it up a bit. so what you think it's all right then? yeah.

So why do you look so worried?

Just don't know how I'm gonna tell my mom

Is that all? oh well if it's that easy you can tell her.

I thought you didn't want to move in

Of course I do.

You know she's gonna go off on one don't you? we've got our own front door now and once It's closed it's just you, me and Bethany.

I'll go and get a few things sorted then I'll come back and I'll sit with her

Okay? could I sit with her until you get back? hmm. I don't know about that Todd.

I think Sarah would like that. Right, Okay. 'Alright I'll have a word with the nurses. Thank you.


I was meant to go to Oxford today.

Just for a look round.

Mum packed me sandwiches and everything.

Hey you'd have lost weight won't you, when you come round

That'll please you

It's a nice day out we had loads of kids knocking on our door last night for trick-or-treat and it's days yet till Halloween

I tell you what

We'll have to go to a big firework display

We've normally got one in the park

mom's never been one for fireworks in the yard

She's always scared we'll get burnt.

Remember when we went bowling?

And you got all them strikes, three in a row

And you were so excited you kept jumping up and down and you got a nose bleed?

I do love you Sarah.

I don't know if you can hear me or not but

I've loved you for so long

I tried-

I tried to get on with my life, I thought if I studied hard I'd go straight on into a good uni I'd get over you

But I haven't.

I don't think I ever will

You most


Could you hear me?

Sarah can you hear me? Nurse! Nurse!

I saw them. They were open! Look she's opening them again! That's it, come on!

She can hear me

Oh god thank you. Thank you god.

Thank you.

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