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Cleaning tips for kids with English subtitles   Complain

hi my name is Julia today I'm going to

show you how to keep your room clean so

your mom doesn't get my step 1 if you

have all your dirty dishes and bring

them back to the kitchen one of these a

bowl and even and even a glass and even

the grass their cut you gotta put them

back whatever they belong or your mom

won't think after this step to put

everything where it belongs like diesel

you got to put them back in the library

where they belong in all these cars you

put them back we put them back in the

plate step three make your bed wait this

you gotta make your bed or your mom will

have to do it all ourselves and get even

my everyday you gotta make your bed or

your mom is going to tell you to make it

to make it next time all by yourself

step 4 put all your dirty clothes in the

world age like feet on the floor we have

to pick them up or probably they can

have an accident step 5 use the swiffer

you actually have fit flush you actually

have to sweep up all the rooms in your

room mouthpieces in your room you can

also clean away too much

for just two dollars per month you can

find you can sign up for our new

newsletter that is that has amazing

cleaning tips to keep your house looking

clean every day my name is Julia see you

next time

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