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Cleaning the Kitchen - A Guide for Kids with English subtitles   Complain

hi my name is Jennifer and this is my

kitchen I have three boys who sometimes

leave messes around the house so I'm

making some videos to show them what to

do about the mess so when I come home

from work sometimes I see something that

looks like this something happened here

clearly looks like somebody had some

teaches they made a peanut butter

sandwich I'm guessing and there's a

pudding maybe in a few dirty dishes oh

and over here somebody else I cook

themselves something which is cool um

and so there's a greasy pan so we need

to clean these things up and assuming

they don't clean them up because they

actually don't really know what to do so

that's why I'm showing them know so

definitely when you be food out put it

away and let's seal it so with bread you

know it's important to close the bag so

we'll get all bad if there's leftover

food and you think someone might

actually eat it it can go in a container

looks like it came from this container

but if not if you don't think so you put

it in the garbage there you go on and

then take the dishes very simple process

and we just stack them into the

dishwasher okay i will put them all the

way right now but you put the little

things on the top and that's a little

thing and you put the cutlery underneath

i'll put it up because i find that if

you put the dirty stuff down it actually

doesn't get clean even though that seems

a bit strange because then you have to

grab it from the top and same with this

dirty things can go in the dishwasher

and now let this pan

when something's actually stuck to it

it's good to scrape that off and put it

into the garbage but if it's so dirty

that you can't really give it all off

and what you do is you soak it so can

get is when you put water in and leave

it for a while so that it has a chance

to start can you the water will do the

work and then these things may go in the

recycling bin and there is a temporary

space for recycling under the sink now

that will go in the dishwasher finally

the counter needs to be wiped off so i

get a ragged I wet it and I put some

soap on it and I squeeze it that's

important because if you don't squeeze

it'll get water everywhere and then you

just pick up anything that's remaining

and went to cover off and if it's near

the sink you could wipe it right into

the sink just wipe it go in one

direction sometimes that makes it faster

and shake the cloth oh and you're done

see how much mixing that is there you go

for cleaning up the kitchen

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