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Cat vs Gator Explained with English subtitles  

perhaps you've seen this on youtube it's

a cat chasing an alligator back into the

water that's just insane

it's an alligator and it's a cat why

doesn't the alligator just eat the cat

to find out we ask max nickerson curator

of reptiles and amphibians with the

floor Museum of Natural History these

alligators the two that are shown in

this video are basically used to being

fed their weight is clearly on the upper

limits of what you would expect a wild

alligator to have affected the

over-sized her wild alligator the cat is

just being a cat as they come into the

cats territory at least that's the way

the cats thinking about it

the Gators are approaching straight on

expecting a reward of food and suddenly

they bump into something that they're

unacquainted with the young alligators

this cat seems to be actually in in

control of situation the alligator is

there an experienced or not terribly

hungry or quite startled by the fact

that something is in its way and just

returns to safety door discovery news

i'm james williams and that's cat and

Gator explain

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