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CHOCOBO HUNTING | Final Fantasy VIII with English subtitles  

howdy yal today we're gonna get ourselves a stray child goalball RT

ordinance okubo

this game before something I'll give it a go as catch ourselves a choke a bone

for panty aides went to go as far as when I'm beginner

the scare way to go if your comment while UK with douche

sees call a pretty powerful guy he nods and people know what he's sayin

they know exactly what to do what to do what to do more went to do and where

and why everything she wanted to talk about well I'm darn sure do

it was the catch was good choke on Wes 11

good not able to charge me now in charge you wow

what a nice guy a man the question thousand killed my lecture he

clock in this little kid this little guy who's he think he is

and his plane into was up a location which two coats soda

mmm and action which is Choko designer zina whenever

this and the chokers owners in a summer in the forest to compose will fall

the males nowhere you can't lol hide the city

Italian whereby the choke a Sonos sounds at the whistle with the b3 and hold the


no idea what the fuck I will be on this controller

but the was with the b3 and hold be 20 walking and sounding

auto on the small one the bill to ride it

all I for king bed mate said

upstairs a innuendo right there's money small penis is little to write a big


DKW chocobos was anyone cheeky both left

the mother-child lawyers were in South looking for starts when you catch

exactly they're quite well behaved desde area

skin choke about everything we do you first be

3 dislike the sole owner no idea what that is a B 22 sounded no no that is

a difference Altos you at the show covers are mb3 dislike design and be for


what Daft Punk doing do with this be in total own joke about boom the mother


always so to sound mean no around is and so on their own

okay got it

all he can cut one balmy oh one more thing in this Aug

of a Down get is it is going to be one the eggs don't ball mill

June hence free

no 10 Gill

Whiteley said you can fucking get me one you asshole

so confused did attack

no way I'm doing this okay so X's do whatever I guess

he said his in this forest sorry

what but what lawyers do I'm trying to find that stupid

choke a dune how's it going back for more a

there's a knot again

on to explain no okay so we get the

all this loaner a okay

Sano poor


the montana on binder

don't charge does one find the choc bows

the fuck bring you know I make

do it did you call I'll be 1200 is not all

finds do it but how do I know I'm doing number a balanced even able to buy your

area in the Commons but whatever

you can pay friends on there for you then I say one of us will I do as my

life must be either

I guess I'll write it

I guess all reader

K grats on your first child yet cheers mate

it was definitely my first catch Jesus

ongoing now I own a sec hold a job I'll tapers commuter was a present

he gave me assure you can borrow

bring cocoa is not agree

excluding decks junior bulk trucking Co Inc


we actually I make sense because likely I see that there there's a chocolate

mini game in this tournament right now yeah I remember when I was a kid my

friend had it

and he's too deloach ok by me game so that made us

maybe I could do it now base is an option opens up or something

while as music okay now that the theme song is playing in this place

have choc about the world cool my pin is really easy on the menu save

slideshow Dubai World then you can communicate which owed by the world

well have a safe and fun journey well

that's really awesome moment on a child by world before the laws right this guy

well below to let me as well

to to

by all these really play like squalor like the tow guy like bob did you watch


legally Bob music is like do

the to to

Dorothy ok well Dina memories

the money a massively debris littered boom once when I was a kid

the mechanism used by the member the choke a bonus game was

anything like what the hell below was barely even keeping them look at me like

I was going for a swim chocobo

well polls as they were applicable unwelcome the war then with the Jesus

showed a Bose

E like going this way

these little farm goin' why is this

well even going right now disaster go get tired like die of why I we are

non-gaap stranded

d okay air I just read a bit too far away from the ship mister bag

made a aboard aforementioned does serve a little ones show

bomb on him him sleep is not a kid

just about people up his face is really weird

like what the bottom like all savalas diabaly drowning

be give leave he'd be with those guys

hah olivia is a ship's I was a

day least

body lipid doo doo doo doo doo

lower bound on the comely miss the game I so we had a fun this time

by says Ryan capture it might in Cape

always try and capture it myself alright on his plane again

he you but the more I but the more business yet there's the nod

there's none are dry there don't explain nope no I do not

okay right this time a minute do it re: so

attacked day

diem all I'd always be asked to hold

a although no can't do it ok

when they buy day for some money for water on this phone

ok one-year deal

old both 0 let's get that this could be one out in 10

to catch to get

but but but

to do you know it's not but that's what I get

d %uh sounds like a celebrity get a

a good chance I'll at all commit commit

commit begun to the top tier two men my team were killed

turbos day the fuck

what's going on I wanna capital gains K

what did what boys even going on right now hope

because try again DU

do day


but doesn't know is deaths were so here are a

is here

the field and the back again fuck of our own warn you

someone life stride pianist right here

attract get said

Ono my whistle was stolen day

what da fuck what a lil may be small I was gonna say Modi's gonna

beat them up purse stolen toys be careful

has to buy have to buy a new one

this kid

lil a nurse demand money I wouldn't do this

only captors Stephen parten choke knob demo way

dear this is a is this bar here too much

but but okay again try again


dating day is here is here is here got two months the letter


could do this only the Royal Bank

me know on the wrong dance number

dig down here ok

not home but he's going to be a pain is going to be here

did you know what last

last attempt on going to do is am I gonna do this am I gonna do this

money well

always ship Cosco

what bomb well up a que les is spam be

I'm done at this point love my head again he messes calls at No

all know my whistle was stolen day

for quel choc about dunes

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