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Aagadu Telugu Latest Full Movies Mahesh Babu, Tamannah Sri Balaji Video with English subtitles  

Tobacco use leads to cancer..

...heart attacks, lung disorders and other deadly diseases.

The characters shown in this film or programme.. not support the use of any type of tobacco products..

..such as Beedis, Cigarettes, Khaini, Zarda etc.

...or their promotion in any manner.

Smoking and drinking are injurious to health.

Smoking and drinking is injurious to health.

A man uses feet and meter to measure the length of something.

He uses Kilograms and Pounds to measure the weight of something.

However, Gratitude is the only measurement available...

...available to check one's character.

The two elements involved in this measurement are "Attitude."

... and "Gratitude". Together they make "Aagadu - He will not halt."

These days, there are a lot of thefts happening right outside the bank..

Oh God!

...roadside shops, bus stand... - Hey! My Bag! malls, cinema halls, etc.

These kind of thefts and pick pocketing are being reported across this city.

People are feeling insecure and scared.

In the last 10 days, 13 theft cases have been reported.

We'll have to somehow bring an end to this.


Hey! Hey! Wait!

Wait! - Hey!

Hey! Stop there, you brat!

He has brought us to the Police station.

Sir! Please revive from your shock and arrest them.

Hey! Lock them up.

Hey! Hey!

Beat them up, sir!

Teach all these robbers a good lesson!

He will take care of all that.

Just like a patient goes in search of doctor's clinic...

...why have these robbers come in search of Police Station?

They didn't come on their own, sir.

What do we do to bring something out?

We cut open it. - I did the exact same thing.

Hey! Look there.

What will we get from this small boy, brother?

I think they are sending the valuables through him to mislead us.

What do you say, Khaki? - Yes, Pilli!

With my experience, I feel he is carrying not less than Rs.10 Lakhs.

Hey Pilli! You go snatch the money from him.

I'll do as you say. Wait!

Hey! Stop there!

For the last 3 days, they have been dodging and getting away from us.

However, this brilliant kid has caught them.

He isn't any ordinary kid. He is Pokiri (Telugu movie; meaning rogue)

If this Pokiri becomes Police, I am sure he will do great.

No one can stop this Dookudu (Telugu Movie; means Aggression)

I will talk to your parents and convince them to make you a police official.

My parents aren't alive.

I am an orphan.

Then, do you agree to come with me? I'll help you become a police official.

I will come, sir.

Hey Bharath! This is Shankar. He will stay with us from now. - Yes, dad!

Hey! From now, this is your house.

Is that okay with you? - Thank you, sir.

Don't call me sir anymore. Call me dad!

From today, both of you must stay together and united.

You don't have a mother to guide you.

So you will have to be there for each other.

You should not think of anything else while you study.

Bye, dad! - Okay, bye

My little one! Taste this and tell me how it is?

Do you like it? - Yes!

Do you want some?

Checkmate! - The lord of knowledge seems to have blessed you well.

You are the master of Mind games!

We are ready, dad.

Hey! Don't you have exams today? Go worship God and seek his blessings.

What is this? - You are my God, dad.

Hey! Hey! - Mine is going the farthest.

Yes! Look there!

Look at your kite go down! You have lost! - Hey!


Brother! Brother! Please stop!


Hey! Stop there! - Hey! - Brother!

Hey! Let me go! - Don't hit him, brother!

Please listen to me, bro. Let him go.

Go away, dude!

Please, brother! Come with me. Dad will get angry if he gets to know this.

Hey! - Come along, bro!

Hey! Why are you getting away like a coward? Don't you have guts to fight?

How dare you?

Hey! He is dead. - He is dead.

Did you kill a boy to win over your playful fights?

I doubt if you are a human!

I thought I could help you become police and make you useful to this society.

However, a little boy has lost his life because of my wrong decision.

I will never forgive you for this.

I don't wish to see your face anymore.

If you try to meet me, that will be my last day.

Take him away!

If you accept to this..

..everyone will comment that Rajaram's son has committed mistake.

Dad won't be able to accept it. You have been raised by him since you were born.

You can't lead life alone. But, I can take care of myself and live alone.

Bro, please promise me that you will never tell this to dad.

The aim of this Juvenile home is to... kids like you to reform and...

...become useful to this society.

You can engage yourselves in games and social activities after studies.

It is all in your hands to make best use of this opportunity...

...and shape a bright future for you.

So, all the best.

Very good!

Apart from studies, you have done well in extra curricular activities too.

You will always have our Juvenile home's support.

Thank you, sir! - What is your goal?


Breaking news!

Police officials have issued transfer order... circle inspector Shankar alias Encounter Shankar...

...who has taken law and order under his control.


Brother! Shankar has left the city.

Hey! All along fearing him, we had to lead life like a dog.

This has affected our men and they have got skin diseases now..

..see how they look now.

Police had issued shoot at sight order in response to Patnaik's complaint.

We'll have to settle our scores with him at once.

Hey! Where is Patnaik? - He will be there in the third block.

Go and bring him here.

"You listen to the name Shankar."

"Don't you mess with this Hunter."

"Stepping up again Shankar!"

"Encounter Shankar."


"Stepping up again."

Encounter Shankar!

Don't you salute when a CI comes? Why are you staring like buffaloes?

Aren't you transferred yet?

What do we to bring someone out of hiding?

We play a prank.

Exactly! I played a prank of transfer and all of you have come out.

How can you cheat despite being a police official?

I have learnt to perform my duty perfectly.. Corporation school. What do you say,..

...Boston school! - Hey! You don't know anything about my school or syllabus.

So far in my career, I have done 24 robberies...

...32 murders, 45 rapes...

...and unlimited kidnap.

All this in the span of 10 years.

This is just not my track record.

This is all time record.

The influence of Punch dialogues on public is more than that of Cinema.

The influence of Action will be much more.

Even Mikey Wilson (Wrestler) poses before a Chicken shop.

Hey boy! I have warned you a couple of times to change.

You didn't heed. Now, I have got the ticket.

Cinema ticket eh?

License to shoot you down.

Shoot at sight order. Encounter!

This Tiger David does not get scared for all your threatening. I am real tiger!

Every rogue compares himself with tiger, lion, elephants..

..and involve in such useless comparisons and nonsense stuff.

However, I am no writer to give counter dialogues. I am a fighter.

Oh God! Why am I saying cinema dialogues now?

No more dialogue! Only action!

Who is coming next?




Why is he looking like this?

Oh God! Ouch!

Why didn't you go ahead?

You haven't kicked me yet, sir.

In that case, turn around. - As you say, sir.

"The End."

"No matter where you go."

"An earthquake, a destroyer, he won't stop till he takes control."

"He carries weapons, loves battles and doesn't stop till he takes control."

"He is like an atom bomb, atomic temperature increases."

"Enemies fall prey for him in a fierce battle."

"He brings end to the game of guns."

"He compresses violence of Tera byte size to zero. He won't stop till then."

"He won't stop."

"He won't stop."

"He won't stop."

"An earthquake, a destroyer, he won't stop till he takes control."

"No matter where you go."

"I am determined to break rules, War is my policy."

"A waving tri colured flag is a sign of peace.."

"...Jana gana mana is realization enlightenment."

"The atoms of sun rays protect the whole world."

"He is a sten gun."

"He is all time number one guy!"

"A century of wars have ended, Hitler knows peace now."

"Wherever I go, I will fight 'bad'."

"To create a non-violent environment, we do need a weapon."

"So, go against rules, ordinance or whatever!"

"No matter where you go."

"He is the real meaning for 'rapid fire' He is the silence that cuts the sound."

"He will create havoc to control war field He would end all the crime!"

Sir! CI Ram Prasad from Bookapatnam is here to meet you.

Please call him.

Situation is getting worse in Bookapatnam, sir.

Mr. Ramprasad, you are a CI?

You are given powers by the system.

However, there's no system there, sir.

Power plant is our dream project. How dare you try to stop us?

Though, this project may be a dream project yielding crores of rupees...

However, it is a curse to the public.

Neither do you pigs have a right remedy or solution to this.

Nor you dispose the chemicals properly after suitable treatment.

People are facing hell each day with all this pollution.

How does it bother you?

Hey Shekar! No!

What do you think you are doing?

Will you kill everyone who objects to this?

Police will have to do what we say. Don't question.


Look man! Brother's Blood pressure count has increased because of you.

He does work even then.


A lot of things do happen in this world against our wishes.

I didn't like Abishek Bachan marrying Aishwarya Rai. Could we stop it?

No one liked Sachin Tendulkar retiring from Cricket. Could we stop it?

Now, you don't like me, setting up my power plant project.

How dare you try to stop it?

You tried to collect public support against my project.

Now, I am going to demand public support for your death.

Hey! I am setting up a power plant...

...for development of our area. He has filed papers against it.

I am going to kill him for it. Even if you one of you raise your hands...

....disapproving it, I will spare him.

You don't have to be scared as to what will I do... those who raise their hands against me.

Please think carefully and decide.

Do you know why I am killing you before everyone?

I don't want anyone else to think about stopping my project ever again.

You won't be able to set up your project just because you kill me.

District Collector has already received the files.

Brother! How do we deal the Collector?

In fact, he is responsible for Collector family's suicide.

In order to work there, you must either be ready to die...

...or go against your heart.

I can't do either of it.

Please arrange for my transfer, sir.

Else, I don't have any other option apart from resignation.

Okay, Mr. Ramprasad. I'll soon consider your transfer application.

You may go now. - Thank you, sir.

Thank you very much. - It's okay.

Ramprasad! - Sir!

It is wrong to think that no one else can do, what we can't do.

I accept to all that you say. There's a rogue in Bookapatnam.

But, I have someone who can set it all right.

"There's hunger everywhere, brother."

"All the streets in Rajdhani Nagar are yours and mine."



No more extensions! Nil, again!

Sir, that's a full count, not nil.

Hey! It's not full count. Didn't you hear me say it is nil?

This is unfair, sir.

He is trying hard to get his salary on time.

Shut your trap and concentrate on ironing the clothes.

Madam will skin you alive if there are any mistakes.

I tired doing the same job everyday, sir.

Why don't you offer me some other job?

Shut up, useless guy! You and your frustration.

Those days, we juniors had to massage our senior's foot.

Though you failed in 10th class..

..they offered you this job as your dad died of typhoid, while in service.

So, you had no option but to massage your senior's foot.

Whereas, I have completed graduation.

How does it help you? Does it help you beg for food?

I have brought mutton, sir.

Have you kept liver along with this? I have kept Laddoos too!

We aren't having any feast here. Why did you keep ladoos?

It's my kid's birthday today. Make sure to cook the best biryani.

You don't have to worry about it.

I will make the best biryani!

Hey! Get that ready... - Why are you still standing here?

I wanted to ask you money for this. - How dare you ask SI for money?

How dare you? - It's not like that, sir.

Everyday, I give you a share of my income as bribe.

Yet, you take free stuff... the pretext of birthday, bachelor party etc.

Then, how do I earn my living, sir?

If you can't earn, go die. How does it bother me?

If you continue to stay here for one more minute...

...I'll file a false case on you against supply of poor quality of mutton...

..which causes Malaria.

Hey! Book a case against him.

No need, sir. I don't want any money. I'll leave.

Hey Masthan! I'll come tomorrow!

Tomorrow again? - Tomorrow is collection day.

Inform everyone in the market.

I can't go around asking for money from each shop.

I'll bring the jeep and park it in centre.

Everyone will have to give their share within 10 minutes. Do you understand?

Yes, sir!

What did you understand? - We'll have to give what you ask for.

There's no point in you staying alive. Get out of here.

Poor thing! Why do you scream at him, sir?

Am I responsible for his poor living conditions?

He sells mutton. Can't he eat some from it?

But, you don't give him a chance to do that.

Leave that aside, sir. - New CI is taking charge tomorrow.

Did you manage to get details of him, his character, temperment?

How does it bother us, man? If he is like one of us, good for him.

Else, if he happens to be sincere, he will soon realise his mistake.

Hey! Why haven't you still delivered the cake at home?

I will close down your bakery, you rascal.

Good morning, sir! - Good morning, Dakshina Moorthy!

How are you? - I have been doing good till now.

What brings you here, sir? Have you come to visit someone?

I have come here on work.

So, the New CI who is expected to join us tomorrow..

I am the New CI joining today.

Earlier, when I had worked under you for 2 years...

...I had got BP, sugar etc.

Now, all that is left is ulcer and cancer. I didn't expect you here, sir.

It's because I didn't intimate before.

Did you intend to surprise me? - Nope! This was more of shock.

You haven't changed, sir. - Neither have you changed.

The same lost expression when you see me...

...a college playground's atmosphere inside the station, as it is.

Moorthy sir! This doesn't look like a police station. This looks like a club.

Who is this, sir? He looks like a cinema hero.

He ain't any cinema hero. He is our new CI.

Sir! Sir! - Good morning, sir.

Give me a frank opinion as to what is happening here...

..what to do, what not to do.

Sir, to answer your what to do question, you can do anything beyond your duty.

And to answer your what not to do question.. can do anything but your duty, sir.

Why are you saying so?

Damodar and his men are responsible for all this, sir.

He rules this place, sir. You will lose your life if you go against him.

We are police just for namesake. He treats us like his bodyguard.

Though, we are ready to arrest him, our hands our tied, sir.

If you go against Damo sir he will torture you.

But, if you respect him, he will care for you.

Who is he talking a like High Commanding Minister?

Constable Biryani Raju, sir!

What about your previous CI? - He won't come even if CM is here.

Why, man?

This guy has direct access to Damodar, sir.

He knows them in and out. You can get every detail from him.

Greetings, CI sir.

Biryani is ready. Do you wish to have some?


Who is he? - It's you!


You have the same pig face, porcupine's nose...

Your big heart and protruding eyes..

Pig like face and structure..

You look exactly like my close friend, brother Venkatraman.

How did he die? - I killed him.

Why did you kill your best friend? -That's sad story.

Do I tell you the shorter version of it?

My friend was a very good Kabbadi player.

He went to Kurnool to hit a cup.

Instead, he hit Obul Reddy for his misdeeds.

He saved Sapna from Don Obul Reddy and offered his love as gift to her.

However, Sapna behaved just like a producers does after profits..

...shook hands with my brother and went her way.

My brother was badly hurt. He decided to commit suicide.

I decided to give him company. My brother loves coffee.

So, we ordered for one by two coffee..

...and mixed poison with it.

My brother died with just two sips of that coffee.

Though, I emptied the whole cup, nothing happened to me.

My brother then said that..

..him dying was necessity and me dying along is atrocity.

So, he had mixed sugar instead of poison in my cup.

From then, I have been single and all alone.

In the guilt of killing my friend, I hit myself with belt.

Though I lost lot of blood, I didn't seem to lose my guilt.

Sorry sir!

Don't call me sir, call me Shanku! That's how my brother calls me.

Sir! Ouch!

Shanku! - Brother!

Shanku! Shanku! - Brother! Brother!

Please tell, bro.

I hadn't listen to his words while he was alive.

Thereby, now I have decided to listen to you.

Henceforth, you will do the Direction while I will do the action.

Ah! He has given me the powerful position.

Hey Shanku! Don't trust anyone.

One can describe Damodar in just two lines.

He is like snake..

..if you go against him and he fulfills all your wishes if you respect him.

How can I unite with him, without knowing anything about him?

I'll explain it in 3 sentences.

Liquor business, betting business, duplicate

They are headed by Liquor Seenu, Firangee, Sampangi

While these 3 are his Binamis, Damodar brother is Tsunami.

One another important point is....

...Brother takes good care of people who are close to him.

But, how can we get close to him?

Trust me! I am there.

We can offer Biryani and liquor to him.

Thereby, we can get close and unite with him.

Do you want to go join with him?

Yes, man.

He narrated "Okkadu" (Movie) story to you and you blurted out everything.

Did he tell me that story? - Hey Biryani!

Speaking of Damodar, I could sense their frustration and your devotion.

Police force must have aversion and not devotion towards criminals.

Henceforth, if I get to see such kind of devotion in Police station, road side..

...I'll cut such people into pieces, flavour them and serve it to dogs.

This warning is for you. - Shut up.

All along you have feared Damodar while performing your duty.

Henceforth, you must perform well and make him fear you.

New year in Telugu, 3 letters.

"UGADI" - Shivaras!

Unload the stock quickly.

What is all this, Seenu Babu?

There is a temple on one side and school on the other side.

It is not right to have this belt shop here.

Liquor bottles, liquor etc.

What do you achieve by going to temple? - Good and fortune moment.

What do you achieve from going to school? - Knowledge.

Once you consume alcohol, you get both here.

I am sure some brave man will come and end all these atrocities.

Yeah right! He is waiting for your orders.

If you talk anymore, I'll skin you alive.

Get lost! - Konda Babu!

Konda Babu! - Who is he?

My close friend. - The game begins!

The exact same face and nose...

..Teeth like lizard and marble eyes..

..dark black complexion and structure like that of tar can..

You look exactly like my friend Konda Babu, who is in Coma now.

What happened to him?

It's a big Coma story. I'll try to tell it without commas.

Since childhood, he had been waiting for his father to recover from coma.

When his father did recover, he decided to keep him happy and healthy.

Despite a lot of strain, he acted like an MLA to make his dad happy.

However, I, unaware of the circumstances, blurted out the truth.

Hearing that, his dad kicked the bucket and his son went in Coma.

Now, I feel so happy to see you. It's like seeing my friend.

This sentiment is more than enough.

I feel the same way, CI sir.

Don't call me CI sir. Call me Shanku. My friend calls me like that.

Can I call you like that? - Then...

Shanku! Shanku! - Kondi! Kondi!

CI sir, you can bond with him later on.

Now, please look into this belt shop and setlle the issue.

What are you saying, priest?

What is written on a liquor bottle? Drinking is injurious to health.

Despite a written message, has anyone stopped drinking?

Though, we get to see Mukesh's (Cancer Patient) story in Cinema halls....

...I don't think anyone has changed.

Last summer, our men have consumed gallons of beer.

When asked why, they say that beer helps them to beat the heat.

Today, if our state leads in liquor consumption across India... is only because of contributions like Kondi Babu.

As a matter of fact, why am I wasting my time in this useless discussion?

Come along, Kondi. I am hungry. Let's go have breakfast.

Hey Kondi! To meet out few people's jealousy... spend lakhs of ruppees in obtaining license...

..and participate in tenders... do you manage all the troubles?

Hey Shanku! Do I tell you a secret? - Yes! Tell me.

We'll participate in tender, obtain license...

Nothing happens without Damodar's permission.

Once we establish shop, we'll be able to take what we invest.

How can you make so much from a belt shop?

In the city that I worked earlier..

..people used to establish 6 shops in a single license.

I am running my belt shop with single license.

Hey Seenu! Have you seen Dookudu movie?

If not for Dookudu movie, there wouldn't be any difference..

..between Director Seenu and Liquor Seenu.

Had it been someone else he would have told much more than this.

Is there anyone else bigger than my Kondi? Are you running belt shops?

Do you have doubts? I can give you all the details immediately.

Hey! Write it down immediately. We shall skin them alive.

Do I tell? - Go ahead!

No.1 Gandhi Nagar, Balaji Kirana stores. It is our belt shop.

What? Is Gandhi Nagar Balaji Kirana Stores our belt shop?

Okay, sir.

No.2 Kalpana cut pieces in Konda Reddy junction.

Is that our belt shop too?

Okay, sir.

"No matter where you go."

Last and final, the belt shop next to Mona silks.

Which belt shop? - Belt shop.

Yes. Which belt shop? - This belt shop.

What? This belt shop eh?

Prava! Is the count okay? - We are short of just one shop.

One more shop is here.

It perfectly tallies now.

Hello! - Brother Seenu! Police have closed down all our belt shops.

Okay. Don't worry. I'll take care of that.

Hey Shanku! Police have shut down all our belt shop.

Call immediately and ask them to open the shops.

Hey brainless one!

I am the one who ordered them to close. How will I open it?

What do you mean?

He narrated Dookudu (Telugu Movie) story to you to get all the information.

Whereas, you remember the punch dialogues and forgot the main story.

Is it so? - Yes!

Sir seems to act over smart. Let's teach him a lesson. Beat him up.

How dare you send your men to hit CI sir? - Take care of this watch.

Go, man!

Hey Chakka! Make sure to break his hands. - Okay, Brother!

It's very easy to give instructions. Instead, you come and do it.

I will definitely come at the right time, when it is my turn.

Go, man!

Why are all your men so weak and fall down like pigs?

You can't beat this one that easily. Go show him what you are!

Oh God! What is so special in him?

Seenu! Leave him behind. You come directly.

Wait for this one to come. You go finish him!

Why did you go sit in the jeep before us?

I am sure you won't spare me otherwise.

You seem to be very smart.

It's all because of you.

Unlike in mythology, you have shown us your practical side.

What did I show? - You represent Karna's friendship, Krishna's words...

...Parasurama's anger..

You have shown us all the 10 incarnations in less than 10 mins.

You are the only one. There's no one to compete with you.

Priest! Why are you praising me like they praise a hero in Audio release?

Please go and continue with your worship. I'll handle these rogues.

Hey! Hey!

Hey Liquor! What are you thinking about?

I am thinking of going to a pharmacy.

Will you try to act smart again?

I'll need energy to think and act smart!

Even in pain, you don't forget the punch dialogues. Influence of Cinema.

If you try to act smart...

...I'll take you on a picnic and set you free. - Picnic eh?

Picnic ain't any foreign tour, this is forest tour.


Why did you let them go?

These binami's are not our target. We must look at the Tsunami.


He is our tour coordinator. He will arrange anything that you ask for.

See! These officers have helped me in setting up the power project.

For the next one week, don't say no to any of their requests.

Okay, sir.

Hello! - Brother Durga! The new CI...

...has sealed all our liquor shops.

Has he closed our shops? - Yes, brother.

He locked up all our men and beat us black and blue.

Sigh! Keep quiet. Brother is in a very happy mood now.

He will get tensed if he gets to know this. So, you go and meet Firangee.

Firangee, eh? - Hey!

Please let me go, bro! - Despite my calls relating to betting.. cheat me with my money, do you think I'll keep quiet?

I will drink your blood!

Hey! Call his wife..

..and ask her to bring Rs. 5 Lakhs payment and Rs. 2 Lakhs as penalty.

In total, she has to bring Rs.7 lakhs by tomorrow.

If not, inform her that she will receive a part of..

..her husband's body in parcel for every hour she delays.

She will come with the money immediately. Take him away.

Hey Seenu! This is how you do business. - Brother!

When it comes to business.. must not hesitate to go against your brothers too.

What did Brother Durga say? - How many times do I tell you brother?

He asked me to take your help.

See! That's the respect they have for me.

Okay, brother. Please tell me what to do with the shops.

Let the finals get over.

I'll take care of those shops and CI sir later.

Hey Govindu! Have you brought spices? - Yes, sir.

Hey Ram Babu! Have you kept what I asked for? - I have, sir.

Why are you sulking, dude? Don't I have to check all this?

I have kept everything as mentioned in the list.

Fish okay, mutton okay. - Greetings, sir.


What is all this? Looks like you are supplying provisions for marriage feast.

All this is bribe, sir. We have to supply this every month.

What will he do if you don't give this to him? - Oh God! Don't ask.

He said he will file false cases like...

..he got malaria from consuming our mutton...

..that his hand got fractured after consuming fish etc.

Shut up! Enough of all this nonsense.

They give me all this out of affection. - He is lying, sir.

CI sir, we'll provide what you ask for?

I am telling you what I want. Please listen.

I want a list of all that you have supplied to SI till today.

Please provide me with the bills. I will ensure payment with interest.

Why are you paying for his bills, sir?

Why will I have to pay for him? I'll deduct it from his provident fund.

Just because there is no one to question him, he has been going over board.

If I get to hear such complaints again...

...I will recommend for your transfer to Maoists area.

Dakshinamoorthy Sir! Sir is telling that...

You don't have to tell it again. I heard.

From when did you start giving money? I don't want it, sir.

Accept it. I can't pay interest on this too!

Sister! Sister! Please give me some.

Please wait! I will give it to all of you.

What are you looking at, sir? - That girl!

Which girl? - That one who is distributing sweets.

Oh that girl! - How does she look?

She looks good.

Why are you saying good? She looks fabulous.

What do you see in her to call her fabulous?

Apart from her colour, I can see her good character.

That's a very rare quality in woman. - How do you know so much about her?

Despite the heat, she is distributing sweets. Isn't this a valid proof?

So, what are you saying, sir?

Nothing. I have spent my entire life with rogues and useless people.

Now that I have reached the marital age, I will have to find someone.

So, are you looking at that girl... - Yes. Why else will I look at her?

Okay. Let us go talk to her then.

Hey! I am your CI. So you may have high opinion of me.

But, she should like me, right. - Why won't she like you? You are perfect.

She has colour and character. But, you have extra guts and glamour.

So, do we go try? - Yes. We should.

Okay. Let's go.

Saroja! Saroja! Saroja, I'm talking to you.

Saroja, please!

What is your problem? -Heart problem.

It is 6 months since I gave my heart to you.

I have been behind you since then.

But, you don't seem to respond.

In fact, I have attempted suicide for 5-6 times out of depression.

I have forgotten my profession as doctor and hospital.

Please try to understand my feelings for you.

If she does not accept a doctor's proposal, how will she accept me?

See Dr. Chakravarthy! I don't like doctors and actors.

These days, girls fancy marrying a police officer.

In fact, even if I hear the term police or post man, I feel like puking.

Apart from all this, I have my own wishes and ambitions.

Please don't waste your time on me. - Saroja! Saroja!

Prava! Did you hear what she said?

She says she feels like puking on hearing the term police. - So?

What do you mean to say?

Nothing. But, when you don't get your dream girl, life will be hell.

Just like this, when my friend had love failure...

...he ended his life by hanging from ceiling fan.

Being your friend, I am sure he was a coward.

Tell him that I will never do such a thing!

Tell him that wooing a girl is not as easy as an encounter is!

Tell him that I will make that girl come and propose to me!

Tell him that it is impossible!

I will make her entire family come and ask me to wed her.

I think his BP has shot high. He saying all this without thinking.

But, if that happens, tell him that I will go around..

..the town on a donkey and accept defeat!

Okay. Ask him to get ready.

Sir! Please come with me sir. One second. - Hey!

Why are you holding my hands now? - I didn't mean to, sir!

All these challenges are indeed thrilling and good.

But, being a police, how are you going to convince that girl to marry you?

I will have to sketch out plan to set her. I will need her details for it.

I am Donayya! Database Donayya!

Shankar! Encounter Shankar!

Local, national, historical, mythological...

..contemporary, controversial...

..category etc., I have any data you want.- Not just that...

I know you have details..

..from background of a Political leader to cinema secrets..

..problems of a common man to history of superman...

...celebrity gossips to legends rise...

...I am sure we can get all this data from you.

I will file a case against general things.

I don't have any interest towards public welfare. I am interested in money.

If they cook chicken in Gandhi Nagar, I filed a case against...

...its bad aroma and made thousands of rupees as compensation.

I couldn't sleep in the sound of trains passing.

So, I filed a case against Central Government.

Recently, I filed a case against my neighbour... his house shadow falls on my house.

What do you lose with the shadow falling on your house?

I efficiently argued that the shadow caused Vitamin D deficiency in me.

I use the loop holes in law to earn my meals....

...and this database is my investment.

Okay. Stop with your data and give me the details of this girl.

I think you patience levels are too low. - I have lots of work.

Your girl's name is Saroja!

Saroja Sweets owner Adi Kesavalu's only daughter.

Her father is a giant and theirs is a joint family.

She has two uncles Veera Keshava, Channa Keshava.

Once upon a time, they sold their sweets on platform.

Write it down!

After Saroja was born, they opened a shop in her name.

Sentiments functioned like cement and helped in building the business.

Today, they own 4 branches in the city and are in good position now.

Just like the sweets they sell, they are sweet people too!

Not just that, they are competing with Ram Gopal Varma for more publicity.

See this!

What is the matter, bro? You seem to be in deep thoughts.

I have been trying for the last 30 years.

I don't find any pleasure in the world. Liquor is my only solace.

Altogether, we don't have kids. - There's no need to worry about it.

You can try 'Halwa' from Saroja sweets.

"Saroja sweets! Saroja sweets."

"You gain a lot on consuming Saroja sweets."

With my expertise and experience, I say...

..Saroja sweets is the right medicine to beget children.

Once upon a time, I used to have dark complexion.

This was being a great hindrance to my flower business.

Give me one measure of jasmine, please. - Yes, madam.

Woman who came to my shop used to get scared looking at me.

I faced huge loss in my business.

Few days later, as per my friend's advice...

.... I had consumed sweets from Saroja Sweets.

It helped me get a fairer complexion.

Now, I am able to do great in my business.

As a skin specialist, I advice...

... my clients to have sweets from Saroja Sweets to get a fair complexion.

Now, will you do your homework or no?

I won't do. - What is the matter here?

Look, mother! He is not doing his homework.

Feed him sweets from Saroja Sweets.

I used to give you the same when you were young.

"Saroja sweets, Saroja sweets."


As a senior master..

..I advice you to feed your kids with sweets from Saroja stall...

....and help them win State ranks.

Those who wish to lose weight...

..those who are trying to reduce your fat...

...please visit Saroja Sweets immediately...

...relish a dozen of their special sweet.

You will lose your weight in just 4 weeks times.

"Saroja sweets, Saroja sweets." - Out field will be more fast enough.

Have "Jangri" from Saroja sweets and hit 100 boundaries!

The girl may be good and better than her family.

What do you say, Prava? - Yes, sir.

No, sir! Why do you deny, man?

I saw her distributing sweets to school children.

Do I tell you what actually happens? - Yes. Please do.

Why is he looking up? - Hey! Hey! Hey!

Do you think this is "Tirupathi Laddoo" to be distributed at free of cost?

Once you go home, you must ask your parents to purchase from Saroja sweets.

If they don't listen to you, tell them that you won't go to school.

Do you understand? - Yes!

What is he saying? Why is she like this?

That is your problem.

Usually, every girls dreams of her husband and honeymoon.

Am I right? - Yes!

However, this dangerous girl has dreams of...

...opening a branch in California, have a property in Chicago...

..and finally own the entire America.

She has clearly understood that she can do this on her own.

So, she has even accepted to marry someone who is marrying for 2nd time.

Tomorrow is the bride seeing ceremony.

Appearances are deceptive.

She looks like an angel but is a very dangerous girl.

Yes! She is merciless, emotionless, ruthless, stone hearted...

...hard core business woman!

Hey Veeraswamy! How long will you keep doing this? Make it fast.

There are lot of orders pending. - It will get over in sometime, ma'am!

You are not the one to lose. It will come on my head.

Useless fellow! - What is all this?

He is elder to you. Stop disrespecting him like this.

Right from young age, they have raised you like a guy.

Why do you have to be his second wife? What's wrong with you? - Shut up!

If we have to open a Saroja Sweets branch in America, I'll have to do this.

Stop these useless discussions and get things ready immediately. It's time.

Sir! We understand you are in sweet business.

But, didn't expect this variety..

Scan the bans! - This is nothing, sir.

We have planned to serve a lot of varieties during the wedding.

Wedding guests will have to die out of diabetes.

Is the boy interested in photography?

He is mad about Facebook. He updates everything on it.

His first wife was very wild. Your daughter seems mild.

Scan the bans! - She ain't mild, she is gold.

So, why are we waiting. Let's exchange the plates and complete the engagement.

If you are going to exchange it as you please, why am I here.

You will have to wait for 5 more seconds for the auspicious moment.

Oh God! You and your timing. Can't we do it a little earlier?

Oh God! Your life will be finished.

What will happen if it is done after 5 seconds?

You will lead a happy life and reach the peak moment.

So, that's lucky then. - Yes! Get ready.

Countdown starts!



Why are the policemen here? - Prabhakar!

Arrest her! -Okay, sir.

Ma'am! You are under arrest! - What is all this?

Just like you bite something hard while you have Gulab Jamun...

...why are you arresting her during this auspicious event?

What mistake has our MD done?

You have fooled the public and patients with all your advertisements.

That's our business. What's wrong in that?

Don't you get it?

What is the link between convent school rank and your sweets?

What is the sync between cricket player's six and these sweets?

Apart from all this, we have received complaints from Mr. Dhoni...

..that you are misusing the celebrities as sales boys to promote your products.

This is unfair, sir.

While they keep posters of Shahrukh Khan in barber shop....

...does that mean that he got his hair cut from there?

This is just a publicity stunt!

However, public are required to wear heart stents because of your stunts.

So, this lawyer Danayya has filed murder case against your MD.

Murder case, eh? Murder case, eh? - Yes!

If you accept to this proposal, I'll ensure to lock you up too.

Be careful!

Scan the bans! We are not related to this. Match cancel.

What do you say? We are not related to this.

Scan the bans! - No! No! - Hey!

What are you doing? - Sir!

I am updating the situation on Facebook, sir.

Why did you upload? Why did you ruin her life?

What has he done, sir?

He has updated your arrest news on Facebook.

Henceforth, there is no chance for you to get proposals from NGO too!

Hey! Look what I do to you?

How dare you ruin all my dreams of going to America?

How dare you update it on facebook?

How dare you? How can you update on Facebook? - Stop it, girl!

I thought she was mild lady. She happens to be land mine!

Go and bring him here! - How dare you put it on Facebook!

How dare you? - Ouch! Ouch!

Hey! Have you gone mad? - What did you say?

Dear! If you continue to behave like this, you will never get married.

Who are you to tell me all this?

How dare you?

He is a priest. Let him go!

You are the main villain. All this has happened because of you.

How dare you file a case against me? - Silence!

You hit the bridegroom! You slapped his parents. You also hit the priest.

Now, you are slapping the lawyer. Next, will you hit me too?

Come on! Hit me! Hit me!

Hit me! - I apologize on behalf of her. Please cool down.

Do you expect me to cool down so easily? Case has become stronger now!

Hey! Bring the jeep here.

Sir! People will mistake, if you take my girl in a Police jeep.

Do you think everyone is the same? What do you want me to do now?

Please do something and help me save my family honour!

Please do this favour! - I am not your son in law to help you.

Please don't deny, sir. You look like Cinema Star Krishna!

CI sir also has a good heart like our star Krishna.

Cinema star Krishna helps the producers when they don't have money.

Won't CI sir spare our MD from this small case?

Stop with all this nonsense. I don't wish to here anymore.

Okay. Let me do what I can.

I want your MD to come to the station regularly and sign before us.

Why does she have to come everyday? - Please stop. No more talking.

Let's get fixed on this.

Prabha! Why have we come to the lover's point today?

Tell him that, a few lovers here are being useless like him.

Brother !You can't go straight!

Get away! - Lovers will do anything and go anywhere they want.

I haven't done anything useless like this, Prabha.

Ask him to stop laughing and look at the other side.

Why is this girl here? - She has come to meet her lover.

Why did you call me here, sir? - This is where lovers meet.

I have the duty of overseeing that they don't go overboard.

I thought, if I make you come here and sign... could save you the trouble of coming to the station.

Thanks, sir. You really do care for me.

I have been doing only that all along.

Oh! Its out of sympathy that your wedding had been called off!

Yes, sir. It is all because of that useless fellow.

Useless fellow! Rogue!

Dumb one! - What kind of expression is this?

While, he can update my photos on Facebook...

..can't I even abuse him. - What will you get out of abusing him?

You look for a good marriage broker and provide him with your details.

He shows me about 100 proposals in a week's time.

But, since the girls are over qualified I rejected all those proposals.

Usually, people have problem with under qualification. What is your problem?

Problem eh?

If a girl completes her PG or Graduation, then... the pretext of freedom and privacy, they will keep shopping and chatting...

We have to wait for them. So I prefer someone who has failed in 10th Standard.

It's hard to find someone like that. But, no harm in trying.

Looks like he is trying to woo me.

Isn't that girl ashamed of herself? What does she eat to get such dumb brain?

Earlier she said, even is she hears the term Police, she feels like puking.

Now, why is she shamelessly talking to him? - Lovers are like this, sir.

Shut up! He is here to control the lovers. What is he doing?

Cool down, sir! - Shut up!

Saroja ma'am! Please let me know, if you know someone who has failed in 10th.

Few people don't know the difference between a postman and policemen.

Do you know how much a Circle Inspector earns?

How much? - If you add Basic pay and DA..

...after PF and HR deductions...

.... we earn about Rs.37000

We pay Rs. 50,000 to our main cook!

His salary may be higher. What about security?

While someone is shooting you down, he will keep cooking at home.

You shouldn't value everything on monetary terms.

Department means power.

Hey! Get back! Rascal!

Looks like he is screaming there.

She wouldn't have budged to his request.

So, sir must have got angry with it.

How can she give him what he wants? - When a new movie releases... matter who it is, they will have to wait in queue.

Whereas, I get to go inside directly.

I go to Said Baba's temple on Thursday.

On Saturday I go to Lord Venkateshwara's temple.

Such long queues, whereas I get direct Dharshan.

There are a lot of benefits like this. Do you understand?

I have clearly understood now!

I will leave once I am done with signing.

I have to do something and shock Dakshinamoorthy!

Oh God! Something went into my eyes. Can you blow it out?

How can I do it? - Oh! I have to come out of my way to help you.

But, you don't want to help me even with this.

I will do it. - In that case, blow in to my eyes.

If you blow so hard, everything behind my eyes will come out too!

Do it slowly! Smoothly!

Like that! Yes! Yes! Slowly!

What are they doing? - She is giving him what he had asked for.

Kiss eh? - Oh God!

How are you feeling? - I am feeling better!

Can I go sign now? - Please do!

Oops! - What happened? - I forgot to bring the register here.

What shall we do now? - No problem! You come and sign it tomorrow.

In that case, I'll come. - Will you come tomorrow?

I will definitely come. Bye. - Bye!

Prabha! Looks like he is in deep shock with the development.

Ask him not to forget the bet.

I do remember! But, it isn't easy to woo a girl.

People at her place will have to accept to this.

He must have heard you. - But, I know this for sure.

What is it? - You are going around the city on a donkey.

Hey Seenu! Look how I make the Police dance to my tunes.

I will handle the department.

I will capture your liquor business too!

I will suspend you. - This is unfair, brother!

What is unfair, you useless guy?

Prava! - Hey Dakshinamoorthy!

All along you followed us like a 'Hutch' dog.

Now, how dare you shut down our business like a mad dog?

I will bite your neck and kill you. - Ouch!


He is calling you, brother! - Me eh?

The exact same complexion, round figure...

...messy hair and droopy eyes...

....wheatish skin and coconut like chin. You look exactly like Pandu!

Who is Pandu? - My best friend!

His chapter is over. - Moorthy sir! God is great.

I feel as if Pandu is standing right before me!

Do you mean to say that he is lost now? - He is dead!

How? - I killed him. - Why will you kill your friend?

It is a mysterious history!

What story is he going to narrate now?

After many years, we met at the police camp.

We had promised to become cops when we were in 5th standard.

So, we studied real hard and became cops.

He was an under cover cop. While, I, on the other hand, was a well known cop.

One day, a mafia gang had covered their faces and attacked us.

I, as usual, shot them down as part of encounter.

Then, I began removing their mask.

When I opened the last one, I was shocked. - Why?

The one behind that mask was my friend Pandu, under cover cop.

Oh! - No! No! He wasn't one of them.

In the guilt of killing my friend, I switched on the geyser...

...and stood under hot shower for ours.

My body was boiling, yet my soul didn't cool down.

After so many days, I have seen you. I am ready to do anything for you.

Immediately, you must reopen all those belt shops that you closed.

Such a small request. You have such a big heart!

Come. Let's go have lunch and sort this out.

It was just breakfast for me. Whereas, he has planned a lunch for him.

This Liquor Seenu had told that...

...he generates the maximum revenue among other Damodar's business.

He is lying, useless fellow!

Even if you add all his earnings throughout the year.... will not be more than what I earn in one match.

What are you saying? How can you earn so much from these match?

Games are less in number, whereas we have a lot of schemes.

Will Punjab team's owner Preity Zinta hug or kiss, when her team wins?

Will the batsman who has hit six, will look this side or no?

Does Ambani's family have chips of puff for snacks?

Like this, we have much more schemes than the number of balls in the game.

But, what is the guarantee that you will get the money from the ones who lost?

We take the blank cheques from them.

What if it bounces on account of insufficient balance?

We'll sell their body parts.

We have a separate department for it. - Department eh?

There's a separate department for betting and beating the cheaters.

I maintain a group of 20 people like sleeper cells.

Do you think I am fool? I am not believing this.

It's true, Shankar. - I am not believing this, Pandu!

Am I not telling you that this is true? - I don't believe it.

Will you believe us, if we show it to you directly? - Yes! Show me!

One minute! You have got biryani for me.

How can I lie to you, Shankar?

Bookie guys! All buddies come to police station.

I have sent a group message. Everyone will come here in 10 minutes.

Shanku! This is my team 20!

Hey! Greet him!

Greetings, brother!

Hey! Take them inside and begin the 20-20 match.

What is all this match?

Ouch! Ouch! - Hey!

Ouch! Oh God!

Please stop!

You said you will settle.

I should have guessed all this when you had narrated the story.

I am sure must have done this on purpose.

Why will I do it? I am all ordinary. Whereas, you are the giant snake.

Don't hit a dead snake.

Did you get to see the stars?

I happened to see them in between two sessions.

This is what happens when you don't sympathise or empathise...

...with the one who comes to you with a sad story, seeking for help.

Okay. You have taken an eye for an eye. I appreciate you.

How do we tell all this to Damo Brother? - Phone!

Hey Firangee! Did you manage to open those liquor shops?

He has sealed our betting business too, brother.

He had arrested all our men and hit us black and blue.

Now, I feel like leaving all this behind and joining some monastery!

Shut up! Go and meet Sampangee.

Sampangee! - What is all this nonsense, dear?

Why do you have to go sign at the police station everyday?

I am okay with all these signatures, dad.

I feel like dying, when I have to bear with his useless talks.

What did he say? - He is indirectly proposing to me.

I'll take advantage of it and make him run around our house.

I'll make him withdraw the cases filed against me.

I will make him the brand ambassador for Saroja sweets.

As part of revenge, I'll make him watch all romantic movies...

...and make him dance to "Lungi Dance" song on the road.

I understand, dear! Saroja sweets is the fire and Saroja thoughts are quiver.

Check fast. He is asking for it. - Check it on your own then.

Do you know? How do I know?

Did you see?

A bride is all ready and set to marry our boss.

Shut up!

Just as you asked me to do, I have seen all cop related movies.

I have realised the power of a policeman.

Will you become a police? Not possible for a tenth fail!

Is it possible to marry a policeman instead?

You don't need any qualification for that. - Sir, file. - Get lost!

Will you find me a Circle Inspector from your contacts?

You heard her proposal, didn't you? - Quiet!

If you understand, you'll get the broker's commission from both parties!

I hope you understood. - Yes.

I take your leave. - Ok.

Bye! - Bye!

"Hello.. you are making me get blown in your thoughts."

"You fill my thoughts day in and out."

"You are sounding like a temple bell in my heart."

"You are making me forget the lessons learnt at school."

"The day we met is a festival in my life."

"What is a greater celebration than realization of dreams."

"My Saroja, come to me."

"Conquer my heart, my love."

"My Saroja, come to me."

"Conquer my heart, my love."

"Come Saroja!"

"Come Saroja!"

"I shall behold you in my eyes and take care of you day and night."

"I shall place you as the smile on my lips and as a sweet tune."

"I am intoxicated by your beauty."

"No matter what I do, my heart is longing for you."

"Two eyes aren't enough to admire your beauty, need at least a dozen eyes!"

"If you become mine, I will be happiest man in this world."

"My Saroja, come to me."

"Come Saroja!"

"No matter how deeply I sleep.."

"..the sound of your foot steps wakes me up immediately."

"When you come to me.."

"..I feel like the full moon is walking on earth."

"There is very powerful magnet hidden in you."

"And it is attracting me towards you."

"You entered my heart through eyes.."

"..and robbed me completely."

"My Saroja, come to me."

"Conquer my heart, my love."

"My Saroja, come to me."

"Conquer my heart, my love."

"Come Saroja."

"Come Saroja."

"Come Saroja."

What brings you here? - To give you a sweet news.

What is it? - You need not visit the police station again.. - Why?

All the cases against you are quashed.

One more thing..

I shall be the brand ambassador for Saroja sweets from tomorrow.

You can take any number of ads with me.

Not only that.. I shall do a lungi dance on the road like a mad man.

He speaks as if he knows it all!

I am speaking because I saw it all!

I know everything about your family.. so I got CCTV fixed all over the place.


We have been monitoring all your plots and plans all along.

You try to fool a police inspector? Hold on..

I'll get a show cause notice and seal all your shops!

Without making any distinction like women or kids, I'll get all locked up.

My boy.. bygones are bygones.. Please don't get angry..

..and forget it all. - Am I your son-in-law to do that?

But my boy.. - Wait for the show cause notice!

Please listen to me.. - Shut up! It's just drama!

What cheating! Nonsense..

Fastest finger first.. third question on the screen! You need to arrange..

..these numbers in ascending order..

Time is up, let's see what the correct order is

-9, -4, 0 and 3

Let's see how many answered correctly!

We are neck deep in problems and he is enjoying..

Tell me boys.. - Yes, bro..

We told about our business problem. - I solved it completely!

Thanks, bro! - Why say that?

I am going to be incharge of your businesses from now on.

What! - See there, you'll get double shock!

After you complained about him..

..I went to the police station in anger.

He gave a look of surprise.

I gave a confused look.

That same papaya-shaped face!

Nose like a potato and blood-shot eyes!

Teeth like tamarind seeds.

You resemble my missing elder brother!

How did he go missing? - That a tragic story.

I'll narrate it in short. - Please do.

No one had jobs in our joint family.

Brother roamed like a vagabond and father smiling always.

Mother used to serve delicacies.

And grandma had hands full of bangles.

We had a lot of affection amongst the brothers..

..but no emotion in exchanges.

We just used to greet very cursorily.

One day I kicked the flower pot angry that my brother did nothing.

His heart broke.. there were no words and the relation just broke.

He wanted to get a job somehow and save some money..

..and decided not to return home till he could buy the flower pot..

..he left home then and never returned!

My brother used to put cash in my pocket always.

So I'll do something for you.

Then open the businesses that you got closed.

You arrange for dinner tonight then!

Young brother asked for dinner..

..and the elder added drinks to the menu!

Breakfast for you and lunch for me..

..and the party with drinks!


What is it younger brother?

Why do you take only Thums up without liquor?

I like Thums up.

Besides, my elder brother never asked me for a drink.. I too didn't stop him.

He liked babbling..

..and I listening. - This brother too won't force you.

Hey, is this from our shop?

Why would I get our stuff, bro?

What would happen if you did?

In our stuff only the label is original...

..the stuff inside is spurious! - No!

What do you think of this brother?

It costs 300 for a bottle..

..and we sell it outside for 3,300!

It means 10 times profit! - Indeed!

O God! - Take the case of refined oil..

You mean sunflower oil?

The flower is only in the name and to fool people.

What is there in the oil then? - Castor oil!

Not only that.. we mix stones in yellow gram..

..velaga fruit in tamarind..

..papaya seeds in pepper..

..rita seeds in coffee powder..

..wheat flour in milk powder..

..rice flour in ice-cream..

..dalda in ghee, corn flour in butter..

..we adulterate everything under the sun.

Won't people's health suffer if they eat these?

Where else would they go? They'll come to our hospital!

..and we adulterate the medicines there too!

That's it!

Your younger brother is shocked!

If you reveal the entire thing, he may faint! Tell him..

Yes tell him. - Kerosene in petrol..

..naphtha oil in diesel..

..mud oil in grease..

Vehicles will be ruined.

No problem. They will come to our mechanic shed to get repaired.

We will paint our old parts..

..and sell them as new spare particles. - Yes.

All this is a chain.

A lot of units are needed to maintain this chain. I suppose.

Where are they? - Don't ask me that.

Oh! - Won't you tell your younger brother?

I felt bad! - Yes, we too felt bad.

Hey, don't try to spoil things here.

Don't mistake me, younger brother.

I don't share business details even with my wife!

I don't save them in my cell phone too.

It is all up in my mind.

I have a good memory power!

Hey, when you speak of your mind and memory power..

..I am reminded of the game shows I played with my brother!

Hey.. this elder brother too loves game shows!

Hey.. let's play a game show then!

Let's play a game show! - Lets play!

Welcome to the wonderful game show 'You or me.'

The one with highest points is the winner..

The participants are lion Seenu, ferocious Firangee..

..and super Sampangi!

Our judge is Prabhakar who drives everyone crazy!

There are 3 rounds here called International, national and local.

There is an anchor round in addition too

The one who presses the buzzer first only gets to answer the question.

If you give the right answer, plus 10 points.

If you give the wrong answer, minus 10 points.

So you must think carefully before pressing the buzzer.

Is it ok? - Yes!

The one who gets highest points get the title 'Invincible'.

Lets see who among you is invincible.. are you ready? - Yes!

First question in international round.. who is the president of Zimbabwe?

Robert Gabriel Mugabe!

Right answer!

Next.. Argentina's capital? - Buenos Aires!

Right answer!

There is one breed of dog which can't bark.. which is it?

Basanji.. - Spell it!

B A S A N J I..

Fantastic Firangee! You are amazing!

Thank you.. - Good!

What is the fastest bird in the world?

Swift! - What an answer?

Why don't you take other car names like Santro, I20, 420, Ambassador etc?!

He gave a wrong answer.. give him minus points!

Mr. Sampangi.. you cannot decide what is right and what is wrong!

The judge is there to decide that.. please speak!

Swift is the right answer!

Thank you. - How can that be right?

How can that be correct?

He asked about a bird.. while he gave the name of a car!

How can it be correct? How come?

Mr. Sampangi! Go and stand there!

Do you think this is a game show or a cattle market?

Swift is the fastest bird in the world..

..and the car was named after it. It is a fact!

You have to accept it!

Ok, next question..

What was found first.. a lighter or a match box?

The match box.. - Wrong answer!

Match box is the wrong answer? - Yes!

Ancient man realized that fire can be created by friction between stones..

..and using the same technique he dipped a cloth in oil..

..and invented the lighter first!

The process was enhanced to invent the match box later.

So lighter is the right answer and match box is the wrong answer!

Next question!

Man's heart stops some times while he is alive..

..what are the instances that happens?

No one can answer? Leave it!

Let's move on to the next question..

Please give us the answer to that question!

Otherwise my heart may really stop!

When one sneezes!

When one sneezes?! - Yes!

When we sneeze, our heart stops for a fraction of a second..

That's why our elders say 'God bless you' in the cities..

..and in the villages they bless with a long life.

Also when we sneeze we automatically close our eyes..

You know what happens if we don't do so?

What happens? - The eyeballs pop out!

O God!

Thank you, sir.. you gave nice information!

Next question..

When man is born he has 300 bones..

How many will they become by the time he grows up?

They may become 400..

Four hundred! - Wrong answer!

Cancel.. 300! - That is also wrong answer!

Then what is the right answer?

206 is the right answer!

Do you eat regular food or grass?!

Are you a man or a beast? Useless fellow!

Sir, you only do justice here.

If one has 300 bones at birth..

..then after one grows up either they increase or remain the same.

How can they become lesser in number?

Are they currency that someone robs them off?

He is given that seat since we considered him a gentleman..

..he should be doing justice equally!

But he qualifies his responses as correct..

..but my answers as wrong!

He and his monkey face!

Mr. Sampangi! What are you saying? - I'm right!

Don't blabber like a fool!

I swear by my occupation and say this..

..I don't give preference to anyone.

I will say right if it is right and wrong if it is wrong.

If you don't trust me, then it is unnecessary for me to be neutral judge.

I will go. - Go away if you want.

Whom are you threatening? - Mr. Prabhakar! He is a fool.

I am saying sorry on his behalf.

I felt very bad, sir.

I say sit down.

I say sit down! Sit down! - Okay.

Mr. Sampangi! If you shout like that you will get BP.

But if you have patience and listen, then your GK will be improved.

As we grow few bones joins together and count will reduce. This is the truth.

International round complete. Let us see your scores.

Mr. Prabhakar!

As his name suggests, Firangee is leading the scores with 40.

Still sleeping lion Seenu, zero.

Watch out, Seenu.

Sampangi's score is -20 because of wrong answers.


Now national round first question.

National bird? - Peacock!

National animal? - Tiger.

National fruit? - Mango.

National game? - Hockey!

Number of chapters in Bhagavat Geeta? - Eighteen!

Any four incarnations from Dashavataras.

I can say this. Chaina Kamal Hasan.

Chennai Kamal Hasan, Amera Kamal Hasan..

..and grandma Kamal Hasan.

Buddy! He didn't ask about the Dasavataras movie.

Incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Matsyavatarm, Kurmavataram, Ramavataram, Krishnavataram.

Right answer, Seenu! You have a bright future.

Thank you, sir. - Love you!

Next! Which is the first cinema scope picture in Telugu?

Alluri Sita Rama Raju!

Super star Krishna is the hero.

Adventure is his passion.

First 70mm is Simhasanam.

First cowboy movie Mosagallaku Mosagadu.

First James Bond movie Goodhachari 116.

Like this he crest first and best of everything in movies.

Right answer and right information.

Keep it up! You are leading now.

Thank you, sir. - National round is completed.

Scores, please! - Lion Seenu!

70! - Thank you, sir.

Ferocious Firangee 40..

..and super Sampangi is -30. Very near to the elimination.

This is cheating, fraud and wrong.

I won't agree. Anchor sir!

I have many doubts. I know them very well.

This Firangee is a pickpocket at the railway station.

Seenu used to sell tea at the bus stand.

How can they have so much knowledge?

I think he has leaked the paper.

What are you talking, buddy?

What business do I do?

What? - Betting! - So what?

I have an i-pad in my hand all the day.

I keep on searching the net for..

..latest and hottest news.

That knowledge has worked now. - I am studying about movies since 10th class.

I got many prizes too. That came in handy now.

How can you, who doesn't even read news paper, know these things?

Always shouting that this is wrong.

It isn't enough just growing taller.

It is better to improve knowledge. - Mr. Sampangi! Don't worry.

To encourage contents, we have anchor choice round.

Anchor choice first question.

Rama's wife? - Sita!

Laxmana's sister-in-law? - Sita!

Mother of Lava and Kusa? - Sita!

What is this nonsense?

Why do you ask related questions repeatedly?

Mr. Firangee.. anchor's questions will be like this. - Yes!

Mr. Sampangi.. some of my questions will have answers in body language too!

You must understand well and reply, ok? - Ok!

How many are the five pandavas?

They must be some 20!

C'mon tell me now! - Ah!

How many are the five pandavas?

If he is asking with such force they may be at least a hundred!

I repeat the question.. how many are five pandavas? - What is this, sir?!

You ask us all sorts of difficult questions..

..but you ask him this question and show your five fingers as a clue!

They are five! - Yes, but your answer can't be accepted now!

Mr. Firangee, the goal of this game is not victory or defeat!

We want to bring the talent out of you all.

Whatever position you are in..

..I am trying to bring Mr. Sampangi to the same level!

Please try to understand the concept of this game and my intentions!

Understand what sir wants!

Now we understand very well.. right, bro?

Yes, we want Sampangi bro to be on the same level as we are!

Thanks.. - Please don't mention!

Very good! That's the spirit!

Let's now start the local round.

First question in the local round..

Where is the post office in this town? - In Gandhinagar..

You should tell the exact address!

Next.. where is the library? - In Indira nagar..

What is the door number?

Ok.. I'll simplify the question for you..

But there will be time limit for this one!

In 20 seconds if you can provide 5 addresses complete with door numbers.. will be declared invincible. Are you ready?

I am ready!

Your time starts now.. go!

No.1.. 2-8-283/4/b

24, Ankalamma street, Tadipatri.

No.2.. door no.7-11-77/b

44, Poturajugari Palli, Guntakallu.

No.3.. door no.1-2-3/43/144..

..Rajavari Tota, Dharmavaram.

No.4..door no.120-420/c/24..

..Opp. Andhra Bank, Hindupur.

No. 5..Door no.4-24, Beside Uma bar, Hanumakonda.

You gave me 20 seconds.

But I said them in 15 seconds. Am I not the winner?

But what is the guarantee that those addresses were genuine?

What's the guarantee?

Those are the original addresses of my duplicate units.

You can check if you want. - No need.

It's time to declare the title winner 'Potugadu'.

It's none other than..

..super Sampangi!

You are superb!

Have it! Have it! Come on!

That's it.

O God! O God!


I pray to you! Please tell them not to beat us, sir.

Alas! Oh, no! No!

Wow! Same sounds!

Oh, no! Alas! - Here he comes.

Come, buddy! - Come on, buddy!

Am I returning from foreign that you came to receive me?

How was it? - How was it?

Why are you so excited about it?

I feel like a major operation.. performed on me without using anesthesia.

You know? - Of course!

We came to you for pity but you laughed at us.

Forget it, buddy! CI sir made us all equal with his sequel story.

CI sir is really graceful.

There is a moral for us in this too! - What is it, bro?

We will be happy if we stay together..

..if we plot against each other we will lose.

What are you saying?

His character is not a simple one.. he cannot be understood.

I saw powerful as well as naughty policemen..

..but not this kind of police officer.

He has no mercy at all!

He didn't even show pity that Sampangi is fragile.

I realized one thing.. to take him on is choosing hell!

You couldn't manage a simple CI!

If brother learns that our businesses are closed, he'll kill us all!

He already knows it!

Brother! - Arrange for flight tickets immediately!

I'll take care of it, brother. - Get the tickets!

Brother, when I see these cases and notices...

..I'm afraid our business will close.

If that happens, we shall be back to selling sweets on a hand cart.

Whenever that CI came here, he used to ask if he was your son-in-law..

Why would he say that repeatedly if he didn't have that intention?

If we make him the son-in-law, all our problems will be solved!

What he says is correct, brother..

He'll be the security for our business as well!

But our MD should agree for that..

We'll make her agree!

For the sake of the future of our family..

..the committee has taken a decision. - What is it?

We have decided to get you married to the CI.

Instead of feeling sad..

..think like a responsible MD.

Father, I've been struggling how to convey the same matter to you.

What is it? - Yes, father!

I liked him when I saw him the first time..

I wanted to trap him but got trapped myself.

Why didn't you tell us earlier?

Till now the cloud of selfishness covered my love.

Now the rain of realization melted that cloud away!

Wonderful.. but the CI has a bad impression about our family.

How can we make him consent? - I'll see to it.

Uncle, start it.. - My child, Saroja..

We've got a match from Chicago.

The groom is great it seems.

There is another match from California.. that guy is fantastic too.

There is a match from Dallas too.. that boy is rich.

Father, I don't want these NRI matches.

If I should marry, it will be CI Shankar only!

Prabha.. tell Dakshina Moorthy to get a couple of BP tablets.

Ask him what the breaking news it that will cause my BP to raise!

Ask Dakshina Moorthy to look towards the south.

I'll see for sure.. what is over there?

Greetings, sir!

Why did the entire family come to the police station?

Didn't he see the matter in the monitor?

It is our need.. so we should step down if required.

What we say is.. you are like a sweet dish..

..and our Saroja is spicy stuff.

We want to get the both of you married.

But I am vexed with you.

Please don't say that.. if you wish..

..we'll offer you two sweet shops..

..20 lakhs and a good bike as dowry!

When he says he doesn't like you, why do you plead?

We'll do as we wish.. why do you interfere?

Had you not been in uniform, I'd have drowned you in sugar soup!

I mean that there is demand for girls in the market.

Why do you blabber?

You look like a sugar patient.. we'll stuff you with sweets and kill you!

We don't need your useless advise.. attend to your work!

My boy, we have lots of hopes on you.

If you deny our wish, our hopes will get stomped.

You are trying to convince.. but your cunning faces are creating doubt.

Not our cunning faces, look at that stunning face! - I'm scared to see that!

How can we convince you, Mr. CI?

Father, I know best how to convince him.

You all please go out

But, my child.. - Take my word and go out.

Please believe us.. - He will, now please go out.

Make him convince somehow.

I'll take care of that!

You act like a heroine and claim to convince me yourself.

How are you going to do that?

Why do you look at me with a mouse-like pout?

Tell me how you shall convince me!

"You are great like a bhel puri."

"Your spicy lips are pulling me."

"Let's begin with the crispy curry leaves."

"Once you jump into the fray, it is full of action."

"Like the tangy tomato soup.."

" are inviting, my beloved."

"Like a well cooked piece of cheese.."

"..shall I slowly bite and eat you."

"Your words are spicy."

"Your cheeks are sweet."

"Your smile is naughty."

"You are fresh like coconut water."

"You are great like a bhel puri."

"Your spicy lips are pulling me."

"Let's begin with the crispy curry leaves."

"Once you jump into the fray, it is full of action."

"You are weaving your magic around me."

"I had to surrender to it."

"You surrounded me with your embrace."

"I was overpowered by it."

"Your love is like kulfi and barfi."

"I was taken in like one feels when eating halwa."

"I am lucky as if landing in a chocolate factory."

"One who eats it dances merrily."

"I find you tasty like a coconut sweet dish."

"We will seal the pact once and for all."

"Your words are spicy."

"Your cheeks are sweet."

"Your smile is naughty."

"You are fresh like coconut water."

"You are great like a bhel puri."

"Your spicy lips are pulling me."

"Let's begin with the crispy curry leaves."

"Once you jump into the fray, it is full of action."

"When I catch a glimpse of your youth."

"My body is full of excitement."

"When I consume your sweet nothings."

"I feel it better than the best sweet dishes."

"Your lips are tastier than almonds."

"Come to me, I'll offer them to you."

"Your figure is perfect and attitude great."

"I shall preserve it with care."

"You are a naughty boy who can't be stopped."

"You keep pestering till you get what you want."

"Your words are spicy."

"Your cheeks are sweet."

"Your smile is naughty."

"You are fresh like coconut water."

"You are great like a bhel puri."

"Your spicy lips are pulling me."

"Let's begin with the crispy curry leaves."

"Once you jump into the fray, it is full of action."

We have closed all of Damu's illegal businesses, sir.

His main business is the only one remaining.

There are some brands to use which we need not worry at all about results.

I know that you will do well whichever job is assigned to you.

But the main match is about to begin.

I called you to say that we must show Damu the real power of police.

You just sit back and enjoy the match, sir!

I will drag the bases out of the brothers!

All those who worked there till now, fled from the scene.

From now on, I will cite you as an example for such cowards.

We came to the city at last.. shall we enjoy a movie, sir?

We shouldn't be watching movies.. but be showing one to Damu.

Correct, sir!

Who is he, sir? - My father..

Don't you me your face ever again in life!

If you do so, that shall be my last day in life.

It is not love that you have for your father, sir.. it is devotion.

And god never stays away long from a devotee.. shall unite again and I'll see that day.

Tell me what happened! - Please spare us! - I'll kill you!

Where is your new CI? Tell me where he is!


Do you think you are a hero? Not in my absence, show your power now!

Get up in action for the show, yeah! It's now time for the show..

Cover the fruit plate.. else they will be spoilt by the dust

Sir has taken off the watch, it means that match has begun!

Hey, what a comment.

Why are you guys standing and watching?

He is feeding you like pigs.. he'll feel bad if you don't join! C'mon!

Seeing all these scares one.. but one should close one's eyes and jump in!

Hey, you asked if policemen are heroes! Yes!!

Police are heroes! There is the hero!

See there! See him! See!

I came here to settle your brother's case.

Go and tell him..

That the CI came here not for some flowers or toys..

He has come for you.. not just closing down your illegal businesses..

..he is going to shutdown your dream project and close your case.. seems no one can stop him. Tell him to try it if he can!

Tell him to try it! Tell him to try it!

He bashed us up like dogs and made us coolies.

The CI bashed him up as if he were a mad dog.. God exists!

Why hasn't the CI come yet? - He'll come for sure!

He has just arrived as you speak.. he'll live a hundred years!

A century for him.. and mortuary for these!



You sit in leisure and croon.. didn't he tell you that I asked you to shut shop?

You made them idiots and seized small businesses..

..touching my dream project won't be that easy!

The environment ministry gave clearance for this project.. commission gave license and forest authority its permission!

The health department gave an NOC..

How can you stop such a major project?

I want to recite you a poem I wrote long ago.

Don't hit me with stones.. I'll catch them and build my house!

Don't try to set me on fire.. I'll use it to light up my home!

Don't try to send me away from here.. I'll reach my goal much faster!

I request you.. don't try to use poison to kill me..

..I'll hold it in my throat and become the lord Shiva himself.. simple!

Why talk about poison now.. my boy Paul, come here!

He's not a foreign tour co-ordinator but an undercover cop!

I planted him there even before landing here myself..

How you managed those departments.. the massages etc..

..he recorded it all, and using it we put a case in court and got stay orders!

You beat up my younger brother!

You touched my dream project.. you shouldn't live!

Hey, cut him to pieces.. - and throw them to the eagles, right?

Update yourselves.. its not about me getting cut to pieces.

It requires a man to even touch me.. c'mon try!

The CI has launched a new scheme.. how can one hit him without touching?

Let's see it! - Hey!

What a great idea the CI got! - Yes!

The CI stood by his scheme and beat them without touching!

Go now, clear the debris and remove the boards.

Mr. Damodar, the court ordered that this project be closed.

Hey Damodar, I came as promised and closed your dream project.

You are my next project, I'll close your case too!

Why are you shaking so much? Want some action?

With your permission, sir! - Go on!

Hey! Do you think I am your follower to praise your poetry?


His opponent always faces the risk, irrespective of who challenges first.

There are no emotions or feelings or consultations there..

..there are no recommendations also.. only elimination!

He will show you hell in all directions!

Be it a rowdy, a terrorist or a factionist..

..they are spared only till he doesn't concentrate.. once that happens.

the countdown begins!

Chandrasekhar, you too watch movies?! He's scared.. let's leave now!

My bladder is full with useless discussions with fools.

Where is the toilet?

His name is Shekar, the witness who saw Damu killing the human rights officer.

Why didn't you complain all these days to the police?

I was scared for life, sir. After CI came to our place, I mustered courage.

That's why I met sir and narrated him everything.

Damu killed my friend in my presence.

He must get due punishment, sir.

Shankar, this witness is enough for us to arrest Damu.

We'll get a non-bailable arrest warrant from the court..

..and lock him up tomorrow itself.

Arrange all these reports properly. - Sir! - Okay sir.

Sir, I shot with my mobile when Damodar was killing a person.

What it is SP? Came here with a battalion?

Mr. Damodar, you are under arrest!

What is the charge?

This video which was taken when you killed witness Shekar.


Shekar, tell the SP what actually happened and the truth about this town..

Sir, Damu and the CI have some personal differences.

That's why the CI forced me to give witness..

..that Damu killed the human rights officer.

Not only that.. he recorded a fake murder of me with Damu's look alike.

When I learnt that the CI is planning to kill me in his custody..

..I managed to escape from there. - Mr. Shankar!

The department gives power to protect the public.

Not to use it for personal goals.. you have to give an explanation for this!

Otherwise you will be suspended!

Mr. Damodar, I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

I am saying sorry on behalf of the department.

Till now you played with my men and now its my turn.

I sent my man as a journalist and got the fake video made.

I can now get you easily suspended with the influence that I have.

If you don't want me to do that.. should clear all the allegations you made on my dream project.

You had to lower your head because of me.

Damu threatened to kidnap my wife and kids..

..and I had no other option than to do as he said.

Please forgive me, sir.

He is after all a criminal!

He is responsible for the death of my elder brother.

He killed your brother?! - I learnt it when IG gave me that file.

The collector who committed suicide due to him, was my elder brother.

I decided right then that I'd see his end!

I missed the target! - Shankar never misses his target!

I know now that you didn't commit any mistake.

Your brother told me all that actually happened.

There is a major conspiracy behind the suicides of your brother and sis-in-law.

The human rights officer who died was your sis-in-law's classmate.

Damodar's power plant will harm the society.. district collector you must stop it, sir.

Not that you are my wife's friend, but since you fight for a good cause.. will have my full support.

This project will not go on.. trust me.

Out of anger that his project is being stalled..

..Damu killed the human rights officer.

Your brother met the SP Mallikarjuna Rao and minister Nagaraju..

..and gave them the details of the case.

They too promised that they would assist in the case.

The place has a population of 1500..

..the kids have to walk 3 km to go to school.

If you put a school in our village, we'll be indebted.

Education is a birth right.. give me the details.

I shall see to it that a school is opened in your village immediately.

Thank you sir. - Mr. Collector, we are from ACB.

He complained to us that.. are demanding a bribe for a legally allowed bricks factory.

No, sir. He came here requesting for a school.

It's a lie, sir. Please check this file for yourself.

There is 5 lakhs in cash.

What is this? - He's lying, sir. All this seems to be a trap.

Yes, sir. - Give your explanation during the interrogation.

You are under arrest.

Now I understand it all clearly.

Damu planned to implicate me in this case.

What need does he have to implicate you?

To stop the power project Damu is getting constructed illegally..

..I reported to environmental minister Nagaraju.

It's a lie.. what this collector says is a blatant lie!

He never met me or submitted any report to me.

To cover up his wrongdoings..

..he is taking names of powerful figures.

Such people should not be pardoned.

Sir, I complained about the murder of human rights officer to Mallikarjuna Rao

Yes, sir.

We did a deep investigation into that case and unraveled some truths.

There was an illicit relation...

...between that human rights officer and the collector's wife.

The collector got the human rights officer killed as a result..

..and to prove that we have strong evidences.

The collector demeaned a bribe of 100 million from me for the power project.

When I said no, he blackmailed me in many different ways.

Bureaucrats like him to want to stop projects that help society at large..

..must be given the harshest punishment.

Those criminals didn't stop at that.

Your sis-in-law went to school one day to collect her son.

Your husband is locked up and your boyfriend dead.. how do you manage now?

You are there, brother! - She should agree to that.

She's already consented!

After that your brother came home on bail.

They started maligning your brother and sis-in-law on the channels.

A new twist in the story of collector Bharat charged with corruption!

Out of anger that he had an illicit relation with his wife.. is suspected that collector Bharat got human rights officer Prakash killed.

The police are investigating this matter.

What is all this, brother?

Sister, don't worry.

We know bro-in-law's nature.. the truth will be revealed some day.

I want to speak to you, father.

I know that my son won't do wrong. - I did something wrong, father.

It was not Shankar who was responsible for the kid's death in our childhood.

It was me!

But brother owned up that mistake..

Promise me brother that you won't tell father the truth!

He went away from us obeying your command.

He has a great heart, father!

Why he revealed that truth on that day..

..I didn't realize at that moment.

Uncle, I want to take my sister and bro-in-law to my place for a few days.

It will be a good change for them too.

Please go ahead.. - Grandpa!

What happened? - Come with me!

Look over there!


My dear sister!

My sister! - See what happened!

Those two attempted to fight wrong..

..and all of them united to slander and kill them.

That CI planned to hamper our pet project..

..why are we waiting instead of finishing him off?!

If we finish him, we'll have to shut down the project!

The case has been initiated by him.. the key is in his hands now

He has to reopen this.

That's why I planned well to corner him.

He will fall in line of himself!




I know that you would come, surrender and say sorry!

No! No arguments or shouting!

I eliminated your liquor business and banned your betting business!

I got the duplicate businesses dumped.. why did I do all that?

Because I have the power.. I am in power.

If I lose that power, I'll become weak and meek.

So I came up with a proposal!

I want power and you, the power project!

We'll seek mutual benefit and secure the future. What do you say?

Good decision! - Problem is solved!

Sir! Minister!

You all here? - They are the sleeping partners in this project.

I am the one who got permission for the project! - And I got you implicated!

Was it you? - Yes!

If the captain fixes the match, what can a small player do?!

You got the concept! Carry on and you'll have a colorful life!

This suggestion yours will be welcomed even by the opposition!

Love you! - Thank you!

He doesn't realize that friendship with sir is like sailing the Titanic!

Shankar, till now you were the problem for the project.

Now on, you should ensure the project has no problems..

...and I'll take care of you.

Tomorrow is my birthday and you'll be my special guest!

Thank you! Let's join hands and reap it rich!

Let's reap it rich!

Sir, when we saw the drama inside, we thought that..

..they were actors and you the director!

Will you deny this or confirm it? - I confirm it!

Will they too be made non-existent like us?

I'll send them skywards! - This is injustice to us, sir!

Depends on luck whether one rules or gets decimated!

There is some inner meaning to what the CI says!

Why did you come here?

I wanted to see you and came here!

Nonsense.. won't be nice if my father sees you.

Your father came? Where is he?

Uncle! Uncle! - Stop shouting!

Shankar! - My father came.. leave now, please!

Introduce me to uncle, please! - Not now!

Come with me! - Why did he call us so early, sir?

Must be something special! - Don't speak!

Stay inside the bathroom till I open the door.. - Ok!

Shankar, I felt that someone was calling..

There was no one.. - But I heard a voice.

What was it? - Yes, grandpa..

They came, father!

No, sir. What your father says is correct.

There is a thief in your home.. - How can that happen?

Sir, I saw with my eyes.. He entered that bathroom!

Oh! - Ah! - You mean there is a thief in that bathroom!


What if he isn't there? - I'll get my head shaven!

Come and I'll show you!

See for yourself! See there.. You too have a look..

What is there to see? Who is there?

People don't see real things with sight problems..

..but he sees things that don't exist!

She entered in here.. where did she go?!


Why did you get paint poured all over like that?

I didn't do it, sir.. - Then?

That thief! - There isn't any thief at all.

Sir! He went into the store room. Come, I'll show you.

Oho! Bathroom is over and not is it store room?

Don't run, you might fall down. - I will not, sir.

I will definitely catch him.

What happened to you?

The thief seems to be annoyed, sir.

Stop this thief and police thing and clean up yourself.

I cannot break up the case that I take up.

I will definitely catch that thief, sir.

There he is going upstairs.

You became like this in the ground floor, what will happen upstairs?!

No matter what happens, I won't forfeit.

The window is open. That means he went this side.

Mr. Murthy! - Mr. Murthy! - I won't listen to anyone.

Oh, no! Come! Come!

Go! Go!

What is this? Have you gone mad?

I am not, sir. Your son is hiding his girlfriend in the house and fooling you.

Hey, I wanted to see matches for you.

If you have anything like that, say it without hesitation.

Nothing like that, dad. - Shankar.

Why do you want to hide when your dad is asking so friendly?

Uncle! What he said is true. - The girl is very nice.

Let us talk to her parents and make arrangements for your engagement.

Thank you, uncle. - God bless you!

Mr. Murthy! I was worried how to tell this matter to dad.

The path was all cleared because of you. Thanks.

It's alright. But is that dog got vaccinated?

No, it is better you get your injections without fail.

Happy birthday, sir! - Mr. Damu.

We lifted all the cases on you as a birthday gift to you. - Lie!

I have appealed to lift the stay on the power project too. - He is fooling you.

You will get the orders in a week. - No, arrest warrant will come.

All the guests are here. For whom are you waiting? - For my love.

Come, my dear.

Who is she? - Sukanya! Damu's girlfriend.

She is a girl who values tradition.

Wow! Gorgeous! Mesmerising! Spellbound! You are looking sexy, baby!

So, sexy! - Dear!

Idiot! - What wrong did I say?

I have complimented that she looks sexy. That's all.

She isn't fast girl to accept such compliments.

She will feel bad if you give such compliments. Sorry, dear! Calm down.

Happy birthday to you!

"This is full moon night!"

"I welcome you!"

"Tonight under the moon.."

"..let us celebrate the festival."

"As the night passes by.."

"..let us enjoy ourselves."

"Hey, in the junction.."

"Hey, in the junction.."

"..I am called Jasmine."

"People call me rose when I smile."

"Hey, in the junction.."

"Hey, in the junction.."

"..I am called Jasmine."

"People call me rose when I smile."

"I am famous all over the country."

"I am famous all over the country."

"I am hiding many secrets with me."

"I will tell you if you win me"

"I am famous all over the country."

"Hey, Rubber doll of beauty!"

"Your smile and style are superb."

"I will be a correct match for you."

"Come to me, let's go to the junction together."

"Hey, in the junction.."

"If I announce no function at your junction, you will cry out loud."

"Ride a horse and come to me, O guy!"

"People call me.. call me.. call me.."

"When I smile.. when I smile.."

"Give me a kiss and hug me."

"Make me chubby and I want a baby."

"Day and night hold me tight, honey!"

"Throw me lakhs of money, I'll make you happy."

"Pant and shirt.."

"Wearing pant and shirt.."

" look just super cool"

"Wearing a sari and blouse.."

" look very modern."

"Your glance is piercing heart and your smile capturing me."

"Dance with me!"

"Intoxicating like the liquor and spicy like pepper."

"Your scent is mesmerising my heart."

"In the junction.. in the junction.."

"If I order no function in junction, you will cry out loud."

"Ride a horse and come to me, O guy."

"Come on, let's start!"

"People are talking about us in every street and corner."

"We know that already, give us something to drink."

"Silly! Silly! Silly! Don't be silly."

"Come here, Lily! Don't be silly!"

"On the hay stack.."

"On the hay stack.."

"Let us play together."

"I will like to play some games with you, dear."

"Get on to the bed and inside the bed sheet."

"Dance with me!"

"If you give the green signal like that.."

"..I will show you the way to the heaven."

"In the junction.. in the junction.."

"If I order no function in your junction, you will cry out loud, baby!"

"Ride a horse and come to me, O guy!"

Damu! Put aside these entertainments and..

..concentrate on the project.

Delhi Suri is angry already. At any time.. - Hello? Just a moment.

Delhi Suri! - Suri?!

Tell me, Suri! I will take care of it.

You don't have to worry. I will take care of it.

Believe me, Mr. Suri! Leave everything to me.

Bell Suri! - Bell Suri?!

He was a bell boy in Delhi AP bhavan once.

He supplied girls to officials who stayed there.

Starting from lower rank people to high rank people..

..after that he started blackmailing them using fake names.

Like that he became very rich.

Today he became the power broker.

Any illegal work will be done by approaching this fellow.

He can make an illiterate come first in EAMSET exams..

..and attain passport to Pakistan terrorist.

He will do any nasty work for money.

He will swim in the drainage if you pay him.

I wonder how his wife is able to stand such a nasty guy!

That is why she ran-away from him.

Where can we find this nasty fellow? - Only through phone.

He is very busy.

He spends four hours in outer ring road, three hours in the airport..

..and two hours in the flight.

He will not meet anyone without proper appointment.

In short he is infected, corrupted, contaminated..

..bad, manipulated, perverted..

..fraud, rotten, unethical, faithless..

..unprinciple, two faced, twisted, croocked, crippled criminal.

Yes, what you said is true.

Delhi Suri doesn't have silly sentiments.

I value commission than emotion and percentage than person.

If you pay me more I will give the project..

..that I gave to Trimurthy to you.

Let us cheat common people by monopolising this thing.

Don't say words like injustice.

That is something incapable person thinks.

A person with brains will win in this world.

He looks like a country fellow, sir.

Switch on the jammer. - Do you understand?

If you want I can talk to Malhotra..

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Damn signals! Don't know when they won't work.

What is this, sir? What is the need to go to Delhi when we are short in money?

If we think about money, what will happen to brother Delhi Suri?

Who is this Delhi Suri?

He is the backbone of Damu's thousand crores power project.

But Ramu is manipulating him to his purpose..

..just by giving him two percent commission.

It is injustice. - What's wrong in that, sir?

The minister who got project permission got 25 percent.

Our SP who is supporting locally got 25 percent.

But the person who arranged the finance for the entire project.. getting only 2 percent.

What can you do about it, sir?

I will inform Suri about this injustice.

I will request him to ask for a partnership.

What will you get from that?

What are you saying? Can't he give us 2 lakhs if he gets 200 crores benefit?

I think his intelligence works well for others but not for his own benefit.

Come on, let us catch the flight.

Where to? - Delhi.

No need to go. - Who are you to say that?

Delhi Suri! - Delhi Suri?!

My God! Are you Delhi Suri?

Sorry, sir! I used rough language without knowing it was you.

It's alright. People don't use formal language when it comes to dear ones.

I can understand.

You are outstanding, sir. - You too.

You opened my eyes with you intelligent analysis.

I will ask Damu for partnership. - Why to delay? Ask him.

There is no signal. - Try now. It might work. - Hey!

Yes, it is.

What is it, Mr. Suri?

I am coming to Bukkapatnam tomorrow. Arrange for meeting with our partners.

I will talk about other things there.

Okay, Mr. Suri.

You will rot, useless fellow!

Who is this fellow?

What kind of ring tone is that, sir?

That is my wife's tone.

She abused me a lot when I gave her divorce.

That became my lucky charm.

She understood that and stopped abusing me.

I used the abuses that I already recorded as my ring tone.

You are amazing, sir. One more thing.

They shouldn't know that I met you or even I know you.

We are strangers. - Who are you? - You are superb.

What is this, Mr. Suri? You always worked for commission.

Why are you asking for share in the project now? - Why not?

Why should a broker remain a broker? Can't I become the owner?

Hey, Suri! I will cut you into pieces if you raise your voice.

Then I will cancel the loan. I can't work with people who threaten me.

I am going. - Hey!

Durga! Stop it! Mr. Suri! Please sit down.

You want partnership. Is that all?

Yes. - Okay.

I own fifty percent of this project.

And they have the other fifty percent.

They will sacrifice ten percent from their share and give it to you.

What do you say? - I won't agree.

I worked very hard to get the permission..

..why should I sacrifice my share to others?

Hey, Minister! Shut your mouth.

What did you say? - Hey, don't raise your voice.

What will you do? - Hey! - Hey!

Hey! - Hey! - Stop it.

What is this?

How can you sacrifice your pure friendship for money?

SP sir! Please make them understand.

Minister! - What is it? - Please calm down.

Whom are we giving this share? To our Suri.

If we give this friendly gift now.. a return gift he will bring us a couple of projects. Isn't it?

Yes. - Yes. - Yes.

Okay! You do whatever you want.

Damn! - Nagaraju! - Where is he going? - I don't like this.

He goes to his farm house to hunt birds whenever he is frustrated.

Sit down! Hey, you too. - What, Mr. Suri?

Are you happy now?

I will be happy only after I have partnership deal in my hand.

It will take a few days for that.

I will stay here till it is done.

You can stay in my guest house. I will send you meals every day.

I am scared at the reaction of that minister and your brother.

I want security 24/7.

No problem! Shankar! - Sir?

As long as he stays here, you will be his security.

Okay, sir. - Okay?

Happy? - For now.

Congrats, Mr. Suri! - What for? - Now you are a owner and not a broker.

Small gift for you. - What is this?

Battery back up.

You use phone a lot. If you charge this for an hour, it will work for ten hours.

It is very useful. - Here, take this.

This is your 20 thousand cheque. - Sir! Two thousand less?

Tax! - What are you saying, Shankar?

Yes, Saroja.

You should co-operate with our department..

..if you want me to lift the cases on you.

What should she do, son-in-law? - Nothing big.

We planned a telefilm to control the criminal mentality of people.

When we were searching for good artists, I remembered your family.

Thank you, my child.

Acting is in our blood.

What is the title of your telefilm? - Short cut!

Welcome to short cut.

An ordinary broker!

One who became rich by 600 millions in just 6 weeks.

The gains he made using his brain is the topic of our story.

You always used to work for commission.

Why are you asking for a share now Kotanna?

Why can't I aspire to be a millionaire?

Should I remain a broker and not become an owner?

The effort, attempt and risk are mine.. but you enjoy the result!

If you plan to use me and throw, how can I allow that?

I too want a share in this project!

Ok Kotanna.. why get angry for that? We'll do as you wish.

But this criminal broker did not remain satisfied with that.

He wanted the entire project for himself.

To what extent he went for that, see for yourselves.

Why do you take TV serials seriously?

Because the situation is same and I'll get 50 percent share of the project.

Why are you talking like this?

They are giving you the share, right?

I read the other day that if you expect..

..other's money there will be problems many.

Not only that, sir. - You just shut up!

Take your foolish quotations and upload them on twitter when free.

What I want is support and not suggestions.

My conscience doesn't support these kind of things.

It comes with me into my kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.. everywhere.

It will tear me apart.. what will I reason with it?

Tell it that Delhi Suri will give an extra 2 lakhs!

Is it true? - Indeed!

What does your conscience say now?

I'll reason with it somehow.. tell me what I should do!

Just check those papers and sign them.

What is this brother, Suri!

I will sign where you want me to.

Ok, sign where I have put the tick marks.

'You will be destroyed!'

Hello, tell me.. I advised you against it

Listen to what I say.. take my advise!

Issues between partners are as common as boats in the sea!

You should sort them amicably and not take cruel decisions.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Who was on the phone, brother Suri? - Some fool, you just sign!

He's been acting like this since yesterday!

Don't know who's on the other side..

..but he's talking like this and getting annoyed.

Why do you interfere? Just attend to your security job!

I just say that the load will be less if you share it.

I know how to lessen the load.

Damu, where is the bathroom? - Over there!

'Excuse me.. you got a text message from Nagaraju!'

'Excuse me.. you got a text message from Nagaraju!'

Dear Suri, I'll see the end of Damu who stabbed me in the back.

Please don't try to come in between. Nagaraju!

It means it is Mr. Nagaraju calling on the other side!

The CI's game has started!

But the theme is not clear!

We suffered from his game in the past.

Let's now be the audience and enjoy!


Damu, did you finish signing the documents?

Wasn't it minister Nagaraju with whom you spoke earlier?

How did you know that?

Why did you hide it from me? Tell me! Quick!

What do you want me to say? That Nagaraju seeks revenge on you?

That he plans a CBI enquiry to get you arrested?

What do you want me to say? What can I say?!

Why would Nagaraju want to do that, sir?

Is Nagaraju your classmate? As if you know him well!

Do you even know what's happening in your police station?

What's happening, sir? - Your SI, Dakshina Moorthy himself..

..has given his case details to Nagaraju! - What, sir!!

Is it true? - Indeed!

Else why would he invite to his farmhouse...

..where he doesn't take even his wife?

I can't believe this, sir! - If not, come and I'll show you!

Good morning, sir! - What crap?!

When I get frustrated, I come to this farmhouse away from all.

Even my secretary doesn't come.. why did you? - Sir!

I am not at fault, sir!

I came here because our CI has asked me to tell you our station problems.

What are your useless problems?

See there for yourselves.

You can do lip-reading right? Please tell us what they are talking.

Please translate for us. - I will!

Sir, the paint is peeling off.

Details of the gruesome murders!

Next, bearings of the fans are damaged.

All the crimes committed for the power project!

It is a shame even to say it.

The taps are not working in the toilets!

These are the proofs that will ensure no escape from punishment.

And the mosquitoes! - Mosquitoes my foot!!

They are there wherever we go!

I state this on oath now!

I shall ensure Damu gets behind bars

I'll look after it.. you go now

Sir, the festival is approaching.. a small cash gift please!

Here you go!

Thank you sir.. I take your leave. - Don't come again!

I can't believe that Dakshina Moorthy can do this!

Is he an epitome of virtue that he can't get corrupt?

He's now used to taking bribes.

Nagaraju is taking a morning flight to Delhi with that file.

The central govt is really serious!

CBI is very powerful! - What should we do now, sir?

First we should stop Nagaraju somehow!

But he is Damu's friend.. - Not anymore!

Whether it is a body part or a business partner.. should be cut if it starts rotting. Else we'll be doomed!

Damu, don't delay now.. cut him immediately!

Cut him now! - Give him some space to think, sir!

Why do you insist on cutting him?

You just keep quiet!

Cut him immediately! Cut him! - Alas!

I got all items ready to kill and cook it! Why did you let it off?!

That deer has still some life to live.. but not you!

The collector who committed suicide because of you was my brother.

Your story is not about to end! - What'll end?!




The fox that digs holes jumped into a well and broke its back!

You blamed my brother and made him commit suicide.

To defeat Damu I too bluffed that.. are trying to reopen the old case files.

So, he is seeking revenge on you.

I'll see how you can escape from that snake seeking revenge.



Damu is a short tempered guy.

I should tell him the truth before he does something.

There won't be signals here.

I will get a signal if I climb up this tree.

Come on!

Please work! - Hey!

Hey! Hey! - Beat him!

Stop it! Stop it!

Hey, idiots! This is all false!

Shankar is trying to mislead Mr. Damu with his drama.

What did you say?

I am shouting so loud? Can't you hear, you fool?

What? - Oho!

You are all Damu's Bihar batch guys.

Don't any of you know Telugu? - What?

Damn! I don't know Hindi and you don't know anything.

That Shankar is a dangerous man. He won't let anyone escape.

End! End! End!

Will you see our end?

Yeah! - Our end? - Yeah!

Did the power broker's plan to create problems between partners workout?

Let's check it out.

Movie is over.

Why did they kill the minister like that?

You told them to kill him and now why are you asking me?

When did I say that? - Have a look there.

First we should stop Nagaraju somehow! Damu, don't delay now..

..cut him immediately! Cut him immediately!

I meant to cut his shares and..

..and not the person himself.

But the meaning that was conveyed is the other one.

If this plan goes to court, you will be arrested and if Damu knows this.. will be murdered.

I didn't plan anything. - Have another look.

I will create problems between Damu and his partners and snatch their shares.

It's a mistake, Mr. Suri. - Are they freedom fighters? Just criminals.

Damu is worst of all. - I have a doubt.

How did you record such high quality videos?

This isn't just batter backup.

Charger plus torch plus MP3 plus alarm plus recorder.

You mean you used my phone against me and cheated me.

This is injustice. Ah!

You are the human form of injustice.

When I gave you a positive quotation, you asked me to put in on twitter.

Did you remember that?

If you don't do as I said, I will upload that video to youtube.

What should I do, sir?

Script is very complicated.

That is why you should be sharp. What is my name? - Encounter Shankar.

Shankar! - Now tell me what my real name is. - Shankar!

Encounter Shankar!

Be sharp!

In our initial enquiry we found that..

..minister Nagaraju was killed by naxalites.

We are deeply studying this case.

We will inform complete details very soon. Thank you.

You diverted the case very well, SP sir! I have to learn a lot from you.

Hey, did you hear that?

CI sir said 'I love you' to minister the other day and he died.

That means next wicket is SP. - We missed the photo with minister.

We shouldn't miss this time. Come on.

Mr. SP! We want a photo with you.

Is it for saving your boss Damu?

To save your memories.

CI sir! Please take a photo.

Okay! - Thanks!

It came nicely. - CI sir.

Send that photo to my through what's up!

Okay! - I'll make a move.

Thank you, SP sir!

I was worried a lot that my lover will be caught in this case.

You are so helpful! - Come on, don't be formal.

We are all like a family.

Hey, SP!

How dare you touch her? - What's wrong in this?

I touched her casually. - Hey!

How dare you do that?

I will shoot you. - Hey! Cool! Cool! Cool!

Sorry, dear! Sorry!

Hey! Don't cry! It's okay.

Belly Lily! - Sukanya! - That's working title.

She used to belly dance during festivities in villages.

When some fellow praised her that she looks like heroine..

..she went to Chennai and became close to big shots there.

They enjoyed her beauty but didn't encourage her.

In that frustration she acted some C-grade films and became popular.

She became vamp star and not main star.

With that popularity she traveled across the country.

She found Damodar at that time.

She fooled him saying that she divorced her foreign husband before first night.

This fellow fell in her trap and decided to marry her.

On whom are you trying to aim this rocket?

SP Mallikarjun! - You can't.

Why? - Because he is a gay.

What did you say? Entire department thinks that he is romantic king.

Isn't that true? - Yes, sir.

He always send messages to many girls and goes for massage parlors frequently.

Publicity will be at peak when matter is weak.

I will give four quotes that apply this situation. Remember them.

A bomb explodes late if it has a long starter.

One sees more steps in a well with less water.

A barking dog doesn't bite.

An ox which used horns will not get it's work done. - I can't believe this.

Fresh shock is always confusing.

You can have clarity if you check the flashback.

Today is my birthday, sir. - Oh! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! - How old are you? - 32 running, sir.

Oh, 32! Good body! Keep it up! - Thank you, sir.

I thought it was just touch of affection.

I was fooled!

Lily is dirty picture!

And Malli is empty picture.

This mission is impossible.

If you follow my timing and rhyming carefully..

..everything is possible. - I cannot do that at this age, sir.

If you try to oppose me again, do you know what I will do?

You will upload or tell Damu about it. - I will encounter you.

No, sir! I will do as you said.

Listen! Put those two basil plants in the vehicle.

Okay, madam.

Hello! - Hey, Lily!

Hey, who are you?

My name is Sukanya!

I know that it is your working title and also the work you did before that.

Shut up! Wrong number.

You cannot deny the truth just by bluffing.

What do you mean? - Your original name is belly Lily.

You are a belly dancer in festivities in villages.

Isn't it true that you acted in C-grade movies?

Isn't it true that you ruined the producer?

I think you are mistaken.

I am not such girl, sir.

I know very well about you. I have CDs.

I am living a peaceful life now.

Don't drag me into public.

If you don't want me to do that, then give me 2crores.


My mind isn't working.

I need some time to think about it.

Okay, I am giving you 24 hours time. I will be in touch every hour. Bye!

Is your name belly Lily?

Did you dance in festivities?!

Did you act in movies? Do you know what Damu will do if he knows this?

This short fellow found everything.

I have to silence him somehow.

I am worried about it, Mr. Suri!

You are capable of doing anything. You set up big projects.

Please solve this small problem.

I will give you whatever you ask for.

Please, Mr. Suri! Please! - Okay, calm down.

Calm down! I am here! I will solve this somehow.

I feel bad if you cry. Please listen to me. Calm down!

Hey, Lily! It is better to cry in front of Malli.

He has an eye on you. He can solve your problem easily.

Hello! - It's me Sukanya. - Suku baby! What a pleasant surprise?

I have a problem, Malli. - Tell me, baby! What's your problem?

Someone is blackmailing me. He is threatening me..

..that he will call me every hour and demanded 2 crores ransom.

I am really tensed. I don't know what to do.

Please help me, Malli.

It's a small issue! I am here for you. Don't worry.

But this matter..

Damu will not know this. Trust me.

He said that he will call you every hour. We should waste time.

I will be at your house in 15 minutes.

I will finish the work in an hour. Don't panic. I am coming.

Hey, Suri!

I have mixed Malli's questions and Lily's answers to make a track.

Damu should hear that and you should do this. So, be sharp.

What is my original name? - Encounter Shankar.

Shankar! - Now tell me what my name is.

Shankar! - Encounter Shankar!

Be sharp! - Be sharp!

I meant you.

When I get the clearance from the court..

..project work should be started and..

..finish it quickly. - Damu! - No, sir! Please wait.

Leave me! - Please!

Instead of stopping that outrageous thing, why are you stopping me?

What happened now? What's wrong if SP sir goes to Sukanya madam's house?

Both of them are dearer to Mr. Damu.

One is close friend and another is girlfriend.

When he is here, why should they meet alone?

Suri sir! You really have this bad habit of not able to keep anything inside.

You should forget such things. - Then Damu should forget Sukanya.

Suri! What are you talking?

Why are you looking at me? Replay everything that was recorded.

No, sir! - I told you to do it.

I cannot do that. - Can't you?

No. Then leave it. I cannot plead you.

If you don't say it after all this, will Damu sir keep quiet?

Shankar! What happened?

Nothing, sir! This is my misfortune!

Since SP sir blamed naxalites for minister's death...

...I got his phone tapped to avoid any threats..

..but what I heard was shocking. Hear this.

I am living a peaceful life now.

I am living a peaceful life now. - It's a small issue.

I am here for you. Don't worry.

I think you are mistaken. I am not such girl.

Damu will not know anything. I'll manage.

Trust me. - My mind isn't working.

I need some time to think about it.

We shouldn't waste any time. I will be in your house in 15 minutes.

I will finish the work in an hour. Don't panic. I am coming.

Are you satisfied now? - He is annoyed.

"Please touch me a little!"

"Please kiss me a little!"

"Please hold me a little!"

"Please come to me!"

"Touch me! Touch me! Touch me!"

"Come on, kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me!"

"Come on, hold me! Hold me! Hold me!"

"Come on.." - One minute!

Lily! Damu found that SP is at your house and is coming there right now.

What should I do now? - Do what I tell you.

No, don't harm me.

I pray to you.

No! Please! - What happened? - Please don't harm me.

Don't shout! - Open!

Open! - No!

Hey, what are you doing. - Open the door.

Dear! - Don't ruin my life. - Hey!

Leave me! Leave me! - Dear!


What happened? - I am saved because you came here at the right time.

Otherwise my life would have ruined.

What is happening here?

A girl who looks just like me..

..acted in some C-grade movies.

He blackmailed me that he will show them to you..

..and tried to capture me. When I resisted he..

Damu! She is lying. Don't believe that. - How dare you betray me?!

Damu! I don't understand how to tell you this. I can't do that.

I cannot do such a thing.

Why can't you? - I said I can't. - Why is that?

I can't. That's it. - Why?

Because I am gay!

Hey! I saw you take women to your guest house many times.

Damu! That's just publicity. There is no possibility.

I did all that to just show off.

Truth is that I am a gay. I am a gay. I am a gay.

Did you see how he is acting, dear?

Just now he attacked me like a beast..

..and now he is claiming to be a gay. Don't believe him.

Damu! I don't mind even if you don't believe me, but don't believe her.

She is a third grade lady! - What did you say?!

I won't let you live. I will kill you.

Hey, Don't threaten me.

I will encounter you. - What did you say?

Hey! - Hey!


Stop it, sir! Stop it!

Whether you kill him or he kills you, madam is going to suffer.

Mr. Suri! Why are you standing there silently? - Please stop! Stop!

You please come with me, sir! - He is dangerous. - Hey!

Madam! I will take him out. Please calm down. - I'll kill him.

Leave me! - Calm down, sir. - Leave me.

Did you see, Shankar?

I told him the super secret of my life but he didn't believe.

He believes in that third grade lady.

I was thinking of helping her but see what happened now!

It is painful to be blamed for a mistake that I didn't do.

That is life.

We should just move on forgetting everything.

I will try to convince him somehow. You please go ahead.

Shankar! Don't tell anyone in the department that I am a gay. Okay?

I won't. You please go! Go now.

Calm down, now! We were able to come here on time to save you from him.

Now, how should we protect Damu sir now?

What do you mean, Mr. Suri? - What is there to say?

SP said something about encounter.

We say a lot of things when we are angry - But we really do some of them.

When he dared to rape her, why would he delay to kill you?

Stop it, Mr. Suri! You are over reacting.

That wouldn't happen. - Are you sure? - Yes.

Sure? - Yes. - Then it's fine.

We cannot believe it for sure though.

This other lady attractions are dangerous.

They are the reasons for most of the murders.

I shall tell you a crime story that took place recently.

Suresh and Ramesh were best friends.

Like you, Suresh too had a girlfriend.

She too very innocent and loyal like madam.

Naturally Ramesh was attracted by her beauty.

He threatened her to implicate in a brothel case if she didn't co-operate.

He didn't listen to her plea and tried to rape her.

But luckily Suresh entered..

..and bashed his friend. But thinking about their friendship..

..he left Ramesh alive.

Ramesh has cruel thoughts which turned him into a criminal.

He cut Suresh into pieces when he was asleep.

What happened after that?

That madam settled with Ramesh since she didn't have any other options.

There is no rule that such thing happens... this case but there is a small chance.

Did you see how horrible this is, Mr. Suri?

Damu and I used to be so affectionate.

We used to eat and sleep together. - Stop talking about it. Eat now.

If people know about this..

..what happens to my prestige? I feel like committing suicide.

If anyone hugs to console me at this time.. would be nice. - Hey, move.

Do you want to convert me? - Stop it, Mr. Suri!

What are you talking? I am very sad now.

When I see your eating, I feel like you are enjoying and not sad.

I will eat a lot when I am tensed.

Why did she call me and ask me to come?

Why did he blamed me like this?

When I think about it, I feel like someone is operating from shadows.

Correct! You guessed correctly since you are a policeman.

I am the one behind this.

Collector Bharat is my brother.

I wanted you to experience the pain for being accused...

..for the mistake you didn't commit.

That is why I framed the minister and got him killed by Damu.

Now I framed you.

You too shall be eliminated by him.

Hey.. it isn't me that will be eliminated..

..if Damu knows this, you'll die!

Where is my phone?







Suri, you poisoned and killed him?!

Why do you say that I killed, sir?

Damu gave the carriage and I only brought and gave it.

He may have sent it but you fed.. it's all recorded, want to see it?

Not needed, sir.. you'd have done a good job!

Thank you! - What?

The post mortem report has cleared all doubts!

The doctors who examined the body of SP Mallikarjun who died yesterday..

..have confirmed that food poisoning is the cause.

Durga.. without causing tension to your brother you handled the SP murder well!

Hats off! Love you!

So next on his list is Durga!

Take my photo with Durga, please!

Hey Suri! - Yes sir..

Tomorrow is my engagement.. come and eat like a pig!

Why won't I come after you invited with such love?!

Who may be that lucky girl?

A girl called Roja, native of this place. - Is it love or arranged?

I'll tell the story.. you decide.

We heard of many different kinds of marriages..

..but this is a completely different one!

The decoration is fantastic, right? - Yes, sir.

It seems that another marriage is also happening here...

..besides the CI's engagement.

It is the marriage season..

Kobali! - Hey, Kobali..

You look rough like a villain in a crime movie..

..and the girl is soft like a romantic movie heroine!

How did you manage this? - Kobali!

I got an illegal tag to the business her father operates..

..later I removed it and made them think I saved them!

That's it.. the family fell flat and agreed for the marriage!

Since when do you have BP?

From the day our CI entered my life!

When do you have it from?

From when I entered into his life!

You took two.. it means he has wrung you a lot!

If you hear what I am going to tell, you too will take two!

What is it?

You gave the file to the minister..

Yes.. I put the request for our requirements.

He used that for his goal and blackmailed Damu..

There is a threat for your life!

Here.. take this!

He's a peculiar player who plays secularly with all people

Do you know how he's snared that girl. - With love!

No.. by cornering her. - Didn't get you!


Delhi Suri!

Now he's caught! - By whom?

To us.. we shared the torture he meted to us.

We've shared the tablets.

Now let's share the revenge. - What do you mean?

Without getting our identities revealed..

..let's tell about his cruelty to that family.

With that this engagement will get stopped for sure.

You cover the family.. I'll cover the girl.

Very dangerous operation!

Be careful! - Done!

Sarojini is my brother's daughter.. I've got two kids.

Excuse me! - Hey, who are you?

Stop your questions and listen carefully to what I say.

What is it?

Who is it? - Your well-wisher.

I have to tell you some truths about the man you are about to marry.

Please come inside.. - No my child.. don't open the door!

I'll tell from here and you listen from there.

Tell me - The groom is a cheater.. he made a false case against you people!

Then he acted as if he saved you and got this marriage fixed!

I know about this before hand.

If you knew this how did you agree for the marriage?

Shankar didn't cheat me.. he loved me.

That's why he told me all this before itself.

My respect for him increased after that.

What's this? They didn't even budge after all we said!

What can we do? The goat believes the butcher!

Here.. he is the man!

You revealed the truth about that bastard and saved my daughter's life!

What's this?!

I wanted to tell her but said it to this one!

Why should I let go the credit coming for free?

That's my duty.. my pleasure and joy!

Once again thanks, uncle!

May god bless you, my child!

We take your leave. - Fine..

So it is you who did it!

Yes, that's my character!

My caliber and my nature!

Bro.. what should their future be?

I wanted to offer a sheep to the goddess if the marriage is successful.

Now I'll offer this shorty to her!

Kobali! - Ah!

Hey, stop there!

Why are you beating them up?

They got my marriage stopped, sir..

Why did you stop his marriage?

Thought it was yours.. - Shut up!

I understood the matter. I'll deal with them.. You go! - Sir!

Go now!

I'm letting go since the CI told so.. Let's go!

Suri, come here. - Yes sir!

Turn back!

O God!

Hey.. you wanted to stop sir's marriage.

Now you faced the consequences!

Now I can see the honeymoon!

"O damsel."

"You are full of magic."

"You have penetrated my heart."

"O naughty boy."

"You deceive with your words."

"You made this damsel fall for you."

"Don't swing your waist like this, O beauty."

"My heart may cease to beat."

"I'll show you my power and drive the game."

"O beloved.. I'll come to you and shower love."

"That's my plan."

"O damsel."

"You are full of magic."

"You have penetrated my heart."

"My goodness.. may evil eye be cast off this beauty."

"For that I'll squeeze the color of your rosy cheeks."

"You are like a log and never listen to me."

"You swallow my beauty like a piece of candy."

"This is all for our friendship."

"This is only between you and me."

"The curves of this beauty pull me in like a magnet."

"Don't just jump into the arena.. what's the urgency."

"After you sought and invited me.. how can I stop."

"I am sorry if I did it hastily."

"O damsel."

"You are full of magic."

"When you touch me I slip in and my robes give way."

"That's a fantastic sight to behold once."

"Let's stay up all night as I accept your invitation."

"O man.. this is exciting and fantastic."

"She's packed her punch and dusted the uniform."

"O God.. I am caught unawares."

"I am like an auto which banged into a police jeep."

"Get the betel leaf ready."

"Get ready to pay the fine."

"I lost myself on seeing your round shoulders."

"I saw you who is like a live wire and got connected."

"I wanted to apply vermilion on the forehead of this girl."

"I will steal your heart."

"O damsel."

"You are full of magic."

I just got the balance sheet from the consultant.

I lost a 100 million for believing you and investing in shares.

If brother learns about this he will be enraged!

I'll take care of you later.. cut the phone!

You made us lose 100 million in shares?

Shares? I never did such a thing..

Tell me the truth - I said I never did it!

What is this then?

Yes, I lost money..

Shares business means profit and loss as well!

Why be so agitated about it?

Shouldn't I be tensed after losing 100 million?

I know how to cover.. you remain cool!

He did mistakes.. why is he shouting on you? - Be calm, Mr. Suri!

Are you eating food or grass?

You brought the report and created differences.. now flaring them up!

Don't brothers have verbal fights? - They indeed can!

But one should not be hiding such things.

Today it is this.. tomorrow it'll be something else.

I am telling as a well-wisher.

Durga.. you don't feel bad.

Who will shout on you if not an elder brother?

But brother Suri I kept the shares thing a secret considering brother's health.

Ok.. he must have felt anxious on losing 100 million.

Tomorrow if you can earn double that amount and show him..

..he'll feel happy that you've proved yourself.

Well said.. and Suri, only you can show him some way to earn quickly.

There is a sharp share broker I know.

I will ask him to meet you tomorrow.

Delhi Suri told me about you.

I identified a few shares that can benefit you.

If you invest in that you'll get ten times profit in no time!

Who is this stranger?

What is our boy doing with him.

Suriji, you always tried to find faults!

It's not about me. He already lost 100 million in shares..

I am worried what foolish thing he'll do now.

I don't know how you do it but the loss has to be recovered.

This is the fees.

Why is he giving him money?

You shouldn't be looking at everything so minutely.

There must be some reason for it..

There should be no mistakes. - Sure, sir.

Shankar, when will we get the project clearance?

It'll be done.. leave that to me.



Sorry bro Damu.. I missed him.

We are feeling bad that we missed him.

Durga is feeling bad that he missed bro Damu!

Why would Durga feel bad, sir?

You are a policeman.. can't you guess this much?

Durga gave him money yesterday.

Today he attacked us.

It means that Durga paid that shooter to kill brother Damu!

You mean to say, what happened in Lolligutta will repeat here?

You didn't tell me what happened there! - I will..

There were two brothers called Chanti and Bunty in Lolligutta..

Since Chanti had dust allergy, Bunty used to manage all farm affairs.

He used the allergy factor to his advantage..

..and got the entire property transferred to his name.

Who did that, Chanti? - No, Bunty!

He used to stash all the income and buy shares with that.

He said that crops failed and sold all the gold.. Chanti believed it.

You mean, Bunty? - No, Chanti!

One day when this man questioned the buyers, the truth about him was revealed

When you say 'him' you mean Chanti? - No, Bunty!

But the next day he died of snake bite. - Who, Bunty?

No, it was Chanti!

Correct! But it was not the snake that killed.

It was Bunty who was far more dangerous.

He made the world believe that it was a snake bite.

For the sake of riches and property he lost...

..his senses and eliminated his brother.

The dastardly incident which happened in Lolligutta..

..I am afraid may repeat itself in Bokkapatnam!

Who is it? Who was it that attacked you, bro?

Tell me bro! Who attacked you?!

I'll kill him! Tell me who it is!

Tell me who it is! Tell me, bro! Tell me who the attacker is!

Tell me who it is, bro! Tell me who did it!

Tell me who it is, bro! Tell me who did it! Tell me!

Why do you shout like a mad dog? It is I who arranged the attack.

You must know the reason before you die.

That's why I framed the minister and the SP and made your brother them..

Now is your turn!

What are you still waiting for, bro? Kill him!

Or he will eliminate us! Kill him!

He shouldn't live! Kill him, bro.. kill him!

Kill him, brother! Kill him! Kill him!

What you said was true.. had I listened to him, I couldn't have killed him..

Thanks for your idea of using ear plugs!

Why did you whistle?

It was the CI's idea! - We lost balance!

The mind got blocked! - The sound doubled!

Prabha. - Sir!

We could trap Delhi Suri from the information in Danavayya's database.

Give this money to him and convey my thanks.

Ok, sir.


Delhi Suri!

Hey, break the entire place! - Why are you doing this?

Hey, who is Danavayya here?

It's me..

Hey Suri!

If you have any issues let's sit and settle them!

Why settlement with you?

You cheated me!

You reveal my secrets!

You give my data!

You give data about me?!

Who do you think Delhi Suri is?

I used to play football with everyone.

Since you gave my data to Shankar, he is playing football with me!

How many people had I to kill because of you!

I got the innocent minister framed and got Damu to kill him..

That fool Malli.. I accused him of raping Lilly..

..and got him poisoned to death!

And that Durga who'd give his life to save his brother's..

..I got Damu to kill him.

If Damu comes to know all these, it is great risk to my life!

If you reveal my data again..

..I'll take your life, bastard!

Let's go now!

You have destroyed my data but provided me with yours!

I'll see your end!


Suri! Where is he gone?

Don't know, sir!

Hello! - Mr. CI..

Delhi Suri came and vandalized my office..

So I revealed the entire plot to Damu.

But I didn't tell one word about you to him.

Because my target is Delhi Suri!

Damu has asked me to come to the forest guest house.

I want to demand him some money in the name of project and escape from here.

Otherwise he might kill me.

Hey, you be ready at the airport. I will come there.

You will rot, you idiot.

Hey, I will not pick your phone.

Why didn't he pick up?

If Damu catches him, he is sure to die.

Come, Suri! Sit down.

Why did you ask me to come here?

I got a dream early this morning. I want to share it with you.

Is that so?

It is said that dreams that we see at that time become real.

What was it about?

There is a forest. It was ruled by a king lion. It has a lover like peacock.

Supported by brother tiger and friends elephant and bear.

All these powerful animals became a group..

And started hunting?

Started a power project.

A wily fox came from Delhi to guide them.

But that fox's intention was to take over...

...the project itself instead of commission.

It blamed innocent elephant..

Brainless and thoughtless lion believed it's words and..

..killed the elephant.

Fox didn't stop there. It accused that bear is seeking madam peacock..

..and made lion angry thought bear has no such intentions.

Blinded by anger, that foolish lion..

..killed the bear using poison.

Still that fox wasn't satisfied.

It brought false allegations on brother tiger.

Without knowing what was happening on his back...

..that foolish lion killed even..'s brother. It killed him.

He is beating himself like this just because he was cheated.

What will he do to me, who is behind this?

Now the question hour. Who is the lion in this dream?

You. - Good!

Elephant? - Minister Nagaraju.

Very good! Then bear?

SP Malli! - Excellent.

Peacock? - Sukanya.

Tiger? - Durga?


Last and final question.

Who is the fox?

That fox is very foolish, sir.

There was a dinosaur behind it.

Dinosaurs are extinct. It's just creation of Spielberg.

This is the manipulation of wily fox.

Why are you still talking to him, boss?

I will kill him. - No! - Don't touch him.

His death should be remembered forever.

There should be a concept for each blow we give.

His face should change with the first blow.

With second blow backbone should be dislocated.

Third blow should smash his brain but he shouldn't die.

He should curse himself for being alive.

He should plead us to take his life.

At that moment we should slowly..

..we will take his life and enjoy it like a festival.

You came to me like a festival.

You made me kill others.

Made my blood boil.

Boss! Deaths in English movies are horrible.

Even Rama Gopal Varma's movie 'Rakta Charitra' shown many types of murders.

Put his hand in the sugarcane grinding machine.

We can drive nails into his knees and kill him.

Use drilling machine on his heart and kill him.

Hey, bring all those DVDs here.

Let us see all the references and set up an order.

Finally let us shoot this murder episode and upload into youtube.

Hey fox! Are you afraid?

There is only one way for you to escape death.

What is it, sir? - You made me dance to your tune with your acting.

I too planned a dance program with you.

If you can dance with proper steps, then I will let you go.

Okay? - Okay.

"O God! Hear me!"

"O beautiful fair maiden!"

"I will make you my bride for sure."

"Dance! Dance! Oh!"

"Who is this thief that steals the hearts of women?"

"Dance! Dance! Oh!"

"Who is this thief? - He wins you over."

"Sir will come! Come here today!"

"Let us have a party, come on!"

"I'll show you a cinema, father-in-law! I will show you a cinema!"

"I will make you whistle to every scene in that."

"I'll show you a cinema, father-in-law! I will show you a cinema!"

"I will make you whistle to every scene in that."

Hey! Hey! Get up!

Get up! How can you die like this?

Hey, get up! Get up!

I thought of killing you in many ways.

Hey, you shouldn't die like this.

After torturing us like this, I will not let you die so easily.

Get up! - Hey! He is just a joker.

He is just a small ball that I used in this game I played.

There is only one God I worship and that is my dad.

You made him cry.

I made you kill all the partners who were your partners in that sin..

..and got shoot at sight orders with those evidences.

There is no stopping for me now since I can kill you legally.

Your chapter is ended today.

Hey, fellows! Kill him in front of my eyes and burn his body here.


Shankar! Shankar! Don't kill me.

I will do whatever you say.

I will give you anything you ask for.

The collector who died was very honest man.

His wife was a great lady.

I am the one who accused them for false allegations..

..and made them commit suicide.

I accepted my mistake in front of everyone.

Please leave me. I will leave this country itself and not only this city.

Democracy is the one to decide that.

For his crimes department has given shoot at sight orders.

If anyone of you say that it is a mistake to kill him..

..then I will leave him.

I am giving you fifteen seconds. Try your luck.

Hey, he is known as encounter Shankar.

He will surely shoot me. Please ask him to stop.

We live in the same city.

We see each other every day.

Please ask him to stop. I pray to you.

Listen! If you don't raise your hand, that demon will kill me.

I will buy you a lot of chocolates. Please raise your hand.

I don't want anything. My dad will buy me chocolates if I ask.


Hey, move away! Boss!

Hey! Did you come?

My partners are here. Very good!

Hey, CI! You said that just one person opposing is enough.

Now three of my men are here.

Hey, raise your hand.

Boss! We didn't come here to save you.

To give you send off.. - And round off the story.

Sir, the time you gave is over.

Hey! - Hey, go there! Go!

CI sir! I am a bad guy.

I have committed many mistakes, but you are a great guy.

The story is over.

By establishing the truth surrounding the death of collector Bharat..

..officer Shankar has proved that all allegations against..

..the couple are false.

The authorities have expressed their regrets..

..and honored Bharat with a special medal recognizing..

..his honesty and sincerity.

As a child, you owned up a mistake your brother did.

Now you cleared his name.

How should I thank you?

A man doesn't have the capacity to repay God's debts.

You are my God.

Sir! All your works are done.

I will go to my native place if you leave me.

I gave a detailed report to the department about you.

They acted favorably and removed all the charges on you.

Thank you, sir! Thank you very much.

Hey, Dakshinamurthy! Here are BP tablets.

I have nothing to do with it. You should stay here all your life.

Keep it. Bye, sir!

Wait! Don't be so hasty.

There is small condition. Listen to it first. - What is it, sir?

Department like your talent and timing a lot.

They put a condition that you should work undercover that too under me.

That means as my subordinate.

Keep it with you.


"No matter where you go."

"No matter where you go."

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