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ASK IN A BOX: VIXX(빅스)_ Kratos(크라토스) with English subtitles  

Hello, ASK IN A BOX viewers We are VIXX~

Us VIXX is back with the last story of VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION, ‘Kratos’

The title song is called ‘The Closer’ And it’s about tempting a woman

Leo will sing a bit Of the song

Trust yourself on me I open up your senses

I think I can hear The voices of the fans already

I can~

We will answer the Questions our fans had

Let’s start VIXX’s ASK IN A BOX now~



Let’s look at ‘I HEARD’ Box first

I heard all the members Like biting Ken

Why is he doing that?

What happens if we bite Ken?

I did it once

Do you do it often?

I’ve bitten him once or twice

I’m doing it too

I do you get bitten?

I think it’s because the Members love me a lot

It’s because Ken’s cute

Are we biting him since he’s cute?

It’s our way to love him

His brain is soft too


Did you hear that? You have good ears

I’ve heard it all

I HEARD Hongbin is Really good at rocks paper scissors!

When I’m in a photo, I’m Using Rocks when other

Members are using scissors

There’s a way to win this If someone says ‘Say Hi~’

I use Scissors when we All say hi together

Use Paper when People ask for fighting

When we are doing this To take pictures, I go like this

Go like this when we Plan to say fighting

When saying Hi~ Go like this

Lost three times in a row

It’s seeing whose energy is stronger

Let’s do this

N vs. Ken

I won~

This is energy fight~

Ravi vs. Ken

Ken vs. Leo

Going crazy

Ken vs. Hyuk

He lost twice

I HEARD Leo is Hand-standing expert

Yeah, he’s good He is the best out of us

I heard he went home Hand-standing

I saw that too Leo was eating noodles hand-standing

Leo, we are curious!

Let’s hear what he has to say

How long can you hand-stand?

About an hour and a half

Do it now

Show us

Isn’t it dangerous?

Should I do it?

An hour and half passed By already

Life is really fast, everyone


Ask VIXX Lucky Draw Box

It’s time for Lucky Draw Box Q&A time

Ask Ken~

I’m not doing it Ken didn’t do it

Ask Ken~

Ken, can you show Three sets of aegyo?

One two three!


One two three!

Do you still carry around Snack box with you?

Please explain what that is

He was eating Three kind of same cookie

It’s not a bag, More like a shopping bag..

You were eating one, And you asked us to buy another one

I really like ‘Homerun ball’

That doesn’t fit in your bag right?

I really want to eat it right now too

Can you buy one

Ask Leo~

What are member saved as In your cell phone?

N is not saved Just number came up

You didn’t save my number?

-It’s saved -Of course

What is Hongbin saved as?

Hongbin My Ken

Ravi My Hyuki


For me, Hongbi

My bro Won-sik Taek-woon

My Hyuk Jellyfish Jae-hwan

Let’s break our ties

I want to do it


Hold on to it

Ask grammi~

It sounds like an Artist from overseas

How can you praise The VIXX song in your own way?

The reason I like this album is because It’s different from the styles we used to do

But it has good quality and Really great looking too

So I think that’s why it’s good

Ask ‘Build’~

Looking at you guys right now~ The small Hyuk has grown a lot

Brother says it’s scary, What do you think?

Next year he is 23 The oldest member was 23 at debut

I’m feeling that right now

Time has passed

Hyuk got really handsome

One thing didn’t change

He’s still growing

Ask Rapra~

Rapping Larva

Can you show aegyo While doing rap?

Aegyo rap~

It was kind of like aegyo

Ravi, you got to do bald hair After ‘Error’ again, how did you feel

When you first tried that hair?

I’m not bald

This time it’s more like Middle school student hair

It’s not bald, it’s short cut

I’m not bald~~~

But the members thought it was good-looking

I’m jealous

I think it goes really well With this concept

Thank you~

Ask Hongbin~

When are you getting married?

I want to accomplish things That I want to

How much?

I want to buy a house for my parents

Are you getting married right after?

I want to get the grand prize too

So after the prize?

I want to become billboard top 10?

So after that?

Then I will

How many times then?

Top 10 yearly

That’s really not easy

Hongbin doesn’t plan on getting married

What does ‘Starlight’ Mean to VIXX?

We can shine when we Have starlight, so they are precious

I was really happy when someone said VIXX fans are very good at maintaining order

VIXX’s Taste Personal Taste Box

Ask the fans! VIXX is most attractive when doing OOO!

Let’s check how much Our fans know about us

They sent someone is Most attractive when~

Let’s see the fans’ answers

Ravi is charming when He does self-improvement

Hyuk does everything

It’s like his mommy~

You do everything~ kind of feeling

The charming member of These days is Hyuk~

I said Hyuk is really charming these days

Are you saying bad things about his past?

He wasn’t attractive before?

What do you think?

Hyuk was really cute in the past Now he’s manlier

We expect more from him

Thank you

OOO is most attractive When doing gestures on stage

Ravi seems like he is Conquering the stage, makes me imagine

Thank you

Ken is greatest on stage He is really sexy

It’s not Ken, it’s N

Who is most attractive on stage?

This is Ken’s answer

I think it’s N~

Two days ago Ken asked me How do I smile on stage

It’s not easy on stage

Show what you’ve practiced

What was it

How did his practice work out?

I have to smile at this point

Ken went like this

I stopped myself from laughing like this

OOO is most attractive when Doing aegyo

Hyuk says he doesn’t want to do it But he does it at the end

He is the most attractive When he closes his both eyes winking

Can you show us?

One two three

Hyuk’s wink~

Ravi is the most cute when He does aegyo towards Ken

We have to see this

Like this

What does he do?

Touches ears too


You come here

It’s similar

The most attractive member When doing aegyo is Ravi~

OOO is most attractive when He is sleeping on couch

I think it would look good on Ken When he wears a hoodie and training pants

And hug a big doll while sleeping

There has been a few times He has been witnessed sleeping on couch

I thought he always sleeps like that And he was really cute

Ken is most attractive when He is sleeping on couch

OOO is most attractive When boiling noodles

When Leo is making noodles for The members, he is chic, cute, sexy and attractive

Does he do it like this? His head 45 degrees?

His noodles are really good

That’s why you ask for his noodles?

He boils it when someone throws it at him

Just boil it

It’s you!

Leo is most attractive When boiling noodles

OOO is most attractive When playing games

Ken likes playing games I heard once he played it until

Really late so Ravi couldn’t’ sleep

I think you’re used to it now?

I tell him to shut the door

Please change the keyboard It makes too much sound

Ken likes games~

You’ll know it when You use that keyboard

Use it when you’re working

That would be fun

Hongbin has unrealistic appearance And he is calm and is like a person

Who is not of this world But he seems humanly these days

My friends play that game too They think Hongbin is god

People say bad things when You play games, but it feels weird to be praised

Hongbin is most attractive When playing games

I think it was great time to Feel the love and attention of our fans

Thank you

Please love VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION, The last story ‘Kratos’, and the last tory ‘The Closer’

VIXX is back stronger, So please look forward to our activities


Thank you


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