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50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! 57 with English subtitles  

- Woo, get ready to learn some new facts, baby,

they comin' your way!

Here are 50 Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind.

On October 2nd, 1954, Elvis Presley made his first

and last Grand Ole Opry appearance.

Apparently, his gyration-filled performance

was not received well and one of the officials there

reportedly told him to not quit his day job,

which was driving trucks.

Actor Brad Pitt's first acting job

was playing (clucks) a chicken.

Yep, he wore a chicken suit to attract customers

to an El Pollo Loco restaurant in Hollywood.

Today, the 53-year-old actor

has been in more than 70 movies,

won an Academy Award out of five nominations, and more.

American sprinter Forrest Smithson won a gold medal

in the 110-meter hurdles in the 1908 Olympics.

But what was really astonishing about it

was that he was carrying a Bible in his hand.

The common rumor is that he did this

to protest against the decision

to run the finals on Sundays.

However, the truth is he was so religious

that he often ran with a Bible.

While editing his biggest movie, the Titanic,

director James Cameron taped a razor blade

to the side of the computer with instructions that says,

"Use only if the film sucks."

But he didn't need to worry very much

because the film went on to gross

a total of $1.84 billion worldwide.

In 2008, a 57-year-old Chicago school bus driver

and amateur artist Steve Kreuscher

changed his name legally to In God We Trust.

He did this because it symbolizes

the help that God gave him during tough times.

But I don't think he thought it through very much.

I mean, I feel like having your first name as In God

would make for some awkward social situations.

Yo, In God, what up?!

An underground fire in the coal mines

beneath Centralia, Pennsylvania,

has been burning since 1962.

Astonishingly, nobody knows how the fire even started,

but one theory is that burning trash

from a nearby landfill accidentally ignited coal

beneath the old entrance to the mine.

From there, the fire spread wildly through all the mines.

The world's longest yard sale, known as the 127 Sale,

occurred between August 4th and 7 of 2016

and extended over 1,000 kilometers throughout four states.

People selling goods lined the roadside

along the US Highway 127 and the Lookout Mountain Parkway

all the way through Covington, Kentucky,

Gadsden and Alabama.

At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China,

visitors could buy seahorse kebobs and deep-fried scorpion.

And if that wasn't weird enough,

it's estimated that up to 40,000 restaurants

ended up adding crazy twist menu items such as this.

According to Dr. Scott Pitnick

of Bowling Green State University in Ohio,

the tiny fruit fly Drosophila bifurca

develops huge testicles that make up

almost 11% of its body weight

in order to produce giant sperm.

They can produce sperm that are more than 20 times

the size of their own bodies.


That's disturbing.

Ellen Church was the first female flight attendant

who began flying in 1930.

She implemented a plan that required

all flight attendants to be registered nurses,

which was a great idea, except when World War II began,

all of the nurses enlisted in the war,

so most airlines were forced to drop the requirement

in order to find any workers.

The burger with the most calories in the world

can be found at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.

According to the owner, Jon Basso,

the Octuple Bypass Burger is 20,000 calories.

The restaurant ended up making national headlines

for literally killing its customers,

so, fittingly, the waitresses are all dressed as nurses.

There was an ancient Chinese custom

where girls would have their toes and arches broken,

tied, and bound underneath their feet

before the arch of the foot could develop.

This was done so that their feet

could fit into tiny little shoes.

Back then, small feet in China

represented the height of female refinement.

There is a phobia called koumpounophobia

where sufferers have a paralyzing fear of buttons.

The specific fear varies from person to person,

but some people feel that buttons are dirty

and some are afraid of the texture of certain buttons.

According to the U.S. Department of Treasury law,

portraits of living persons are prohibited from appearing

on government securities like money.

This is why you never see living presidents on dollar bills.

In addition, the portraits have to be of deceased people

whose places in history

are well-known by the American people.

A woman named Vesna Vulovic from Yugoslavia

holds the Guinness World Record

for the highest fall survived without a parachute.

On January 26, 1972, she was working as a flight attendant

when she fell over 10,000 meters over the Czech Republic.

Unbelievably, the plane that she was working aboard blew up

and she fell inside a section of the tail unit.

After being in the hospital for 16 months

and emerging from a 27-day coma,

she had multiple broken bones but miraculously survived.

Ontario, Canada, has more than 250,000 lakes

and contains about one-fifth

of the entire world's fresh water.

It was also the place that I was raised.

Welland, Ontario, represent!

NASA scientists have discovered

that about 4.3 billion years ago,

Mars may have had enough water to cover its entire surface

in a liquid layer about 137 meters deep.

This primitive ocean would've held more water

than the Arctic Ocean.

However, over time,

it lost about 87% of that water into space.

Researchers from the French university

Universite Libre de Bruxelles

found that cockroaches have their own personalities

and even display different character traits.

They are simple animals,

but they can make complex decisions on survival,

and one cockroach's decision can actually sway another's.

Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world

at almost 84 years on average.

This is mostly due to Okinawa Island,

which is known for having

some of the longest-living people in the entire world.

In fact, there are 34 centenarians per 100,000 people,

which is more than three times the rate of mainland Japan.

In 2008, a man named Ian Usher from Perth, Australia,

sold his entire life on eBay for $399,000

following the breakdown of his marriage.

The sale price included his home, his car,

his motorcycle, a two-week trial in his job,

and an introduction to his friends.

For five years, a woman named Oxana Malaya from the Ukraine

lived with dogs and survived on raw meat and scraps.

She walked on all fours, panted with her tongue hanging out,

and whined and even barked.

After she was abandoned by her alcoholic parents,

she was actually raised by a pack of dogs

on a run-down farm in the village of Novaya.

When she was finally discovered in 1991,

she had almost forgotten how to speak.

Naples, Italy, has set a world record

for producing the world's longest pizza.

It measures, prepare yourself, about 1,854 meters long

and took about 100 chefs 11 hours to make.

It took 2,000 kilograms of flour,

1,600 kilograms of tomatoes, 2,000 kilograms of cheese,

and 200 liters of olive oil just to make it.

The esophagus of a leatherback sea turtle

is lined with papillae, sharp prongs that enable the turtle

to dine on jellyfish.

And you thought turtles were cute.

On May 17th, 2016, a woman named Mary Anne Noland

had her obituary published in the Richmond Times

which stated that faced with the prospect

of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton,

she literally chose to die.

Yeah, I think more than a few people felt that way,

you know what I'm saying?

Budweiser changes its name to America

for the summer of 2016.

Yes, it literally changed the labels

on all bottles and cans with images and phrases

affiliated with the United States.

The controversial campaign was called America In Your Hands

and it was run from May 23rd to November of 2016.

On May 19th, 2004, a boa constrictor

triggered a 15-minute nationwide blackout in Honduras

when it got itself trapped

between two enormous generation units.

The boa was electrocuted and the resulting short circuit

caused the emergency system to shut down the entire plant,

which shut down the country's electricity.

In 1992, locals from Zernikow, Germany,

discovered a 100-tree swastika during an aerial survey.

The swastika was made up of a group of large trees

only visible from the air and was almost 19 square meters.

In autumn, the yellowing trees stand out

against the surrounding evergreens.

Nobody knows who planted these trees, but it is known

that it was created during Hitler's peak in the 1930s.

The world's largest pool is in the seaside resort

of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile.

It was built in 2006 and is 35 meters deep

and is filled with, get this, 249 million liters of water.

Scientists at Duke University have developed a device

that allows monkeys to control robotic wheelchairs

by sending signals with their brains.

They're hoping that one day

it will help people with disabilities.

Chiayi, Taiwan, built a 17-meter glass structure

shaped like a giant high heel shoe.

It's used as a wedding hall and a tourist attraction.

It was built in honor of women

who suffered from arsenic poisoning

from well water that caused gangrene,

a condition sometimes known as black feet disease.

36-year-old Wang Xiaoyu is a Chinese hairstylist

trained in the art of kung-fu.

He cuts hair while standing on his head.

Not only does the Earth spin on its axis,

it also moves around the sun

at a speed of about 107,800 kilometers an hour.

That's real fast.

In 1984, Jack Lalanne, sometimes referred to

as the Godfather of Fitness,

towed 70 rowboats with passengers in them

from Queensway Bridge to the ship Queen Mary

while shackled, handcuffed, and fighting winds and currents.

And he did this on his 70th birthday.

I suddenly feel the need to go to the gym.

The pacu fish, native to South America,

was found in New Jersey in June of 2015.

It's a relative of the flesh-eating piranha

and is known for its distinctive teeth,

which bear an eerie resemblance to human teeth.

Luckily, the pacu fish is not gonna bite your face off

because it primarily eats plants

and is considered mostly harmless to humans.

Mostly. (chomping)

If your name is Isabella, you get a free lifetime admission

to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

How exciting.

United Kingdom-based horticulture company Thompson & Morgan

has developed a plant that grows

both cherry tomatoes and potatoes.

It was developed in Canada and is being called

the ketchup and fries plant

and can be bought in Canadian Costco retailers

and even in some independent garden centers.

Some children in southwest China

between the ages of six and 15

have to scale a cliff about 800 meters high

multiple times a month in order to get to their school.

The school, located in Atule'er village,

takes about 90 minutes to get to.

Yeah, catching the bus in the morning

doesn't sound so bad now, does it?


Cincinnati surgeon Dr. Henry Heimlich,

the man credited for developing the Heimlich maneuver,

actually used it himself for the first time in his life

on May 26th, 2016.

He saved a woman that was choking at his senior center.

He was 96 years old.

There is a specie of orchid

that only grows at high elevations

in certain mountainous areas of Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru,

that looks just like a monkey. (whooping)

In 1972, Curtis King built his son

a spaceship house in the woods

near Signal Mountain, Tennessee, where they lived.

It has a dropdown staircase and every detail

channels futuristic living

and it even cost $250,000 to build.

And it's no joke; it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms,

a full bar, even though I don't understand

why his young son would need that,

and an entertainment area.

He eventually sold the house

and it can now be rented for a futuristic vacation.

Researchers at Norway's University of Bergen have found

a link between being addicted to work and anxiety.

They looked at more than 16,000 workers across the country

and found that nearly 8% of workaholics

were more likely to suffer from ADHD,

OCD, depression, and anxiety.

They also found that people who work

more than 55 hours per week were at a higher risk

of heart attack and stroke.

Believe it or not, Nintendo was originally

a playing card company, founded in late 1889.

It was based in Kyoto, Japan,

and produced and marketed a game called Hanafuda.

In fact, Nintendo continues to manufacture

playing cards in Japan and even organizes

its own tournament called the Nintendo Cup.

According to a study done in 2002 by Daphne Soares

from the University of Maryland,

an American alligator can orient themselves

to the ripples created by a single drop of water,

even in complete darkness.

This is because their faces and bodies

are covered with tiny bumps that are far more sensitive

than our own fingertips.

In May of 2016, President Barack Obama

became the first active president

to visit the Japanese city of Hiroshima

since the bombing 71 years ago.

Happy hour has been illegal in the Republic of Ireland

since 2003 under the Intoxicating Liquor Act.

(speaks foreign language)

In 2006, a flight from Washington to Dallas

was forced to land in Nashville

because passengers could smell burning matches.

As it turns out, a woman with a medical condition

was lighting matches to cover her own body odor. (gagging)

In case you didn't know,

lighting matches on a plane is super illegal.

Candace Payne, a Dallas mother of two,

broke the Facebook Live video record

as the most watched video on the platform ever.

She shared a live video of herself in a Chewbacca mask

laughing hysterically at the voice the mask makes.

And you've probably seen this video

because, as of the time of this recording,

the video has gained over 164 million views

and has been shared almost 3.4 million times.

Rodents are incapable of vomiting.

That's something you needed to know.

Really though, they can't puke

because of anatomical constraints.

In other words, they simply aren't built

with the ability to.

In 1848, an ice jam up the river from Niagara Falls

caused the falls to stay bone-dry for nearly 48 hours.

Some people actually took it as a sign

that the world was ending

and attended special services at local churches.

Normally, it has the highest flow rate

of any waterfall in the world and provides

4.4 gigawatts of energy to the region.

In 2008, Burger King introduced a new product

for the Christmas season called Flame,

a meat-scented cologne for meat-loving men.

It was promoted as the scent of seduction

with a hint of flame-broiled meat.


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